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  1. Mickey Mantle deserves some mention. The man hit a dead ball 564 feet with no steroids, and he was the fastest man in MLB from home to first. He was offered a scholarship to play football at Oklahome U, and did play some basketball in HS. Realistically, he was probably a step below Chamberlain and perhaps Bo, but Mantle was still superb.
  2. True. You can lose with bad players without paying Derrick Dockery 7 million per to lose with bad players, but they really needed a guard after only getting them in late rounds and the scrap heaps of other teams. They are very expensive now, and drafting Wood and Levitre truly was an extremely smart move. This is why I think that Jauon wasn't responsible for it.
  3. The free agent linemen have been awful, and at times very expensive. The thing is, the Bills were reduced to signing them because they refused for many years to address the lines with early picks. You do get lucky in the late rounds from time to time; we all know this. But, when your first round picks are wasted year after year on the secondary, it is going to take its toll. It has to. Levy/Jauron placed so much emphasis on taking Whitner that they turned down a chance at a great OC. OG and DT, as well as an extra 2nd round pick. It should be noted that they were horrible at these positions. In 08, Jauron wanted McKelvin more than Branden Albert. Does this make sense to you? Something tells me that Jauron was given less power in the war room this season. The Bills only drafted 3 defensive backs (one of whom it appears they could have got a first in 2010 for), and 1 midget linebacker. Thank goodness for small favors I suppose.
  4. The wait is over. Trent was a better quarterback than JP was on the very first day he took the field. Tell me, do you think that if Trent was out there he would have a job by now? Allow me to help.....yes, he would be signed and starting for another team. You just can't face reality about all this, can you? Forget stats. Forget arm strength. Forget everything other than the fact that JP loses football games. In this sense, he matched up well with Jauron.
  5. Good post. Those numbers are as you say, the averages. My guess is that more LTs make the huge bucks than corners. Same would apply to elite pass rushing DEs but again, this is me guessing. I think that Jauron is governed by a "play not to lose" mentality both on and off the field. This might explain using the huge resources on the secondary and playing them a mile off the ball. Maybe you have also helped to explain his reluctance to take chances in the draft, although Maybin was a very high risk pick imo. Do you think that Jauron lost some power in the war room this season?
  6. I think that Ralph has been around long enough to know just how bad Jauron is. If not, somebody in the organization surely must have told him that Jauron is a perpetual loser of football games. Maybe keeping Jauron to save money is what Promo means by "sitting on his hands."
  7. Maybe, but maybe not. Other than LTs and DEs, I am guessing that corners make more cash than other linemen, thus it makes them harder at times to re-sign. Also, at least our best resources would have been used on linemen. I personally would rather keep Nick Mangold on the Bills than Donte Whitner, even if only for 5 or 6 years. Overall, people who can block, rush the qb and/or stop the run will always mean more overall to a team that plays in Buffalo, and our won/loss record doesn't lie.
  8. I have no quarrel with this. I've posted before that I heard Clements on Sirius say that he wanted out of Buffalo. This still doesn't make it a winning strategy to chase defensive backs with first round picks, many of them early ones. Our losing record indicates this, which is the point I am trying to make.
  9. A little testy this morning are we? I didn't notice anybody being mortally wounded because I posted a hunch, during a slow offseason. We will see what the future holds both good and bad. In the meantime, why don't you run down to Starbucks and grab a coffee to go.
  10. This paragraph serves as a textbook illustration of the Bills futility imo. Time and again people will defend the idiocy that you describe, but when doing so they omit the fact that we lose football games. I love what they did wrt the selections of Wood, Levitre and too a lesser degree Maybin. The thing is, a team who picked after us in the 2nd round got a first rounder in 2010 for that pick. Jauron took yet another defensive back. In summary, they might be turning the corner with the dumb strategy that you describe so well, but Jauron has got to go.
  11. Tim, do you have any info on the situation wrt Vince Wilfork? Today, he called his missing the OTAs a "family decision." Do you think that this is a Jason Peters type situation? To add a little TSW history, our friend R.Rich was screaming to draft this guy in 04. I know that he is hated here and with good reason, but imo he is top 5 in the NFL at his position. Putting him next to Stroud would instantly make ours a feared defense. It might even be hard for Jauron to screw things up. I can dream, can't I?
  12. If a team doesn't have a good one, the TE and or RB will have to stay in to block more often. That is why these guys often make 10 million plus per season and are drafted high. Receivers and running backs are a dime a dozen compared to left tackles.
  13. You lost me there. "How are things?" Your post implies that there is a standard which is "right," and other views are mere opinions that we are stuck on.
  14. I didn't include WR because I can think of instances where great qbs didn't have such great receivers and they still won.
  15. Happy Birthday indeed to a truly great poster.
  16. Thanks as usual for offering an intelligent, well thought perspective. There is indeed a good chance that my hunch is premature or flat out wrong, which I hope is the case.
  17. I take a middle ground here. I liken Levitre to Eric Steinbach, and have for a while. Both played some Tackle, and Steinbach stepped right in. I think that Levitre will have less trouble than average with the difficult part of OL play, which is pass blocking. As for Wood, he seems like a flat out beast. I see him as more suited for RG than LG, which is where I hope to see Levitre. People I trust tell me that Hangartner is good. I even think that Butler will be OK at RT if he can stay healthy. In short, there is a solid chance imo to see an improved interior line from day 1. Imo the problem is at LT. There is no reason for me to suspect that Langston Walker will be even an average LT in this league. Hopefully I am mistaken.
  18. Also, I "suspect" the possibility. More of a hunch than an assumption, although I agree that it isn't a very thick line. Many of us (certainly not you) forget how amazingly talented some of these guys are. Mickey Mantle was one of the most talented players ever. He hit a dead ball 565 feet with no steroids, and was the fastest guy in baseball from home to first. He hit the ball so hard that even after his legs were shot, he would lay down bunts for base hits. The infielders had to play that far back. The man hit a home run off Sandy Kofax to the opposite field in a world series that looked like a long single. It had downspin and was out of the park in a flash. Just incredible. He did all of the above while taking no care of himself at all. Some people are that gifted. Donte Whitner is not. He is a little man playing a big man's game and if he doesn't get his act together, it will soon show up on the field imo. The kid plays hard and I appreciate this. His failure would not in any way be in my interest as a Bills Fan. We need production from him; this is clear. I am pulling for him big time because if he plays well and we re-sign him, maybe Jauron might consider drafting a left tackle. I still however "suspect" that something is wrong there. I hope that what is wrong is my hunch.
  19. Most domestic disputes involve alcohol. Please believe this. He already has one of them which made the news. Most public scenes in and around bars involve alcohol (and of course denial). Check! Engaged and not engaged in 12 hours? You tell me. Remember the videos of his parties? Hasn't he even posted things in his blog about drinking in the morning or early afetrnoon? Wrt this, I could have him confused with someone else. Enough evidence exists to at least examine the clear possibility imo. How about you?
  20. Adam, the point has been made that Jauron had a major say in terms of the players that we have, starting with the nightmare draft of 06, and the OL free agent debacle of 07. Does he shoulder all the blame? Absolutely not. Hello Marv. Should he be held partially accountable? Absolutely. Like you, I despise the cover-2. That, and the focus on the secondary are indicitive of the "play not to lose" mentality of Jauron. Now, throw in terrible game management skills and you have yourself a perpetual loser that is Dick Jauron. PS: Schobel is a far better pass rusher than Phil Hansen. They are two totally different types of players, but if Schobel lined up opposite of Bruce, he might have delivered Bryce Paup type numbers.
  21. Am I the only one who suspects that our dear little #8 overall has quite the alcohol problem? Now before anyone asks: 1) Yes, I was young once. 2) Yes, I ran with a multitude of women when I was young. 3) Yes, I have sadly had a couple of fights in a bar when I was young. 4) No, I don't think that it is unusual for a kid his age to party. So, there you have it wrt me being a hypocrite, etc. My question is, does anybody else suspect that Little Donte has himself an alcohol problem.
  22. I don't know if there is a Bills Fan on earth who has been more critical of the Bills OL than I, but let me ask you this.....where should they have started to rebuild it? Prototype OGs are getting progressively harder to find. This is a fact. The Bills got one (Levitre) who has played LT, and should be able to pass protect. Wood is a flat out beast or so it seems. Hangartner? Can he be worse than Fowler/Preston? I would have to see it to believe it. Is there more work needed? Sure. I would like a blue chip LT in 2010, but can we give these new interior linemen a chance?
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