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  1. Explain how full compliance with tax laws is wrong by anybody? PS, what Biden & family did was much more dubious, because it surely looks like his position as a highly placed elected official enriched a close family member, who was otherwise highly unqualified for any of the jobs he received between 2012-2016.
  2. What changed since this was written or this? Rhodes Is Right About 'The Blob' The Washington foreign-policy establishment protests too much.
  3. What is the difference between Trump identifying a Deep State in the Federal Government and Ben Rhodes identifying The Blob in the Federal Government?
  4. Probably on a run to pick up some slaves, or so I'm told by the new historians.
  5. Because he fell for a brilliant gambit by Biden who inserted Proud Boys right before Wallace named the actual white supremacist groups, and ADD Trump moved to the shiny object instead of staying on topic and asking Wallace to name the groups.
  6. Kind of like thinking that it's anti-semitic when you criticize Soros for funding far left causes, but it's not anti-semitic when you criticize members of Congress for being under the spell of Israeli Benjamins.
  7. Of course not. You're not an anti-semite when your intentions are good.
  8. My guess is that this is part of the left's effort to characterize anyone who defends classical Western culture as white supremacists, while ignoring that roots of Western Culture are steeped in many coasts of the Mediterranean and the Fertile Crescent. That's why a Ben Shapiro or a Dennis Prager are considered alt-right by the imbeciles.
  9. It wasn't just that play. McVay dusted off the '19 Bills film and specifically adjusted the 2nd half offense to attack Bills' D aggressiveness and its susceptibility to misdirection. Add very poor run support up the middle, and that's how you got 29 points in less than 1.5 quarters. Frazier got totally undressed in this one, and was saved by a maturing Josh.
  10. What are you talking about? This is the first article that provides a reasonable answer to the question everyone has been asking since March about why some regions/countries were getting hit harder. Your response, at the time I believe was, "well Germans are just better followers of government's instructions." When in reality, looks like they simply got lucky in not having a handful of superspreaders running around.
  11. Since he left office, Biden booked about $20 million in adjusted gross income. Are you saying that he spent all of it?
  12. Was this before or after Woods took the pitch for 18 yards to the right when entire Bills line went left?
  13. Again, showing your ignorance. Google is repeating the mistakes of rail barons when they only moved the freight of fellow trust members. The issue here isn't search on its own, but how Google manipulates search to the disadvantage of third parties and favor its owned properties. In case you haven't noticed, the House also plans an anti trust action.
  14. Maybe the sages can explain this, but for the entire second half, Edmunds seemed totally confused by the Rams offense. I can understand missing tackles because of his injury, but to be completely in the wrong zip code when the play went his way was inexcusable.
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