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  1. GG

    McCabe Speaks Out

    This now intersects with the Trump Media thread. The other reason that he’s using twitter is that he’s discovered that it’s much easier for him to get his message out directly to the people, kind of like FDR did with his radio address. A press conference still depends on many in the large press outlets having an anti-trump agenda in getting the full stories out. Just look at how McCabe is being treated in interviews, despite him admitting that he was part of a possible coup.
  2. GG

    McCabe Speaks Out

    Trump gonna be Trump. He’s trolled his way to the Presidency, and the world hasn’t ended yet. BTW, how’s a press conference going to solve things more than a tweet?
  3. GG

    McCabe Speaks Out

    And if there’s already a process in place (or maybe has been happening for a long time) that is meant to address the alleged coup and all those involved in it, and Trump is just trolling along until the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed?
  4. If you don’t think he’s done more positive things, then you’re not looking at the right places. The economy is finally humming along, despite more headwinds. Regulations are coming down, and business and consumers get their confidence back. He managed to beat back the Obamacare yoke. The downside is there’s no permanent solution in place, but he also started the ball rolling in addressing the drug pricing arbitrage. He’s waging a very high stakes battle with his tariff gambits, but as we’re discussing in other threads, he’s using them more for strategic reasons to get China in line than for economic. He’s right to hammer Huawei and by extension China. no one had the balls to do it before. When he wins that battle, it will be a two prong win - strategic and economic. He’s also taken a winning approach to a changed US foreign policy. While isolationist in tone, it’s been much more aggressive in actually using American power to achieve our foreign policy goals. We’ll see if North Korea is a ruse, but so far it doesn’t look like it. The Iran stance is clearly a huge positive. The wall rhetoric is over the top, but most of it is to fulfill a campaign promise. He’s backed off much of what he was clamoring for in the campaign and few thought he would get a complete land wall. But its equally silly to block any type of barrier expansion and to completely change your tune on immigration simply because Trump supports it. Now it’s your turn. Name the actual instances where his results really suck.
  5. GG

    McCabe Speaks Out

    What should he have done instead?
  6. You actually sound like JohnC defending Housley. There’s been infinitely more criticism of Trump on this forum by the people you proclaim are his fans than anything we’ve seen from Obama’s fans in the prior 8 years. What you claim is whining are actually constant reminders of the hypocritical nature of the people whose jobs are to be objective in their reporting. Trump is a raw vulgarian, and that’s why most people don’t like him. Doesn’t mean that he’s done a bad job in his actions. It would be nice if more people like you focused on actual results than to pay attention to hos twitter account.
  7. This one hits close to home. My 13 yr old has to wear an adult XL lacrosse helmet. Warriors dont fit him anymore. Because lacrosse is more of a niche sport, there’s no incentive to make a broad range of helmets. It’s ridiculous that NCAA won’t allow players to wear hockey or box helmets. I think the head takes far more abuse in hockey.
  8. Plus all the people you mention were laughing the hardest at the Trump candidacy when he first announced, didn't think he had a chance, thought he would be an awful President who's over his head, and would probably step down within 18 months because the job was too big for him. We also had something in common, which was the uproarious laughter that he actually bat Hillary, making her the hands down the worst POTUS candidate, despite somebody telling us that she was the most qualified in the history of the world. And on Nov 7, we all decided to give the orange blob a chance, because he couldn't screw things up too badly, and at the very least he would finally deliver on the 9th summer of economic recovery. Since that time, he's surprised everyone by being a lot better than the incompetent boob I thought he'd be. He's still a childish thin skinned narcissist. But I also can't argue with the results.
  9. These are the leaders of a territory they've owned since 2005, yet are perfectly willing to sacrifice their young for a quixotic quest. So, tell me exactly what these words mean and how the stance has softened? Why aren't Palestinians making the same case against the Hashemite Kingdom, where there are a hell of a lot more of them still living in refugee camps for over 50 years? What's the difference, if the only argument is for a piece of land, as opposed to harboring anger at another religion?
  10. If that is the case, where are the moderate Palestinian voices? Where is the peaceful Palestinian solution, other than stating that they want all of Israel?
  11. There are a lot of political parties, including healthy representation from Arabs, which makes Israel a vibrant democracy that argues its problems in the political arena, instead of strapping its youth in bombs. Yet, you think that the right solution is to listen to people who prefer to strap explosives to its youth.
  12. GG

    Jussie Smallette (Alleged) Assault

    Because it's a proven fact that progressives only speak in metaphors, while conservatives are always literal
  13. You mysteriously left out the passage where he specifically excuses Omar's history of outright antisemitism because others do it. You know what else is interesting about the article? That it was penned by an Israeli. Now, care to link a similar article from a free press Gaza publication from a Palestinian advocating a peaceful tone towards Israel? I'll wait.
  14. No, but I'm sure it was the conservatives who were triggered enough to stage resistance rallies and primal scream sit-ins, design ***** costumes, destroy private property, frame innocent people, lose any sense of common sense and perspective, all because there's an orange man in the White House.