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  1. Technically for me the games in NJ are home games. Will try to make both.
  2. You’re about a half decade late with that observation. The best medicine at this point is for everyone to ignore him. And that includes you Tom & Greggy
  3. Great stuff indeed. Much appreciated. Wonder why you have Hock rated lower than the recent top 5 grade by many draftnicks. Not that I disagree.
  4. For God's sake, please stop engaging Gator in any discussion.
  5. This is the only rational response. The comment itself in normal times isn't so bad. But when you spent the last 6 years demonizing any comments that YOU find offensive, then reap what you sow, honey.
  6. There's also the Burchfield Penney art center right across the street. Can realistically spend a day in the area, walking the 3 museums and Delaware Park, while only crossing 3 or 4 streets
  7. I think to really settle this, we need to hear the opinions of the black players on the 1931 Yankees (or their descendants).
  8. I thought you were going to say that they exhumed Seth's body to provide evidence.
  9. Thanks. Never heard the great bass line in the song ! And now you sent me on a fishing expedition that took me to Chet Atkins' Yakety Axe, and another version especially for long lost @OGTEleven
  10. Worked great for the Bills then, because it probably helped Browns draft Junkin ahead of Conlan
  11. I've been experiencing this first hand lately and up to now I was firmly in the public school mindset, because I thought that the socializing aspect of a public school was going to be very important to my son's development. My view is clearly flavored by both me and wife going to public schools. What I'm now realizing by middle school age is that all the criticism of public school instruction is spot on, and the public school education is not what it used to be. It's clear that the new way is to keep the assembly line going without regard to actual learning. I see the teachers' focus is only on students who are interested in learning, wit the rest getting the superficial attention. Realistically, how many kids in 6-8th grades are interested in school, even if they have the potential? Yet the system lets the teachers check out, because they fulfill their roles in assigning the classwork and then grading it. The biggest part that's missing is the consistency in riding the kids in school and in the home. There's no way that I could get away with being a slacker on homework that my son gets away with. Technology actually doesn't help and makes it worse. The work is assigned in Classroom, and all the kids have to do is click Submit and they're done. So other than a parent sitting down and going over every single assignment to make sure it's correct, there's no reinforcement from the school to make sure that the work is done properly. That reinforcement was done in school back in the day. Not any longer. At first I thought it was a symptom with my son, but I hear the same story from every 7th grade dad. I also see it when we go to the school events. Teachers are mostly focused on the 5 % of the "oddballs" who like school in the 7th grade, and the rest are filler to pass along. In a sense, the attitudes of instruction in 7th grade are the same as they are in college. So yeah, you bet that I'm considering moving to a parochial school, where teaching is still old school.
  12. The economic rise of East and South Asian immigrants in the US should blow a massive hole in the "America is Racist" theory. But, #Orangmanbad, #Whitesupremacy, or hashtagsomething.
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