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  1. How about addressing the question. Point to the specific acts that would make him a dictator.
  2. This is some kind of a weirdo projection isn't it? BTW, over the last 4 years, which party has been responsible for holding up election results by claiming it was fraudulent? I'll give you a head start, it wasn't GOP
  3. Prove that he's acted like a dictator
  4. So essentially, you're applauding a technocrat's cold-hearted calculation to preserve mask capacity, even though he knew the masks are effective in slowing down the spread and that would have been most impactful in February. But let's post a few more memes to deflect from the decisions and advice given in February. Hey everyone, go see a movie!
  5. Good, then please follow up with Fauci on why he insisted in February that masks weren't effective when that would have made a huge difference in case growth.
  6. Or you can acknowledge the difference between prevention & cure/treatment. BTW, who was the erstwhile healthcare advisor who didn't recommend wearing masks when they would have been most effective? BTW, I love Fauci because as a scientist, he occasionally slips into truth mode and revealed the real reason he didn't recommend mask wearing in February. But hey, it only cost a few thousand lives in NYS, and if the NY governor doesn't care about them, why would Fauci?
  7. Too bad Greggy isn’t here to provide the perfect Hollywood ending for the left. Final scene: Barr walks in, smiling into the Oval, carrying a large Classified envelope. Trump seated in the chair leaving a large indentation, awaiting the envelope’s contents, knowing it’s the plea deal negotiated by Maxwell Mr. Big’s identity is inside the envelope With one hand, Trump grabs the envelope, but having small fingers, it falls on the floor Barr clumsily tries to pick it up, but falls down Kellyann rushes to help, aids Barr to his feet and hands the envelope to Trump Trump opens the envelope, takes pages out with left hand, clinging steadfastedly to his iPhone with the right Zoom in on the iPhone showing a tweet fired up and ready to send Trump scans the pages for disclosure of Mr. Big’s name, he finds it on page 5 Suddenly the tangerine backlight turns dark and the face is ghostly white Mr. Big’s name, bolded in a large font, says Donald J. Trump Camera pans to Barr, who takes a little sip from a water bottle that Kellyann handed to him and smiles to the side with a slight shoulder shrug. Cut to black Roll the credits US economy recovers from increased activity to clean up the sticky stuff from monitors ———— .. and then there’s the reality of what will happen.
  8. I can't keep up. I thought Jews were exempt because they're brown.
  9. Tell me about the scientific logic of delaying reopening NY & NJ because AZ and FL counts are going up? Didn't Saint Andrew just do a victory lap in how he conquered the virus (on the backs f thousands of unnecessarily dead?)
  10. I wouldn't be counting my chickens for 3Q just yet, especially with the nonsensical pullbacks of reopenings in the NE and SW.
  11. Is that some kind of a new green energy source?
  12. Who's driving the division?
  13. No, I think it's a sign of an extra potent douche to ***** on an article that described positive developments in battling a deadly virus.
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