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  1. Adding to OL won't help. The pressure on Allen is mostly through the blitz and unbalanced fronts that can't only be handled by the OL. It's up to Allen to figure out how to beat that pressure.
  2. It wasn't the pandering Southern accent?
  3. Are you serious? McD runs his variation of the Jim Johnson defense, where the plays are routed to the LBs and they are the teams' leading tacklers. Look at any variation of that defense in Philly, Carolina and Bills in 2017. I'm too lazy to search out @BADOLBILZ post on this topic, but Bills' having the secondary lead in tackles is a huge departure for this defensive design, and a huge part is that Edmunds hasn't stepped up. I don't think it's an accident as more OCs watch film and attack his weakness directly.
  4. But that's not the design of McD's defense. He is failing his role, because you see RBs running past the point where Edmunds (not other tacklers) should be!
  5. It counts to a degree, but for his position you also want to see solo tackles, where he was #20 in the league last year. What's worse is that the OCs know his weaknesses by now and are directly attacking him and that's why his stats are noticeably down. Four solo tackles per game is awful, considering how many times opponents have run the ball.
  6. Yeah, I know. Funny to throw in 2018 stats when we are discussing his play in 2019
  7. Good luck with this line of reasoning.
  8. All-22 that comes out tomorrow
  9. How about showing stats from this season?
  10. How about comparing him to MLBs of the modern era, especially the guys taken in the same draft? Nobody is asking for Spikes 2.0. But it would be nice that the alleged defensive cog would 1) be able to shed a block once in a while and 2) know his gap responsibility. His first half was horrid. You can argue with me all you want, but you can't argue with game film and how the OCs know his weakness. Yesterday' game confirmed that Milano is the MVP of this defense, and Edmunds is nowhere near close to fulfilling his draft capital. Welcome to the homer parade. God forbid that somebody calls out bad play on a defense that made a JV squad look like world beaters for 3.5 quarters yesterday.
  11. How about half-way competent? The guy is averaging a shade over 4 solo tackles/game in a defense designed for MLBs to get double digit tackles. They are grossly misusing his talents, while leaving a glaring hole over the middle.
  12. Don't know which one of you is being sarcastic, but there are few signs that show Edmunds heading to stardom as MLB. Most of his great plays are not what you expect your MLB to do, and most of his bad plays are what you expect your MLB to do.
  13. All-22 isn't going to be pretty for Edmunds' run game assessment this week. Have no idea why they think he'll be a great MLB. I think the guy could be the next Biscuit, playing on the outside.
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