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  1. Start with a globe and then map out the shipping routes in a warming Arctic Ocean.
  2. Straight up for Clowney!!!
  3. Simply comparing the effectiveness of his snaps to Lawson’s. Lawson looked better to the naked eye.
  4. I thought it was an odd coincidence that recently McD highlighted his play, followed by Leslie talking about him at length at today's press conference. Then came the extended discussion between Murph & Tasker on their show. All talked about how Trent is newly energized, doesn't have to worry about his past injuries and is truly contributing to the defense. But all that talk isn't backed up by game film, where it's clear that Shaq is outperforming him. Save for a nice spin move on a sack, Murphy has been as invisible as last year. Wondering if the public pep talks are more for motivation or something else, because he's not showing it on the field.
  5. You keep missing the main point. Private enterprise will function no matter what the central planners command, no matter what the national currency dictates. Why do you think the black markets are more pervasive in socialist/closed economies? You just scoffed off the notion that government spending doesn't have the same effect on wealth creation as the government stepping out of the way, but you keep coming back to it as if it's interchangeable.
  6. How else would the planes reach Iranian airspace? (Unless they got KSA's permission)
  7. My guess is that you rarely have a sudden 500 foot drop on a train
  8. There's definitely a Groucho Marx reference to those pics. If even a fraction of those pictured are in the "club" then you have to question the ability of that club to order dinner, let alone run the world.
  9. GG

    Allen vs Murray

    I now also realize that I didn't notice how Allen froze the safety in waiting for Beasley to get open. If he stares down Beasley (like he would have last year) the safety would have cheated to the slot and Allen wouldn't have a clear passing lane.
  10. Then there's really no comparison between them, other than they're both tall and can throw the ball far. Cardale actually looked better in camp than EJ, while you can't find many QBs who looked worse than Tyree last week. His only shiny moment came in his running play, giving more ammunition for a possibly TE conversion. If you need 3 years to see if he can develop into a viable backup, that's 3 wasted years.
  11. Chubb was the reason Bills were able to trade into the #7 slot
  12. GG

    Allen vs Murray

    Which QB faced a better defense?
  13. Very emblematic too. Spend cash to influence a $50 billion market cap company, and spend no cash to influence a $1 trillion market cap company. Which one has a greater on total wealth creation if there's a 1% jump? That is in essence the difference in thinking that a government can do a better job in dictating the economy over the private sector.
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