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  1. You admit that you are new to PPP, by are claiming that "recently" this forum became dominated by posters of a particular mindset? I'll agree with you on the latter, but not for the reasons you're thinking. If you want to communicate, a bit of introspection is helpful. Again, this place has been in existence for 20+ years. Most of the people who were banned over the years were not liberals.
  2. This encapsulates the answer you're looking for, as well as other posts in various threads, specifically Former's spotlight vs floodlight analogy. You should also ask yourself why have you been brought into this corner of the site that you've historically avoided, and are trying to figure out what happened. So in summary, this place has existed (with bumps along the way) for 20+ years, and has developed a pretty decent system of raw survival of the fittest posting style. The rules were pretty simple - open dialogue and rude exchanges were common, but among people with tough skins. There's a reason many people don't like to visit these lands, because to many, the discourse is too rough. Those people stayed away, and left the proverbial jailhouse yard to the inmates. Things changed at the start of the year with an influx of people who were intent on taking the site down. I argued they were bots, you disagreed. But that's really immaterial to these posters' agenda. They don't come here to converse. They come to disrupt. That has also happened before, but the self-policing that's existed here over the decades drove them away. The other major difference this time is a handful of new whiners who openly state that they don't like this site, despite continuing to post, and run to mommy for help. Yeah, Greggy stepped over the line. But that's like flagging Jerry Hughes for a visible personal foul, but ignoring his facemask being pulled for the 10 previous plays. That's why you were called into this mess, when you have more pressing things. So to recap - why did this site suddenly become an issue over the last 6 months, when it's handled its own issues pretty well before? Is it really the posters who've been a consistent presence here for years, decades? Answering these questions honestly will go a long way to getting the solution that you seek.
  3. Except that the new bots had nothing to do with building up this board over 20 years, and everything to do with blowing it up in 6 momths. This is a microcosm of the socialist rhetoric, thinking that things just appear out of nowhere, and tearing thing down will lead to a better outcome, even after you chase away people who build things. Enjoy your victory. Bye bye.
  4. The TOS also include terms that the new bots have repeatedly ignored, yet they're all still here in force. No, thanks. It's been a great ride.
  5. DR got tossed. Because, you know, the community is so much better since the bots arrived. You will be made to care.
  6. Must have been on the bus or flight back somehow or at the airport lounge
  7. Of course it is, gravedancer. Wearing a neck gaiter may be worse than no mask at all, researchers find Duke study finds some cotton cloth masks are about as effective as surgical masks, while thin polyester spandex gaiters may be worse than going maskless.
  8. The mask debate is the polar opposite of the HCQ debate. Both offer marginal benefits in the fight vs Covid, so why not use as much protection as possible?
  9. The left can't be anti-semitic because their intentions are good.
  10. You are a comedian. Marxists for private property! Gold, Jerry. Pure Gold
  11. Point me to anyone on the "left" or "Democrats" who are fighting for the enumerated Constitutional rights.
  12. Now that is really funny. The crazy left is all about protecting free speech of everyone and ensuring gun rights for the populace. Good one.
  13. Who's attacking them and who's defending them? You have a wholly twisted view of what's been going on, take the orange blindfold off.
  14. Holy cow! Heard about the attack on the morning news, had no idea it was Rick. We weren't too far away at the time. TMZ, also didn't note that the attack occurred literally within a few blocks of Gozer's home.
  15. You didn't define them. You threw out pseudo definitions, qualified with fake strawmen. Classic liberalism is still wrapped around individual rights, protecting private property, intellectual and religious freedoms. Now tell m how Shapiro and Prager, or most people on the right here don't fall under that definition? Calling for the state to step in and to enforce these tenets which are fundamental to the founding of the Republic, which are under attack from the lunatic leftist fringe, does not somehow turn one into a fascist or the perverted definition of alt-right. Alt-right is a rebadging of white supremacy, which is not the same as defending the freedoms that are granted by US laws.
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