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  1. As you were saying about Japan ....
  2. Thx, I'll see if I can dig up the doc. I have a feeling he played with the words to fit his article.
  3. You don't happen to have a link? It's not like the rating agencies haven't been wrong before
  4. I have a stinking suspicion he's referring to a report released a while sago, not "recently"
  5. He draws a lot of conclusions that aren't supported (it would help if he linked the report that he's referencing ...)
  6. GG

    Islamic Terrorism

    Doesn't matter that he was born in France. The yellow vests will attribute his radicalization to the influx of foreigners. If I were trying to distract the nation from the yellow vests, the last thing I'd orchestrate is an Islamist terrorist attack.
  7. You were in a cesspool of Mets fans in Queens, left something unattended, and then it was gone?
  8. GG

    Islamic Terrorism

    You know the old yarn about keeping quiet to limit the possibility of being confirmed an idiot?
  9. GG

    Islamic Terrorism

    Reichstag Fire was a false flag operation, which would make 9/11 the work of?
  10. GG

    Islamic Terrorism

    And why would they do that knowing that Muslim migration is a trigger issue for the yellow vests? No you didn't
  11. GG

    Islamic Terrorism

    You can't even cite a proper historical analogy.
  12. GG

    Trump and Russia

    Now, if only everybody everybody else adopted this attitude.