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  1. Because as the ultimate decider, he has that authority? You may not like the language that he uses, but he's the boss with the authority to unilaterally remove any ambassador for any reason. Funny that you find that single passage more damning, than the inability of the senior executive to remove someone from his staff who's undermining his agenda. Aren't you the biggest weasel who constantly laughs at the idea of a Deep State?
  2. Puzzling why the subsequent reports on this aren't getting as much ink. Strange, right? There's no way that the free press would fall for a crude disinformation campaign? (PS - Apparently FTI didn't even bother to jailbreak/root the iPhone, which is the first step in a true forensic analysis. They probably didn't even wipe it with a cloth) 'No smoking gun': Bezos hacking report leaves cybersecurity experts with doubts If the Saudis actually hacked Jeff Bezos’ phone, here are the details security experts want to know
  3. He had one highlight reel catch for that entire game, and disappeared for the rest of his career until late '19.
  4. Much more enforcement by Mexico's national guard to prevent the caravans from moving forward. Note that most of the migrants are from Honduras, which was on the road to recovery until a certain Secretary of State supported an illegal government transition, which then sank any prospects for economic improvement.
  5. They tried to get a picture, but the driver took the wong turn.
  6. ... and drive 50MPH in the left lane of a three-lane highway.
  7. Just got back from a few days in South FL, apparently these things are a big problem down there Did they serve up barbequed iguanas in the concessions?
  8. It's sadder that you are willing to toss the Constitution aside for your partisan beliefs.
  9. Very telling that the first shot across the bow of AT&T board of directors has been fired, elevating this beyond the newsroom.
  10. The knives are out, now that Biden has attacked Bernie directly.
  11. By my count, they were outshot 11-0 in the last 12 minutes of the game. I can critique that effort.
  12. Which prompts the question from the hearing crowd, 'The videos have sound?'
  13. Direct contact with skin is clearly better, but maybe the bat buzzer is less conspicuous and you can have better electronics inside the bat.
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