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  1. Korean culture is already adept at social distancing, where there's not much of a change in regular routine. Because this virus isn't transmitted through air, it's easier to stem in a culture that doesn't have as much hand to hand contact. Meanwhile in NY, a week after officials told everyone to chill and stay away from one another, people still had close get togethers
  2. That is patently false and rewriting history. If your position was correct, then Cuomo and Diblasio would have been banging the table in February for more testing. Instead they told everyone to carry on with their lives, but be vigilant. The city and state officials also didn't take it seriously until early March. South Korea didn't stem the decline due to tesing. They did it by staying away from one another, wearing masks and keeping very clean.
  3. Is that when Diblasio was telling New Yorkers to go about their business and not worry about a thing?
  4. The most studied data is from Wuhan. The most virile time of incubation is within 3 days of infection, and follow on spread to others is within 7 days. So if you've been clean for over a week, chances are you don't have it
  5. When a topic hits an emotional nerve it derails into a tangent. The bottom line with Kaepernick's protest was that he broke his employer's rules of conduct. The underlying cause is irrelevant.
  6. This could very well be a subject in the media criticism thread. The industry is so far devolved that there's almost nobody left who has the capacity to take a step back, examine all the questions and inconsistencies and then proceed down that path. It's not limited to the virus. The only ones I can think of who have an unsparing view of everything are Greenwald & Taibbi (and I detest their personal politics)
  7. Those are the questions though - Follow which experts? Who's asking the "right" experts? Are they asking the right questions?
  8. You may have a problem with his opinion, but I hope you don't have a problem with his rights to express a differing opinion on his own time and on his own dime.
  9. Read the whole thing. It's about time that people are waking to the lazy & inconsistent reporting about the spread of this virus. Why has there been virtually no coverage and investigation of why the spread has essentially stopped in Washington? How did the virus hop over India into Iran? Why isn't India being destroyed? it is physically impossible to lock down and self isolate in India.
  10. Sorry. Yes if those two wore MAGA hats on a sideline, that would be an idiotic thing to do, and should result in heavy fines. If they continued to do it, then suspensions would be appropriate.
  11. A one-time symbolic act that's a photo-op is not similar to what Reid & Kaepernick were doing. A better correlation is Ali's anti-draft stance, for which he also paid the price. At least get the right references. Stay on topic. If you want to derail this topic into an anti-Trump tangent, there's a forum here where people are perfectly happy to take you up on your stance. Players can do whatever is in their rights off the field. Reid & Kaepernick brought their cause on the field, against the league rules. Nobody would have an issue with them rallying for their cause on their own time, just like nobody should have a beef with Richie & Rex supporting Trump on their own time.
  12. Did they wear MAGA hats on the sideline of a game or something like that?
  13. If they did it on the sideline of a game? You betcha. It's not that difficult. Most of the people wouldn't have cared if the players didn't bring the protest onto the field on game day. Do whatever you feel is right on your own time. Nearly every player in the league is involved in a cause. None of them bring it to the field of play, because the league prohibits it.
  14. Looking the candidate slate, Trump could easily get 60% of the vote if he wasn't a stubborn petulant child.
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