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  1. Just saw the promo on NBC Sports - does the game start at 7?
  2. That's why I said that the investigations needed to go deep inside the media companies, because there's no way that the stories would change even if the facts proved out.
  3. Or you and the OP can go to the report, and read it for yourselves? What's the difference between getting the analysis second-hand from posters here, or second-hand from a Tweet?
  4. I got a kick out of this headline by a former FBI guy on MSNBC AG Barr's separate investigation shows he is 'shopping for outcomes, not searching for facts'
  5. It's their religion, and last 3 years are exposing some inconvenient truths. Not everyone is willing to repent, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Exactly the reason many Western communists remained loyal lo Stalinism, even after the news came out of fake trials, murders, and gulags. The ideology trumps a few inconsequential lives.
  6. It should be, but if the refs missed it by the time the guy ran off the field, it's not the same as having 12 after the snap.
  7. I think the issue was 12 men in the huddle that the refs didn't see and call.
  8. This is the exact description of Denver. In both situations, the young QB hasn't faced the quality of defense that the Bills will bring. Since the Steelers got rolling, their only true quality win has been against the Rams. In others, they've squeaked by and were also helped by playing against back-up QBs. If the Bills D brings the same intensity that they did against Baltimore, then I don't see Steelers scoring more than 9 points. If Allen does not make mistakes, Bills should easily win this one.
  9. The last play was the exact reason you play Duke. Swap his spot with Lee Smith or DiMarco. Those guys will never be in a position to give you the 1st down or the 6 points when it's absolutely necessary.
  10. FWIW, one of Darnold's starting OLs last year is a backup on the Bills now.
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