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  1. Sounds like he just admitted that he was a ***** captain.
  2. Interesting comments from dad. One would imagine that the team captain would try to enforce that players worked hard to achieve the goal. Isn't that a big reason for the big C on the sweater?
  3. And where from your deductive reasoning did I mention that packing in referred simply to points output? Especially, when I specifically referred to his captaincy and charge to lead a young team. Care to explain his leadership qualities rubbing off on Eichel, Reinhart & others?
  4. The hotter take is that Botts shipped him out of town based on a 25 second snippet to reporters on locker clean out date. You do not ship out your captain who've you already invested $10's millions into, without something serious going on behind the camera lens.
  5. They traded young assets to acquire him and gave him a pretty lucrative extension, then named him captain hoping that he would lead the rebuild of a talented young core. Instead he packed it in and sulked his way into a forced trade. So excuse me for not sharing his newfound enthusiasm for a game. Once a quitter, always a quitter.
  6. Better put up concrete barriers in front of all Tim Hortons for the next 24 hours.
  7. Mountain Jam has a closer vibe to Woodstock than Woodstock 50 does, and is happening at Bethel Woods this weekend.
  8. That route tree wasn't there because the line couldn't hold up that long
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