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  1. The person with the pair of rabbit ears on their TV sets getting HDTV broadcasts of the NFL for free seem to be the more savvy ones to me.
  2. I hope they didn't catch McVay laughing at this pick.
  3. I was in Disney during the Jaguars playoff game in 2017/2018. Watched on my phone until the battery gave out. Couldn't believe we picked the one year the Bills made the playoffs to go.
  4. Didn't Jimmy Clausen join ISIS?
  5. They even cover WWE on their website. Is ESPN doing something with the XFL next year?
  6. What stinks is that you can like not get the local sports network without paying for a full cable or cable-like package, right? Like I'm in the Rochester area and I just use antenna and have a couple of streaming services. I can't order MSG through the Internet without subscribing to a full live TV service, right?
  7. I think MLB was forced by a lawsuit to offer the favorite team option.
  8. It's interesting to me about how he was an unknown with the Bills and then became this big pop culture star once he left.
  9. COVID was a big reason for that…
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