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  1. Mark80

    GB Packers hire Nate Hackett as OC

    What am I missing here. He was terrible in Buffalo, he was terrible in Jacksonville. Why does this guy keep getting hired?
  2. Thought Preston Brown was a below average player up until this moment. After this, I hated him.
  3. No reason to cut McCoy. No reason to keep Clay. Clay has actually LOST us games. He hurts the team more than helps it.
  4. Mark80

    Buffalo area Collision/Body Shop

    Elmwood Collision in Kenmore is my spot. 3 man shop where 2 are the owners. Good guys. Little out of the way, but I'd take that over 10+ location Corruba Collision where you get some low wage mechanic doing the work any day of the week.
  5. Mark80

    True Detective Season III

    If season 2 was its own show with its own name then people would have liked it just fine. It's seen in a negative light only because of the unrealistic expectations people had after season 1. It really wasn't bad at all in retrospect.
  6. I don't know man, I could hardly watch when the Refs were scabs, much less the players.
  7. Mark80

    Share some music thread

    Well, since Blind Melon was brought up. Huge fan, I think they are one of the most underrated bands ever. That first album is exquisite on so many levels. This tune on it (which never really stood out to me for 20 years) has really spoken to me lately for some reason.
  8. Mark80

    Greatest Sports Moments

    Usually compilations like this are terrible. But this one is very well done, with a great variety, great editing, and a very easy way to waste 30 mins on a weekend morning.
  9. Mark80

    Brandon Reilly (Former Bill) now in Dallas

    No love for Marcus Easley?
  10. No F'n way. There are two ways to win in this league as I see it. 1. Have one of the best QBs around and pay them what they deserve. Brady, Rogers, Brees, that level of guy. 2. Hit on a young QB in their rookie deal that is "good enough" and spend on talent around them while they are still cheap. If he really shines you sign him to money referred to in point #1 and ride him for 10 more years. 2b. Get a good, cheap back-up/journeyman type that could also potentially thrive surrounded by the right talent, or just have a magical season like the Vikings last year (or Foles). There is no "overpay for mediocre at best QBs at the expense of the rest of the roster's talent and then go win a Super Bowl."
  11. Mahomes had a fantastic year, no doubt. The question is whether he will be able to maintain it when teams have a whole year of tape on him and their offense and then further down the road when he's making $30+M / year against the cap and they cannot surround him such a high level of talent that they have now. Time will tell.
  12. Was just listed officially at 5'11" for the mlb draft. Madrigal who is 5'7" and was drafted #4 overall is noticeably much, much smaller. I remember hearing the exact same type of things about Mayfield last year too...well, not 5'6, but you get the point.
  13. Mark80

    Led Zeppelin - How Many More Times

    Cool video. I have a feeling these guys might become famous.
  14. This is not true at all. With the success of Mayfield this year and Murray's performance, I believe he will be #1 overall IF he makes it clear that he is football focused only and not trying to play baseball as well. He is better than any other QB in this draft and there will be a team willing to trade up for him. Again, only IF he says he is playing football only.