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  1. I have the Epic vinyl. That's all i need from them. It has about 5 really good songs, a couple ok ones, and a few that are absolutely terrible.
  2. "Brah"...you realize that Marshawn was a Freshman in 2004, right? This is regarding a change in 2011. I mean, it says that in the first two words. Jeez.
  3. The problem with Sammy is not his attitude. It his ability to stay on the field. If he were able to stay healthy, his career would have been much, much different.
  4. You realize he graduated there in 3 years, right?
  5. Yeah, guys who go to Cal Berkeley are usually pretty stupid. Don't judge a person just because they grew up where they speak a little differently than you do. Marshawn is very intelligent.
  6. He seems to tackle too high IMO. Much easier to break those than below the waist. Milano is OK, great in coverage, but pretty average everywhere else in my mind. He is not a stud as many here seem to believe. Not by any stretch. But considering where he was drafted and what he is being paid, he is overachieving. I agree with most here. We need a impact pass rusher. If we can get consistent pressure rushing 4, we are going to be tough to move the ball against. I'm not as concerned about the running up the middle. Don't forget, we get Harry back next year, basically like getting another first or second round pick. He was doing great against the run before he was injured.
  7. Of course they should. A few reasons: 1. They already know the defense. They have played in it for over a season at least. No learning curve for them compared to FA or draft pick 2. You know what you have. If you draft a replacement or sign a FA you never really know what you are getting. With your own players you know exactly what you are getting. 3. Let them walk and who is to say you can find anyone better? FAs have to agree to come to your team. You can't just simply want them or pay them the most. Who is to say that we could get a top FA to be better than either one? 4. We can afford it. Josh is still on rookie deal. We got the cash. Unless they ask for crazy contracts, this is a no brainer.
  8. Stop throwing screen passes!!! They never work for us. Just a wasted down or worse.
  9. This man is a complete narcissist. He does things for the community, sure, but it is 100% to foster his brand and get the advertising out of it. Having intimate knowledge of how he treats his staff and family members I can assure you this is the case. He has a lot of you, and a lot of our community fooled. Trust me. I'll never spend a dime at any of his establishments ever again, and it has nothing to do with this letter..
  10. Dumb commercial. Even dumber outrage over it.
  11. All I know is that I am NEVER concerned he's going to drop a punt. That means a lot to me.
  12. I'm sure its been mentioned already...but this draft is stocked with WR talent. If they want a WR they can count on a quality guy being available with their first pick regardless of where that is. I'm sure there will be hits in rounds 2-4 as well.
  13. I don't care who or how we stopped him. The fact remains the same, I didn't even notice him on the field. Not once that I can remember. And that is a win.
  14. I'm glad we got a few extra days of prep time and home field advantage. We are going to need as much in our favor as possible. They look unstoppable at the moment. If it's me I'm focusing on stopping Lamar's running ability first and foremost. Then I'm hoping for a big time performance out of the DTs moving the line and being vital in stopping the RBs. My last concern is the passing game. How to do any of that? Hell if I know.
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