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  1. I can understand booking a vacation for later this year or next, but people are willing to risk going on cruises already? Thats crazy to me. No possible way I would go on a cruise until this thing is pretty much completely over. One infected person on the ship and you're screwed. I'm not getting stuck in a cruise cabin for months. No way.
  2. This. The NFL doesn't give a crap about an online petition. They decision will be solely based on how they think they will be able to make the most money. And honestly, Madden is pretty damn good. There are tons of game play setting and sliders to adjust to make it simulation type football if thats what you want. People are just too lazy to mess with them. Stay off MUT and online head to head and just play with friends or online sim leagues. That's where it is at.
  3. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
  4. Of course. A Cowboy team who couldn't make the playoffs in an atrocious division last season, is on the list. Shocking.
  5. Another classic uniform ruined. Ugh.
  6. I don't understand why this is so cryptic.
  7. Have you seen this guys teeth? Every time he is on ESPN I almost vomit when he opens his mouth. Mustard yellow with noticeable plaque build up that is visible on TV! So gross. I can't take him seriously at all. Plus his takes are always awful. So Boston.
  8. Why do we care about the Jets game by game predictions? I'm getting pretty tired of Jets focused posts on a Bills message board. Maybe its just me.
  9. I mean, players have been doing this for years already. Not sure what drastic change you think is going to happen.
  10. If you haven't tried the Glenlivet 15 French Oak Reserve, you should. It is similar to BCC but better IMO. I have both on hand. Similar price point. Haven't got into the Distillers addition yet. Probably will be saving for next winter as I typically don't drink too much peaty scotch outside the winter months.
  11. I was only a fan growing up in the 80s. 1. Hulk Hogan 2. Ultimate Warrior 3. Macho Man 4. Andre the Giant 5. King Kong Bundy
  12. As well as the TV Guide flower bouquet.
  13. I can definitely remember the announcers talking about how great his arm was at auburn and that he was a first round level talent. I could see the arm talent for sure, but outside of that i was never impressed with his accuracy and ability to make quick progressions and reads. Who knows thiugh, we’ll find out soon enough.
  14. We all know its Barry. But I thought I'd bring the NBA crossover king into the discussion too, as its really a juke move while dribbling.
  15. You clearly haven't seen John Brown's touchdown dance.
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