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  1. Dinosaur - best guitarist of the era, albums are hit or miss for me though. I typically LOVE about 4 or 5 of the songs and pretty much hate the rest of them on every album I've heard of theirs. Stone Roses - excellent first album, don't know the second one. I'll have to give Harvey Danger and Screaming Trees a better listen, only really know main songs. And don't even know My Bloody Valentine or Sebadoh. But I've see your taste before on here which makes me think I'll need to check them out!
  2. Their first album is also a masterpiece and their second album is pretty damn good too. One Hit Wonder 90s bands that are actually really good: Blind Melon, Hum, Seven Mary Three. I don't think kyuss ever had a hit that I can remember, but they are way underrated too. For older and younger folks not familiar: Blind Melon - rock/blues mix. Extremely talented guitar duo. Shannon's voice isn't for everyone, but I love it. Very self-reflective lyrics, many about addiction struggles. Hum - one of the pioneers of Space/Stoner rock. Not going to be for everyone, but if you have the desire to watch videos about space on youtube after smoking a J, this is the perfect background music. Seven Mary Three - kind of similar to Blind Melon IMO. Rock/blues and a touch of country sound in some of their subsequent albums. Their one hit "Cumbersome" is basically the only song I don't like on that album. Kyuss - Heavy stoner rock. Queens of the Stone Age lead man is the guitarist. If you want something to pump you up a bit, try this one.
  3. I feel sorry that you have not had the opportunity to realize just how wrong you are yet. Their first album is a masterpiece.
  4. Psshhh. There is one answer to this question and it is Blind Melon.
  5. 30% chance they score a td with 15 seconds left seems way high to me.
  6. Lee Smith is atrocious. He was the first time he was on the team and he still is today. Penalty after penalty after penalty. And they are pretty much all stupid penalties too. Pre-snap. Holding guys when they are already out of the play. Its absurd seeing him on the field still.
  7. I honestly wonder if it is all his fault. Some receivers seem to be letting up and then the ball sails over them. I wonder if they are just not used to seeing that kind of throw and are not tracking it well. Now, obviously I am not an NFL receiver, but I have had the opportunity to (try) and catch a ball from someone with an absolute rocket of an arm. Like, ability to throw it over 60 yards kind of rocket. It was extremely difficult to track when it was a long pass. It just kept going and going and going. Now, imagine it was from one of the best arms in the NFL. Not even these receivers are used to seeing throws like this. I seriously wonder if his arm is too big sometimes and making it difficult on the WRs and TEs too (like Knox's drop yesterday right through his hands). If we could just hit 33-50% of those open deep balls then no one would be complaining about our offensive performances. They are the difference IMO. Obviously, some throws are also just completely over thrown, but that may not be the whole story.
  8. Yeah, the one team they beat. They also got demolished by the Jets. I mean, destroyed. By the Jets.
  9. Had high hopes for him coming into this season. It has not been pretty. He is not getting beat, he is getting smoked. Guys break/cut and he is three yards away before reacting. They are wide open. A lot.
  10. Saying RI is going to mess up again, or saying he doesn't deserve to be in the NFL is like saying you want a cancer survivor just going to get cancer again or they don't belong in the NFL. The guy has a diagnosed serious mental issue. He got himself back from a dark, dark place. Many never do. People need to look at mental illness like the disease it is, not some funny joke. Just my opinion. I'm rooting for him.
  11. When all is said and done, this dude may just be the bargain of the century. No doubt he is going to have to take a reasonably cheap offer to get back on a team. And any team willing to sign him will have to have language in the deal to protect them from his behavior. He has to know that this is his last chance (if he even gets it). Maybe, just maybe, he signs, keeps his mouth shut, and absolutely kills it. Probably not, but maybe. And if you're a team in desperate need of a stud WR, would you sign him for $2M/$5M/$10M to see? I think someone will.
  12. Tim Tebow has more playoff wins than our entire franchise since Jan 1, 1996. People always lament how little talent he had a QB on the NFL level. If he doesn't inspire people, please explain this to me then.
  13. I think I saw him twice on Sunday. One time was his sack. That's a very good thing.
  14. Invisible...not as much as this season. He was also making 1/2 what he is making this year. I understand we had money to spend. I understand it would have been hard to find someone who is better via FA. But I also understand that he is in no way shape or form a $14M player in my opinion. Hopefully when it's back down to around $7.5M next year it will be an easier pill to swallow (if we even retain him).
  15. Jerry Hughes is not a "very good" player. He's had one season of 10 sacks. A DE getting about 5 sacks per year is not a "very good" player. At least he isn't getting stupid penalties any more. I agree with OP. His contract is insane and he is invisible on the field. His only really successful years were when he also had Mario, Kyle, and Marcel (who was good at the time) taking much of the blocking. He was 4th best of those guys during those years.
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