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  1. My "odd" jerseys: London Fletcher - Dark Blue Sam Cowart - Medium Blue CJ Spiller - White throw back #21 (only wore rookie season) Got one.
  2. Jim Brown - Trucking Aaron Rogers - Throw on the run That part on Vick...we really missed out on seeing a great player I think. We saw some flashes, but never the full potential. Sad on a lot of levels.
  3. He was wrestling with him already before he sat down. As soon as that happens the whole encounter has changed. Now the cops top priority is getting this guy in handcuffs some how, some way. The man (a 6'6" mountain of a man mind you) sits but continues to ignore commands to lie down. How are you going to handcuff a guy that size when he is sitting, back against a wall? As noted in the article he is also suspected of being intoxicated in some way so who knows what he will do. Then after being tased after refusing command after command after command, he gets up and lunges at the officer, eventually taking away his taser. The guy is lucky he is not dead and it would be completely justified. And the profanities part? Yeah, people always listen to "Will you please ..." in a calm voice in these circumstance.
  4. Mark80

    CBD oil

    One of the most versatile and effective drugs in its natural form is illegal in this country. I wonder who doesn't want people having access to basically free (if you grow your own), non-physically addictive medicines? Hmmmmmmm. Such a sad state of affairs in this country when protecting corporate greed is the top priority. But no one does anything about it. Nope, they care more about slamming a 4th of July parade. Sad. (I understand CBD oil is legal, BTW, but you still cannot grow and make your own for free)
  5. Also took a salary of $1 when the company was close to bankruptcy when he was asking employees to make sacrifices.
  6. More like 99.9999%
  7. Grateful Dead - Europe '72 Allman Bros - Fillmore East Led Zeppelin - Song Remains the Same Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder Nirvana - Unplugged Mad Season - Live at the Moore Johnny Cash - Live at Folsum Prison Tragically Hip - Live Between Us O.A.R. - Any Time Now Jimmy Smith - Root Down Live! I love The Band, but I always found The Last Waltz to be kinda meh for some reason.
  8. Don't have to convince me. I'm just saying what the article said. Most likely it's just something brought to the table by the owners to be used as a bargaining chip. This is very common in labor negotiations. Bring things to the table that you don't really care about so you can take them off during the negotiation to help get what you really want. "Oh, OK, we'll take X off the table if you take off Y (or give us Z)".
  9. A good manager/coach always adjusts to the strengths of their personnel. Bad ones force their personnel into their own systems regardless of fit (I'm looking at you Rex).
  10. I know it does not currently, but that is what the article is about. Potentially negotiating that it WOULD affect the pool in the future and, in turn, the players potentially wanting some say in how the money is spent since they, essentially, would have paid for part of it.
  11. Yes, but I believe the negotiating point brought up is to change that for the Stadium fund, sort of like a write-off in the tax world. At least that's how it read to me.
  12. I think you are missing the point here. The point is that their money is already going to be taken in that the pool of revenue in which the players are allocated a certain percentage, will be lower because money will be taken from it and placed into stadium projects. He is saying since they are essentially paying for some it because of this this now reduced pool of revenue, they should have some say in how its spent. Simple example with incorrect numbers. Total Revenue $1B, players get 50% share. Players get $500M. In this scenario it may be this. Total Revenue $1B, Amount dedicated to stadiums $100M. New Revenue left $900M, players still get 50% share. Players only get $450M. So, they actually "paid" for $50M of the stadium improvements.
  13. Professionally, early. Personally, on time. Never late unless its because of waiting for the woman.
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