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  1. I got one too. FYI, these are available at Wegmans on Transit/Losson right now. flat brim and curved, both snap backs.
  2. Saw 36 today. Know its back down today some, but a great few days for sure. 500M + shares traded though makes me nervous for a real short squeeze coming here. GME for example, has only been having like 10M traded. So, lots of people are selling AMC now, potentially hurting that squeeze potential.
  3. Filed mine on last day (May 17?) and I've already got Federal direct deposit into account. Still waiting on New York State though.
  4. Guess who is showing signs of life again? Yep, that's right. Up about 30% in last 2 days. Reasons: - rumors of a fundamental shift in their business model which would support re-selling of digital games. - stock vote on board members which many believe will expose naked short selling and trigger "the real" squeeze when the vote counts shows higher than the available shares that could vote Still in for a whopping 8 shares since January.
  5. Bar Bill can take care of you for both the Beef on Weck and the Wings. I think its the best place to be able to knock out both of those. They have combos for them and they are both excellent there. Anchor Bar is not good and is just a tourist destination really. Duffs is also good though if you want to go for just wings. For Buffalo style pizza, I prefer Bocci's, Franco's, Imperial, and Santora's. Imperial and Santora's are good for sitting down and eating there. Bocci's and Franco's not so much. Unaware of garbage plates in Buffalo, I think its more of a Rochester thing, b
  6. I'm calling Dane Jackson as our #2 opening day and I am good with it.
  7. 1. The Band 2. Neil Young 3. The Tragically Hip 4. Our Lady Peace 5. The Sheepdogs Much respect to the talent of Rush, but I really like only a few of their songs.
  8. Screw the jags and Urban Meyer. He lost 100% of any respect for him I had when he was protecting that wife beating assistant of his. I can't wait till he crashes and burns in the NFL and quits after 2 or 3 seasons for "health reasons."
  9. I've already seen him do commercials. He's on a national one for the Draft right now. Been on local for a couple years now.
  10. I will rush to judgement. I'm sorry, but 14 suits now? This is not a money grab. This scumbags career is over.
  11. How many fumbles did he have while he was here? 1 this year that I can remember. His security catching the punts will be missed.
  12. Well, I can tell you this, if the price of a share of GME rose to the levels that the price of a bulb reached I am going to be one happy camper since that was estimated to be above a skilled laborers salary for an entire year per bulb before it crashed and I would be long gone by that point!
  13. Just in case you are not paying attention - Gamestop is over $240 again.
  14. I think you people are crazy. If I'm Houston I want more than Lawrence for him. Watson is a bona fide, proven top 5 NFL QB. Lawrence is a great college player who hasn't played a down in the NFL. Speculate all you want about his future, Watson is a sure thing though.
  15. ....so....did someone say that this wasn't over yet or what? Interesting last 2 days, expect more today!
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