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  1. Mark80

    430 million dollar man

    So, cable companies / networks are in the habit of giving away multi-billion dollar deals for games that no one will watch. And since no one is watching, advertisers won't pay any money to run commercials or sponsor part of the broadcast? That's typically the MO of these enormous corporations, waste billions of dollars....right... Ask the Royals and the Astros about how their stacked minor league systems worked out for them. The answer, World Series rings. Took the Royals a little longer so they didn't have the staying power, but the Astros are set for years to come. You spend the money on a single guy because you aren't spending nearly as much at other positions while the rest of your team is young and you can afford it. Comparing Mike Trout to Bobby Bonilla? Really? Come on man. You're better than that. Yankees / Red Sox / Cubs have fans all over the world paying for MLB TV streaming of games. Not just about local ratings. LA doesn't watch any sports except college football. How many times has the NFL abandoned that city? It was left off my list intentionally. Again, $10B in revenues for something that no one cares about or watches and is the laughing stock of professional sports in North America...right... Is it football, no. But it's nothing to just dismiss either, still more than the NBA.
  2. Mark80

    430 million dollar man

    Yeah, they have over $10B in revenues which grows every year because no one is watching....right....The most popular teams in 3 of our biggest cities are baseball teams...New York, Chicago, and Boston (they'll prove they are really a baseball town again once Brady is gone). And your lack of knowledge here is glaring, i'm sorry to say. The Padres will be one of the best teams in the league 2 or 3 years from now with their absolutely stacked minor league system. Club controlled contracts for first 3 years, then another 3 years of arbitration which is significantly lower salaries than Free Agency. The Phillies are going to be battling for supremacy this season with the addition of Harper, Realmuto, and Segura on offense, and bullpen additions. The Angels, well, you got me there. They are not going to be good any time soon really, their farm stinks, Pujols is grossly overpaid, and Ohtani won't pitch at all this year. But he proved last year that he is 100% legit and a future superstar offensively and as a pitcher. The league is filled with young superstars with charisma. The old ways of showing no emotion or you get beaned are dying down. People are bat flipping, celebrating, having fun. It's improved a lot the last few years. Now, if they can just figure out a way to cut the game time down to 2.5-3 hours at most, they will really make strides. They are working on it, but still a few years off.
  3. Mark80

    430 million dollar man

    FYI in 2011 the Angels signed a 20 year tv deal for $3B. That basically runs until the end of Trouts deal. Plenty more to go around even counting Pujols horrendous deal and that doesn't count tickets, concessions, parking, merchandise, sponsors, etc.
  4. Mark80

    430 million dollar man

    Guy has the highest rating in the history of the game for someone age 26. Guy is perfect example to follow in the community and a real sports role model. He is lost a bit in LAs second team, but don't think for a second that he isn't worth what he gets. TV contract alone with him there pays for his salary, easy. I'd much rather it go to the players than go to the owners who just sit back and do nothing really.
  5. Mark80

    430 million dollar man

    Baseball doesn't have a salary cap, they just have a luxury tax above a certain payroll. Owners can spend however much they want.
  6. Mark80

    430 million dollar man

    Yeah, but just the fed alone is taking 37% on every dollar over 500k per year.
  7. Mark80

    430 million dollar man

    Feds and Cali gonna take away right around 50% of that. Brutal.
  8. Yeah, great input. That's what everyone here is pushing for. Way to take it to a laughable extreme. Really helps your argument. No one says punish them more, we just say punish them the same. It's really not that hard to understand. You are clearly uneducated on the subject so I will just ignore you going forward. No problem.
  9. Exactly. They would have to pay a fine. He was caught on tape doing the crime. The average person would have to pay a fine. If they couldn't afford to pay the fine they could be subject to a bench warrant or wage garnishments which exasperates the situation even further. Imagine Joe Schmo struggling to make ends meet found in this situation, can't afford the fine and gets put in jail for not paying it, then loses job for missing time because of it as well, then wont get hired by anyone because they ran a background check and he was found guilty of soliciting prostitution on his record. Conversely, Kraft has nothing on his record, was embarrassed for a minute, and gets to move on as if nothing ever happened. Lets not even start talking about the leeway given to "white collar" crimes compared to their counterparts. Steal millions of dollars and get less punishment than someone who has stolen a tv on 3 separate occasions. Awesome.
  10. ...and this is what is wrong with our country. Laws applied unequally for the rich and famous (for the most part, always exceptions).
  11. Mark80

    Devin White - Luke Keuchly, Patrick Willis, Ray Lewis

    I tell you what, I watch a lot of college football. They were always talking him up. While watching him I kind of thought the same thing. Why is this guy getting so much love? He seems slow for some reason to me. Now, everyone is praising him, he has great measureables, etc., and I'm thinking, wow I guess I was wrong. Glad I'm not the only one who sees this. Or maybe you are just poking at the OP for misuse of the word I guess. But that was my impression of him anyway for some reason.
  12. Mark80

    Full Intelligent Breakdown of DK Metcalf

    IDK, I kinda think Allen raised his "low floor" up quite a bit with his performance last season, especially in the last quarter of the season.
  13. The Redskins are a dumpster fire in so many ways. The new Browns.