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  1. Mostly considered a myth at this point. https://sabr.org/journal/article/home-run-derby-curse-fact-or-fiction/
  2. I think i'm going to pass on Jets re-treads thank you very much.
  3. I stopped watching NASCAR about 10 years ago. Its so stale it seems. I cannot stand almost every race ending with a yellow flag restart. I can't stand how races are broken into segments. I can't stand the playoff system. Just race X number of laps and whoever wins after that many laps wins. Just add up points to determine the champion at the end. Why ruin something so simple that worked for so long? In the last 2-3 years I have started getting into Formula 1. In my opinion it is so much more enjoyable.
  4. So many posters looking like fools for what they wrote in the original thread on this. So funny. i mean, doesnt take the best lawyer in the business to get charges dropped with the breathalyzer showing 0.0 and the blood test being negative across the board
  5. My opinion - It depends. Yes, you could most likely "sell high" right now. I've been in the buying market the last 6 months and I can definitely tell you that if your house is in good condition with modern updates/upgrades it will sell in a matter of days with multiple offers and most likely above list price. However, on the flip side, if you are purchasing now you are going to have to deal with that as you make offers. As another poster noted, this is the case for low to moderately priced homes in the WNY area. Once you start getting up to the 400+k range the market of buyers dwindles and you don't have to "overpay" to get as much. I am of the belief that there is going to be somewhat of a market bubble that bursts when the deferment of mortgage payments and rent payments from Covid is over. I'm expecting a lot of foreclosures and evictions to happen at that point, potentially flooding the market with available properties. If you can sell now and wait until that happens (if it happens), you could make quite a nice profit. Also, you can get homes under list price still if you are willing to deal with outdated interiors or ones that need a decent amount of work. I was a able to find an outdated interior house that was structurally sound and perfectly livable as I'm going through and updating on almost 4 acres for over 20k less than their asking price. It is really only the ones that are already updated or in super "hot" neighborhoods that are going instantly at crazy prices (in the WNY area at least). So - if you are buying 400k+ home, then yes. If you are able to wait around for the market to come back down by renting, then yes. If you have other debts still (CC, cars, student loans, etc), no, get those taken care of first while you have cheaper mortgage payments.
  6. I have a feeling that the lawyers got this toned down....a lot.
  7. It's quite possible she just took it off for a second...maybe to grab something in a back seat, who knows? I where mine religiously, but to say I have never took it off for a few seconds for various reasons would be a lie.
  8. Or, a wise team could trade for them and potentially acquire picks for a heavily discounted rate. That's what I would do.
  9. Cool, so the guy should be jailed, tared, feathered, executed, banned from the league. Got it. He was suspended, lost his salary. That's good enough. And Rudolph definitely deserved something for his role.
  10. Oh please. 90% of the league would be in jail if it were judged by actions on the field. He lost over a million dollars because of the incident. That's a hell of a fine for assault. Funny how Rudolph wasn't fined a penny .....hum.... Rudloph is trying to pass on 3 and 30 with seconds left in the game. Gets taken down and then tries to rip off Garretts helmet. Then, after Garrett rips his off the idiot charges after him helmet less when Garrett is clearly backing away from the situation.
  11. I believe another article I saw indicated that they did.
  12. They are getting info, I don't think they are quite at the stage of wanting to play here at this point. The biggest issue seems to be the lighting situation. No LED lighting makes for bad TV look I guess. Seems a bit odd to me since they can play day games (no fans anyway, right?) and the fact that LED lighting has only been around for about 5 years in MLB and they seemed to do just fine prior to that. My money is on they will be playing here since FLA is a complete s*show and Canada is being tough on their quarantine requirements (rightly so). Would love if they let some fans in too.
  13. This concert was on ESPN the original on Sunday night. WTF is that crap? Not at all sports related, but I guess that is ESPNs m.o. these days. "I had a rough night and I hate the f*n Eagles, man."
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