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  1. Well, the one had us at 3 taking Jeudy and now 7 taking Delpit. Take solace in knowing that if we stink we are going to get one heck of a baller. These two are ridiculous talents and would have been at the top of their positions in this years draft.
  2. So many whiny babies about a great show because it didn't have the perfect ending that THEY wanted. Or because the creators didn't want to spend the next 5 years of their lives flushing out every story line perfectly. My lord folks. It's a show and it was great. The only problem with it was the crazy expectations you all created for it in your minds.
  3. Heading to York Beach ME in a month which is just a bit south of there, but same general area. Have wanted to go there for a long time. I'm pretty excited. Gonna eat a lot of lobster.
  4. Only 7? That's pretty young for a cat. Sad.
  5. Well, if we are going to stink that bad, at least Juedy would be a great consolation prize!
  6. Season 1 was awesome. Definitely team Johnny. Daniel Son is a whiny little B and always was (oh, and so is Luke Skywalker BTW). Waiting to binge season 2 next weekend. Can't wait.
  7. Hell yeah. But there is no possible way i'm going to admit for what or how.
  8. I love how people assume that anybody can play tight end in the NFL if they are big and athletic. For some silly reason, I'm guessing that there is a bit more to it than that. And then you are considering which one plays QB? Yeah, lets put our franchise QB in at TE to block 250-300 lb defenders or get destroyed catching a ball over the middle. Unreal.
  9. How the heck do you turn this into a "I wish we had an offensive coach"? Bizarre.
  10. I'm very proud to call myself a Bills fan with how the organization treated him the last few years. I don't think it would have been the same with the previous regime. The way he handled such a difficult situation with such cheer and optimism should be an inspiration to us all and hopefully our beloved team gets an extra boost of motivation this season. Rest easy, the pain is over.
  11. McBeane on the forefront of a game revolution. Starting offense - 1 QB, 2 HBs, 8 TEs. Who's gonna be prepared to stop that?
  12. Well, they made it look pretty easy in Spaceballs.
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