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  1. Tennessee would win the South if they get to 11. They play Houston twice in the next three games. One more Buffalo win knocks whomever doesn't win the South out. Pittsburgh can get to 11 but that would only hurt seeding. Buffalo is in a good spot. Win one more and they are in. They could get in other ways but that's the easiest math.
  2. Have you been paying attention to what the Bills Defense has been doing to passing offenses this year. Dallas will try to run the ball with hopes to.open up the passing game. Hopefully the run D shows up. I'll take any win we can get right now. 2-3 to close out the season and they are 10-6 and playoff bound.
  3. Allen can ball. No doubt about it. He tends to be a little reckless with the ball sometimes but so was Brett Favre. He's a winner and as the saying goes, " Stats are for losers". I'll take a win over a 300 yard passing game any day.
  4. Pretty sure Dabol has been trying to stop " Bad Josh " from showing up. You know, the guy who trys to make a play out of nothing and throws picks. But at the same time "Good Josh " plays the same way. It's a fine line and I think the bills need to let the reigns off of him a lot more.
  5. I won't blame McDermott until the end of next season if their is reason to. Don't act like you know me and how I will react. I would rather be a die-hard Bills fan than a bandwagon Pat's fan.
  6. I will not blame McDermott for any of this. And by this a mean a 6-3 team that has a great chance to make the playoffs. STEP BACK FROM THE LEDGE EVERYONE.
  7. I believe there are 2 issues. The first is Allen not fitting Dabols system. The second is the lack of use of Singletary. Dabol has turned Allen in to a drink and dunk game manager QB. He also needs to start using Singletary much more. How about passing to him? How about 20 touches a game? Also, even with all of this the bills should have won today. Hausch money makes both kicks we win. Give me one more year before I say the process didn't work.
  8. I think patience is the key with Josh. They didn't draft him to be a day 1 franchise QB. They knew he had the tools to be one but had to learn the trade. Get back to me in 2 years.
  9. Listening to the Dan Patrick Show this AM and he was bashing Josh Allen BIG TIME. Said he is not a starting caliber NFL QB and that he is holding the Buffalo Offense back. One of the other guys seemed to stick up for Josh and blamed Dabols play calling but Dan wasn't having it.
  10. McDermott was in no position to be drafting a franchise QB that year. He had a dead man walking at GM in Whaley and was still trying to rid the team of non process players. Yes it would have been nice to have had Beane for that draft and we can beat that dead horse all night but I would rather not.
  11. I thought about proving you wrong but it's pointless. Your head is in the sand on this one. However, I'm sure you'll be back when this team makes the playoffs. GO BILLS, right?
  12. There seems to be a lot of hate being thrown towards McDermott in this thread. I am very surprised. The man got a lesser team to the playoffs then what Rex had and went 5-11. Then he followed it up by leading probably the worst team in the league to 6-10. Now they are 5-2 and 10 wins is a real possibility. What am I missing??
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