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  1. Mark92

    What do you want to see this offseason: DRAFT

    I would love to see a trade down no further than #15 which would bring back 2 other picks in round 2 or 3.
  2. There are a lot of great players on offense between picks 15 - 100. If we can trade #9 for 2-3 more picks in rounds 1-2 or 3 count me in. Like Washington trades us #15, #46 and #77 for #9. We would end up with 15, 40, 46, 75 and 77. Yup.
  3. Mark92

    Albert Breer breaks down SB after film review

    It really pisses me off when the media says that the Patriots record is so good every year because they play in the AFC East. Replace the Patriots with any other team in the NFL and I am sure said team wouldn't do as well. It's not easy playing those d bags twice a year. Yeah Mcvay totally stuck with his game plan and believed what he saw on tape. It's like he didn't understand what was happening right in front of him.
  4. Other teams can not film other teams but the NFL has film that teams exchange which I'm sure show the sideline from time to time. It's not hard to think the Patriots saw something.
  5. Even if he was looking for him because Mcvay has some kind of "tell" isn't cheating. If they found something on tape good for them.
  6. We didn't get him there enough!
  7. Zach Thomas would be a HOF player had he played for the Patriots. It's Edelmans postseason stats that will get him in someday.
  8. Edelman is the best postseason slot receiver I believe the NFL has ever seen. He is going to make a very interesting case for the hall. One I believe he will win.
  9. I think these Patriots are going to change the criteria. Brady, Gronk and Moss are solid HOF players but other than that who is there? I bet with their success a few player get in that probably wouldn't if they played on teams without the postseason success.
  10. You missed the Analogy. Rice was a receiver with amazing post season numbers because he played on a great team that got to the postseason a bunch. They CAN be compared in that aspect.
  11. When Tom Brady has needed a 1st down he goes to Edelman. Scumbags make the hall as well. Character doesn't get you in unfortunately. Jerry Rice has huge numbers in the postseason because he was a 49er. You can't blame a player for playing on good teams. Eric Moulds would have been amazing in the postseason if the team could get him there!
  12. I think his postseason will get him in. It's not just one season like flacco. He does it all the time.
  13. I totally understand how hall of fame voting works. I know his regular season numbers are not close to the threshold that gets you in. However, there is not another receiver in NFL history that has his post season numbers and accomplishments without the regular season numbers. He is an interesting case and I believe his post season numbers will get him in. You all can feel how you like and make your arguments with voter history on your side. I'm just saying I believe his post season numbers which probably will climb more should get him in. Not 1st ballot obviously but he will get in.
  14. I forgot it's impossible to have an opinion on this board. Either drink the cool aid or be ridiculed.
  15. I literally said to get past your hang up on them not to completely toss them out. He's a HOF player in my book and in a lot of people's book. We can agree to disagree.