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  1. It's like having to put a dog to sleep. It's the hardest decision to make. At the end of the day though it's the best decision. McDermott is that loyal fun loving lab that can't get up by itself anymore. Hard as hell but it's time.
  2. I really don't have the words this morning. It's heart breakin because this version of the buffalo bills from 2018 to today just wasn't good enough. They are good and at times really good. Just not good enough when it counts. Is it enough to move on from McDermott? I don't know but I do know.Allen deserves better than what the bills are giving him.
  3. Something BIG needs to change. Same story, year after year after year. Maybe it's McDermott maybe it's not but something has to happen.
  4. Honestly, I wrote this season off at 5-5 with Dorsey still the OC. I didn't think McDermott had it in him to let Dorsey go. He did it and saved not only the season but his job. From where they were to where they are now I Honestly feel like this is all gravy. Happy to have an opportunity to play another week. As Jim Harbaugh says, " wake up and dominate the day and then do it again. " Go Bills.
  5. Yeah. I think if this version of the Bills is going to win a Super Bowl, I want it to go through the Chiefs.
  6. So it's going to be #2 Seed and AFC East Champs OR Miss the playoffs.
  7. Dorsey should have been let go 3 games ago. McDermott needs to go. It's unexcusable that he let this 💩 show go on this long. Add in :13 seconds, the way this team came out flat for a HOME playoff game and not to mention the way he likes to just use timeouts like he has 20 of them. Sean McDermott doesn't deserve to be the Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills in 2024.
  8. His plateau was :13. Special teams coach got the ax that year and last year it was the defensive coach. Now maybe it will be Offensive Coach. It's McDermott.
  9. Honestly it's Dorsey that really needs to go but if McDermott won't do it then he needs to go as well.
  10. Any LB would be a one year rental. They don't need anyone past this year at the position.
  11. As a Michigan Alum this whole situation is unsettling. I do not condone what they are being accused of. If they cheated then they deserve whatever punishment they get. I feel awful for the players though. Harbaughs has actually built a great team and it might all get tossed.
  12. He is SO defensive and unwilling to change. What he's been doing hasn't been good enough. Still looks to be the case
  13. I get that Josh is more comfortable in shotgun but godamn they are really good under center.
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