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  1. I've actually gone over 2 times to speak with him and he never answers the door. 2 days ago he he actually dumped a bag of leaves he had cleaned up at some point this fall and blew them all under my deck. I went running outside and told him he was being rude, trespassing and if I ever saw him on my property again or if he aimed him blower in the direction of my house I would contact the police and a lawyer. He laughed and said I didn't know you were home 🤬 He f@$#&d around and he is definitely going to find out. Probably the legal way though. 🤷 Surprisingly there are laws about booby traps on your own property. I looked 🤣
  2. Hey everyone, I am looking for opinions on outdoor security cameras. We live in a city neighborhood where the houses sit probably 20-30 ft from each other. We are having an issue with a neighbor coming on to our property and blowing his yard debris on to our property and actually blowing the debris under our bushes next to our house. He does all of this when we are not around. Another neighbor tells us it's him. So it's time for cameras. Any recommendations?
  3. 1. Georgia 2. Michigan 3. TCU 4. Ohio State Absolutely strange year in College Football. In normal years there are 5-6 teams you could make an argument for getting into the playoff. This year there is literally 4. Zero 2 loss teams have ever made it and the committee has been quite vocal in prior years that 2 losses is a line they won't cross. So we have these 4 teams and a hog pile of 2-3 loss teams. Some are Conference Champions but that's not enough to negate their losses. Georgia is clearly the best team in the nation and Michigan has defeated everyone they have crossed paths with, so those are the top 2. TCU and Ohio State could go 3 or 4 in any order but I think you need to give the edge to TCU because their loss was on a neutral field in OT while Ohio State lost at home by 22. Also I really doubt the committee would "punish" Michigan by having to play Ohio State in the semifinal. Make Ohio State earn that rematch if it's going to happen. 🤷
  4. I think 1. Georgia 2. Michigan 3. TCU 4. OSU. Ohio State shouldn't be given the #3 seed because they didn't play this weekend. TCU lost in OT in their Conference Championship Game. A game OSU couldn't get to. OSU gets in at 4 because there literally is nobody else with 1 loss.
  5. The Bills are not using him properly. He is a receiving threat out of the backfield or out wide. Until they start using him this way my opinion of him can't be made.
  6. Von never came to visit. He came to sign his contract. It's a little bit like when Mario Williams came to visit. It was supposed to be a tour of the facilities and dinner. 2 days later they signed him. Never let him leave.
  7. Romo yesterday kept hammering home that almost all of Allen's passes were low and away, which is not like him at all. Made me feel better knowing that it's probably the elbow causing his issues as of late. For all the injuries this team has dealt with all damn season they are still very much in contention for the #1 seed. Yes it's a grind and yes it's going to be hard but it's all still possible. Prayers up for #40 🙏
  8. Beane knows what he wants this team to look like. A pass catching weapon out of the backfield seems to be a priority. After JD spurned him in free agency they drafted cook. After seeing that cook isn't ready to be the player this team needs right now he went and traded for Hines. Beane got exactly the type of player he envisioned. He NEVER gives up.
  9. The 49ers pass rush can't get to Mahomes on 3rd and long. Its honestly that simple with them. If you get to Mahomes you beat them.
  10. I appreciate the talent on KC. I think Mahomes and Kelce make it look too easy which sometimes is a little off putting. All but impossible to stop. Reason why VON MILLER is now a Bill.
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