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  1. No thanks. It's tempting to be able to guarantee either Williams or Oliver but Dawkins is one of our starting tackles. Right now he is the LT but depending on how the draft goes he might be moved to RT. Q.Williams, Oliver, Jonah Williams, Dilliard, Hockenson or trade down. That's what I would do.
  2. I like Williams but I think Dilliard will end up a LT and Williams a G. Williams would be a pro bowl caliber guard though.
  3. This Draft is so interesting to me. The Bills have a lot of holes but not many "need" positions. DT and DE are really the only NEED positions and that's because of contracts ending after 2019 and Kyle Williams retirement. While WR, TE, RB, OT, CB, LB would all be nice to add top talent to. Litterly the only things Beane could do to upset me at all is to draft a QB or not use a single pick on the DL or OL. It's wide open.
  4. I believe to move from 9th to 10th would be worth at least a 3rd this year. If Denver wants to move up one spot then either they think we may select their guy or that someone else might trade with us. A third is fair..... but a second is better 😁
  5. We overpaid for the right to move up to #7 last year as did the Jets to move up to #3. I would not be happy with losing #9 for #24 and #27. Offer me a second also then we will talk. I really think teams will be knocking on Beans door draft night. There are 3-4 teams with picks between 10-15 I could see knocking.
  6. Rashan Gary and I am a Michigan Alum. I would take him in the 3rd round all day long 😂.
  7. I would put RB a spot higher but agree with the rest 👍
  8. I think this lowers the chance of a TE in Rd #1.
  9. He's a Blocking TE and that will be it.
  10. I don't see Beane doing a fifth year deal. I think he will try to sign him to new contract before he let's him go. Bean thinks before he opens the Pegulas wallet.
  11. What makes Fitz the man is that he IS the smartest man in most rooms but he totally has the personality of a guy that's the life of any party. Also a really good family man and a great backup QB who will try to steal your job if you get hurt.
  12. Oliver / Risner is my perfect start to this draft. Add a playmaker WR, TE or RB in 3rd also.
  13. The 1989 Divisional playoff game between the Browns and Bills was my 1st memory of actually watching a football game. Bills uniforms were so much better and the Bills played their ass off that day. Been a Bills fan ever since.
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