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  1. The only pick I wanted this weekend. We got a legit Pro Bowl punter guys
  2. This is the biggest issue I have and really we that we all should have. The Browns opened Pandora's box and now fully guaranteed contracts will be the way. It's going to destroy some franchise. Also the fact that the browns gave a man $240 Million guaranteed who has 30 women going after him in civil court for sexual misconduct is crazy. All 30 women are not lying. Maybe 29 but not 30. Browns will be Browns.
  3. He's here to hunt. Designate him whatever position you want. He will line up as a DE, call him a kicker for all I care.
  4. I remember way back to yesterday afternoon when I really thought I had a grasp on how the NFL cap worked. I guess this why you here "insiders" say you just make the numbers work if you can get a big fish.
  5. Its quite obvious that CB is this team weakness at the moment. Hopefully White comes back sooner than later and is himself again. Until then we need CBs just from a roster stand point. I think they draft a first rounder and sign a vet to low deal. I mean who doesn't want to play in the super bowl? If Levi had stayed for 4 mil a year I would say it's a toss up with WR but right now it's CB.
  6. Lesser teams then this have won the damn Super Bowl. I could legit cry.
  7. This is the team. One before I die. I am only 42 but this is the team.
  8. This f#&@ing team! 👀
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