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  1. There was a ton of players with 2nd round grades this year. Enough so the 3rd round seemed like the second round. With that much talent to go around pretty much every team " hit " on a good player or two in the first 3 rounds.
  2. Brandon Beane is slowly and methodically turing the Bills into a well oiled machine. The Bills are going to catch the league by surprise in the near future.
  3. If we added Clowney then the D would be 99.9 % complete. Only thing missing would be a true 2nd CB to play opposite White.
  4. Kiper has had a pants tent for Allen since he declared for the draft last season. He believed in him before most of us here did. Love it.
  5. They probably will end up doubling Oliver as the season goes on but to start the season I bet they will try not. They will see his size and think single coverage will slow him up. This leads to another topic about how important edge rushers are going to be. If they double Oliver thats going to leave a hole somewhere. I bet either through trade, FA oe next year's draft they will find at least one starter at DE that can attack the QB. As good as the D was last year I really think they will be better this year. I truly believe Oliver will step right into Kyle's spot and the line won't miss a beat. He's that good. Edmonds is still 20 years old and had a decent rookie year. That's pretty crazy. 20 year old rookie MLB that did an overall good job. He's going to be a force in a year or two and will only be 22 😲.
  6. I can not wait to see Oliver lined up single coverage in the 3T on this line. He is going live in the opponents backfield. No matter how great Kyle was he definitely had lost a step the past 3-4 years. Oliver will bring youth and more speed. How many sacks is this guy going to get as a rookie? 10 would not shock me at all.
  7. Attitude? I'm giving my opionion towards the OP question. It's ok for others to disagree and or have have other opinions. I don't see anyone else giving their opinions or answers
  8. It's directly comparing the two to try and figure out why they had such different draft grades. It's not just combine and pro day numbers that make draft grades. It's seeing the actual games. Once you do that you get your answer
  9. OP is directly comparing the two players as are you Yes is it's not the purpose of the thread but it is a comparison thread.
  10. I SAID I cherry Picked his best game to prove a point. I knowingly did that because I do not believe Jackson can be that good in the NFL. Pure talent is why Allen was a top 10 pick and Jackson ended up undrafted. On paper many things look similar but watch them both play and you will see the difference. OP started this thread posing a question as to WHY they were so far apart when it came to draft grades. I am giving my opinion. It was great work on the part of the OP though. Just because things look close on paper doesn't mean they are on the field. Sorry that you don't find my posts relevant. I'll make sure to run my opinions by you first from now on. 🙄
  11. Then this whole thread is pointless. OP is directly comparing Allen to Jackson. Yes I " Cherry Picked" Allen's best game because it's evidence of the difference between the two
  12. Josh Allen week 17....... 17/26 for 224yds and 3 Tds. Also ran 9 times for 95 yds and 2 Tds. But yeah, Tyree is better 🙄.
  13. Oh good lord 🙄. The minute I saw that Jackson was signed I could already see the writing on the wall. There will be a contingency of bills fans that will want him to be the starter. It's going to be 4 months of this crap until he is either cut or moves to the practice squad. Buckle up.
  14. I am so sick of people not knowing ***** about these players but calling them bad picks. ALL of these late round players have flaws that's why they are being drafted late. The analysts talk about their flaws so people think they are bad picks. It's awful this year.
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