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  1. Free agency - non QB's

    With all the constant draft and QB talk, I figure I'd start a thread about free agency (position players only - no QB's). It will be interesting on what they do, especially with it being Beane's first. I don't expect them to do any huge splashes, like 10 + million a year type players. But could definitely see some above average signings in the 6-9 million range. Then some mid tier guys in the 3-4 range. I personally prefer signings like that as they can be large contributors without eating up a ton of cap space. Would be nice to fill up some holes before going into the draft. So who do you guys like and what positions you hoping for?
  2. Potential replacements for Eric Wood

    What's the salary cap implications? He just signed a 2 year extension this year. Will there be a dead cap like him being cut? Or would the Bills recoup all that $ since he is retiring? And not trying to be insensitive to him, he's a great guy and player. Just wondering since roughly $8 million a year is a big chunk for cap reasons