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  1. The turnovers were the main issue, without them we probably would have blown them out. The sloppiness with the ball was getting ridiculous, but they played fine otherwise. The defense played well under the circumstances. 4 TO's in one quarter is a lot for a defense to deal with.
  2. I definitely will not be watching or listening to any sports shows today. That play is going to be on every show and be repeated constantly all day. I already made the mistake of going on social media - I shut that off very quickly.
  3. I agree. The defense made a key 3 and out to even give the offense a chance. Then the offense drove down the field and scored a clutch TD that should have won the game. That last play sucked and I still can't believe it. However, that play is extremely low percentage. The loss sucks for The Bills record for sure, but for future games I feel better about our comeback than theirs.
  4. It sucked, but hopefully The Bills got this sh!t luck out of their out of their system. Better now than in the playoffs
  5. RT hasn't been that easy for us, its been pretty bad actually. Jordan Mills, Cyrus K were terrible. I agree on the LB though
  6. You know how the old saying goes "snitches get stiches" Mr. Parrino This sucks, but we finally have an offense....they can win this game for us. Was expecting a shootout anyway. Really need Hyde to play though
  7. How sweet is it that we are talking about how much our QB is going to get paid? Even mentioning him with the top salaries in the league has to feel pretty good - about damn time. Its only been 2 1/2 decades
  8. I think hes a must sign after this season. I know the cap is going to drop, but it has been such a struggle to find an RT over the years. It would be well worth it
  9. This for sure. They aren't going to make a multi-billion dollar decision based on the current make up of the team. They team will be much different by the time that a new stadium is built. Not to mention. Stadiums are built to last for decades, which will have a lot of different styles during its use Also, Josh Allen has one of the strongest arms in the NFL. His play does regress a little in the elements, but if anyone can deal with wind/bad weather its him. He might have to get used to it a little longer
  10. Paying 66% of someone's salary is not an easy out actually
  11. Klein has a dead cap of 4 million, only saving 2 - thats not good at all. And Murphy's contract is definitely not easily tradable. I guess we shall see tomorrow
  12. Absolutely no one is taking on their contracts. We are stuck with Klein next year too
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