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  1. A lot of the contracts from this year and last year were smartly structured, shorter term deals and easy to get out of. I'm not worried about cap at all
  2. His low contract #'s are soooo underrated. 11m per year is a steal
  3. No way they are getting rid of him for a 2nd or 3rd. It will be at least a 1st and another pick at minimum
  4. Yeah I think they will definitely franchise him now. Especially with several teams being stuck with big RB contracts lately.
  5. Even if they push the draft back, there is no way they should do it with the huge crowds they've been having lately. They should keep the same date and can still make it a big tv event.
  6. Or one of our 5ths....both are higher than Baltimore's. I'm assuming Beane inquired about it, maybe didn't want to give an extension to a 33 year old, idk
  7. I definitely understand what you are saying. This signing isn't exciting by any means, I just don't think it's horrible either. He will compete for the #2 spot and if he's not good enough, he will be depth. Im really interested in the full details of the contract. Haven't seen the guarantees yet, so if those are low, he can still get cut. Beane has been smart structuring some of these contracts, hopefully it's the case here.
  8. Only a one year deal, McDermott knows him well, he fits the scheme here better than in D.C. and at the very least he's CB depth - which we need.....stop complaining!
  9. This, I'm starting to think a trade back might be a good idea. There will be multiple receivers available in the "same tier" at pick 22 and should be able to still get one in the late first. Getting an extra 2nd or 3rd would be sweet
  10. Don't break the bank on anyone. Maybe improve our depth WR's with free agents, but use the draft for starters.
  11. Trading our 1st, 2nd and next year's 1st for a WR in a WR heavy draft is a very bad idea
  12. I've seen a lot of people down on Higgins in multiple different threads here. What are people's issues with him? (Idk enough about him, just wondering)
  13. I agree, I don't think a 2nd would get it done. Especially since there are 21 teams who have better 2nd round picks than us. Use our 1st on him and can still take a young receiver in the 3rd or 4th
  14. I was against Olsen at first as well. I now think it all depends on how much they think he has left in the tank. If he's 75% of his old self on a medium to lower end contract, I would be for it. He could still be a decent contributor and be a mentor to the young guys as well. However, I understand people being hesitant with him given his age and injury history lately - his contract would have to be right
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