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  1. I'm worried it's going to come back to haunt us. My biggest fear is Giants go QB at 2, Cleveland won't trade out at 4 and Denver goes QB at 5. The Jets getting a QB and not us would be miserable
  2. BillsCuse

    Buffalo Bills 2018 Salary Cap

    Ok thanks, that's what I thought. Was just wondering if they could make cuts/restructure after the draft if needed
  3. BillsCuse

    Buffalo Bills 2018 Salary Cap

    Do you have to account for the rookie pool into the salary cap now or just when they are signed after the draft?
  4. Sorry but too much $. I know what he's been to this team, but have to take the heart out of it. Should be paid half that
  5. BillsCuse

    So is our QB from Free Agency or Draft?

    Have to do both, without question. I'm all in on a trade up in the draft, but have to have a veteran in place, too. They have to have insurance in case they can't move up, but also if they can move up and he's not ready. The real question is how much are these bridge QB's going to cost? Will be interesting to see who gets what after Cousins
  6. BillsCuse

    Spotrac List of Potential Cap Casualties

    So you want to save only 3 million and have 11 million of dead cap space? With all that dead $, he's better off on the team. End of discussion
  7. With all the constant draft and QB talk, I figure I'd start a thread about free agency (position players only - no QB's). It will be interesting on what they do, especially with it being Beane's first. I don't expect them to do any huge splashes, like 10 + million a year type players. But could definitely see some above average signings in the 6-9 million range. Then some mid tier guys in the 3-4 range. I personally prefer signings like that as they can be large contributors without eating up a ton of cap space. Would be nice to fill up some holes before going into the draft. So who do you guys like and what positions you hoping for?