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  1. Definitely don't trade up in the first round. It's too expensive to do so in a deep WR class. If they don't go WR in the 1st, I would think about trading up in the 2nd though.
  2. What yard line would we have been at if the penalty wasn't called? I was so mad at the call I don't even remember what happened on that play. And haven't let myself watch any highlights of the game - will just put me in a very pissy mood, lol
  3. This is the first time I've re-watched this video and it just brought me right back to full pissed off mode. Rule or not - at the end of a game that is an absolute NO CALL. I couldn't bring myself to watch any games last Sunday and now I definitely can't this weekend either.
  4. It simply comes down to risk vs. reward. The risk of an injury far outweighs any argument to play the starters. Playoffs are the very next week - even a minor injury keeping a player out a few weeks can hurt us bad.
  5. Well said! I've been waiting soooo damn long for them to be a legitimate good/competitive team. The wait has been miserable, but feels so awesome it's finally here
  6. Give Knox time to develop. He has super potential, time will tell if he reaches it. Kroft is definitely out of here next year. Hooper or Hunter Henry would be great additions to add with Knox. I would spend the $ on them, then get a WR high in the draft.
  7. This all the way. If you miss your 2 point conversion on the 2nd TD and there's 10 seconds left, you are screwed. Miss it on the 1st and you manage clock accordingly
  8. Ok thanks guys. Maybe I was overthinking it when I was reading an article about the bad wind affecting the game. He's a Syracuse kid, not like it's anything new lol He comes from an Irish family, he's already been exposed lol
  9. I'm going to make the trip up tomorrow and I'm contemplating if I should bring my son with me or not. I'm probably going to buy tickets on the 1st level around one of the end zones. I'm going regardless, but not sure if it will be too cold for my son. I know the higher levels get hit with the wind pretty bad, but how is the 1st level? Is it still pretty windy or a calmer down there? Thanks
  10. The Pats are about to lose, which means we are one game out of the division. Aim to win the division, nothing really more to say
  11. ....Thats all.... https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2864682-josh-allen-bills-introduce-themselves-to-nfl-world-in-trouncing-of-cowboys
  12. I finally feel like the Bills are a legit team and it feels f$%cking great! It's been a long wait, but worth it
  13. My parents are hosting my siblings, a few cousins, aunts and uncles, etc. The main table is in the dining room, while the "kids" table is in the living room like 10 feet away. The living room has a TV in it, so even though I'll be 40 in a couple months....I told my Mom I'm sitting at the kids table this year. And I wasn't joking lol
  14. My wife, kids and dogs would all like to thank the Bills for limiting my yelling at the TV today - they really appreciated it! Hopefully my extended family won't be scared of me on Thanksgiving!
  15. I know the D was lights out, but didnt realize the Broncos didn't get a first down for that long....nice
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