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  1. If the Saints struggle this upcoming season, they are going to sell Lattimore for a lot more than Trubisky lol
  2. I was thinking hail mary specialist on defense. We all know The Bills need help w that lol
  3. Me as well, I swore at the tv and my wife gave me the what the hell is wrong with you look, lol. Glad I dont make any pics
  4. I definitely agree, he acts so miserable all the time.
  5. Was just about to say the same thing....I have no problem at all with them taking a shot at a couple of high upside edge rushers
  6. He might end up being better than Harris or Ettiene
  7. Rodgers is a whiny b!tch. He's always miserable. If this is still about Jordan Love, he needs to remember he was Jordan Love 15 or so years ago
  8. They were interested before the legal mess or are still interested?
  9. The owner probably doesn't want the liability - makes sense to cover himself
  10. Nothing like draft week where every "rumor" you hear in complete nonsense. All I got from this is that we are definitely not trading up for Etienne!
  11. Yeah, just start looking into prices/seats the week of the game. If you look months ahead they are going to be way higher. Everyone highballs at first, then they drastically drop. Theres private lots all over the place that you dont need a ticket for. You just need to pay to park. Who knows what the covid rules will be, but by the time the fall gets here, everyone will be vaccinated who wants to be.
  12. Just buy off of the secondary market (Stubhub, etc) the night before or the morning of the game. Prices always drop because people want to make sure their tickets sell. Plus it usually is cheaper than a ticket directly from the team because a lot of season ticket holders are selling who cant make the game. Their per game price is cheaper then a single game ticket. Ive gotten some pretty good deals doing this for Bills games and other sports.
  13. I am exactly the same. I usually obsess over the draft. However, its because The Bills have been bad/mediocre for two decades and the draft always gave me hope they could get players that would make them a legite contender and also get a franchise QB. Now that both are in place, it doesn't excite me as much. But its a great place to be.
  14. Was going to say the same exact thing. Some of the pickups could have been more on McDermott as well. An average year for the D and people think the sky is falling
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