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  1. Have the details came out yet, like guaranteed $, etc? Haven't seen anything
  2. I agree, good player but $10 per year for a player on the wrong side of 30 is questionable. I can't really form an opinion until the exact details come out, but if it lowers the cap this year and has an easy out in the last year its not so bad.
  3. I don't think it would be the same situation as Eric Wood. They found a career ending injury with him, so it would be a bad look going after this money. If Star decided to retire for his own reasons, then thats his own choice and shouldn't get it.
  4. If I were Jacksonville I would trade the #1 pick for Watson in a heartbeat. Proven 25 year old top QB in the league in his prime > unproven rookie (I dont care how good of a prospect he is or about the contract)
  5. I would do it for Sweat for sure. Still on a rookie deal w 5th year option
  6. Don't want him for that contract, too much for his age. Good, n is find a younger DE
  7. I was intrigued until I read that he wanted to be the highest paid defensive player in the league.
  8. They usually dont blow a lot of money on top follar free agencts, but you never know. I was surprised on Gilmore.
  9. This has nothing to do with Darnold or what the Jets think about him. Reich clearly wanted to reunite with his old QB and doesn't think that he's done yet
  10. I agree, I thought all 3 of them were overpaid until I saw their contracts that had easy outs this year. I think all 3 are gone as well.
  11. What he has left in the tank is up for debate, but to say he will screw up our locker room is ridiculous.
  12. So he basically designed it years ago, but didn't actually make this exact trophy. Get over it lady, people are pathetic these days.
  13. Houston moved him around quite a bit too didn't they?
  14. True, but the cap will be much higher in a few years and even a 5 year deal usually only has about 3ish guaranteed years so can cut bait if needed. It really all comes down to contracts and if it makes sense. Watt can be signed now, others will have to wait and could be signed by their own team anyway.
  15. If the price is right then I would be on board, but I'm sure he will have plenty of suitors. There's younger very good d-lineman available this year as well - that's the route I would take if The Bills decide to spend some cash on one higher up free agent.
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