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  1. BillsCuse

    Parking help/question

    Thank you for all the replies, I appreciate the help. I'm going to look into all your suggestions. I am coming from the thruway and should be in the Buffalo area around 9-930 or so. Then figure I'll have to deal with some traffic. Is traffic pretty backed up around that time?
  2. BillsCuse

    Parking help/question

    Haven't been to a game in awhile and not from the area. I know Hammers lot is supposed to great, but fills up quick so I have a feeling I might miss that one before it's full. Anyway I'd like to skip the actually stadium lots that I have used in the past since they take forever to get out of. Do you guys have any good suggestions on private lots or yards? Only thing I could find online was the Yellow Brick Parking lot on Big Tree Rd - how is that getting in and out of? And side question, I know some people tailgating in the Wings Flight of Hope lot on California Rd. I looked it up on maps and there is a line of woods between that and the stadium. Anyone know if you can cut through those woods or do you have to walk all the way around on the road? Thanks for any help, appreciate it
  3. BillsCuse

    First Round Draft Pick Is ...

    Why do you think he wouldn't be able to play RT?
  4. True, which should be their priority. However, without any decent options available at the moment at those positions, I wouldn't be mad if they made the move. Not sure what I'd give up though. Talented/athletic guy, but hasn't put it together yet. Def not a 1st or 2nd rounder. A mid round pick would be worth it IMO. Not sure if Cards would do that tho
  5. BillsCuse

    How has Wyatt Teller looked?

    I didn't get a chance to see the last couple games. I've obviously heard/read how bad the o-line has looked. I know Teller has been playing with the 2's (which I understand he's not going against the opposing starters) But has anyone seen how he's been playing? Any chance he's been good enough to move up to the 1st team? I'm praying some decent lineman become available after teams cut down, but not holding my breath. Would be a pleasant surprise if he could step up