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  1. With the obvious need for an upgrade on the offensive line, I've seen a lot of threads pop up about certain players - draft or free agency. Or certain overall plans concerning draft or free agency. I figured it might be good to start a thread that condensed all ideas into improving the O.L. combining both the draft and free agency. I personally would like to see them go after at least 2 higher end free agents, for example Matt Paridis and Daryl Williams along with a mid tier guard. Even if it's expensive I think it's well worth the $. Also, would like to see at least a pick within the first 3 rounds. I think it's important to put a lot of rescources into the O.L. this off season, not only for Allen's development, but for the team as a whole. Anyway, what would you like to see be done? Any non-big name free agents or little known draft prospects that could help make a difference? Discuss as you will
  2. Don't see it, especially when d-line is supposedly the strongest part of the draft and could get someone on a rookie deal. Would much rather see them spend high $ on o-line
  3. BillsCuse

    Is Vander Eshe to Edmunds the same as Juju to Zay

    Leighton was pick #19, so we would have had to trade up for him also.