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  1. Alex Van Pelt was a fantastic hire for the Browns, no argument there. I think he does deserve a lot of credit for the improved play of Baker last year. The fact remains that Van Pelt is someone the team brought in to help Baker. Baker didn't spend a month of his off season working with his own QB coach doing everything he could to get better like Allen did again this off season. There's an article in the Buffalo News today that said Allen spent the last 28 days before the start of training camp in California working with Jordan Palmer on his game. I'd be curious to know what Baker Mayfie
  2. Tyler Bass opened camp strong yesterday going 5 for 5 on field goals including a 48 yarder. Bass had a strong rookie season finishing 10th in the NFL among kickers in extra point percentage at 95.38%. He finished tied for 10th in the NFL in field goal completion percentage a 82.4%. He was 4 of 6 on field goals beyond 50 yards and had a season long 58 yarder. He did all this while playing in what is likely the most difficult kicking venue in the entire League. He showed he has the leg to make attempts beyond 60 yards and I don't think the BIlls would hesitate to run
  3. Can you imagine the narrative if Allen threw a Super Bowl losing interception at the goal line?
  4. I think Allen belongs in the 1st Tier, but if someone wants to make the argument that he's had a single great season and needs to do it again before he is considered elite, I can understand that line of thinking. Personally, I don't think last year was lightning in a bottle for Josh, I think it was the first gusts of a hurricane.
  5. https://www.nbcsportsedge.com/edge/football/nfl/teams/nyj/new-york-jets Only Jets player missing. Hasn't signed contract yet. Can't say I'm upset... J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!
  6. I agree with all of you and the other posters who share this opinion. It's a combination of all of these talented people coming together and making each other better. Diggs is a special talent and my OP is not meant to diminish how great Diggs was last year. My OP was to point out that for many the narrative is that Josh Allen is good because others made him good. Allen was a nobody until Diggs arrived. I don't buy that at all. No one seems to acknowledge that Allen elevated John Brown, and then Beasley, and then Diggs, leading all of them to career years. What was the common
  7. I was watching this video on YouTube, the latest installment in the Lamar vs Josh debate. It's a Ravens' fans channel and the two guys debate a 49ers fan who believes Allen is the better QB. The actual debate starts at the 9 minute mark if you're interested. It doesn't take very long for everyone's favorite Lamar excuse to come up, if only Lamar had Stefon Diggs... How many times have you heard it in the media, if only Lamar had Diggs? What these Ravens' fans and media pundits don't get is that you can just as easily say that without Josh Allen, Diggs is not an elite WR in 2020
  8. There's a new article in The Athletic that details the high tech equipment Palmer is using to help his QB clients improve their biomechanics. The Athletic is a subscription service that I highly recommend. As an out of towner the only subscriptions I pay for are the Buffalo News and The Athletic. "Josh Allen is firing one perfect pass after another to a trio of receivers some 25 yards downfield. As the Bills star hones his mechanics, a few feet away private QB coach Jordan Palmer observes every little maneuver while two other young NFL quarterbacks loosen up. On the sideline th
  9. Fair point. The announcement followed a three year stadium feasibility study the Pegulas had commissioned. It looks like the study concluded that an open roofed stadium in OP was the best option and the Pegulas have agreed with it. I don't think Kim and Terry would spend more money on the concept if they hadn't already made up their minds. For what it's worth, here's a link on a short article about it. https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/sports/football/nfl/bills/2021/06/19/report-states-buffalo-bills-build-new-stadium-orchard-park/7753860002/ Ha
  10. It's been a long off season and the anticipation for the upcoming season where the Bills are legitimate Super Bowl contenders for the first time in 20+ years is building. I listed the top 10 off season developments that affected our Bills in no particular order below. Training camp starts in 12 days and the Bills kick off at Highmark stadium against the Steelers in just 59 days. Let's hope this is finally the year the Lombardi comes home to Buffalo. 1. We kept the coaching staff together. I had little hope both Frazier and Daboll would be back for the 21-22 season. Daboll in
  11. Today there is human slavery in Africa and the Middle East. There are concentration camps in China. Drug cartels control governments in Mexico and Central America. In Russia, Europe, and Canada you can be imprisoned for speaking your mind. Happy 4th of July TBD God Bless America
  12. You deliberately take things out of context and argue just to argue. You are the first poster in over 3 years on this website that I've decided to block. You're not worth the aggravation. Cheers
  13. The post I was responding to said "Vaccination is a broader public health issue that goes beyond the individual." Thank you for your contribution.
  14. Hey Capco, I can't think of anything more personal than what you allow someone else to put into your body. Cole Beasley should have no say in what you choose to put in your body and you should have a say in what Cole puts in his. Ultimately, that how I see it. I agree with you that vaccinations are a public health issue, but I don't believe that a public health concern trumps your right as an individual to say what happens to your body. Remember that in this particular instance, we are talking about a vaccine being used under an emergency use authorization
  15. There are people for and against getting the vaccine who are perfectly reasonable. Neither side is objectively correct. It is a subjective decision people make as individuals about whether or not to get the vaccine. Let people do their own thing and give them the benefit of the doubt that they might know what is best for them better than you do. I personally took the vaccine. I'm over 50 and I work in the ER. I'm in a high risk environment almost daily. If someone else chooses against the vaccine, that's their choice. It has no bearing on me, I'm vaccinated and pr
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