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  1. I found a couple of good videos on YouTube that discuss Joe Brady's time at LSU and the Panthers and one line stuck out to me, "Joe Brady said his philosophy on offense is to force the defense to defend every blade of grass." It's interesting to look at the Bills roster moves through that prism. The video said some of Brady's concepts in Carolina were a bit inhibited because he had a QB in Bridgewater who was not adept at stretching the field vertically so he tried to make up for it by stretching the field horizontally with his play designs. With Josh under center that shouldn't be a concern and hopefully Brady can fully unleash his concepts. Interesting videos that are worth the watch. 11 minute run time. 13 minute run time.
  2. Marshawn Lynch was one of the smart ones. I read a report that he only spent his endorsement money and saved every dime of his salary while he was in the league. Sportrac says he made $56m. "I'm just here so I won't get fined."
  3. My favorite Bills' podcasts in order; 1. Buffalo Plus; Mike, Jenna, and Dan are informative and entertaining 2. Shout; Matt Parrino and Ryan Talbott have good stuff 3. Locked on Bills; Joe Marino is solid and I listen to him almost everyday during the regular season 4. Cover One; Greg Thompsett is great. Erik Turner's film breakdowns are really informative 5. Always Gameday; Sal Capaccio is in the loop and has great sources in OBD I watch all of them throughout the season and at high points in the off season. I canceled my Athletic subscription, which absolutely is the best print coverage of the Bills out there, because I could watch these podcasts on YouTube for free instead. Sorry Athletic....
  4. Having a Thursday Night game in Week 2 is a good thing as well, they will only be recovering on a short week from a single game, not the accumulated effects of a half a season of games. Hopefully this is their only Thursday Night game.
  5. Good teams build through the draft. Great teams maintain through it. Hopefully Beane will continue to draft well.
  6. Good signing for the Jets. I would have been happy to have him on the Bills with a reasonable contract.
  7. Jerry Jeudy Amari Cooper Elijiah Moore David Bell David Njoku Nyheim Hines Jerome Ford Not a bad stable of pass catchers. Behind what should be a solid o-line, and having had a year to knock the rust off, this is a put up or shut up season for Deshaun Watson.
  8. I'm really dreading those photos of Rachel Bush on the beach in Miami.
  9. The Bills are going to be great next year! (This is a recording...)
  10. There was a wonderful book published in 1923 called "The Prophet" . It was written by a Lebanese gentleman named Khalil Gibran. At one point he talks about Joy and Sorrow, and there's a passage I think about often being a long suffering Bills' fan; "Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears. And how else can it be? The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain." I believe these tough times will make that eventual Lombardi trophy all the sweeter.
  11. So true. Allen played like garbage in the 13 Seconds game and the Bills would have won handily if it wasn't for Allen stinking up the place. Great point as usual Airseven!
  12. I'll stand for Zerovoltz here. He has been a good undocumented alien at TBD for years and he often has the inside scoop on the Chiefs. I don't think Allen faked a slide, and I honestly don't know how he came to that conclusion looking at the replay, but otherwise, I have enjoyed his reasoned opinion as a Chiefs fan.
  13. Zerovoltz disappeared like DB Cooper. Wait a minute! Maybe Zerovolt is DB Cooper..... 😁
  14. If Josh gets on a burner the offense can score more points than anyone mitigating our MASH unit defensive woes. Playing Mahomes seems to bring out the best in Josh. I'm hopeful.
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