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  1. I agree Pete. I think that by the time we get into the second half of the season Singletary will be the lead back in this backfield. Give him a few weeks to get in there on a limited basis and learn the ropes, work on pass protection, learn the offense, and get used to NFL game speed. What better situation can a young back be in than to come into a RB room with Shady and Gore in it and no need or expectation to produce Week 1. I expect Daboll will bring him along slowly and then let him loose over the second half of the season. I think he is going to surprise some people this year.
  2. Hey Rigotz, I am going to agree with you and disagree with you on this. Going into a game with limited film study is a disadvantage. That's a given. I think you overstate the situation though when you say the Bills will be "completely blind" in Week 1 versus the Jets. They will be playing Adam Gase's offense which they have faced twice a year for the last three seasons and a Gregg Williams defense that he has been running in the league for well over a decade. This is also Week 1 of the season, not Week 7. Every team in the league will have new wrinkles that they will put out there for the season opener lessening the value of film study in Week 1. Of any game in the seventeen week season, film study is least valuable in Week 1. I think you over estimate the value of looking at last year's film for a Week 1 game. What is clearly an advantage, and in my opinion far outweighs the disadvantage of not being able to look at last year's film, is that the Bills players will know how to execute their own game plan. I think if you asked 100 coaches, (including Adam Gase and Gregg Williams) would you rather have your team be able to execute your own game plan well, or be able to film study your opponent, I think 100 of them would choose having their players be able to execute their own game plan. Your opponent will always adjust their game plan during the game based on what you are doing or introduce new wrinkles that you haven't seen before, but if you can't execute your own game plan and make those adjustments, then your team is dead in the water.. Do you really think that in the first game of the season the Jet's players are going to know exactly where they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to be doing in a completely new offense and defense? You don't think there will be a learning curve for the Jets? Why are we optimistic about Edmonds this year? Because he has a year in the system now and understands it. He can just react now instead of thinking about what he is supposed to be doing. On the Jet's side of the line of scrimmage they will all be thinking about what to do because they will all be first year players in the system. In short, I think having the Bills in the same system with the same coaches and being able to efficiently execute their offense and defense is an advantage that trumps the Bill's disadvantage of not having last season's film to study. On the whole, I think the advantage is clearly to the Bills.
  3. So your position is that the continuity of having our players in the same system with the same coaches is, on the whole, a disadvantage when playing against a team that has new coaches and players learning a new offense and defense because they can study our team’s film from last season? I believe being able to effectively execute your own offense and defense well is far more important to winning a game than having year old film to review and game plan against what you think your opponent might do. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on that point. 🙂
  4. I think it’s less about preparing for what your opponent is going to do, which is a guessing game early in the season for everyone, and more about being able to execute your own game plan well. I think the advantage there is on our side.
  5. I think the NFL schedule makers have done us a huge favor in our two games versus the Jets this year. I think these two games will have an overweighted affect on our playoff chances this season. I posted a thread shortly after the schedule was released on May 1st entitled "Bills/Jets Wk 17 New Era Field for Playoffs" where I said that I think we will be playing the Jets in Week 17 at New Era for a playoff birth. Having that game at home should be a huge advantage for our BIlls. I think just as important, and as advantageous, is our other Jets game Week 1 in the Meadowlands. The fact that we get to play the Jets the first game of the season when they are going to field a new Head Coach, a new Defensive Coordinator, and a new QB/Offensive Coordinator is a huge advantage. There should be some growing pains those first few games of the season for the Jets as they try to implement new systems on both sides of the ball. New coaches and new systems in New York versus continuity of coaches and schemes for Buffalo. How much is that advantage worth? A field goal, a touchdown? That should at least negate the typical three point home field advantage most teams enjoy. I think catching the Jets at home Week 1 when they are trying to get their footing is just as big an advantage for us as playing them Week 17 at New Era.
  6. I just don't see anyone, or any combination or entities, dropping $500 MM plus on a venue that will be used at most 12 times a year. I just don't think it's feasible. Time will tell.
  7. I have thought for a long time that in order to get government money to help build whatever Pegula is going to do, it would need to be for a multi-use domed venue in Buffalo somewhere. Rehabbing New Era just won't provide enough tax revenue to justify the investment. If they build a new stadium downtown it will spur additional economic investment in the area and generate more revenue for everyone. Whether that is the best solution from a fan experience or a Bill's tradition point of view I think is irrelevant. If investors (including government) are going to pony up 100's of millions of dollars, they are going to expect some serious return on their investment. Adding on to New Era stadium in Orchard Park that will be used 10 times a year with no surrounding economic development was never going to be the answer. At the end of the day, there is simply more money to be made with a new downtown, domed, multi-use stadium. Not saying it's good or bad, it's just the way it is.
  8. Hopefully with an upgraded offensive line to go with our athletic 6'5" -- 240 lb quarterback, we will have even more success on 4th and short. It's also easier to go for it on 4th down when you know you have a great defense to help bail you out if you don't get it.
  9. Robert Kraft; Me Love You Too Much! Robert Kraft; 78 is the new 69! Robert Kraft; Don't go chasing waterfalls! Robert Kraft; "Supporting Foreign Exchange programs since 2015" Sorry Mr. Kraft, no Happy Ending today....
  10. What an upgrade across the length and breadth of the entire roster over the last two years. It looks like a real 53 man NFL roster now. Eric Wood said it best a couple of weeks ago. Players that get cut from the Bill's roster will be picked up and start for other teams this year, and that hasn't been the case in a long time.
  11. Wow... You should apply for a position as someone's ex-wife
  12. The answer is... 6 ames Tackles Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Sk Solo Ast Comb TFL QBHits 1 Keith Millard 1985 23 1-13 MIN NFL 16 6 11.0 0 0 0 2 Dana Stubblefield 1993 23 1-26 SFO NFL 16 14 10.5 64 0 64 3 Santana Dotson 1992 23 5-132 TAM NFL 16 16 10.0 71 0 71 4 Ndamukong Suh 2010 23 1-2 DET NFL 16 16 10.0 48 17 65 13 17 5 Corey Simon 2000 23 1-6 PHI NFL 16 16 9.5 38 13 51 8 6 Aaron Donald 2014 23 1-13 STL NFL 16 12 9.0
  13. Peyton Manning Rookie Year Year Age Tm Pos No. G GS QBrec Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD TD% Int Int% Lng Y/A AY/A Y/C Y/G Rate QBR Sk Yds NY/A ANY/A Sk% 4QC GWD AV 1998 22 IND QB 18 16 16 3-13-0 326 575 56.7 3739 26 4.5 28 4.9 78 6.5 5.2 11.5 233.7 71.2 22 109 6.08 4.84 3.7 1 1 11 Completion percentage less than 60%. Not accurate. 3-13 record. Loser. Only one 4th quarter comeback and one game winning drive. Not clutch. 26 touchdowns to 28 INT. Interception machine. Peyton Manning = Bust My point is to have everyone take a breath and give Allen a chance to learn the game. I'm so glad someone didn't decide that I was a bust at my job my first year out of school. There is no substitute for experience. Why don't we give the kid an honest chance to gain some and then see where he stands.
  14. Hey Alphadawg7 I picked 9 based on Darnold's rookie campaign sack total. To provide a little context for that number, in Darnold's rookie season, 2014, the St. Louis Rams finished with a 6-10 record. Their defense was ranked 16th or 17th in the league depending on which criteria you use. The team finished with 40 total sacks which ranked them 13th in the league. Robert Quinn led the team in sacks with 10.5 sacks. So that defense was not some juggernaut that was routinely destroying people that Darnold was playing in. As an aside the #1 team in the league for sacks that year was our very own Buffalo Bills with 54 sacks... Oliver's entire game and value is based on his ability to get into the back field quickly and disrupt. He is a rookie and there is always a concern with how he will transition to the pros and that is something that you need to consider when estimating how productive he will be this year. I agree with you, if he gives us 7-8 sacks I wouldn't be upset at all, but I think this Bill's defense is going to be really stout, I hope much better than the 16th ranked defense Darnold was playing on his rookie season. I think with more talent playing along side Oliver, he is going to have more opportunities to produce. Time will tell. Opening day can't get here fast enough... Inigo
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