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  1. It's funny that we lost the one game out of four that we all penciled in as a win when the schedule came out. It was the other games, the Rams, Titans, and Ravens that we were worried about.
  2. All fair points Thurman. That Ravens' defense was the best defense I have ever seen play (I'm in my early 50's). I think the game has changed over the last 22 years. The quarterback can't be touched today. Neither can the wide receivers. No defense will ever put up numbers like that again with the way the game is played now-a-days. It's hard to compare teams across different eras.
  3. 1. Thanks for calling me a dumb ass. Strong work. 2. I think this team would struggle with Keenum. I do think you could put about 20 other starting NFL QBs together with this defense and the team would be a contender.
  4. 1. I've been up all night, I work nights. 🙂 2. I'm just putting an opinion out there. I expected there would be some people who would disagree. That's ok. I'm open to having my mind changed by a good argument. I appreciate the people here who can disagree with someone without feeling the need to throw stones in the process. 3. It took me some time to look up the stats and put my post together. I didn't just throw an opinion out there with no supporting evidence. 4. This is a chat board where we all get together and chat about the Bills. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree, but we all love coming here to read everyone's opinion. That doesn't happen if people don't take the time to start threads. 🍻
  5. I'm sure I will too, and I have no problem with that opinion, Josh is incredible. Through four games of the season the defense is giving up an average of 14.5 points a game. There aren't too many NFL offenses that can't muster 15 points a week on average. I'm not taking anything away from Josh, just pointing out how amazing this defense is. 🍻
  6. I agree with you that Allen is the cornerstone of this franchise, but this is the kind of defense the Ravens won a Super Bowl with, and their quarterback was Trent Dilfer. The combination of Allen and this defense is scary.
  7. The sizzle on this team is Josh Allen flinging the ball all over the pitch, but the steak is clearly the defense. They have shut down every team they've played so far. They gave up 20 points in the first half against the red hot Ravens offense and blanked them in the second. That 20 point total against the Raven's offense is even more impressive when you consider that 10 of those points came directly off turnovers by the offense. The Ravens scored a TD on a drive that started on the Bills' 4 yard line after the opening drive interception, and the Ravens kicked a field goal on a drive that started on the Bills 36 yard line after Singletary fumbled in the second quarter. This defense is also a ball hawking defense and has 9 turnovers through the first 4 games, 7 interceptions and 2 fumble recoveries. There are only two teams with more, the Eagles and Ravens have 10 each. They are also 4th in the NFL with sacks through 4 games with 13. There are only three teams with more, Bucs 14, Cowboys 15, and the Eagles with 16. The Bills defense is second in points allowed per game at 14.5. Only the 49ers are ahead of us averaging 12.3 per game. The 49ers still have to play their week 4 game tonight against the Rams. The Bills defense is second in yards allowed per game at 234. Only the 49ers are better at 227 yards and as noted above, they still have their week 4 tilt against the Rams to play. When you factor in the amount of injuries on the defensive side of the ball for the Bills these performances are even more impressive. We are getting close to having Tre White and Ed Oliver back on the field and that should only kick things up a notch. When Josh Allen and the Bills offense is clicking they are amazing to watch, but the defense is the strength of this team. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that the 2022 Bills defense has the potential to be one of the all time great NFL defenses.
  8. The NFL has now has two options, admit that their concussion protocol is inadequate, or say that the protocol is fine, and the Dolphins just didn't follow it. Good luck Dolphins.
  9. Two mild concussion is close proximity to each other is often worse for the brain than a single major concussion. The worry is that I think both of Tua's concussions in the last four days were major. He could really have some lasting damage from these concussions. Tua playing again Sunday and then again tonight is malpractice. I don't use that word lightly.
  10. Having an independent doctor there does not absolve the Dolphin's medical staff from their responsibility to Tua. They should have benched him last week and put him in the concussion protocol. Period. It should have never even gotten to the independent doctor. I guarantee you everyone involved in the decision to put Tua back in Sunday is sweating bullets right now.
  11. https://www.healthline.com/health/fencing-response Some info about why Tua's hands and arms were contorting like that. A Fencing response is always indicative of a significant traumatic brain injury. I pray he's ok. The Dolphins should burn for this.
  12. Back pain sucks, no argument there. When your back was bad could you have sat up from lying back on the ground like he did and then stand up and start walking with your back in spasm? My wife has had back issues and when it is bad it is the changing of body position that kills her, from lying to sitting, from sitting to standing, that's when it's the most painful. I just don't think the video looks like a back injury to me. I hope your back stays healthy... 🍻
  13. This argument kills me, and I'm not saying that you're making it. The argument is apparently that it wasn't a head injury, just a spine injury, nothing to worry about there. What kind of injury to your spine renders your legs too weak to stand or walk? If I was taking care of a patient in the ER who came in with a back injury from a football game that was bad enough that he was left temporarily unable to walk, that patient would be heading for CT and MRI to rule out a spinal cord injury. In this case it's clear Tua and the Dolphins are lying, it was clearly a head injury from watching the replay, but let's just say that Tua is being honest here for a minute. Can you imagine the conversation with the unaffiliated neurotrauma specialist in the locker room; Tua; "Hey doc, I hurt my back really bad and my legs didn't work for a bit. Nothing to worry about there. It's not my brain that's injured, it's just my spinal cord." Doctor; "We'll that's a whole 'nother story! Back into the game with you then! I was worried you had something serious like a concussion." Tua; "Gee thanks Doc! Who needs a stupid old spinal cord anyways!"
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