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  1. I'm feeling the same way I felt about every game the Bills have played so far this year excepting the Pats. I think we can win, and we probably should win, but there are just too many echoes of Buffalo Bills Past that I still feel anxious about the outcome of this game. The Phish always play us hard, Fitz plays well against us too. I'd feel better if Rosen were back there for them. I'm not counting my chickens... I don't give a damn about a blow out, I don't care if we win by one point in overtime, as long as we win.
  2. Cruz ruptured his patellar tendon, something that I've done twice. (My special talent from the Big Guy upstairs apparently) It can be a career ender. Worse prognosis than an ACL tear by far. Mahomes did something completely different. A dislocated patella is no where near as serious. If it was one of us, we would be back at work on Monday in a brace, but we don't have to run for our lives from freaks of nature who weigh 275 pounds and can run a 4.6 forty intent on pile driving us into the ground if they can catch us. He will be out for a couple weeks and probably in a brace for the rest of the year if there is no other structural damage.
  3. If Mahomes is out for any length of time with this injury, just go ahead and throw another log on the AFC Dumpster Fire.
  4. Fair points. Spain is on a one year prove it deal and is going to cost some coin to resign at the end of the year. If Ford can play well at LG, we can slot him in there and he will be cost effective playing on his rookie contract, and the O-Line will still have great depth with Nsekhe, Long, Bates, and Feliciano vying for playing time at the two positions on the right side of the line. Just a thought. One thing is certain, in one year we have gone from having arguably the worst O-Line in the NFL, to an embarrassment of riches on our O-Line. Successful football starts in the trenches. Kudos to Beane, McDermott, and Bobby Johnson for putting us in this position.
  5. The guys a jerk but he's a hell of a DB. I'm glad he's out of the conference.
  6. Spain has had some issues this year. I think the Bills need to rotate Ford with Spain at RG and see if Ford can play well on the left side and just let Feliciano and Nsehke hold down the right side of the line. I think that's our best line combination. I'd respectfully disagree JWP. Ford may not develop into a starting NFL tackle, but he seems to have the chops to be a fantastic NFL guard for the next twelve years. I'm sure Beane had high hopes about our O-Line free agent pick ups but he had no way to know how they were going to work out. For a team that had no O-Line at all last year, I think Ford was a second round pick well spent. Just look to the Titan's game to see the value of depth on the O-Line. We don't win that game without the second and even third string O-Linemen (Feliciano, Long, Bates) coming into the game and playing solid football. The entire right side of the line came off the bench and there was no drop off in play.
  7. Couldn't agree more, hence the bolded and underlined passage from my post. I think the Bills will do well keeping their focus on each week with McDermott preaching the gospel of going 1-0 each week to them, and it's not like this team is used to winning and will start to take it for granted. I think they will continue to scrap.
  8. I'm not sure what's going on, but the AFC has been taking it on the chin so far this season. The only two winless teams are in the AFC, the Phins and the Bengals. 9 out of the 16 teams in the AFC are at less than .500 after six games. (The Chargers can get to .500 tonight if they beat the Steelers) If the Patriots don't collapse down the stretch and we catch them to win the division title outright, we should be in good position for one of the Wild Card spots come playoff time. The Bills might end up in a situation where they're playing on the road against a division winner in the Wild Card round and the Bills have the better record. We just need to keep depositing wins in the bank every week and pull away from the rest of the conference. With our schedule the rest of the way (only 4 of the remaining 11 games we play are against teams with a winning record at this point), and an infusion of talent into our offense with Singletary, Kroft, Duke, and Foster getting back on the field for the second half of the season, I think we have a real shot to get to the AFC Championship game this year.
  9. Great point. It really is amazing that our defense has been so stout with relatively few turnovers. Our defense has only had 8 turnovers so far this year, 5 interceptions and 3 fumble recoveries by my count. We are averaging 1.6 turnovers per game, which has us currently ranked 12th in the NFL in that category. This defense has been stopping drives the good old fashioned way, with 4th downs. If they could just start getting their hands on some of those deflected passes at the line...
  10. I'm a Tonawanda native now living in Kentucky about 2 hours from Nashville. Took my family to the game this weekend. Bills' fans were clearly the majority in the stadium on Sunday. Nashville is a wonderful town and it has started to boom in the last decade or so. It's now one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. Lots of people and businesses moving there from the Northeast. Booming economy, no state income taxes, great food and music scene, safe downtown area. My wife and I spend a lot of weekends there. My son and I came down in the Spring to be there for the NFL draft, that was a great time too. Nothing but good stuff to say about Nashville. I wish the Bills played there every season.
  11. In a game like yesterday’s, I’d rather give the Titan’s struggling offense the ball on the 20 with a touchback than allow the chance for a special teams play that hurts us in such a close game where the defenses were dominating.
  12. A lot of people are dogging him here on the forum. I’d respectfully disagree with them. He has had a great season and was especially effective yesterday in a game of field position. McDermott mentioned how well he played in his postgame presser. Bojo was booming it yesterday and flipped the field for us and prevented the Titan’s special teams from making a play that could have won them the game.
  13. Take Santos’ bad day out of it. They needed a TD before they kicked the field goal, and even if Santos made the field goal they would still need, wait for it..... a TD. Horrible call. His brain just nutted up there on the sideline. The Titans were across midfield, time was running out, it was 4th and 4, not 4th and 20. The only play there was to try to get a 1st down and continue the drive for a TD. Three points did nothing for them there.
  14. It's pretty clear what the template for winning games is this year; suffocate them with our elite defense, and find enough offense somewhere to get us across the finish line at the end of the game. You can't argue with the results so far, 4-1 heading into our bye. Just how good is our defense? In the four games the Patriots played teams other than the Bills this season, they averaged 34.75 points a game. They scored 16 points against the Bills and that was with our offense turning the ball over to Brady four times. Through five weeks our defense has allowed an average of 14 points a game. To put that into perspective, in the 41 years since the NFL went to 16 game seasons, only 25 defenses have given up less that 14 points a game over the course of a full season. It's only been five games, but there is no doubt that this defense is for real. So far this season, the Bills' offense is averaging just 18 points a game. Allen continues to improve and he seems to have the clutch gene, and Gore, Beasley, and Brown are great at moving the sticks, but we need to get some more juice out of the offense going forward. The Bills offense needs another playmaker if they are going to take that next step. I think a healthy Singletary can provide that juice when he is back in the lineup. Here are his stats; Jets Week 1 Rushing; 4 rushes 70 yards 17.5 yard average Longest rush 23 yards 4 first downs Receiving; 6 targets 5 receptions 28 yards Longest reception 12 yards Giants Week 2 Rushing; 6 rushes 57 yards 9.5 yard average Longest run 20 yards 2 first downs 1 TD, 14 yard run Receiving; No targets Just 16 total touches through two weeks before being injured. I think when we add this kind of production to our offense going forward, we will see our offense take another step forward. We need someone who can provide chunk plays on offense and who is dangerous both running and catching the ball. We need someone who is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. We need someone that the opposing defense has to game plan for. We just don't have that right now. Our offense looks completely different when Singletary is in there getting touches. I think our 18 point a game average on offense is going to get a boost coming out of the bye week. If the offense starts scoring more points and playing efficient football, just imagine how much better our defense can be when they aren't forced to bail out the offense all the time.
  15. Listen to the crowd when he scores. The cheers are crazy and then the "DUUUUKE" screams. This was a road game! The Bills Mafia took over Nissan Stadium today!!!
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