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  1. I'd respectfully disagree TBBills. The entire Bills locker room knows exactly what happened with Spain and Jordan Phillips, and Shaq. If the Bills had screwed any of them over it would damage the family vibe that Beane and McDermott are trying to build at OBD. Being upfront and honest with your employees isn't charity, it's how a successful organization treats its people. I suspect that in McDermott and Beane's minds, that culture of the coaches, management, and the players all being on the same team is worth more to them than an extra 7th round draft pick. Ask Adrian Peterson about how he was treated by the Redskins when they cut him on September 4th, just six days before the season opener. No warning, no heads up, nothing. That kind of personnel move tells the other guys in the locker room what kind of organization they play for.
  2. Spain had good words for the organization when he left. I think the Bills let him go so he could find a place to be a starter. I'm sure Beane looked for a trade partner but didn't have any luck so they let him go. It was probably what Spain requested. (My guess) I think I saw that the Bengals are going to sign him. He is a starting quality O-lineman in this League, maybe just not good enough to get on the field with our O-Line depth.
  3. I'm excited to see Feliciano back and hope he will be the much needed spark to get the running game rolling again. There are several articles in the local media right now about him getting back to playing and there was a quote from Feliciano that stood out to me that I think paints the Bills' organization in a very good light. "I think it's a credit to the coaches and training staff. They didn't rush me back. I was trying to get activated weeks before they did activate me," Feliciano said. "Thankfully they didn't listen to me and kept me safe." These are the things that induce a free agent to sign with a team. It's a small League and the word gets out. When McDermott preaches a family atmosphere in Buffalo and to come to Buffalo to become the best version of yourself, this statement from Feliciano shows that it's not all just coach speak, but something that the organization really believes in. I read that Feliciano was really lobbying to get back on the field for the Raiders game but the Bills wouldn't let him. Contrast this situation with the train wreck that is the Jets. Look at how they handled the Kelechi Osemele shoulder injury situation last year. Then how the organization handled the Bell, Darnold, and Becton injuries this year. Night and day difference from how the Bills took care of Feliciano. It would be easy to make the argument that the Bills had depth on the O-Line and that gave them the luxury of letting Feliciano come along slowly, but I don't believe that was the reason at all. I think the Bills were just looking out for Feliciano because they have good people running this program and they simply were not going to put Feliciano back out there until he was ready. I'm glad that Feliciano recognizes that, and so will everyone else in the locker room. Just one more indication that we have the right people steering the ship in Buffalo.
  4. When I list the reasons why I'm worried about this team, I don't get to Josh Allen until I'm a good ways down the list. Josh Allen is not the reason we lost the last two games. There are some legitimate concerns going forward in Bills' Nation, Josh isn't one of them.
  5. I bet the Bears would take Josh Allen straight up for Khalil Mack. Get er done Beane!!! πŸ˜‡
  6. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the next coach of the New York Jets.... 😁
  7. With today’s game factored in that number is now 16.1 yards per reception which ranks Gabe 17th in the NFL. I stand by my adjective. πŸ˜‰
  8. I really didn't expect this kind of production from him this season. I thought he would be pretty quiet this year and benefit from studying at Wide Receiver University behind Diggs, Brown, and Beasley learning what it takes to be a solid NFL WR. He is making key plays every time his number is called. He doesn't get many targets but he takes advantage of every single one and has been hauling in passes that move the sticks and score TDs. Through four games he has 8 targets and 8 receptions. For those of you without an abacus handy, that's a 100% catch rate. Two of those catches were TDs. He's on pace for 8 TDs this year, his rookie year, as the team's WR4. He was averaging an incredible 14.7 yards per reception coming into the Raiders' game and that average will go up with his 26 yard TD reception today. A critical play that won't show up on his stats was the route at the end of the Rams game that he drew the flag on. Being aggressive and running the route as hard as he could helped win that game for us. The big takeaway from me is that the NFL game just doesn't seem too big for him. I think Beane and his scouts really found a late round gem in Davis. He was the 17th WR selected in this year's draft. Crazy. I hope Beane can find the money to keep John Brown after this year. I'd hate to take any weapon away from this offense the way it is clicking right now, but if Brown does move on, I think Gabe is showing that he has the chops to step up and become a legit WR2 with upside in this League.
  9. Nice write up OP. My two takeaways we're that we won a road game on the West Coast against a good team when Josh didn't have his best game (still played really solid) and more importantly, it was the first time all year that we saw a spark from the defense. If this defense can start playing just a little bit better and getting some turnovers this Bills team is going to win 12+ games this season.
  10. That play was executed perfectly. The timing was spot on and McKenzie was already flying when Allen put the ball in his bread basket. I don't think that play can be defended when it is executed like that.
  11. Beane & Co. really do look under every rock. We have a rugby player from England and a guy who made his bones catching passes in Canada on our roster. He identified offensive lineman that others teams had let loose and hit on ballers like Feliciano, Nsekhe, and Bates and used them to turn around our O-Line. Beane will seemingly look anywhere if there is a chance that they will find some talent to help fill out this roster. We have one of the best management duos in the League right now with Beane and McDermott.
  12. Mahomes is the best QB in the League. That being said, I don't know if he has the same level of success if he gets drafted by Buffalo. He stepped into the perfect situation with a stable franchise, an innovative offensive minded coach in Andy Reid, the ability to sit behind Alex Smith and learn all year, lots of weapons around him, and a solid defense. What would he have had in Buffalo? The honest answer is just a defense. Where a QB goes is probably the single biggest factor that determines their future success. It's definitely a fun "what if" to kick around but I don't think Mahomes becomes Mahomes in Buffalo. That trade is all water under the bridge at this point.
  13. Gase is catching a bunch of crap for putting Becton in the game with an injured shoulder and Becton didn't even last a series before re-injuring the shoulder. That followed the Le"Veon Bell hamstring mismanagement. Gase simply can't put an injured Darnold out there behind that sieve of an O-Line. From a purely Machiavellian point of view, Gase will think about this situation and realize that he is going to lose the next 5 games no matter who is under center (Cardinals, Chargers, Bills, Chiefs, Patriots) and he is going to be staring at 0-9. If Darnold is hurt and he has to play his backup QB Gase can always say, "Yes, we just lost 9 games in a row, but we played the last 5 games with our backup QB in there. Not my fault." Gase is the anti-McDermott. Gase will throw everyone around him under the bus to protect his own ass. How many times have we seen that in post game pressers? The only coach in the NFL I dislike more than Adam Gase is Gregg Williams. I'm a Bills fan and I'd ordinarily love to watch the Jets burn to the ground, but Adam Gase and Gregg Williams are such terrible human beings I can't wait to watch both of them get fired. I don't think either of them will ever sniff an NFL job again.
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