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  1. Here's what I see in these videos. Josh Allen asked these guys to travel to Florida on their own dime, during the off season, coming out of a pandemic, to voluntarily work out together to get a leg up on the competition this season. As best I can tell, damn near everyone showed up. Hell, even the left tackle showed up. What I see is a Josh Allen taking the reins of the offense and leading them. If you want to minimize that, have at it.
  2. The point of my thread is that Beane's trade of the 1st round pick was the best use of that valuable draft capital. The players/situations sited only provided context for my position. An even bigger problem is whiffing on a 1st round selection. Thanks Process, I fixed it 🙃
  3. Here are the first six picks of the 2017 Draft class. 1.1 Myles Garrett DE Browns 1.2 Mitch Trubisky QB Bears 1.3 Solomon Thomas DE 49ers 1.4 Leonard Fournette RB Jaguars 1.5 Corey Davis WR Titans 1.6 Jamal Adams S Jets Out of the first six picks at the top of the Draft that year, only Garrett and Adams have had their fifth year option exercised, and the Jets have Jamal Adams on the trade block right now. The other four have significantly underperformed their consensus Draft day projections. Stefon Diggs was drafted in the 5th round, #146, in the 2015 Draft. Who were the top three draft picks in 2015's Draft? Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, and Dante Fowler. What do those three have in common? None of them had their 5th year option exercised either. I'd rather take a surefire NFL talent like Diggs than roll the dice with a college player with potential. As long as this franchise doesn't need a QB, I'm fine with Beane trading our first round pick every year for a talent like Diggs who is locked up on a team friendly contract.
  4. We all make mistakes, I'm certainly no exception. There are also consequences for your mistakes. I've worked in the Emergency Department for 24 years. I have zero tolerance for drunk drivers. I've just seen too much of their collateral damage.
  5. I think it explains McBeane’s desire to have a strong veteran leader in every position room to help push, teach, and hold accountable the young guys in that room. That’s why players like Gore and DiMarco end up on the Bills’ roster. They are valued beyond just their on the field ability by Beane and McDermott.
  6. Wow. Just wow. He makes Antonio Brown look normal. I’m not trying to be funny. I hope Sammy gets some help.
  7. Appreciate the kind words. I'm not too worried about the Jets or their fans, I just thought this particular post was entertaining. I go to the Gang Green message board from time to time and I post there too. I don't troll there. There are some reasonable Jets fans out there to talk AFCE football with. My idea of fun has never been to argue with strangers on an internet chat board. I work in an ER and deal with enough knuckleheads on a daily basis to go looking for that during my spare time. I have gone there more often of late because I do think Douglas is on the right track and we are now in a Bills news vacuum, probably until training camp begins at the end of July. Brutal....
  8. Fair points and I don't think there is a whole lot of space between our opinions. The Jets record last year was 7-9 and would have been 6-10 if we had played to win in Week 17. I think they are a .500 team this year, and that would be an improvement over last year. I agree with you that Joe Douglas is improving their roster and the Jets are never an easy out. I think Darnold is a solid QB. They are a division rival and every game against them is tough. I just think they are 2 years behind the Bills in the rebuild and Gase is an anchor on that franchise. I don't expect Douglas to bring Gase back after this year and then they will be starting over again with a new coaching staff. I'll stand by my point that the Bills are in position to compete for a championship and the Jets are not a playoff team.
  9. I can't stand Buffalo and that bum QB that can't complete a pass; the media endlessly s**** off Allen and the Bills. NYJFOREVER, Friday at 2:18 PM This one made me laugh. The post is from theganggreen.com, the Jet's version of TBD. For fans that have watched the Bills treated like dog crap on the sole of someone's shoe by the media for the last 15+ years, you just gotta love Jets' fans complaining about the media starting to say something good about the Bills. The Bills got no media attention for almost two decades, and deservedly so. We were a small market, dysfunctional franchise. How many years did we go without prime time games? How many times did they cut to commercial during the Bill's draft pick? Ten minutes on the latest Patriots win, thirty second highlight clip of the Bills' game on Sports Center. When the Bills did win a game, the coverage was more about how the other team managed to lose than how me managed to win. Now things have changed. The Bills are a playoff team with a championship level defense and have added pieces to the offense this year with Diggs and Moss that should help score more points. Allen is in the third year in the same system and should continue to improve. We should also get more solid line play on offense. The Bills are clearly a team on the upswing. On the other hand, the Jets are stuck in neutral. If the Bills play their starters in Week 17 , they finish with a record of 11-5 on the season and sweep the Jets. As long as Gase is coaching in New York, the Jets are a .500 team. If Joe Douglas fires Gase after this season there will be a new regime coming in and the new coaches will need 2-3 years to get their system in place. Bottom line, I don't think the Jets are going anywhere soon and the Bills have a real shot to win a championship. Gang Green Nation will just have to suck it up.
  10. I think the 300 yard passing stat is a meaningless football metric. If we play our starters against the Jets Week 17, the Bills with 2nd year QB Josh Allen, finish the season with an 11-5 record. The night we drafted Josh Allen, if someone had told you that the Bills would finish 11-5 in Allen’s second season, we all would have been ecstatic. What difference does it make how many passing yards he had as long as the team is winning?
  11. Took my family last year and we'll be there again. The crowd was at least 50/50 Bills fans, and more likely 60/40 Bills. If was a fantastic atmosphere. I hope we can take over Bridgestone again. I'd recommend this away game to everyone. Nashville is a fantastic town to visit, you can walk everywhere from your downtown hotel, there are tons of great restaurants and bars, honkey tonks and clubs. It's not all country music either, there is a fantastic and diverse music scene in Nashville. You can even walk right to the stadium for the game. There's never a reason to have to get a cab or Uber. All of the bars downtown were full of Bills fans that weekend flying Bills flags and banners. The streets were packed with people wearing Bills colors. It was a great party atmosphere. To their credit, Titans fans are nice and hospitable. They really do have Southern Hospitality in Nashville. You can't say that at every away game. There is good natured bantering between fans but always with a smile, and I didn't see a single altercation or even a heated argument between Bills and Titan fans. Bottom line, if you can only go to one or two away games, you should really look at going to Nashville Week 6.
  12. My reasons why the Pats can still have a playoff season. 1. Bill is the best coach in NFL history. He almost never makes a bad tactical decision in a game. He plays solid situational football and lets the other coach screw up. Cases in point, the Seahawks and Falcons coaches giving away Super Bowls they had in the bag with horrible coaching decisions. 2. They will still field a great defense despite their free agency loses. 3. Their special teams were a terror last year and will steal a game or two this year as well. How many punts did they block last year? 4. They get to play the Jets and Dolphins twice. 5. Bill is a master at industrial espionage. Sure it’s cheating, but it gives the Pats a competitive edge and I suspect it has been a real part of their success. I heard Bill talking about the edicts of Sun Tzu in the Art of War during an interview last year. Sun Tzu says the most valuable thing in warfare is timely and accurate intelligence on your enemy. Bill has taken that to heart. 6. Brady really wasn’t that good last year. I think Bill will make Stidham a game manager and focus on the running game. Those two things will mitigate the loss of Brady.
  13. You are so right Mr. Weo. I too tire of posters here having good things to say about Brandon Beane. The truly intelligent posters on TBD, like yourself, realize that Beane’s time as GM here has been a catastrophe on every level. I wish more people followed your philosophy for posting here, “If you don’t have something bad to say about someone, then don’t say anything at all.”
  14. I looked back at the wide receiver stats for the 2019 season to see where our WRs ranked in the three main metrics, Yards / Receptions / TDs. The Bills will have three different receivers who were all highly productive in 2019. When you look at their ranks remember that there are 32 teams in the League and all three of our WRs rank inside the top 32 in every category except for Beasley falling to #38 in yards. *** Check out the rankings linked to below, they have numerous WR with the same number of TDs clumped together. I'm not sure how they assign individual ranks for WR with the same number of TDs. That seems a bit arbitrary. 2019 NFL WR RANKINGS YARDS RECEPTIONS TDs *** Diggs 15 31 29 Brown 19 22 26 Beasley 38 25 27 We have gone from a team with arguably the worst WR corps, to one of the best units in the League in two years. There are weapons all over this offense now who can score points. Let's hope that Diggs can get similar production with Allen in Buffalo. If Diggs is even close to his production last year, this offense is going to be exciting to watch. I think the days of watching "defensive battles" every Sunday is over. https://fantasyfootballers.org/wr-wide-receiver-nfl-stats/
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