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  1. Definitely a fair point NoSaint. I think that looking at the top five from last season, Baltimore, New England, Tennessee, and Cleveland really were run first offenses and weren't just salting away games with the lead in hand. Admittedly I don't watch a lot of NFC football to know how the Saints offense looked week to week.
  2. Bill Belichick's coaching hallmark has always been game planning to identify an opponents' weakness and adjusting his offensive or defensive scheme week to week to exploit those weaknesses. As offenses have transitioned to pass first philosophies across the league, defenses have begun to adapt by looking for defenders geared more towards stopping the pass. LBs who have the mobility to cover in the flat seem to be overtaking the prototypical LBs of years past who were run stuffing thumpers. I think Bill is going against the grain and is returning to smash mouth football and trying
  3. When Ed Oliver is violating your new quarterback guy Ricky Schroder on another third and long, don't get too upset. Just remember that there's a part of Ricky that likes it.
  4. I did! 😉 And one that had the Browns in 4th, right behind us. And one that had the Browns in 5th, two spots behind us. And four out of the seven rankings didn't have the Browns in the top five at all. I though it was a pretty comprehensive and fair sampling of the major sport sites. 🍻
  5. One of those rankings has the Browns ahead, and many of those who don't have the Bills and Browns within just a spot or two of each other in the rankings, which I think is perfectly reasonable. TBD blew up like I said the Jets were better than the Bills. The Browns finished last season as the 5th or 6th best team, we finished as the 3rd or 4th best team. The possibility that the Browns may have caught up to the Bills is a perfectly reasonable opinion that reasonable people could reasonably differ on. We'll all see in a few months. I hope I'm wrong. 🍻
  6. Thought I'd collect a sample of the preseason power rankings and post them here together to look at. I added the links so you could read the reasoning behind their rankings. Bills are a near consensus 3rd seed with only one outlet putting them in 4th. As a long suffering Bills' fan, it's crazy to look at these preseason power rankings and not automatically scroll down to the middle of the article to find where the Bills are ranked somewhere in the 16-26 range. The Bills are now an elite team. It's been a long time coming. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/columnist/nat
  7. I think Stefanski has Baker doing exactly what Baker should be doing, limiting turnovers, making high percentage throws when needed, and turning around and giving the ball to Chubb and Hunt to run. With Stefanski calling the shots the Browns have become a running team with elite RBs behind a great O-Line. Baker doesn't have to win games with his arm, he just needs to play smart football and throw enough passes to his talented WR and TE corps to keep defenses from stacking the box to stuff the run. The formula worked well last year to the tune of 11 wins and a playoff win. In Buf
  8. I think Rousseau and Boogie will both get some play from the start too. Epenesa didn't get on the field initially last season but I think a big part of that was the lack of a preseason for him to learn his role. This year's camp and preseason may not be completely back to normal, but they should be much better than last years. I'm excited to see what Boogie and Oliver can do lined up on either side of Star this season. If we can get push up the middle that should make the entire defense better.
  9. That's not really my point and it may be my fault for not expressing my thoughts clearly enough. The Bills are not disproportionately affected money wise, every team is down the same amount of cap dollars, my point is the the timing of this salary cap hit is much worse for the Bills than it is for most other teams in the league. I believe that we are a piece or two on defense away from making a legitimate Super Bowl run. That missing $25 million in Beane's pocket to spend on those free agent pieces may be the difference between winning a Lombardi this year or coming in 2nd or 3rd again.
  10. Are 31 other GMs legitimately one or two pieces away from a Super Bowl campaign this year?
  11. My point is that if Beane had another $25 million in cap space in his pocket he wouldn't have to mortgage the future, he could have gone out into the free agent market and landed some defensive difference makers with the money in hand. We were going to be in a cap situation to do just that before COVID knocked $25 million off the cap.
  12. There's a regular poster on TBD who won $4K two years ago betting the over when Vegas said the Over/Under for Bills' wins that year was 6. The Bills won 10. 🍻
  13. The leader in the Most Ridiculous Thread category? I will wear it as a Badge of Honor! You do realize my "ridiculous" opinion is that I think the Browns have edged the Bills, and the Browns are now #2 in the AFC and the Bills are #3. That the Browns have added enough to their defensive roster this off season to mitigate the talent difference between Allen and Mayfield. Sure, I did state why I felt that way in a measured manner and didn't just throw that opinion out there without any explanation, but still, to say that the Cleveland Browns could have gotten better
  14. Every team in the NFL has been effected by the reduced salary cap brought on by the pandemic, but the timing of the cap cuts have clearly effected some teams more than others, and I think it's fair to say that the Bills were definitely one of the teams most effected. The salary cap this year was projected to be $210 million before COVID. It ended up at $185 million, a massive $25 million cap hit. The Bills are now in their Super Bowl window and have a roster that is talented and deep, with their QB still on his rookie contract, but that I think is missing just a piece or two on d
  15. Just looked back at my OP and it has every face emoji except for the orange angry face guy. That has to be some kind of record for a single post. I knew people wouldn't like my opinion but I had no idea it was going to blow up the message board. Inconceivable! Cheers TBD 🍻
  16. I am now withdrawing from the field of battle. I appreciate the reasoned responses from many. I stand by my OP. Wouldn't the world be boring if we all thought the same way? 🍻
  17. Coming into last season the Bills hadn't won the AFCE since 1995. That didn't stop them from winning it last year. The Steelers finished 12-4, the Browns and Ravens both finished 11-5. While the Brown did finish 3rd last year, that's a bit deceptive taken out of context. They were one game behind Pittsburgh and had the same record as the Ravens. They are right there in the AFCN and I think they will win the division this year. If my thread has caused you some emotional distress Jauronimo, my sincere apologies, sir.
  18. Kpassagnon signed a two year contract with the Saints worth $4.5 million. Wilson went to the Jags on a one year contract worth $2 million Okafor played 26% of the snaps last year, not 40-50%, and spent big chunks of 2019 and 2020 on IR. Maybe Andy is looking for more durability. Breeland is still a free agent two months into free agency in a position of high demand. I think that says something about Breeland. Respectfully Hap, I don't think any of these players are key loses to the Chiefs and needed to be pointed out in the OP. If you feel
  19. I expected nothing but pushback on my opinion that I knew would be very unpopular here. I've been contributing to this forum for years. I know exactly how any post that says anything critical of the Bills goes over on TBD. Take two minutes, hit my profile, and read my posts. I'm as big of a Bills' fan as anyone here, but I also try to be objective about things. There must be twenty posts on this thread that say as long as we have Allen the Bills are better. The position you state that the talent on the Browns roster in total is not enough to overcome the difference
  20. Who is saying "the Browns can NEVER be better than the Bills because they have Josh Allen?" Really? Have you read this thread???? Every third post here is saying it. It's a widely held opinion here and it's ridiculous.
  21. Your arguments have convinced me. The Browns can never be better than the Bills because we have Josh Allen and they have Baker Mayfield. Nothing else matters. I'm not even sure why the other 52 guys are on the roster to be honest. Now please excuse me while I get back to my crystal ball and lotto numbers.
  22. Nope. I'm saying that it's not just about the QB. I think we would all agree that Mahomes and Rodgers are better than Brady right now. I think most of us would agree that Allen is better than Brady. Having said that, Brady still won the Super Bowl last year because the team that wins the Super Bowl isn't always the team with the best QB. Saying that the Browns can never be better than the Bills because we have Josh Allen and they have Baker Mayfield is a ridiculous opinion that simply can not be supported. Football is a team sport. Is the QB the most important player on the t
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