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  1. The Titans talked a lot of smack after they won and then rubbed salt in the wounds by trying to play the victim card over the game being delayed repeatedly when it was the Titans organization violating every single COVID protocol causing the chaos. The game was on again, off again, on again, off again. You’re playing the Titans, you’re playing the Chiefs, you’re playing the Titans. You’re playing Sunday, no Monday, no Tuesday? It all ended up with a Tuesday 5pm start that disadvantaged the Bills vs the Titans AND the Chiefs last year. The Bills got screwed and the Titans received no punishment. It was a crap move by the NFL. And then the Titans laughed about it. I guarantee the Bills are looking to settle a score here.
  2. There is no argument that the Bills needed to beat the Chiefs this season to prove to themselves that they deserve to be at the top of the AFC going forward. It was a coming of age type of victory for this team. I think this game coming up against the Titans is different though. I think the Bills just want to crush the Titans because they don't like them. I have no fear of a "let down" performance from the BIlls following their big win against the Chiefs because on some level, they want to beat the Titans even more than they wanted to beat the Chiefs. Last season's loss to the TItans was harder to take than the loss to the Chiefs was, and I think the Bills have been looking forward to getting some payback ever since the schedule came out. I think the Bills are going to destroy the Titans on MNF. McDermott knows what this game means to his players after last year. This game is going to be a blow out and the Bills won't take their foot off the gas until the final whistle sounds.
  3. I was thinking more of a blizzard "white out" and the tre white thing was an extra. It would be cool to see 60K white towels wiping around Highmark on third downs.
  4. Worth the watch. He's just a real, genuine, down to earth guy. Glad we got him.
  5. We went to the game two years ago and the largest concentration of Bills fans were in the stands on the "visitors" side of the field. Me and my family sat on the "home" side of the field but there were still plenty of Bills fans there as well. Nashville is a really friendly town and the entire stadium is safe for opposing team visitors. We saw no issues two years ago and Bills Mafia took over the entire down town that weekend. Nashville is a fantastic city to hit an away game. Love Nashville.
  6. Levi Wallace is the quintessential starting player on a Super Bowl winning team that another team that is rebuilding and flush with cap space will over pay to sign. (I hope we are dealing with that issue next year) He is a solid CB2 and works great in Frazier's system. I hope we can keep him but you can never blame a guy for signing a big money contract and setting up himself and family for life.
  7. Collinsworth was horrific last night. He doesn't even attempt to be balanced in his commentary. It got so bad Collinsworth was actually trending on Twitter for a while about how one sided his commentary was. These weren't Bills fans, they were neutral football fans bombing Collinsworth. He raked Josh over the coals for his intentional grounding and made it sound like Josh does that all the time. I'll take ONE play like that, a play that fails when Josh starts to improvise if I also get to take the other FIVE amazing plays he makes running around back there like Houdini. Case in point, the long Knox TD. Should Allen have just thrown the ball away on that play? That ability to extend a play is a huge part of Allen's game and is much more of a benefit than a liability for this offense. Just another ignorant take on Collinsworth's part. Every time the Bills failed to make a play in the second half Collinsworth had to chime in that if the Bills lose this game "this could be the moment" where it all started to slip away. It's like he was just trying to will a miraculous Mahomes comeback into existence.... just because he wanted to see it so badly. But the Gold Medal for Collinsworth ignorance goes to his commentary on Frank Clark's roughing penalty on Allen. Collinsworth said that in the morning everyone will be talking about that call and how it changed the game. If you want to start arguing bad penalties in this game I'm down for that. That roughing penalty against Clark was a hell of a lot more roughing than Oliver's roughing penalty against Mahomes. It also was a bigger penalty than the BS holding penalty called on Morse on the play right before Clark's roughing call. That phantom hold brought back a Josh Allen scramble for a 1st down. Collinsworth made it sound like that roughing penalty was somehow the turning point in the entire game. Never mind the Bills defense and special teams coming up with a +4 turnover differential, or a Mahomes Pick Six, or the Bills winning by THREE scores in Arrowhead. It was all that bogus roughing the passer penalty in the fourth quarter of the game. That's why the Bills won. What a bunch of crap. Collinsworth has no business doing national broadcasts. He needs to take a job with the Bucs or the Chiefs so he can just call their games and b*ll wash Brady and Mahomes full time. ***EDIT: Sorry mods, don't know how I missed the other Collinsworth thread. Feel free to merge. ***
  8. Collingsworth says it will be that RTP call against the Chiefs that gets talked about tomorrow... What a douche.
  9. If KC adjusts and starts to play more deep defense to stop Allen's easy long completions Daboll will unleash Beasley underneath.
  10. In the 4th quarter now and Zach Wilson is 10-20 for 65 yards and an INT. Wow....
  11. Obviously I don’t know Geno Smith and he might be a great guy, but the reason he got his jaw busted by one of his teammates is because Geno no showed the teammates’ charity event that Geno promised to attend. When his teammate asked him to at least reimburse the charity for the cost of the airline ticket the charity had given Geno, Geno got up in his teammate’s face and basically told him to F off. That’s when he got his jaw broken. Reports after the incident had the entire Jets’ locker room siding with IK Enemkpali and Geno’s time in NY was basically over that day. Maybe Geno learned something from it all. Who knows? I won’t wish ill of anyone but I’m not going to root for him either. 🍻
  12. I think one thing that might help is that the Bills have had the last three games in hand by half time. I hope Daboll has intentionally kept some looks and wrinkles close to the vest for the Chiefs' game. The Bills' offense has been pretty vanilla. Not a lot of pre-snap motion or misdirection. Very few JA17 runs. Hopefully the offense can put some plays on the field that will catch their defense off guard.
  13. Stuff you talk about on a no-news Tuesday during the regular season. Carry on. 😉
  14. I'm definitely going to give myself a stern talking to about that. I might even put myself on double secret probation...
  15. I'd love to go. I also wanted to see the Bills play in Vegas but COVID blew that one up. I've been lucky that the Bills have played in Nashville the last few years which is only a two hour drive for us. We'll be there in two weeks for that game. We haven't been out West in quite a few years. A Bills game would be a nice excuse. 🙂
  16. Funny they left the fans in the stands then. It is a beautiful stadium. I'd love to see a Bills game there someday.
  17. I missed that part SCB. Thanks for throwing that out there. I can see that distinction. I generally like Schefter and find him to be pretty locked into the NFL scene and dependable. He usually is just a breaking news reporter and you don't hear his opinion on teams and players very often. 🍻
  18. https://thespun.com/nfl/afc-west/los-angeles-chargers/nfl-world-reacts-to-adam-schefters-bold-justin-herbert-comment Schefter made this pronouncement in the pregame commentary when the start of the game was delayed 30 minutes for a thunder storm. (A $5 BILLION dome stadium and they can't play in it during a thunder storm? What the h*ll?) He also said during the same soliloquy that Mahomes and Herbert were the two best young QBs in the NFL and would be the choices of any NFL GM looking to start a franchise. I'm not here to put down Mahomes or Herbert, I agree with Schefty that they are amazing young QBs. I don't need to put them down to believe that Josh is fantastic too. Was Schefty just throwing a hot take out there on the fly and just overlooked Allen, or does he really put Mahomes and Herbert in a different tier than Allen? I think Allen legitimately deserves to be in the conversation for best young NFL QB. I would put Mahomes, Allen, Herbert, and Watson all in that group. Watson obviously has some issues that could derail his career, and I could see some people leaving him out of that conversation right now because of it. I'm not going to get mad about someone believing that Allen isn't the best of the three, but for Josh to not even earn an honorable mention is a bit strange. For my money, I wouldn't trade Allen for either of them. That's not a knock on Mahomes or Herbert, I just have a huge amount of faith in Josh and believe he has the traits to be an all-time great QB. I also believe Josh's DNA fits Buffalo far better than either of the other two guys would.
  19. We need to cue up the clip of Spencer Brown giving Shefty grief for being short...
  20. I think Daboll has been playing his cards close to the vest these last three weeks. I expect the Chiefs to get some new looks and wrinkles next week.
  21. 1. The Bills have 3 wins this season. The Jets, Pats, and Phins have combined for 3 wins. I see more playoff football in Orchard Park next January. 2. Dawson Knox has 4 tds on the season so far and is now tied with Gronk for most TE tds in the NFL. (*Gronk will miss Week 4 with an injury) Are we all watching Knox's Year Three Leap right now? 3. The offense is averaging 33.5 points a game, and 39 points a game in the last three games. Now think about the fact that the Bills defense is playing better than the offense...
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