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  1. It's hard to die from an OD on Benzos. A lot of the "overdoses" happening in this country are really poisonings from pills spiked with fatal amounts of Fentanyl. Taking any pill today that isn't purchased at a pharmacy is like playing Russian Roulette. There was a group of cadets from West Point who were on Spring Break earlier this year who got some pills spiked with fentanyl and some of them died. A first responder did mouth to mouth on one of them and almost died himself from coming in contact with the residual fentanyl on the cadets lips. How crazy is that? 100,000 Americans died from "overdoses" last year, the vast majority were actually poisonings with fentanyl laced pills. 77% of all deaths in teenagers in this country is from fentanyl poisonings. If you have kids you absolutely have to have the talk about this with them. It's a mass poisoning on a scale never seen before and no one seems to be willing to call out the companies in China making the fentanyl (with the OK from their government) and shipping it to the Mexican cartels to smuggle across the southern border (with the OK from their narco-government) into our county.
  2. In a similarly useful, highly scientific exercise, I am going to rank the best flavors of ice cream but stipulate for the purposes of my rankings that they all have to taste like mashed potatoes. Talk about off-season filler content...
  3. For mercy’s sake I hope they euthanized that football afterwards.
  4. I think it's fair to speculate on who Beane and McDermott preferred of the two, and lord knows I do my fair share of speculating on this board, but none of us know who Beane and McDermott had rated higher. As an aside, I've seen scouting reports that said Elam didn't shy away from contact and was a physical tackler. He might need some training on his tackling technique but that's doable. Some CBs don't like to tackle, I don't know if you can fix that.
  5. Annoyed_Man_Punches_TV_Screen_After_Favorite_Football_Team_Loses.mp4 Patriots fans everywhere after the 1st round Cole Strange pick...
  6. I'm excited to see the RBs more involved in the passing game, especially Cook who looks like he has a legit chance to make something big happen every time he touches the ball. Those quick swing passes and screens always looked like low hanging fruit to me that the Bills offense under Daboll didn't take advantage of often enough. Run Diggs and Davis deep and clear out the underneath with two safeties deep and then exploit the hole in the defense. I don't remember the last time a Bills RB took a dump off pass and took it down the field to the house. Hopefully that changes this season.
  7. He was the kicker as well as the punter, someone held for him.
  8. Looking at the off season moves that have been made to this point I think there are a couple of things we can assume for Dorsey's offense 1. We will probably see more two tight end sets with OJ Howard and Knox on the field. Throw Diggs, Gabe, and now Cook out there, and I think Dorsey just created a nightmare for defenses. I suspect this will overtake 11 personnel as the most common offensive set this year. 2. With the failed run at McKissic, the signing of Duke Johnson, and now the drafting of Cook, I think we are going to see more swing passes, screens, and an overall increase in the involvement of the RBs in the passing game this year. When the Bills do line up in 11 personnel, if defenses want to play two deep safeties to keep Josh from burning them over the top, they better hope their LBs can tackle because the underneath is going to be wide open and now we have some weapons who can truly exploit it. 3. We have become a faster offense. With the resigning and likely bigger role for McKenzie, the drafting of Cook, and Marquez Stevenson waiting in the wings, we should see a faster offense. I hope we finally get to see some of Stevenson on offense this year. He was buried on the depth chart last year, but with Sanders gone that bumps everyone up one spot on the depth chart. Beane hasn't gone after one of the burner WRs in the draft so far. That may be just because of how the draft fell to them, but there is also a possibility that the Bills think they already have their burner on the roster in Stevenson. I think Crowder is also faster than Beasley and I see a career year for him this year with Josh slinging him the rock. 4. With the return of Aaron Kromer I think we can expect an improvement in the running game. The Bills had the #1 rushing attack in the NFL in 2015 and 2016 when Kromer was the O-line coach. I don't think Buffalo will ever be a run first team as long as Josh is under center, but if we can become more effective in the run game that will pay huge dividends all around for the offense. The Bills passed the ball 59.2% of the time last season, I expect that number to come down this season. 5. This is related to the point above, an improved running game should also diminish the wear and tear on our franchise QB. I think called QB runs except for short yardage situations will become few and far between. Josh will still do Josh things and take off when he sees an opening, but I would be shocked if he is the Bills' leading rusher again this year. 6. This one is more of a guess on my part, but I think the next step in Josh's evolution is being able to completely change the play at the line of scrimmage based on the defensive look on any given play, ala Peyton Manning. Dorsey is a former QB and I think he will trust Josh with more freedom on the field to make those calls than Daboll did. We've all seen Josh can make any throw on the field, he is one of the best running QBs in the NFL, I think the next area we see him make a huge leap in is the mental aspect of the game. This is year five for Josh and I think he is ready to take complete ownership of the offense. 7. This final point is related to the previous one, with the limitless options of running an offense with Howard, Knox, Diggs, Davis, and Cook all on the field at the same time, I can see the Bills' offense going more up tempo this year. QBs love the hurry up and Dorsey is a QB at heart. I think we will see the Bills go no huddle a lot more with Dorsey calling the plays. It would be a new wrinkle that defenses have to worry about and I think Josh is ready to handle it.
  9. When it comes to this pick I believe three things; 1. I'll place my trust in Beane, McDermott, and Frazier when it comes to evaluating defensive talent. I'm sure the organization as a whole has spent 100+ hours looking at this guy and decided he was a fit for their defense. I trust their considered judgement more than than the opinions of posters on TBD who have spent a total of 11 minutes "researching" Terrell Bernard on the internet prior to expounding on the pick. 2. As we have all seen time and time again, making grand pronouncements about a player on draft night is absolutely useless. Anyone who says they know how a player is going to turn out 8 hours into their NFL career is nuts. 3. Having said all that, this is a fan message board and I do enjoy reading everyone's opinion and it's fun to throw my own out there too, for what it's worth. Let's hope he's another Matt Milano. It looks to me like that's the type of player they were looking for with this pick. 🍻
  10. Sorry if already posted, here's Rotoworld's blurb on Terrell Bernard; "Bernard (6’1/218) was a three-year starter at Baylor who garnered all-Big 12 honors in 2021. An undersized whirling dervish on the field, Bernard runs like a safety and hits like a linebacker. He blazed a 4.59 forty during the pre-draft process with 79th-percentile or better showings in the vertical and broad jumps, three cone, and short shuttle. On the field, he’s a fabulous sideline-to-sideline run defender who isn’t intimidated by oncoming blockers, but while Bernard has the athleticism for coverage, to this point in his career he’s lacked the instincts for the work. He has similar measurables and a similar game to Deion Jones, albeit with heightened durability concerns." https://www.nbcsportsedge.com/football/nfl/player/67816/terrel-bernard
  11. The Pat's message board is self destructing right now over Bill drafting Cole Strange, an offensive guard, with their 1st round pick. There is a video link of Sean McVay watching the pick live while he is being interviewed and then absolutely nuking the pick. McVay starts laughing out loud and says they wasted a lot of time looking at Strange thinking he'd be there at pick 104. It's rare to see an NFL coach bomb another coach One of the best comments directed towards Bill from the thread was; "Your defense didn’t force a got damn punt the last two games vs Buffalo, moron." It's so nice to see the worst fanbase in the NFL getting what they deserve. 😃 https://www.patsfans.com/new-england-patriots/messageboard/threads/cole-strange-wtf.1158338/
  12. If the Bills can put anyone else on the D-Line that offenses need to worry about, Oliver should start putting up the numbers many of us had hoped for when he was drafted. Enter Von Miller....
  13. That certainly sends a shot across the bow of the Giants locker room, if they'll cut last year's 1st rounder no one is safe. Get on board or get on out. Kinda like the Bills moving on from Dareus.
  14. It's just a hat tip from Brady to the other top QBs in the league. It must be great for Josh to have his childhood hero giving him props like that.
  15. We have great owners who are willing to invest what is needed to field a winning team. Beane is clearly a top three GM in the NFL and McDermott has put together a top notch coaching staff that is able to develop home grown talent and create a great locker room with a culture of winning. Lastly, we have a truly elite, franchise QB who has not reached his ceiling and is legitimately in the debate to be the best player in the NFL. I have never been as optimistic about this franchise as I am right now.
  16. I believe Josh is the best all around QB in the NFL. Having said that... whether Josh is at #1, #3, or #5, we have finally found our elite franchise QB and our decades long wandering through the QB wastelands is over.
  17. The problem with letting Poyer walk is that it will effect Hyde's play too. The two know each other so well and play so well together that the loss of either one of them will result in a real hit to our secondary. The two or them together are definitely greater than the two individually. McDermott knows secondary play and I'm sure he recognizes this too. Our two safeties are the backbone of the entire defense. We need to try to keep them together as long as they continue to play at this level.
  18. Lol! Grumpy young millionaires. An interesting phenomenon....
  19. Good morning Don, Tre' White, Gilmore, Taron Johnson, Poyer and Hyde would be far and away the best secondary in a pass happy NFL. I'd pay Gilmore $10 mm on a one year deal to play here and try to win a championship. His issues with the Bills are not with the current regime and I don't think there is cause for any bad blood from Beane's point of view with Gilmore. I think Gilmore is the best vet CB who is still on the market and would be more than adequate as the Bills CB2. I hope they make a deal and bring him in. I started a thread two weeks ago about kicking the tires on Gilmore and I still think it would be a great signing for the Bills.
  20. I'm not sure how good Poyer is all by himself, but when he is on the field with Hyde, that duo is the best in the NFL. A big part of it is how well they know the system and how well they play off each other. I think losing Poyer will make Hyde less effective too. I hope we can find the money to resign Poyer. Our safety duo is the foundation of the entire defense. I'd rather lose Edmonds than Poyer.
  21. Gilmore played for $7 million last year with the Panthers. I think people may be over estimating what it would take to sign him.
  22. Hey Chas, No doubt about it that Sammy was a big swing and a miss. I have more faith in Beane than Whaley though. It should be an interesting Draft night. 🍻
  23. We could kick those 13 seconds around for the next ten years and never figure out how the hell that happened. I personally still don't like thinking about it, it still makes me feel like I got punched in the gut. Maybe a healthy Tre in the game makes the difference? We'll never know. Getting another Tre White on the roster would surely increase the margin of error for this team though. If McDermott believes there is another Tre in this draft, I wouldn't have any issue with Beane going up to get him.
  24. Hey SC, That is definitely the other side of the coin and I can't say that I'm right and you're wrong on this, just differing opinions. Every year is different, but I think it's fair to say that Cincy, Chargers, and Phins are going to get better. Cleveland might become a bruiser too if Watson returns to form. Wilson makes the Broncos legit. I'm not for blowing up the salary cap like the Rams seem to do every year, but trading some draft capital seems like a reasonable step when we are knocking on the door. None of us knows what the future holds, but I think it's fair to say that right now we have the most talented roster in football, which to me is all the more reason to push some more chips into the center of the table this year and try to win it all while we have this roster. The more talent you have the less you have to depend on luck.
  25. It's hard to get over how last year ended as it really was a great opportunity to win a Super Bowl, but this season is probably going to be as good as it gets for a while in the AFC as far as the Bills making a Super Bowl. -Watson will likely miss part of the year in Cleveland -New regime in Miami will take some time to find their grove with a talent loaded roster -Chiefs will have to adjust offense to not having Tyreek -Wilson will need some time to get used to his new offense. -Burrow will probably keep getting better as the years go on, better to face him now than later. -Herbert is in the same situation as Burrow, and I expect him to keep getting better -Lastly, and most importantly, the Bills have a Super Bowl roster right now and an elite QB who is capable of winning it all. Time is not our ally, the AFC is catching up. It isn't a Conference with just the Bills and Chiefs anymore. This thing is wide open and the distance between all these teams is only going to get smaller as the young QBs get better. I'd trade a high pick from next year to get a great player now who can make a difference this year when we have the best chance to win it all. It's not going all in ala the Rams, but it would be a big move by Beane to show he recognizes that the path to a Super Bowl is only going to get harder moving forward and this year might be our best chance to get it done.
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