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  1. How do we do the dark mode? Sounds interesting...
  2. I love it! My avatar picture looks wonderful. It's like I've had some work done and it's taken 10 years off my face!!! Inconceivable!!!
  3. The strength of our offense in the passing game. The Bills need to come out and start throwing and play to our strength. If the Pat's defense can shut the pass down, then we can adjust to the run. No reason to go away from what has been working for us. You can over think things at times. You don't see Andy Reid game plan to minimize Mahomes. Why would he ever take the ball out of Mahomes' hands unless he absolutely had to? I think we are now in the same situation with the Bills. Why take the ball out of Josh's hands? He is the engine that drives this offense. Maybe New En
  4. Cam doesn't care. Right now he's at a local Goodwill buying his post game presser outfit.
  5. Didn't mean to get your blood pressure up. I'll stand by my take. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I do agree with you 100% that what is most important is that our Bills are playing lights out. 🍻
  6. The Bills are averaging 29.1 points per game this year. Thuman. Thomas. had 1000+ yards rushing each season from 1989 - 1996. During the four Super Bowl seasons he had; 1990 - 1,297 1991 - 1,407 1992 - 1,487 1993 - 1,315 Josh Allen's rushing offense this year? The Bills leading rusher through 14 games, Devin Singletary, has 644 yards. The Super Bowl Era Bills had a fantastic running game to compliment the fantastic passing of Jim Kelly. Josh Allen has essentially no running game. Almost all of the offense this year is the passing
  7. I stand by my point. This is the best passing offense the BIlls have ever put on the field. I'm not arguing that Kelly wouldn't ball out in today's NFL where QBs are protected and offense is encouraged. That's a totally different argument. To Bob in STL's point, we don't have a Thurman Thomas on our team which makes this team's ability to pass the ball all the more impressive. No defense game plans to stop Moss and Singletary, they game plan all week to stop Josh Allen and Diggs and Beasley and this passing offense. And no one can do it. I'm not crowning this t
  8. This is the best passing offense the Buffalo Bills have ever had. Even back in the Kelly Era the Bills offense really ran through Thurman Thomas. I have never seen a Bills team throw the ball this much and this well. It just looks effortless. When we get John Brown back I don't know who can line up against this passing offense and stop it. I think we can go score for score with the Chiefs at this point. I think we can beat the Chiefs. I think this team can win the Super Bowl.
  9. Town of Tonawanda raised, now living on the banks of the beautiful Ohio River in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
  10. Remember anxiously awaiting the start of this season and thinking that the Bills would go as far this year as Josh Allen could take them, and hoping Josh would take another step forward in his development this year? Imagine if someone would have told you then that heading into Week 15 of the season Josh Allen would be third in the MVP conversation?
  11. We are getting healthier and playing better each week in all three phases of the game. We are peaking at just the right time. I don't think I'm being a homer when I say this, if we can stay healthy, I think we have a chance to win it all this year. I can't believe I'm actually saying that... If the Bills win the Super Bowl, Buffalo will look like St. Patrick's Day, Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, and Chinese New Year all rolled into one.
  12. I can't argue that the Bills front office has put Allen is a position to succeed and the Jets' front office has been inadequate in supporting Darnold's development. What I take issue with is that the guy doing the video above gives Josh Allen no credit for any of his improvement. His position is that the Bills made Allen, and while it's true that Beane, McDermott, Daboll, and Dorsey were all a part of the equation, the person most responsible for Josh Allen's success is... Josh Allen. That seems to get lost in the equation somewhere. Revamping the O-Line last year is
  13. Great write up as always Shaw. Couldn't agree more about Andre Roberts and what he has meant to the team this year. He is sure handed and consistently gives the Bills the best starting field position possible. Can't help but feel he is going to take one to the house before this season is over. I hope it's in the playoffs. Roberts is a real weapon and another feather in Beane's cap for going out and making special teams a priority. Beane's attention to teams is paying big dividends now.
  14. Fair points all appoo. I want both of them on the roster next year. Let's hope we get more Magic Beane this offseason with his cap and roster moves.
  15. Hey OP, I think you make a fair point. Our two point defense is pretty bad. Not sure it's my first take after this game, but it is a concern. It's especially confusing because our defense has had so many solid goal line stands this season. At the end of the day, I think it's just hard to stop an offense from gaining two yards on a set play that they have drawn up and practiced specifically for just that situation. I have no idea where Buffalo's rate of surrendering 2 point conversions is compared to the rest of the League. Might be interesting to see where they stand in comparison to oth
  16. Josh's box score last night won't impress anyone, but if you watched the game, you could not walk away without seeing what a complete QB Allen has become. In the first half there were Steelers' defenders all over Allen. He never looked panicked or flustered. He didn't just take off and run as the first sign of pressure. He hung in there and continued to try and push the ball down the field. He had a pick but it was when his arm was hit during the throw. The end zone view of that play shows what Allen saw, Beasley had gotten behind the secondary and was streaking down the sidel
  17. Beane will put the best O-Line he can in front of his franchise QB. He knows that as Allen goes, the Bills go. The O-Line is not the place to start pinching pennies. I'd rather they release John Brown (I'm sorry Smoke, I think you're great) and use that money to resign Williams.
  18. I've got a new statistic too: Most snarky takes on Josh Allen over the last 3 years that have proved completely wrong: 1. Pro-Football Focus - 1,246 2. Football Almanac - 879 3. Dan Le Batard and the cast of Highly Questionable - 812
  19. I think the game plan for Sunday night will be a throw back to the last couple of years with designed runs for Josh and a game plan that gives him the green light to tuck the ball and take off if the safeties turn their backs on him. Use pre-snap motion to manipulate the defense and open up lanes for Josh to run. Jet sweep to the right and have Josh sneak out to the left. Run away from the side of the field TJ Watt is lining up on and see if their backup LBs can contain Josh. He doesn't need to run for 20 yards. He can break the Steeler's back with repeated 6-8 yard runs. If they start to
  20. What has driven the NFL towards mobile quarterbacks is the advent of players like JJ Watt, Aaron Donald, the Bosa Boys, Khalil Mack, Myles Garrett and others who have made it very expensive for a franchise to put a statue behind their offensive line. Just like in nature, the QB position has adapted to it's changing environment and those QBs who can roll out and escape the pocket and make a penetrating defense pay have found a niche and are exploiting it. Twenty years ago defensive ends and tackles just weren't the athletes that they are today and that new level of athleticism has
  21. There are no Football Gods sitting on a cloud above Bills Stadium demanding tribute in the form of running plays. If runs aren't working, and you can move the sticks and score throwing the ball, then don't run the ball. It's called playing to your strengths and it's what good offenses do. Case in point, the Chiefs have five games this season where they didn't even break 100 yards rushing as a team. Two of those games they only ran for 36 yards and 50 yards, and they won both of them. I don't remember people going crazy about the lack of a Chief's running game after those con
  22. Logan Thomas was lined up on the end with TJ Watt and chipped him all game long last week when the Redskins beat the Steelers. We need to mirror that. We can't have another Joey Bosa fiasco this week. If the O-line can give Josh a chance to go through his reads and throw the ball the Bills will win this game. I really think it's that simple.
  23. The Buffalo Bills vs the Cleveland Browns for the AFC Championship? That is Old Testament crazy right there... Could there be any more fitting end to this ridiculous year?
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