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  1. You deliberately take things out of context and argue just to argue. You are the first poster in over 3 years on this website that I've decided to block. You're not worth the aggravation. Cheers
  2. The post I was responding to said "Vaccination is a broader public health issue that goes beyond the individual." Thank you for your contribution.
  3. Hey Capco, I can't think of anything more personal than what you allow someone else to put into your body. Cole Beasley should have no say in what you choose to put in your body and you should have a say in what Cole puts in his. Ultimately, that how I see it. I agree with you that vaccinations are a public health issue, but I don't believe that a public health concern trumps your right as an individual to say what happens to your body. Remember that in this particular instance, we are talking about a vaccine being used under an emergency use authorization
  4. There are people for and against getting the vaccine who are perfectly reasonable. Neither side is objectively correct. It is a subjective decision people make as individuals about whether or not to get the vaccine. Let people do their own thing and give them the benefit of the doubt that they might know what is best for them better than you do. I personally took the vaccine. I'm over 50 and I work in the ER. I'm in a high risk environment almost daily. If someone else chooses against the vaccine, that's their choice. It has no bearing on me, I'm vaccinated and pr
  5. Aspirin works by stopping the platelets in our blood from sticking together and starting to form a clot to stop bleeding when an injury occurs. Theoretically Toradol could do the same. I think the risk of bleeding is very small with taking aspirin or Toradol. Coumadin, Eliquis, Xarelto, Lovenox are what most people call a blood thinner, and also Plavix to a lesser extent. Plavix works on platelets too, more so than aspirin does. The others work by interfering with the liver making coagulation factors that help stop bleeding. They are very strong medicines and you will bleed mo
  6. I’ve worked in the ER for 24 years and I use Toradol (ketorolac) daily. You can put it through an IV, use it in a shot, there’s a pill, and there’s even an eye drop for inflamed eyes. There is a theoretical risk of increased bleeding with any medicine related to aspirin, which Toradol is. I think the risk of bleeding is very small. The major benefit is that almost every other pain medicine we have is a narcotic, and obviously regular opiate use opens the door to possible addiction issues. Toradol is the best non-narcotic pain medicine we have. Bruce Smith said playin
  7. This is my top 10 guess; Rodgers Mahomes Brady A. Donald L. Jackson Allen Henry Diggs D. Adams Watson
  8. I said that Star could show up out of game shape, never get on the field all season and still make his guaranteed money. I'm pretty sure you're right that he just can't quit the team and still get paid. The issue is that Star could show up out of shape and unmotivated to play this year like Albert Haynesworth did with the Redskins. I think that's what McDermott and those guys might be worried about. If they had been in contact with Star and knew he was working hard to stay in shape and he would be ready to strap them up for training camp, I don't think McDermott would have had any concern
  9. One of the narratives in the national media about Allen and Diggs that irks me a bit is that Diggs is always bailing Allen out and that without Diggs Allen would half as good as he is today. Two points, Diggs is amazing and is hard to cover and he makes Allen's life way easier because he is open so often. That is a given, and in that respect, Diggs does help Allen out a lot. No argument from me. Thank God we have Diggs, he is incredible. The second point, and the one that bothers me, is that the media pundits make it sound like Allen is throwing Diggs bad balls and D
  10. Thanks for the interpretation. I know the Bills want him, I think the worry is that Star may not want to play football anymore after taking a year off. His money is guaranteed this year whether he plays or not, and he wouldn't lose very much money if he decides to hang up his cleats after this year. He can show up at training camp out of game shape and never play a single snap all season and the Bills are still going to pay him $4.5 million. With his cap numbers the Bills are not going to cut him. This year's guaranteed salary of $4.5 million is the last big chunk of money he is
  11. Here is Star's contract summary. https://overthecap.com/player/star-lotulelei/2282/ I don't pretend to be an expert on reading these things but a couple things stand out to me. The first is that the Bills take a huge cap hit if they cut Star this year. If they cut him during the next two years of his contract the cap hit is manageable. The second thing that strikes me about his contract is that this season is the last year he is owed any guaranteed salary. After this year he is not guaranteed any salary. He does get a part of his prorated signing bonus. I'm not s
  12. I'm a Josh guy and here's why Mahomes has had the best offensive supporting cast in football since he took his first snap. Great offensive coach, great O-line, great WR / TE corps, and a legit running game. In the Super Bowl a couple of months ago Mahomes had to play behind a bad O-Line for the first time in his career and he looked pedestrian at best. It was really the first time in Mahomes career that he was asked to overcome a deficiency on the Chiefs offense and he couldn't do it. Contrast that with Josh who has been asked to win year one with no WRs, year two
  13. I think Beane went out and got Trubiski as an insurance policy for a championship run this season if Josh goes down for 3-4 games. If Trubisky can go .500 in any starts he has this season, I think we still make the playoffs and a healthy Josh can hopefully step back in and make the playoff run. I don't think Beane will give up that insurance policy for any one year rental.
  14. Watching Embedded tonight they played a short clip at the beginning of the episode of Diggs standing alone out on the field after the AFC Championship game watching the Chiefs celebrate. Then McDermott was there with Diggs and they stood there for a moment watching together, hugged, and McDermott walked him back into the Bills locker room to be with the rest of his teammates. Watching that moment again it struck me what a great leader Sean McDermott is. After the game in the visitor's locker room at Arrowhead, I'm sure McDermott was just as devastated as anyone. He had just lost
  15. Careful there Milton... Folks 'round these parts don't take too kindly to anyone saying somethin' nice about them Brownies... 😉
  16. It you get into Tonawanda I'd recommend a Sahlen's hot dog at Ted's (burgers are great too) and then some frozen custard at Andersons just down the street. It's a great inexpensive lunch. Both are on Sheridan Dr. Duffs for wings, Bocces for pizza. Wegmans is a grocery store chain in WNY and if you see one you should drop in. I know, I know, a grocery store? If you need to get any food or drinks for the room at night and you see a Wegmans, take a minute and drop in and check it out. Hope you have a great trip!
  17. Just got six tickets for MNF in Nashville. I'll be taking a sabbatical from TBD as I recover from my kidney "donation" to help pay for the evening. 😳
  18. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to post those cap numbers here for us to look at and kick around. This is a tough time of the year for football fans, not much going on to talk about. Appreciate the thread. 🍻
  19. He was a good signing for the Colts. At this point in time, after the bulk of free agency and the Draft, Fisher was probably the best option out there for them. Now we just have to see if he has had enough time to recover from his injury and regain his form. He's a solid NFL tackle when he's healthy. I'm imagine getting to line up next to Quenton Nelson on every snap will help a bit too...
  20. I think this is the biggest reason Jones is going to succeed in New England. Mac Jones is used to hard nosed coaching under Saban and nothing is going to change in New England. Jones isn't going to wilt or pull a Wentz and start to sulk when Belichick routinely puts a boot in his azz in practice in front of the team to make him better. And just like when Brady took the abuse from Bill for years, it gives Bill license to treat everyone else that way too. If the QB is going to take it without complaint, everyone else better just shut their mouth and fall in line too... It was one
  21. Hey Rigotz, Just a few links / articles to check out on Onwenu who replaced Thuney when Thuney slided to center last year. Admittedly, I didn't hear a lot about him last year but this off season I have been looking at the Pats, Jets, and Phins a bit closer and Onwenu was a steal in the 6th round for the Pats last year. I think Onwenu's play was one reason they felt comfortable letting Thuney move on. I think you make a valid point, losing a lineman like Thuney can be a challenge for any team, but it looks like they already have someone on the roster to help mitigate t
  22. Definitely a fair point NoSaint. I think that looking at the top five from last season, Baltimore, New England, Tennessee, and Cleveland really were run first offenses and weren't just salting away games with the lead in hand. Admittedly I don't watch a lot of NFC football to know how the Saints offense looked week to week.
  23. Bill Belichick's coaching hallmark has always been game planning to identify an opponents' weakness and adjusting his offensive or defensive scheme week to week to exploit those weaknesses. As offenses have transitioned to pass first philosophies across the league, defenses have begun to adapt by looking for defenders geared more towards stopping the pass. LBs who have the mobility to cover in the flat seem to be overtaking the prototypical LBs of years past who were run stuffing thumpers. I think Bill is going against the grain and is returning to smash mouth football and trying
  24. When Ed Oliver is violating your new quarterback guy Ricky Schroder on another third and long, don't get too upset. Just remember that there's a part of Ricky that likes it.
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