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  1. Back pain sucks, no argument there. When your back was bad could you have sat up from lying back on the ground like he did and then stand up and start walking with your back in spasm? My wife has had back issues and when it is bad it is the changing of body position that kills her, from lying to sitting, from sitting to standing, that's when it's the most painful. I just don't think the video looks like a back injury to me. I hope your back stays healthy... 🍻
  2. This argument kills me, and I'm not saying that you're making it. The argument is apparently that it wasn't a head injury, just a spine injury, nothing to worry about there. What kind of injury to your spine renders your legs too weak to stand or walk? If I was taking care of a patient in the ER who came in with a back injury from a football game that was bad enough that he was left temporarily unable to walk, that patient would be heading for CT and MRI to rule out a spinal cord injury. In this case it's clear Tua and the Dolphins are lying, it was clearly a head injury from watching the replay, but let's just say that Tua is being honest here for a minute. Can you imagine the conversation with the unaffiliated neurotrauma specialist in the locker room; Tua; "Hey doc, I hurt my back really bad and my legs didn't work for a bit. Nothing to worry about there. It's not my brain that's injured, it's just my spinal cord." Doctor; "We'll that's a whole 'nother story! Back into the game with you then! I was worried you had something serious like a concussion." Tua; "Gee thanks Doc! Who needs a stupid old spinal cord anyways!"
  3. That's true. They are supposed to be there to protect the player from the team doctor being more concerned about the team than the player. In this instance it didn't work. The Dolphins knew he was concussed, they saw the same replay we did. I have no doubt that if any member of the Bills, whether Josh Allen or a back up special teamer, got their bell rung like that and couldn't even make it off the field on their own, our coaches would never allow them back into the game. Say what you will about McDermott the coach, but I don't think anyone believes he would have put one of his players back out there in that situation.
  4. The Phins locker room is enjoying the win right now but every player on that team knows the organization sent Tua back out there with absolutely no regard for his well being and placed winning a game ahead of Tua's health. That's a little seed that is going to grow in the back of their minds every time they have an injury and have to deal with the Dolphins medical staff. The team has shown where they stand on taking care of their players. If the Dolphins coaching staff, medical team, and front office is willing to sacrifice their starting QB for short term gain, they know that everyone else on that roster is completely expendable. It was a horrific move by the Dolphins to put Tua back out there. You know it's something that would have never happened in our organization and that's why players want to play in Buffalo.
  5. Wish we playing at home this week so the team would have an extra day to use our training facilities to continue to rehab and heal.
  6. This article just about sums it up. The Phins should get nuked by the League for this. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2022/09/tua-tagovailoa-nfl-concussion-protocol-meaningless-gross-motor-instability
  7. This thread was started right after the 2nd half began. Not after we lost. It's not weak sauce, it's a flagrant violation of the NFL concussion policy and Tua shouldn't have sniffed the field again today. Expect hefty fines to everyone involved in deciding to put Tua back out there. Any physician involved in the decision should get a letter from their medical board of licensure. OKing Tua to go back out there was clear cut malpractice.
  8. I'm not quite sure how that is possible. Announcers are mum on it. Tua being back in the game seems to violate every bit of the protocol. Gross Motor Instability ---- Check Confusion ----- Check "IF OBSERVED AT ANY POINT ---NO RETURN TO PLAY Tua couldn't stand or walk after he hit his head on the turf. I'm looking forward to seeing the NFL explain this one...
  9. https://finheaven.com/threads/bills-fans-coming.374406/ Here's the thread on Fin Heaven with fans complaining about people selling their tickets to Bills fans and having Bills Mafia take over the stadium. I can also sense a very subtle undercurrent of dislike from the Miami fans towards Bills Mafia. There is a chance that I'm just overly sensitive and imagining it... 🤣 "...but the amount of Bills fans I already see crawling around Ft.Lauderdale is gross." "Will be 50/50 fans as usual. It's disgusting." "Nonetheless, **** the Bills and their fans." "biils fans are just itching to get out of that sh**hole city of buffalo.. hopefully they waste a lot of time and money to come down to see a loss." "More fun for watching those hillbillies leave early when they’re getting crushed. **** them all. "If Lauderdale by the Sea is a barometer (it has been for years in regards to the patsies takeovers), we have a major influx on our hand. Truly trash, I can‘t wait until they leave, ugly and obnoxious…and those are their best traits. Unctuous…"
  10. That D-line is going to be the difference maker this week. If the D-line can get quick pressure on Tua he won't be able to hold the ball to let Hill and Waddle get down field to exploit our banged up secondary. It's going to have to be quick short passes that Milano, Johnson, and Edmunds can clean up underneath.
  11. The Phins secondary beyond Xavier Howard is pretty iffy and he's on the injury report right now too. If both teams go into the game with no effective secondary then it just becomes a good old fashioned shoot out and the question is who would you take in that situation; Tua / Hill / Waddle ---or--- Allen / Diggs / Davis? I think our D-line can disrupt their passing game more than theirs can disrupt ours. I'm picking Buffalo.
  12. Three possibilities here; 1; Bills medical staff says everything is looking good, Hyde still having issues 2; Bills medical staff says there is a problem, Hyde says he feels great and wants to play 3; Bills medical staff says there is a problem, Hyde doesn't want to play but just wants second opinion I've always thought the Bills have a great medical team and handle injuries and rehab well. It sure does look like no matter which of the three it is, we're rolling without Hyde against the Phins. Hope everything checks out ok for him.
  13. I think Dorsey gets it. He wouldn't have called 20+ pass plays in a row in the Titans game otherwise. If the passing game is working it looks like he will stick with it until it doesn't. In the Rams game we had more success running the ball and he ran it more. Titans game not so much and we ran it less. I think the offense is in good hands.
  14. My take is that to win a football game you need to score more points than the other team does in 60 minutes. (revolutionary, I know...) It doesn't matter how you score those points, running, passing, special teams, defense, kicking, they all count the same. With our offense we score points easiest when passing the ball. We're not as good at running the ball. As long as our passing game can product 35-40+ points a game passing, I don't care if they run at all. If at some point the lack of a running game begins to lessen the effectiveness of the passing game, then that needs to be addressed. So far it doesn't look like our anemic running game is affecting our passing game. At one point against the Titans the Bills called 20+ pass plays in a row. It was in the 3rd quarter when the offense scored the most points. There are no bonus points awarded by the football gods at the end of the game for having a "balanced attack". Would it be great to have both a fantastic passing and running game? Of course it would, but right now no one can stop our passing game even when they know we're going to pass it. I'm not for taking the ball out of Josh Allen's hands and putting it in Moss or Singletary's for the sake of "balance" if Moss and Singletary are not as effective running the ball as Josh Allen is throwing it. Until someone figures out how to stop Josh Allen and our passing game, why would you want to run it more? The only time we run should be to set up the pass, to slow down the pass rush on occasion to keep the defense honest, and to salt away the clock in the 4th quarter when we have a big lead. An offense that goes away from what it does best to satisfy this theoretical notion of "balance" is going to score less points and lose more games.
  15. The Bills' offense only played 7 quarters compared to the rest of the League who have played 8. If we had kept the starting offense in this week in the 4th quarter against the Titans the Bills offense would be first.
  16. Great write up as usual! Pertaining to #10, I'm hoping we are only missing Jordan Phillips for this game. I think the big guy's hammy is going to take a bit of time to heal. I think Jackson will be ready to go. The Phins are going to have to use the quick passing game because I think the Bills defensive line is going to be in the back field early and often. If the Bills' D can tackle Hill and Waddle soundly this game should go the same way the first two went with the Bills' offense slowly pulling away to a big 2nd half lead. Frazier and McDermott are not going to allow Hill and Waddle to get behind the defense repeatedly, and inexplicably, like the Ravens did. This Bills offense is amazing to watch, but it is the defense that I'm excited to see this week. You know anytime the defense gets a stop on downs or turnover Josh and the offense is going to take the ball down the field and extend the lead.
  17. Hey Turk, I really hope you're right but it all comes down to winning the Super Bowl or everything else in meaningless. The 2007 Patriots had the greatest regular season ever, they went 16-0 and ultimately won 18 games in a row. Had the highest point differential in history, +315. They had 12 games where they scored more than 30 points, again the most in NFL history. Four consecutive games won by 20 at the start of a season, most ever. And then they lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl. They would be considered the greatest NFL team ever if they had won that Super Bowl. Now they don't even get talked about very much. Let's hope the Bills can have a season like the 2007 Pats and finish it the right way. It would be incredible to have the 2022 Bills team become legendary.
  18. It's funny, when they announced McDermott as the new coach I was completely ambivalent about it. I didn't know much about him and frankly was just worn down by the carousel of bad coaching hires at OBD and being trapped as a fan of this hopelessly dysfunctional franchise. Witnessing the Rex Ryan implosion didn't help any. But hiring McDermott was the turning point. I didn't know it at the time, but when that pasty, bald guy did his introductory press conference, that was the moment this franchise changed. He brought in Beane and the rest is playing out right now. I think they are the best coach / GM duo in the NFL. I think this franchise will be in good shape for a long time with Beane and McDermott at the helm.
  19. Josh is just about automatic on 4th and 1 keepers. I think Dorsey is tinkering with other play calls to see if they can take that duty off of Josh's plate. So far it doesn't look too promising. I suspect that in a big game in Arrowhead or in the playoffs JA17 is keeping the rock.
  20. I remember people's heads exploding the day the Bills announced Gilliam's extension a couple months ago. I was surprised about it too but told my son I trust Beane. I still do.
  21. If Dane Jackson's injury ends up just being a muscle injury then there is a real chance he can play this weekend. Same with Hyde. It will just be a pain tolerance issue. I'm hopeful we have everyone back but Jordan Phillips in Miami.
  22. I think this team is locked in and I don't expect to have a game like last season's Jags or Steelers this season. They are going to lose some games this season because there are too many talented teams in the AFC and the "any given Sunday" rule always applies, but I don't think the Bills will no-show a game. They know home field advantage is at stake every week and they want the road to the Super Bowl to go through Orchard Park in January not Arrowhead.
  23. I'm glad the Phins beat Baltimore. I think the Phins will fade over the course of the season but the Ravens will be in the hunt at the end. This Raven loss may help with the Bills getting the #1 seed. Now the Bills need to take care of their business and continue to stack wins starting with beating the Titans tomorrow night.
  24. Most malpractice insurance policies cap at $1mm per incident. Maybe he has a higher limit due to the work he does with professional athletes. The max on the malpractice insurance is usually the max that will be settled for in a lawsuit. Lawyers want the easy money, the insurance money. Any verdict over that amount and they have to go after the doctor's personal assets and they almost never do that, it costs too much and takes too long.
  25. I'm hoping we go with the Liberace themed sequin throwbacks.
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