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  1. It looks like the contracts for Milano and Williams are going to be in the same range, around $12-$15mm a year. The question is who is worth more to the team, Williams or Milano? My position is that we need to keep Daryl Williams. He has played at an elite level all season long protecting our franchise QB. I dread a return to the days of shoddy O-Line play like we saw in JA17's rookie season. This team has evolved and we are now winning games on offense, not defense. We need to maximize the ability of Josh and the offense to score points. This decision all boils down to the
  2. I wish Fitz the best in whatever he decides to do. Having said that, I hope he does move on from the Phins. They don't win half as many games last year without him under center.
  3. I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the conventional wisdom that was in effect at the start of the '20-'21 season and see how it all played out. I was in full agreement with all 5 of these conventional wisdoms at the start of the season. 1. The Bills would probably be a better squad than the '19-'20 Bills, but still finish with a worse record than the 10-6 record the '19-'20 team had. The Bills started the season winning.... and they just kept on winning. It was the most enjoyable season of BIlls football in 20 years. The Bills shined in Prime TIme and finishe
  4. It would have been great to get Watt, but not at the numbers he signed for at Arizona. I'm glad Beane passed, that contract was just too much money for this team in its current cap situation. I'd rather we use some of that money to resign Darryl Williams and keep JA protected.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised to see Amazon step in and blow up the negotiations with a ridiculous offer to get access to NFL games. They have more money than anyone and I think they would be willing to overpay to get NFL football on their platform. It not only would get their face into the NFL money trough, but from a long term strategic perspective, it would also help speed along the demise of the tv broadcast networks and allow Amazon Prime to grab a bigger share of the entertainment market.
  6. There is a silversmith in India who has felt badly for the last couple of days and he just can't figure out why. Little does he know that the entire silversmithing world has been harmed by a football celebration in Tampa Bay, FL causing a disturbance in the Silversmithing Force. If Tom Brady would just apologize to all silversmiths, everywhere, it would restore balance to the Silversmithing Force. But you just know that selfish bast*** won't.... As if you needed one more reason to hate Tom Brady.
  7. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/12/12/brandon-beane-reflects-on-drafting-josh-allen-when-many-had-doubts/ https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/how-the-bills-front-office-arrived-on-josh-allen-as-the-teams-franchise-qb/article_013c597a-2b90-54d2-b964-3dc60895cf04.html I remembered reading articles about all of the evaluation that went into the Bills drafting Josh Allen in 2018. If the NFL had this year's restrictions on scouting in 2018, I don't know if the Bills draft Josh Allen. The entire front office met with Josh repeatedly, including the Pegulas, befor
  8. https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-memo-details-different-format-for-combine-individual-workouts-will-be-held-o The NFL has announced some changes that will make it more difficult for NFL teams to evaluate potential Draft prospects this off season. This year there will be no East-West Shrine game to showcase underclassmen declaring for the Draft. The Combine will also be modified this year. There will be no in person work outs allowed at the Combine by teams. They will have to conduct in-person workouts during the player's college program Pro Day. The Combine lasts several days and
  9. I took me an hour to put together this "meaningless" thread last evening just so you would have something to criticize this morning with your breakfast. You're welcome.... 😉
  10. Respectfully disagree FireChans I don't think your position that the clock for the Chiefs starts the day they drafted Mahomes, and the clock starts for the Bills the day they drafted Allen is reasonable. It's not just about the QB. Football is still a team sport, and while the QB position is the most important, we just watched the best QB in the NFL lose the Super Bowl because he had no O-Line in front of him. It Reid took 7 years to build a Super Bowl winning roster in KC. That roster, without Mahomes starting at QB, had been in the playoffs four of the previous f
  11. I agree. We are ahead of the Chiefs' timeline. That is a credit to Beane and McDermott. Mahomes stepped onto the field as a starter with a roster that had been in the playoffs 4 out of the previous 5 years. JA17 was stepping onto the field with a franchise that had made the playoffs once in the previous 18 years and a roster with the highest dead cap hit in the NFL.
  12. There has been a lot of talk here over the last month comparing the Bills to the Chiefs for all the obvious reasons. A lot of posters were very hard on Beane and McDermott for the loss to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game. I was going to post this then but I thought emotions were still too raw for a lot of people. Losing to the Chiefs was rough, but taken from a distance and with some context, it's clear Beane and McDermott are two years ahead of where Andy Reid and the Chiefs were in their rebuild. I think the facts show that Mc/B have done an amazing job. I'd love to have won the
  13. Yep that's my goal! You got me on that one!!!! Read my post at the end of page two of this thread.
  14. Hey Dr. Who. I'm being flip with ScottLaw because he's a troll. My point is that Beane and McDermott put together a fantastic roster this year that swept our division and made it all the way to the final four with a roster comprised of a lot of mid-range free agents signings. Beane did this out of necessity. He didn't have any other choice if he wanted to field a competitive roster this year. I think McDermott put it pretty succinctly, the Chiefs are in year 8 of their build, the Bills are in year 4. Good teams are built through the draft. It's a cliché because i
  15. Couldn't agree more. What a horrible roster Beane and McDermott put together this year. They only made it to the AFC Championship game. Amateurs....
  16. Couldn't agree more. What a horrible roster Beane and McDermott put together this year. They only made it to the AFC Championship game. Amateurs....
  17. Yep, I agree. I thought we were roundly outcoached last night. I'm sure the coaches will learn from it and do better next year just like they learned from last year and improved. Just don't understand the slings and arrows today. We were in the AFC Championship game and lost to the best team in football. I don't get the sky is falling attitude that many here have. I wish the whole team would have played better. I wish we would have won the Super Bowl this year. I wish a lot of things. I just can't look at this amazing season and feel too disappointed. The team fe
  18. Beane doing what Beane does. I have faith in this front office to keep the Bills in contention for a Lombardi going forward.
  19. The entire team struggled yesterday except for our rookie kicker. (I'll cut him some slack on the missed extra point considering the pair of 50+ yarders) The team will learn and get better just like after losing to the Texans last season. Hopefully KC will have to make some tough choices due to their cap situation (18 million over) and their roster will be a bit less formidable next year. All in all, a fantastic season and I agree with Beasley, there is nothing for Daboll to apologize about. We made the AFC championship game and lost to the best team in the NFL in th
  20. Two young star QBs. Only one ticket to the Super Bowl. A little extra curricular activity from Josh, Mongo, and Dawkins to get some bad blood brewing. The next 10 years are going to be great. Go Bills!!!
  21. I love those statistics. I think those stats tell the Josh Allen story better than any other you could come up with. It has been amazing to watch him getting better week to week since he was drafted.
  22. I agree, The WRs definitely have helped Josh this year. No argument. I just think Josh has taken that next step and is playing QB better in every facet of the game and would still be playing at a high level without Diggs. I don't think his numbers would be as good without Diggs. I think we probably agree more than we disagree on this one. Just more a matter of degrees. 🍻
  23. I just disagree that the WR corps is responsible for Allen playing so much better this year. Has the WR corps helped Allen? Of course it has, but that is not the first, second, or third reason reason he is playing at an elite level. I am going to list a series of improvements Josh has made and you tell me which ones Diggs, Beasley, Brown and Davis can take credit for; A. No more Hero Ball. B. Changing into the right play at the line of scrimmage. C. Adjusting protection at the line of scrimmage. D. Looking off safeties and pump faking DBs
  24. I thought there was zero chance he would sit for this game because of the concussion. I always thought his turf toe was going to be the bigger issue. That's a tough injury for a QB. Hard to run, hard to throw if you can't push off on your foot.
  25. What do you mean? This hire checks off the Fat Twin diversity box.
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