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  1. Three points to the posts above. I don't think the standard to say Josh is better than Mahomes is that Josh has to beat Mahomes and win a Super Bowl and League MVP. Football is still a team sport and if the Josh plays lights out this weekend but the Bills still lose because Singletary fumbles on the goal line or the DB's give up another last second Hail Mary, is that on Josh Allen? I can look at both Mahomes and Allen play, and evaluate their skill sets and how they bring it in crunch time and compare the two QBs abilities and make a judgement about who is better.
  2. Using my advanced technology to track the football (my eyeballs) the ball boinked off the upright and came back out to the front of the goal posts into the end zone. Not sure where this new "technology" is coming from. My guess is it's from Justin Tucker's mother.
  3. I have been there for all of them except the first. I was in the middle of the desert on the Iraqi border for the first Super Bowl loss and didn't even know who had won until 24 hours after it was all over. I assure you I have all the scars of a long suffering Bills' fan. We buried my father two years ago in his favorite Bills sweatshirt. My whole family has paid its dues. I'm not "already rationalizing" anything here. I want the Bills to win it all this year and I'll be disappointed if they don't, but that won't take away from the fact that this season has been amazing. It
  4. Couldn't agree more. I'm not anxious this week at all. It's not because I think the Bills are going to win, I think it's a coin toss. I feel confident that either way the Bills are going to make a good accounting of themselves. I don't think Josh is going to find the moment too big for him, and I think he is going to play fantastic. I think this is going to be a game that is decided by an odd bounce of the ball one way or another. Win or lose I'm happy with this season. I'm confident in saying, if not this year, next year. That's a hell of a place for me to be after 20 years
  5. Really nice analysis, SCBills, I hadn’t looked at it that way before. I think you summed it up perfectly.
  6. Hey MJS, You're right, I didn't even mention the arm talent that Josh has that Lamar doesn't. 😃 I would take issue with your last line though. Their position was that Lamar would be be as good of a passing QB as Josh if he had a #1 WR like Diggs on the roster. I don't think that is a position that they can possible defend. 🍻
  7. Mike Greenberg; "The difference between Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson is Stefon Diggs" I'm not here to throw stones at Greeny, he's one of my favorite ESPN hosts. Dan Orvlovsky, Ryan Clark, and Rex Ryan were on the segment this morning too and all of them agreed with that sentiment. I think Rex will say anything to get some attention but I respect Orvlovsky's and Ryan Clark's football knowledge. Throwing those qualifiers out there, I think the take that Jackson would be throwing the ball like Allen this year if he had Diggs is crazy. Putting Diggs on any team in the N
  8. Watson played some incredible football this season after losing Deandre Hopkins. I think he deserves to be in the conversation. They didn't win many games this season but that wasn't on Watson. He played lights out all year. Mahomes Rodgers Allen Watson
  9. Check out Bills Reddit. That's not how it is. People wishing Lamar a speedy recovery with their donations. It's a classy move. Wouldn't expect anything else from our great fanbase.
  10. Al Michaels said Allen's increase in completion percentage was because he has been checking it down this year. I don't even know where to start on that one....
  11. If Ben falls on that fumble at the 2 yard line on the opening play instead of acting like it was a hand grenade, the game is completely different. He is the leader of that team and he sets the tone on the field. His desire to win that game, or lack of desire, was clear for all to see. That same attitude permeates through a locker room and when the Steelers finally had to play some tough games late in the year they imploded. I watched Josh Allen step into the middle of a rugby scrum, grab a lose ball, fight through the pile of bodies towards the first down marker, and
  12. LOL! I'm still not sure if that was a designed call or just Josh being Josh. I wouldn't mind seeing more of that play as long as it works the same way. 🙃
  13. I think one of the big problems with the Bills' option running game is that Josh almost never gives the ball up. Not much of a mystery who to defend for a Ravens' LB if you know Josh keeps it almost every time. What needs to happen when we go with those run options is that Josh HAS to hand the ball off unless he has a huge opening to exploit. I'm sure this tendency has been scouted by the Ravens and they are likely to ignore the RB. That is something that we can exploit by giving the ball to Singletary or Williams.
  14. I watched Aaron Rodgers and the Packers dominate the Titans through the air, and Henry do nothing on the ground, in Lambeau Field on a snowy, frigid night Week 16 this season. Davante Adams carved up the DBs that night on the slippery turf. Bad weather can cut both ways. I'm not worried about the offense, Josh is going to be Josh, Diggs is going to be Diggs. I think the entire game is going to come down to one simple factor, will the Bills' defense tackle well. If they are bouncing off people and not wrapping up, we are going to lose. If they tackle clean we are going to win
  15. Hey JGMcD2, I've heard that before but I'm not sure I buy it. I think that is what agents tell their clients because they get a percentage of the contract, so they want to maximize it for their own selfish reasons. One QB taking less isn't going to reset the QB market, especially if Josh lets it be known he took less deliberately. The biggest beneficiaries of Josh taking less will be the other guys in the Bills locker room. It will leave more money for their contracts. They know if he takes up a huge chunk of the yearly Cap then there is less to go around for the other players
  16. Maybe I'm naïve, but I'm hoping that Josh Allen is that rare individual who may take less than fair market value to keep a winning roster around him. What practical difference is there between having $300 million and 400 million in the bank at the end of your career? Even if something happens and he only gets one big contract, injury, etc.. he will still walk away from the game in his early 30's with a nine figure bank account. If the end result of maximizing your salary is spending your entire career on a good team instead of a great team, and making the playoffs a lot but never winning
  17. There did seem to be a big jump in the offense's performance once Daboll moved off the sidelines and into the coaches boxes last year. If Daboll becomes a head coach it will be back down to the sidelines again. That could impact his ability to execute an offense if he is going to be the play caller. It will definitely be an adjustment for him. He seems to call a better game with that bird'e eye view of the field and defense.
  18. That's a throw that Josh couldn't have made the last two years. Most everything he threw the first two years was 100 mph on a rope. Now he has found his touch and can drop the ball in a bucket with a nice little arc all over the field. When you combine that level of touch with his one of a kind arm strength, Josh has the ability to become the best passing QB in the League. He's knocking on the door now. What's even more impressive is that a lot of times he is dropping those dimes while on the run. I'm excited for that game when Josh connects with someone for a touchdown on a
  19. If you read my post I say why yesterday's game was my final check box. You can disagree with that if you' d like. Mahomes had won in the playoffs and Josh hadn't. The last time we saw Josh in the playoffs he went off the rails when the chips were down. He didn't this time. Not only didn't he go off the rails, he's the reason we manage to sneak out a win at all. Mahomes is a generational quarterback. He also happens to be on the most talented roster in the NFL with one of it's best coaches. I hope Josh will win a Super Bowl, and a Super Bowl MVP, and NFL MVP someday, but w
  20. I'm pretty certain I watched the game. Why don't you make a counter argument to my position instead of responding like a jerk? I'm a reasonable person, you could convince me I'm mistaken. Maybe I could change your mind. You know, like two grown ups having a conversation...
  21. Fair point Bang, but the Bills might not make a Super Bowl for years despite Josh Allen playing amazing football. It is a team sport after all. I don't think it's reasonable to say that the only criteria for Josh Allen to be considered as good a QB as Mahomes is if he wins a Super Bowl. By your criteria Jim Kelly was not an elite QB.
  22. There was a thread the other day on the board about Mahomes vs Allen. Mahomes got my vote. My position was that Josh's ceiling was higher, but he still needed to show that he could win when the stakes were high and all the chips were in the middle of the table. I said that when he can keep his composure during the playoffs and continue to play at the same elite level that he has been playing during the regular season, then I would change my mind. Josh Allen is the reason the Bills are going onto the Divisional Round of the playoffs next week. He was the running game and the pas
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