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  1. You are exactly right!...Edmunds should not be dropping back 25 yards to intermediate-deep middle on 3rd and longs....move edmunds to OLB and let him roam around the LOS and fire into the backfied at QBs.....edmunds should be attacking the qb or runner at most times as i feel he is a liability as a coverage lber
  2. Im not singling out any certain individual player on the line.....the o line has been horrid in run blocking....now it could be dabols run scheme as i still think his running playbook is very bland and easy to read for defenses
  3. The OLINE is a major catastrophe in run blocking....thurman thomas would have a hard time running with their run blocking
  4. Have you seen the running lanes?.....yea neither have I
  5. McDermott is loyal to his coordinators at the expense of what is best for the team....he is his old players also as evident from raiding the panthers castoffs......Frazier is past his time and the tampon 2 is too simplistic to beat top teams in the NFL......dabol has zero run schemes that work but is a decent pass scheme coordinator.......we need to scrap the tampa 2..move edmunds to olb and run more 4-3 and nickle packages on passing downs with tighter coverage..on the opposite side of the ball we need to learn the fundamentals of run blocking and run more off tackle and outside sweeps and reverses to keep opposing dlines off balance from just collapsing the interior of our oline on run downs......
  6. An astounding Yes if dareus is in football shape....it may be the big guys last chance to show his head is on straight and reprove his 3rd pick draft status...at this point the ship is burning and dareus could be a lifeboat
  7. Tha The coverage is not working...look at our 3rd down defense when teams are forced to throw?.....middle of the field open whenever you want a 6 yard pickup.....the only part of our coverage that is working is you won't get the bomb on us regularly as we focus all of our scheme to protect that first and foremost!.....problem is teams are 100% ok with taking all the other wide open soft spots in the zone and running at will on us giving them easily 3rd down chances.....edmunds should be firing into the backfield instead of dropping into intermediate or deep middle every passing down.........
  8. Frazier needs to adapt...he cannot expect the tampon 2 to be successful anymore without a dominant front 4....he uses edmunds like a 3rd safety on passing downs effectively neutralizing his strengths....our cbs get no jams on receivers bc they have to give 10 yard cushions bc of Fraziers scheme.......Frazier needs to adapt period with what we have..and running the tampa 2 is not going to cut it without an aaron donald type penetrating DT
  9. After the last 2 weeks it is no longer a question on if we need to make a trade....we need to sign someone and if we don't then we are going to struggle to even make the post season and will be bounced right out the first game
  10. Snacks is sitting ripe on the Seattle practice squad for the picking
  11. Frazier defense relies on edmunds being used almost like a 3rd safety in the middle of the field on passing downs....what a waste of a true physical specimen such as edmunds......the scheme is very simple and there is a reason most of the nfl has phased out of the college and highschool cover 2 looks.......it isn't effective anymore
  12. Its defense all the way..our offense is good enough right now if dabol gets his head out of his ass trying to force an up the middle power run game with finesse type backs
  13. How many times must we watch Frazier use edmunds as almost a 3rd safety 30 yards deep in the middle?....this scheme is not tailored to our players strengths at all!
  14. Edmunds role in the tampa 2 is to drop into the deep middle of the field almost like a safety....edmunds is being ruined by this coaching staff....he is not a deep middle coverage lber...he is suited for the olb and to attack downhill not cover and read The defense only gave up 26 points bc chiefs just ran the ball at will and limited our offense chances they had the ball.....leaving your defense on the field for 40 minutes bc you are more worried of the deep ball is a failure....by the time late 3rd and the 4th rolls around they are useless and worn out
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