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  1. Losing tre will def affect the defense when playing teams like tampa,kc,chargers,cowboys,packers etc....teams with elite wr 1 will absolutely be more dangerous without tre....i think the way we neutralize losing tre isnt by who we replace him with....its our offense has to now play to its 2020 form and become dynamic......the pressure is on daboll,allen and the entire offense to pick up the slack and start to play championship complimentary football
  2. I think this injury will light a fire under the offenses ass....i do think losing tre significantly weakens our defense against teams with top qbs and top wrs ie chiefs,bucs but a strong offense can pick up the slack for the defense for once
  3. I see it as while the defense may take a step back our offense is set to take 3 steps forward...we have lacked an identity this year on offense and have played relatively conservative to last years standards...we have relied on the defense to always get us the ball back by downs or Turnover...our offense is set to turn back the clocks to 2020 and we are gonna be just fine
  4. And pats got the browns without chubb or hunt and a hurt baker
  5. I dont agree...this offense has changed dramatically from last season to this amd its not because of just the lines....daboll has not even attempted allot of our bread and butter plays from last year...motion is almost gone,no quick slants or timing out patterns...no crossers...no moving pockets etc....we have lost our identity and that has to do with changes our coaching has implemented
  6. Get feliciano and brown back as well as star and edmunds and this team can turn things around
  7. Oh so the saint allowed almost 250 yards on the ground and dominated by a below average eagles team but they will never allow that again....happens to bills vs colts and now no way we ever stop it again...gotcha
  8. Dolphins defense is looking good...brisset is hot trash though
  9. I disagree....those hidden yards where the difference in the game
  10. The knee jerk reactions are hilarious...it was a bad game and thats it...we were missing 2 key players on the line and the backups missed a ton of blocks..lots of the pressure was simply mental mistakes by the oline..i expect the problems will be fixed come sunday
  11. So you are now not allowed to look at the opposing teams sidelines? 😂
  12. The jaguars right tackle being allowed to false start all game long
  13. I disagree...if dabol cant perform his job up to the expectations then maybe he needs to take a leave of absence
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