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  1. I wasnt wearing my bills gear...wore it all year..was doing yard work prior to the game and just sat down when the game started...soon as i put it on had that phillips sack,tre int and allens 98 yard drive...i will have it on every game from here on out
  2. Bills are gonna beat them in foxboro this year...just have to keep pace with them until then..or hope for them to lose a couple..they are def beatable and our defense will trash brady again
  3. And if they are not then the refs take over and help them lmao
  4. I think barkley is going to start the game with allen backing him up...but if barkley sucks royal knob i think allen will enter the game...if barkley does good and puts us in position to control the game and win then allen rests until after the bye
  5. Erie pa..we are a Bills market and all away games are shown on local tv...dont get too many home games as im sure its bc we are 79miles away from the stadium
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