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  1. Warm?!! Warm? His seat should be about as hot as the surface of the sun
  2. Miller signing could have been aj brown or devante adams...another caveman decision by bean and McDermott
  3. Lots of players should walk I agree...injury settlement tre,Hyde and poyer are done,von has to stay one more yr as his dead cap hit makes it impossible to cut him,phillips and Lawson gone.....but no matter what we cannot go into next season with mcclappy....we are going to have a bad yr next yr I forsee and it's best to get new coaching in here to evaluate and start to retool the team around the offense imo
  4. The Broncos game again coaching....back to back jail break blitzes and leaving johnson on an island alone ? 12 men on the field after a TO?
  5. Soft prevent defense is the issue and always has been since the Houston wc meltdown...that's the hc decision to adjust out of what had been working and trying to scratch out a last second win You're gonna get beat playing 20 yards of the wrs
  6. It's McDermott and deep down you know it lmao....his defense allowed Mac Jones to do to us what mahomes did...allowed tyrod Taylor to do the same if not for refs not calling dpi...allowed kyler murray to do it...allowed baker Mayfield also if Godwin looks up..allowed Watson in Houston ot also.....ITS MCDERMOTT
  7. It's ridiculous? Do you see the soft zones McDermott puts our defense in while nursing small leads? Go back and watch how far off our CBS play the wrs in any of our late game defeats...his defense allowed Mac freaking Jones to look like Burrow unreal
  8. Yet results always remain the same...ladies and gents Buffalo has never had the right hc,dc,st,or oc since allen has been a Bill
  9. Injuries will be his excuse and players not executing his broken defense how he delusionally envisions it in his head
  10. That's the problem in Buffalo..we have valued the nice guy with high character qualities while we watch the scumbags hoist Lombardis every season...give me a scumbag if it gets us a lombardi
  11. Again he has focused too much on defense in our drafts and signed old fa defensive players....just the von signing is an aj brown,Mike evans,devante Adam's caliber wr opposite diggs....and those are indisputable FACTS Plus no one knew allen would turn into what he has...not bean..not McDermott..not a soul...that sir is luck on Beans behalf allen grew into who he now is!...too bad bean has pretty much threw hotdogs at the offense since while serving up burnt filet mignon to the defense side of the ball
  12. Bean did two things and that is luck into allen and get diggs but diggs could have been Jefferson so I'm gonna say 1 thing real well....he has focused a disproportionate amount of our top draft picks and FA money on the wrong side of the ball with aged players and now that they are starting to decline we are in cap hell over his mismanagement..he is the gm equivalent of McDermott and I don't get all the love for the guy....you want to see a successful gm? Go look at the eagles gm I see it as our biggest players are being forced into a broken system designed and ran by McDermott...our defense philosophy is playing not to lose and lose is what they do
  13. Better coached team? Or simply a better roster than most of the teams we beat? Can't even say that this yr as we have lost numerous games we had no business losing and its 100% on the bald clappers head Juaron never had half the roster McDermott has I've been suspended twice for doing what everyone else on this board does..SHARING MY OPINION
  14. No they want to guarantee philly gets homefield..they want the kelce butt brother bowl and kelce gf serenading him for the halftime show duh
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