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  1. Josh Allen is the reason of our success not McDermott lol
  2. McDermott values and prioritizes defense above all else so much that he doesn't even care to be involved with the offense!...He ignores the offense in the early rounds of the draft....he signs von for 52m guaranteed and he just passes off the offense to a rookie oc who had no business calling the offense in a superbowl or bust season....all the blunders are starting to become clearer and clearer as the years go by...MCDERMOTT is the biggest obstacle holding this team back from winning it all!...his philosophy of a defense first approach is antique
  3. Warner has always critiqued Allen harshly 😆...Allen is far from the reason of our failure to reach a superbowl...it's bean for not getting the proper players around Allen and McDermott for valuing a defense first approach ...it's obvious McDermott runs this ship and bean is shopping for the players MCDERMOTT wants...McDermott is the biggest reason this team can't get over the hump and into a superbowl
  4. Other teams build superbowl teams in half the time McDermott and this staff have been here...we are going on yr 7 now of this regime...we are no closer now than we were 3 yrs ago!....you can continue to hang your hat on a coaching staff who without josh allen would have this team around a 7-10 record at best!...everyone holds this staff so high bc they accredit the drought being broke to them...thing is the turnaround of this franchise is bc of Josh Allen and diggs...these coaches have held him back from reaching his peak with their outdated approach to the modern nfl
  5. No way is McDermott in tier 2 level coaching ..Give McDermott the jets roster I bet he does no better than saleh....give McDermott the Jags do you see him having a better result....I'd even argue McDermott would do no better or more likely worse than what Daboll did with the giants
  6. Oh so the offense allowed 30 first downs?...the offense played most the game in soft coverages?...make no mistake..if Bengals needed 40 points they would have got it
  7. Do you recall any accountability ever coming out of any of our coaches or gms mouths?...The players are accountable for everything the Coaching 0
  8. You are wrong 😆....the oline finished the season ranked 28th in the league..the highest rated oline players were morse and Dawkins both ranked 24th at their respective positions 😆
  9. If njigba or Addison are there at our 1st pick we can't pass either of those guys up...I'd argue Bijan would be a hard pass up also
  10. Saffold in the probowl?....this just proves the probowl is a complete joke....they should just go to a skills competition format imo
  11. Allen doesn't have what burrow or mahomes have lol...I hate the argument of superbowls and afccg appearances being used to judge a qb...it takes a total team game as I'd hope any Bills fan knows....Allen has one of the worst olines in the league....he has no true wr2 opposite diggs...he has no offensive mastermind hc who can scheme a guy open in a phone booth lol
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