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  1. You are aware the chiefs just lost both Starting tackles and their center is also as good as gone right?..Thats 3 starters on their oline!..ummm i like our chances
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/nfl/browns/.amp/news/jj-watt-not-interested-in-steelers
  3. I disagree..Allen knew where to go the problem was no one was open..the chiefs dbs were absolutely mauling our recievers and our oline crumbled ....was the worst the oline and defense played all year
  4. Yet josh allen had an even better rating than mahomes against the blitz this year and yet kc still was throwing the sink at him in key downs....you sure don't play soft zone defense with a front 4 who cannot get home
  5. Imo the biggest upgrade we can have on defense in this off-season is moving on from Leslie frazier...he is way too conservative and too stubborn to adjust in Big games...when you have no answer to even limit the opposition top 2 weapons then you have failed your job!....the Tampa 2,palms,soft zone defense is so anti Buffalo its pathetic.....its time we move on from Frazier
  6. A huge part of out Defensive inadequacies stem from the old retread bend but don't break Frazier Trots out every game...its soft,has little adjustments and gets fooled over and over on misdirection...we are too worried about the big play that we give up allot of big plays if that even makes sense
  7. I've been saying it since we hired him..his scheme is outdated and already figured out
  8. We had zero halftime adjustments this game...totally outcoached and outclassed smh
  9. Three of those games were with an injured Allen and missing pieces all over the place also...weather doesn't affect us anymore than it would kc imo no we are not a finished team...next season i expect dramatic improvement rushing the ball and rushing the quarterback
  10. A predominantly pass first offense and a sound bend but don't break defense...Did you really just ask that? Lol
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