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  1. Armstead is likely to miss the 49ers game also as he went down with a pectoral injury
  2. Armstead has a pectoral injury also he suffered today
  3. Miami hasn't faced a team with more than 4 wins since October 16 when they lost to the vikes....Miami went from mid Oct till early December having 0 opponents with more than 4 wins 😆...two of the teams they faced in that stretch had ONE win
  4. Off topic but Miami hasn't faced a team with more than 4 wins since Oct 16th and they lost that game lol...last team Miami beat with a winning record was Bills in week 3.......what a cake schedule Miami goes from mid October until beginning of December without facing a team with more than 4 wins and 2 of the teams they played in that stretch were 1 win teams
  5. 2020 was this coaching staffs peak..good enough for consistent playoffs but not good enough to make a superbowl let alone winning one imo To be fair Allen is playing though an Injury that probably sidelines every other qb in the league for a month
  6. Gabe Davis simply isn't a great route runner at times and has allot of mental mistakes....he also has went through a case of the drops and some big drops at that
  7. I lost all confidence in this coaching staff to win us a superbowl after the 13s debacle......I would gladly embrace a change but not for any unknown coach and assistants....it would have to be a clear upgrade I'd take a coaching staff of Payton HC Reich OC I know I'm gonna get flamed for this but idc lol REX RYAN DC
  8. I blame Allen's Injury and coaching for our struggles....none of which falls on Allen..Kid is a dog
  9. Yea good riddance....the Houston overtime game in 2019..the hail murray..13s..staying in nickle against the jets to allow them to run clock and win...3rd and 4th and longs against vikings......too many big time mistakes at the worst times.....he owns all those losses imo
  10. The defense isn't tops anymore...more about mid pack now overall but like 22 or something against the pass
  11. Better be careful...we can bash players all we want but you bash the coaching some of the mods on here will put you in timeout....happened to me today in the 2nd half of the GameDay thread I'm still mad our coaches think we should save timeouts to end the half....as if they carry over to the next half 😆......my 15 yr old on madden has better clock management and awareness than our coaches do sometimes
  12. He has regressed big time from last year..he looked real promising as a rookie
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