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  1. He might be cleared for the 2020 season. Guy has a ton of talent and could probably be had on a prove it deal. We could release Kroft then too, as they are both injury prone but Reed has much more upside. Thoughts?
  2. I love Duke Williams as much as any Bills fan, and I'd love for him to be a major player as I think he has untapped potential and never got an opportunity due to poor decision making. But my issue with him, due to no fault of his own, is that he will be 27 this upcoming year and still has to learn more about the position. I'd like him to stick around, but we still need to add a major upgrade at the position
  3. this is just a random observation about the still shot. I have never in my life of watch football, seen a db defend face down, arms backwards, and get the ball in to try and knock the ball out. i've just never seen it. Had he ben falling on his back, yes. never seen stomach forward and arms back
  4. I just brought it up because Tre specifically mentioned Kevin Johnson with no mention of Wallace. Not sure it means anything, but seemed somewhat significant to me, like he slipped up by saying it. I could easily be wrong
  5. Not sure if Tre White is playing mind games or doesn't want to tip the teams hand, but he said he wouldn't be shadowing Hopkins, he'd only cover him on the left, and that Kevin will get him on the right. Don't know if that was a slip up or he just said it because Levi has been Limited. Just doesn't sound promising. Was hoping he'd say something like "whoever is on the right, whether Levi or Kevin"
  6. If Daboll were to leave, would we go outside of the organization for an OC? Or stay in house to keep continuity for Allen?
  7. I think McDermott can deal with the antics. Every player has their own personality, and he's said he's never wanted his players to hold back from being who they are. As long as you play within the system, and do the right thing in practice and off the field, Shaq talking some smack isn't gonna bother him. I'm not a huge fan of it as well, but these guys are out there busting their a$$, getting disrepected by the national media, and are playing well. It really doesn't bother me at all. And the players have bought in. Shaq has said numerous times, that the culture is different and he wouldn't want to be anywhere else. If the whole team was boasty or flashy, it would be different. As long as they go about their job as players and don't get in trouble, I'm fine with it
  8. I know that people are quick to write him off, and I'm no football expert other than watching the Bills games and playing in high school, but some lineman take a while to develop. There are some that come in right away and are beasts. He seems to be coachable and I'm hoping he improves. I feel like he was mentioned on here a lot more negatively early on, but maybe I haven't been paying attention. Just like Allen, you need to give these guys time. I can''t say he's been a game changer, by any means, but I wouldn't write him of just yet, as some seem to have done already
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