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  1. Klein said in the press conference if I remember right that he's always primarily been a MIKE
  2. With AJ really playing well the last 3-4 games, could our lineup be Milano-Tremeaine-AJ
  3. I think Rubgy is a sport where you have to have a lot of vision. You don't get more of a running start and they run in close quarters with the opponent as much if not more than the NFL
  4. I agree with this and think the best lineup is with hm at C and Mongo at G I agree with this, but wouldn't McD just come out and say there is concern for his health? or is that a faux pas?
  5. I know this has been discussed. But I just listened to McD and I was surprised that even after having Morse not play last game, he didn't say "Mitch is our starting center". With other payers struggling he says "this guy is our starting so and so" or "we have faith in this guy to produce at a high level". Morse has been a top Center, and I'm just shocked TBH that in his last press conference all he had to say about Mitch was "he's in the mix". Am I missing something on film? Has he been playing poorly"? I haven't seen it.
  6. I know it's a long shot, and I know people haven't been happy with the run game. I'd imagine the 3 active guys are definitely better than Wade. Yeldon played well earlier in the year. But whether this year or next could he ever get a look? Or rugby is just so far away from NFL football that he's just a nice story, but will never make the active roster?
  7. Ed posted a pic on IG saying RIP to someone. I think a family member or best friend. anyone know who this was? and what happened?
  8. Oliver was good last year and for the first two games this year. He has been playing out of position because Phillips has been so bad. We need a 1-tech badly.
  9. Cornelius Bennet for sure. I'd love Moulds, Fred, Kyle, Schobel too, but it's been way too long for Biscuit.
  10. This is my list of players, in no particular order, that I'd be thrilled we get in any remaining round: Mims, Leviska, Higgins, Dugger, Chinn, Hall, AJ Dillon, J Taylor, Diggs, Winfield Jr., Epenesa, Gator-Matos, Weaver, Jaylon Johnson, Dobbins, Gandy-Golden, KJ Hamler, Claypool, Pittman Jr.
  11. I would have taken a shot on him. Remarkably still young and changed things around
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