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  1. I can't just name one. So many could help now. Mario Williams, Nate Clements, Terrence McGee, Sam Adams, Pat Williams, Lee Evans, Aaron Schobel, Marshawn, Spiller, McGahee, Moorman, TKO, London Fletcher, Fred
  2. Derrick Dockery, Stephon Gilmore, Mike WIlliams
  3. Jeremiah Owesu-Koremora and Hamsah Nasirildeen
  4. He doesn't seem like a bad guy, and has had serious ups and downs with alcohol. He has made an effort to get his sh#t together and seems to be on the straight and narrow now. He was one of the most physical freaks I have ever seen. I don't want anything to ruin the locker room dynamic and team feel, but I think the Bills would be possibly the best organization for him to thrive in because of that the team unity. Add in Poyers admitted alcohol issues, he would have a huge, supportive group around him to make sure he is able to succeed at the best of his ability. Thoughts?
  5. While I don't disagree fully, you can''t rely on one guy so much. What if he gets hurt?
  6. Reed looks like he might be released by Seattle. I'm not sure what wizardry Beane would need to do to get this done, but it would help us immensely IMO. Last year, and it still continues now, I can't even count the amount of times people have said, "Player Y would have been better if Star took up space in the middle", "Star would have taken 2 blockers here", etc. Star is a nice player but for someone who does one thing, the fact that it was the opinion of many that he was the biggest difference maker in this type of defense, means we need to have someone to replace him after he's cut or retire
  7. I have to say Troup over Gronk is much worse
  8. I'm all for this. I totally understand what you are saying. This team doesn't have too many glaring holes. Of the things we need the most evident, in my mind, are pass rush, CB2, younger on OL, and DL, and TE. You aren't going to hit on all draft picks, but have a better shot at doing so with higher picks. Beane has been able to find some good value later one, but he's been good overall, giving him a better likelihood of nailing the higher rated picks. Use the draft ammo to target the guys you love and complete the team
  9. Hamsah is awesome. if he could put on 10 more pounds that puts him in the SHaq Thompson conversation as far as build, and taller. He could play the big nickel to start and provide an insurance policy at S. Would he be there at our pick in the 2nd round?
  10. I thought the Fam comment was about D Williams and that he deserved it
  11. I don't understand some people on here giving Poyer grief about his pic on the car. He's not saying he's better than anyone else, but that being a player in the NFL his life wasn't as bad so it might have been hard to change. But he realized the seriousness and got help. I thought the pic is just him on his (expensive) car, sober, and being able to enjoy all the things that being an NFL player can provide while being sober and living life a lot happier and present than before. He mentions his kid and being too out of it to play with her and making his wife cry all the time. Things certainly we
  12. Butler was put in a less than ideal situation and was much better than Jefferson, and Addison for that matter. He's young (26) and will be playing his normal position next year. Young piece to move forward with, and he will get paid once the cap goes up
  13. TE is a position that takes a long time to develop in the NFL from college. It took Ebron a long time to become a TD machine the past few years. Heck, Pettigrew, didnt even pan out. I don't want to give up on Knox. He's super athletic, but he's still learning. He can't block and is prone to drops, although it was better this year. Lee Smith is most likely going to retire. Out the following list of FA or players that most likely will be cut, who do you think makes most sense with salary cap and age in mind: Jonnu Smith Zach Ertz Kyle Rudolph Gerald Everett Hunter
  14. I think they'd love to have him back but you have to look at the value. you are always trying to get great players through the draft to deal with the cap, so you have to look at which positions are easier and harder to replace. At what D Williams can get in FA, they might feel that a draft pick can replace him and at a lesser cost for years to come. Harder to do at other positions like QB, DL, etc
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