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  1. I think this is amazing! He's been a Bill for a few weeks and did not have to do that. Could have sent a text, phone call, etc. But the guy went to he hospital to show his respect. And with this visit Ed Oliver has easily gained mine.
  2. Anyone like him? Was a first round talent that has fallen due to off-field concerns. Maybe not a need but great value.
  3. Sorry if already discussed. I really think the Bucs would take a late round pick for him, and we have the cap space. I think he's got 2-3 good years left and has been playing at a high level. Thoughts?
  4. I think Jonah Williams is the pick. I know he wants to play tackle, but guard might be his better position. In a first round pick I want a plug and play guy, so I think I'd want him at LT or RT immediately, and maybe move Dawkins inside
  5. He's definitely a process guy, and "safe". I just don't think he will be BPA at 9. Beane looks for high ceiling early and while I like him, I just don't see it (although I wouldn't mind at all)
  6. I ate a lot of paint chips as a kid. Jk Jk. I try to explain it that I rooted for the under dog. I.m not from Buffalo, I'm from Yonkers. And my dad is from Ireland, and knew, and still barely knows anything, about American sports. I'm 38, and when I was old enough to understand the game and play sports myself, the Bills were playing the Giants. Everyone from where I was from was rooting for the Giants, but I went the other way and decided I'd support the Bills. And I haven't turned back since I was 10.
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