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  1. Looks like TB played the way we played the Chiefs the first time around. Play deep, make every throw difficult on Mahomes and make them beat you by winning at the LOS. But against us they dominated in the trenches, while Tampa Bay dominated them. I think upgrading he D-line effectiveness will be paramount this season
  2. Seems like people are missing that QBs on rookie deals sign EXTENSIONS and not new contracts. Therefore if Allen signs a new deal this offseason it doesnt mean his cap hit will explode for this coming season. It will still be manageable for two seasons before it kicks in. Go take a look at Carson Wentz and see what his cap hit was in 2019, 2020 compared to what it will be this year even though he signed his deal in 2019 for example.
  3. You really think Rogers is going to leave?
  4. Im 32, so I just barely missed being able to remember the Superbowl years but I remember having people over for them. My mom was(is) an absolute die hard and was at a couple of the AFC championships. My first real memory of the Bills are them losing to the Jaguars and I can vividly remember my mom crying during Jims retirement speech. Next indelible memory is the Music City Miracle. Again I can remember me and my mom on our living room floor just stunned. We all know what transpired with the team after that, but despite that my love for them only grew. Eventually my brother also became as die
  5. Well if theyre forced out of bounds behind the LOS it counts as a sack for them
  6. Why cant teams tie a QB pay to a % of the cap instead of an absolute number?
  7. Even more wild is that the entire Lions franchise only has 1(!) single playoff win in the the Superbowl era. Stafford has zero to his name. Most people associate the Lions with ineptitude for good reason, like the Bills and Browns. But at least we had a few runs, Browns have mae an AFC Champ game.
  8. I dont really like it. For a long time I would push back on being apart of "The Mafia". Im not a fan that would argue on twitter or jump through tables the way I thought Mafia Members behaved. For a time it did feel like there was a real separation of "normal fans" and "mafia fans" in behavior and it was ok to delineate. But the term has grown so much, its become ubiquitous and it now associated with being a fan of the team so I guess I am now in the Mafia. I would prefer it went away but I dont think thats possible, probably just my age anyway. If the young kids like it, well, the future is t
  9. I guess both would work since there are a lot of Simmons haters
  10. Allen is 2nd in DVOA against the blitz all season, behind only Mahomes. He is first in the league against Man coverage. It is much more likely that we are succesful against their defense if they play true to their style. If they can force Josh into hero ball it would be the first time all season. That would be playing against their normal tendency. Of course they can do it but it would be difficult on the defense to change schemes. Like I said, Indy kept everyone back and Josh still played really well. I fully expect a great day from our offense, I just think their defense plays
  11. If WInk wants to play man and blitz Allen I think we can jump on them early. Indy played Joshs kryptonite defense he and still lit it up pretty well. If we score early and get a decent lead that could force Lamar to throw more which obviously is preferred.
  12. They also predicted that Biden could win even with a strong polling error in favor of Trump, which is what happened. But some of the win projections in individual states was way off. Why is Wisconsin so hard to poll haha?
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