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  1. One thing to factor in is since we score early and often on offense, other teams are forced to throw the ball more which will impact yards. Im not saying were the same secondary, we absolutely need to force more 3-and-outs going forward. But with a high-scoring offense, inevitably our defensive yards are going to tick up.
  2. Why not abandon TNF for the rest of the season (besides the obvious $$$). But move TNF to Sunday or Monday ont he same network, make it a double header every week. Unprecedented times, these networks ned to make sacrifices. But IMO keeping TNF is throwing a wrench into things. If we didnt play Thursday then we could conceivably play the Titans on Monday or Tues.
  3. I think its a universal feeling that Daboll has done a fantastic job building this offense and this year is his masterpiece with Josh's development and the added pieces in Diggs & Davis. Its also pretty likely that he will get attention for Head coaching after this season assuming this offense keeps playing well. With that, is there a world where we watch Daboll leave and become known as one of the offensive guru coaches a la McVay and Shanahan and we struggle to replace him? If you speak to Falcons fans Id bet they regret letting that guy leave and keeping Quinn. Obviously its an impossible situation for an organization. You cant fire your HC after making the SB just to promote your OC but you also cant keep your OC if there are HC aspirations. Im just so satisfied with Daboll at this point, I heard this scenario mentioned on WGR briefly and have been fear stricken since.
  4. I also think his understanding of defenses has improved. Looking at the Cole TD. On the snap he instantly looks right. The defense is very concerned about Diggs and a guy that should be picking up Cole makes a move to double Diggs (also looks like a miscommunication between the DBs). The *instant* he heads to double Diggs you see Josh recognizes the gap and fires it to Cole in the vacated spot. Its a culmination of progress on all fronts. Team building adding Diggs to scare defenses, play call to give Josh multiple looks on the same side of the field, reading defensive leverage and exploiting mistakes and then obviously execution firing the ball in time accurately.
  5. Also because they opened the game with a very similar play and it got stopped
  6. I dont understand this post at all. Should we temper expectations because Herbert and Burrow look decent?
  7. Yea the general vibe JT gives off is that Allen almost made more mistakes than good plays which is what bothers me. Its not the occasional "This could have been a bigger play..." its almost every play was an error and the occassional positive. Which just doesnt fit. I would like another successful QB or coach to review this video and say whether its legit or nit picky. My gut tells me nit-picky but I dont know enough. Like would Rogers have thrown for 600 yards and 6TDs within the same game because he wouldnt have ever missed a single opportunity to maximize gains? My intuition tells me no but Im not sure.
  8. DING DING. There are a few guys that have bad numbers but can improve and become great with a change in circumstance. But there are a lot more guys that have bad numbers because...they are bad. Its not easy to sort out which side a guy will land on.
  9. WAIT! We have done this before with a QB that played well in the first couple games, it did not end well. We have the 5th year option so Josh isnt going anywhere. Let him play this year and then we can excercise the option and negotiate in the meanwhile. WAIT.
  10. Exactly, we want to lose this game if I remember correctly.
  11. If we score early and often itll force them to have to throw. Thatll be the best thing for our defense. We can play more nickel and dime, get starters on the field. If it is a close game or we get down they can run right at us or attack the short stuff and keep possesion. Cmon offense, show us what youre made of.
  12. Other: Epenesa if he continues to be a healthy scratch.
  13. I think he will easily top his throwing yards this season. 312 is very good, especially for him in this offense but there will be games where we need to score TDs in the second half and he will need to air it out. 1 or 2 deep balls will be caught that do wonders for your yardage total. Also 3 TDs isnt that difficult to beat, heck he shoulda had at least 4 in this game
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