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  1. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2020/5/20/21264955/stefon-diggs-buffalo-bills-number-1-receiver Some good stuff here.
  2. And where exactly do you find out about new products to even make that judgement? My guess is advertising. You have a very simple view of the goal behind advertising if you think it is literally to make people immediately buy that product. Its about brand awareness, creating a culture around a brand. Its not hard to resist buying a product after seeing a commercial a few times, it is near impossible to be impervious to all advertising in general subconsciously.
  3. This is a very silly argument and not true, also everyone is impacted by advertising in some way like it or not.
  4. Ive always heard its because of the spread offenses thats so prevalent in HS and college. They dont learn true technique for a pocket "pro-style" passer. Now that what is considered "pro-style" is changing to be more spread, I wonder if the perceived lack of O-lineman will change too.
  5. heck ill take it. I live downtown but im at work now. I could pick it up this weekend.
  6. Yes that is very true.
  7. Interesting that neither the Pats and now the Chargers have numbers on the sleeves. in 2019 there wasnt a single team that didnt have sleeve numbers: https://news.sportslogos.net/2019/09/08/2019-nfl-week-1-uniform-matchups/. Now there are two. Must be a trend or an NFL rule change.
  8. Hes really personable. Went along with their jokes as well as I could have hoped. I also loved the little tidbits of how he prepares for the draft.
  9. He also broke the OBJ trade news. When he has something it is usually real and big. He doesnt meddle in the small-time news. One guess: Gronk coming out of retirement and playing for the Buccs.
  10. Uhhh, except for the guy you put as #1. I think its Jackson #1 and then Darnold/Allen/Mayfield are all tied for 2nd at this point in terms of ability to play QB. The Bills are just a much more complete team/organization than the Jets and Browns. Year three will show the trend, does Allen continue to rise and Baker continue to fall? We shall see.
  11. Theyve always lost guys and had new ones fill in. Theyve shipped out Seymour, Collins. Lost Gronk, Welker, Moss, etc and they continue to win. I will never doubt them until I see it with my own eyes. I dont think they can do from 12-4 to under 6 wins with Belichek still steering the ship. I dont think its inconceivable that Stidham can replicate what Brady did from a stats perspective. Whether or not that translates to wins, time will tell. I remember the time when we hired McDermott we turned over our entire secondary and that was supposed to be our biggest weakness and it was our best unit. If anyone can fill voids with next-men-up its Belichek.
  12. I do not worry about Jarrett Stidham, I worry about Bill Belichek. He went 11-5 with Cassel and 3-1 when Brady was suspended. We also dont know how good/bad Stidham might be. And their defense was good, even if it was overhyped for most of the year. They won the division last year and Brady was brutal for most of the season.
  13. https://theathletic.com/1736047/2020/04/10/introducing-the-top-10-bills-one-hit-wonders-of-the-last-20-years/
  14. Without a QB I dont see MIA being good. Theyre rising but not there with Fitz and likely not with a rookie QB either. Ill never count the Pats out unfortunately.
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