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  1. This is a laughable take. Nobody in America cares about the NBA? TV ratings are up huge in the last couple years. Do you think the Neilson ratings track China? Over 50% of America is offended by Kaep? Well under 50% of America even knows who Kap is at all let alone is offended by him. Get our of your bubble and take off your tin hat.
  2. jletha

    Josh Allen turning non-believers into believers

    Several of the throws in the Miami game were elite level throws that very few QBs in the league can make right now. If he can add a little touch to some passes, learn to stay in the pocket a bit more often (I dont hate him running a lot, just maybe not quite as much) and be consistent he could be special. I really enjoyed this breakdown: https://theathletic.com/695657/2018/12/05/all-22-with-joe-licata-15-plays-that-show-the-progress-of-bills-quarterback-josh-allen/
  3. Here is a much better view of it. A laser to the perfect spot without setting his legs at all:
  4. Its really unbelievable how much zip he gets on it. And its...accurate! Not every pass is a dime but overall accuracy hasnt been a huge issue these last two games.
  5. That throw was very impressive because it was on the sidelien and he was rolling left. The reason he has so much room to run is because defenses have to respect his arm and throwing ability. If he couldnt make deep throws then DBs would peel off of WRs when they get too far down field. I think if he can stay int he pocket a little more often we will be very formidable.
  6. Both TDs to Zay are big-time NFL throws, especially the second because he hangs in the pocket, looks in multiple directions and fires a laser right to the spot with defenders in the area. He can make any throw on the field from almost anywhere in the field. You can see him getting more comfortable with the game every week. He is still a raw and needs to develop a touch on some passes but man it is a completely different sport compared to watching Tyrod. I was his #1 hater in the draft but he has really turned me around. When he has the ball it is must see TV.
  7. Erik Turner, the main guy from Cover 1 now writes for the Athletic and does breakdowns weekly
  8. jletha

    What would you give for a OBJ or AJ Green?

    I would give very little for OBJ. His contract is way too high for one WR, especially one that causes drama. Money better spent on the trenches and/or 1-2 good WRs instead of 1 elite WR. Id be more into AJ. His contract is more manageable since he only has 1 year left and its cheaper.
  9. jletha

    Replay of Chiefs/rams game

    There were 3 defensive touchdowns. There werent many punts at all but the defense was massive in the game.
  10. jletha

    If Zay pans out, McD's first two drafts are awesome

    Weird I remember Aaron Williams being a disaster his rookie year, he only got good when we moved him to safety in his second year. Also: Zay Dion and Teller are all mediocre to serviceable. The quality players are all on one side of the ball. If McBeane can have the same kind of success drafting offensive players then we could be in business. A lot of it will be on Josh's shoulders.
  11. jletha

    13-7 Baby!

    Matt Barkley has 10 TDs and 18 int on his career, including yesterday. We played the Jets. It is amazing how this board goes from scorched earth-fire everyone to "Here is how we make the playoffs"
  12. jletha

    Who has the best stadium in the NFL?

    I know people love the outdoor stadium for nostalgia but it would be a mistake if they didnt build a domed stadium next time around. Exactly like you said, even if the team is bad it gives people something to do and during winter it will be an escape from the cold. As much as people want to believe it, the cold/snow in December does not help us at all. Sure maybe teams from the south arent used to it but neither are most of our players and it puts both teams at a disadvantage. It also is a massive deterrent to a fanbase that is one of the smallest in the NFL.
  13. Do you think its possible that there may be a happy medium between throwing 12 picks in 130 pass attempts and what tyrod used to do?