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  1. jletha

    McBeane's Moves Now Are For 2020 Success

    Exactly. It doesn’t have to be SB or bust but it is 9-10 wins and competitivness or bust.
  2. jletha

    McBeane's Moves Now Are For 2020 Success

    I think making the playoffs with Josh Allen would be a massive success, especially if Allen looks good. I don't think anyone is expecting a SB run after last season. The moves this offseason will be for 2019 and 2020 success. The point is there is no more tanking moves (trading stars, getting rid of QBs, etc). 2019 needs to show real progress towards building a contender behind Josh Allen.
  3. jletha

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Elway gave up a pick for the right to pay Flacco $20 mill a year, a guy that Baltimore was happy to get rid of and was recently benched for a run-first rookie. And they were the only bidder likely.
  4. jletha

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Is he THAT much better than Case that you give up assetts (gotta see what they traded) and pay him $20mill a year? Id just ride it out with Case
  5. jletha

    Goff was actually worse than you think...

    I think its a combination of McVays scheme with Goff certainly improving over time to flourish in it but I think yesterday it came down to in-experience by Goff. I saw that the Pats had played more snaps in man-to-man than any team in the regular season but yesterday played virtually no man to man. I just think Goff doesnt have the game experience to erase a two-week long game plan to beat man-to-man and all of the sudden execute a zone beating scheme even. I think over time you can learn to do that better than he did bit thats a tough wrinkle to throw at a young QB in his first Superbowl. Well played by the Pats
  6. Its probably just a troll thread. Yea the NFL is rigged to make money yet the two teams in the biggest market have been awful for years and the Cowboys, their most valuable franchise by far, hasnt won anything in a long long time. Also the NBA is rigged, thats why the Knicks win every year and small market teams like Oakland, SA and Cleveland are rarely successful.
  7. Given the needs for this team Im surprised there isnt more for Peters. But Bruce is a close second because he is one of the best ever.
  8. jletha

    Nick Foles Contract

    Theres the saying that the best ability is availability. Even if you think Wentz may be better at QB long term than Foles he has not shown he can stay on the field for an entire season. his injuries are major and will take their tole. Nick Foles might be favored in Philly because he stays healthy.
  9. Well also we were getting blown out in a lot of games and so teams had very little need to pass on us. Im sure that played into this somewhat. But doesnt change the fact that our secondary is in the top third of the league.
  10. jletha

    End of Season Rank the rookie QB's

    You are very bullish on JA. I think we have reason to be optimistic but to say every other scenario would have fared better for Allen and the team is kinda insane.
  11. Yea it seems like some fans believe that most QBs play flawless football and any bad pass by Josh wouldnt be made by another QB. Besides maybe three QBs in the league, every game is gonna have great throws and some really bad throws. You just hope to have more good than bad which he certainly did.
  12. https://twitter.com/buffalobills/status/1076207008112672768 https://twitter.com/buffalobills/status/1076207008112672768 https://twitter.com/buffalobills/status/1076207008112672768
  13. Rosenthal says right there that he was "Team Tyrod" which should show you a lot of what he values in a QB. Ball security, limiting mistakes, high completion percentage on safe throws. Im not sure how you can be Team Tyrod after watching him get benched 2 games into the season for another rookie. That hurts his credibility more than anything to me. If thats what you like then Allen will not register high. As someone that was sick of Tyrods conservative play Allen is a breath of fresh air. We knew, and Cleveland soon found out (for the price of a third round pick) that Tyrod is very limiting to an offense. Those limits are gone now. On every play we have a chance at an explosive play and he forces the defense to cover the entire field. Time will tell if he keeps developing but lets not get up in arms over these silly rankings.
  14. I agree that if I was a DC my plan would be to keep Allen in the pocket because I think, at this point in his career, it is the best strategy. But there is a difference in saying its the best strategy and saying its a "blueprint to win" by just throwing his in-pocket stats and declaring "he cant throw from the pocket". It really comes down to how confidently you make the "blueprint" statement and in the article he seems assured that if Josh stays in the pocket he will be awful.
  15. All of his season long stats incorporate his first 4 games which were admittedly awful. If you trim the stats to only the last 4 then he is much better. Thats the problem most national guys are having.