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  1. This is the arrow paradox. Everday we get 50% closer, but we will never truly get there.
  2. I think we know this simply because he hasnt been put on IR yet. IR now-a-days is 4 weeks minimum. So they clearly think he will miss less than 4 weeks.
  3. I clearly remember all of these takes at the time. Josh was well praised with some expected trepidation, as we are seeing with Tua.
  4. No mention of Hyde. Maybe McD didnt think of him when he was just rattling them off but hopefully it means he isnt really hurt.
  5. Our defense is designed to prevent big plays over the top, so the way they beat Baltimore wont happen against us. We may not hold them to 7 but Tua is going to have to be better than he was last week to beat us.
  6. I am not a tape guy, I was only trying to add the context to what was posted from Joe's article that Cook was his own worst enemy. I have no idea what the read was.
  7. Re James Cook run here is the photo. The blocking looks like he should take the red path to the outside, but he cut it up the blue path where he fumbled.
  8. Yikes...hyping up a 9 yard out from a perfect pocket that he threw one time.
  9. Came to post this. It came out of nowhere because we werent good the year before. The start of the magical run for that team. It went Chiefs drubbing, then 18 point comeback against Oakland in the home opener and then the 21pt comeback win against NE to start 3-0. Before one of the biggest collapses in NFL history
  10. We are thin for a team with SB aspirations and the 1 seed in sight. We are a Diggs injury away from having a very mediocre WR corp. Can Davis be a #1 for a few weeks if Diggs goes down? Replacing Cole and Sanders with Crowder and McK feels like a drop off. My only hope is that the addition of Howard makes up some of the difference. But I would hate for WR depth to hurt our chances at a 1-seed.
  11. Maybe its in the study but what were the odds most of these guys were out of the league in 3 years anyway? To me youd have to compare All-Pro level CBs to get a good study. You cant loop all NFLers into it.
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