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  1. I would say we got worse at inside D-Line. Oliver is a stud but hes still a rookie, no chance he can 1:1 replace Kyle. TE is likely a wash. LB will depend on how Milano comes back.
  2. This is it exactly. Any team can now get Bell for a reasonable price and may be willing to pony up a high draft pick for it. If they can secure a 2nd rounder then the Jets would be effectively paying $12 mill for a second round pick which is ultimately fine. In the NBA this type of stuff happens all the time, trading cash for picks.
  3. Yep. Even Drew Brees used to throw a ton of interceptions. Recently is has gotten them to come down and has entered the best ever discussion. I used to have him in fantasy though and it felt like he was always good for 1-2 a game. I would gladly take 30+ passing TDs this year and 12-15 ints though for Josh this season while he learns.
  4. I do think we will need to come to terms with some level of interceptions. QBs that are aggressive will always throw more interceptions. Hopefully its offset by scoring points though.
  5. People also loved Tyrods leadership. He was very impressive in the beginning and, like JA, everyone assumed he would take steps to develop as he played more, but he really didnt. That 2015 was stacked, especially with offensive talent. That team was much better than the team that eventually made the playoffs IMO. I also remember being very excited for 2012. We had just come off the season when we started 5-2 before we stalled and finished 7-9 but we signed Mario and Mark Anderson. Fitz and Stevie had good chemistry, Spiller was supposed to be a top RB, drafted Gilmore.
  6. I think hes referring to the Bills organization. For Ed and Ford they flew them both in that night to great fanfare. A round of applause in the lobby of the building, and tons of posts on social media.
  7. Why? He wasnt even good at Baylor
  8. People's family lives can be super complicated. Many people have families with strained relationships and sometimes wealth only makes the strain worse. Im not going to come down on Rodgers about his personal relationships without knowing both sides of the story.
  9. He is really not a great QB. Im not sure why people think he is. His yardage numbers are wild but how can you be a great QB, have what some consider the best WR of all time for a majority if your career and consistently be on mediocre teams. Anyone who thinks Stafford is a good QB, I challenge you to make him your sole starter in fantasy. When you follow him week to week he is infuriating. All the arm talent in the world. but thats about it. I would have loved if the Phins traded for him.
  10. Most hobbies are worthless. Not everyone is in it for the money.
  11. Seems like a bizarre strategy. It seems like you want to draft a WR in the first and then almost stash him on the roster until Brown's contract runs out? Theres no farm system in the NFL though. If you draft a guy in the first you dont wait 3 years for him to turn into peerless price, you would want more immediate production. At this point signing Diggs and then drafting a WR in the first or second would put a lot of players at WR going into camp. Obviously competition is good but I think that capital is better used on defense and other offensive positions like O-line and TE that are more immediate needs
  12. My mom forced it upon me haha. But wouldnt want it any other way
  13. I am aware. In these types of situations I operate under the concept that there are three sides to every story: My side, their side and then the truth. Nobody really knows what went down between us and AB but Id guess that a part of it was that AB didnt want to come here. And several reports confirm that. Of course Beane and AB wont say that directly though.
  14. Winning will change the culture. We still were spurned by AB and the poll came out very recently that had us as the least favorable destination. So while I am happy with the FA class we brought in and I think the whole "Nobody wants to go to Buffalo" is overblown I wouldnt say we have removed the stigma. We are still a 6 win team and our QB, while exciting, is raw and far from a guarantee. But ultimately winning will remove any stench. There isnt much difference between Green Bay, Buffalo, Cleveland Green Bay has never had the same stigma as the other two because theyve been consistent winner. Cleveland was coming off a run of 1-31 a year ago, now theyre a desirable destination. We have to win. If we go 6-10 again and Josh doesnt improve then we will be back to laughing stocks with a bad QB situation.
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