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  1. I would disagree that the largest gap is at QB. Allen was very close to Mahomes statistically last year and while I think Mahomes is better there are other positions with larger gaps. Particularly at TE. I think Kelce allows them to exploit defensive matchups that we cant because of his versatility. Beyond that their defensive line was much better than ours. Im not sure if you swap Mahomes and Allen last season the result of the AFC Champ would be different.
  2. Im sure this has been discussed, its a long thread, but aside from whether I prefer a city dome or a suburban open-air what I really dont like is not playing in Buffalo during Allens prime years.
  3. I will say Stevie. He would have been great in the role Beasley plays now because he was always open underneath but he was forced to be the defacto #1. Plus the QB play didnt help
  4. I had endless discussions with friends that misremember the details of the Bills drought. We were a losing team in totality but year-in, year-out we were never in discussion of the worst team in the league save for 2010. And until 2009 we felt a few steps away from the playoffs. 09-14 the wheels fell off a bit but even still 6 wins isnt god awful. Its just have 6 wins so many years in a row.
  5. The EJ Manual pass to Chris Gragg who was standing out of bounds was bad.
  6. the cap is very nebulous. Just restructure, move money around. Im not saying itll happen, just that having Hodgins and Sanders on the team looking "good in camp" should NEVER stop you from adding Julio Jones in an all-in year like this.
  7. Hodgins looking good in mini-camp means absolutely nothing. If Jones is available for a decent price you get him. This is silly logic
  8. Beane hasnt been overcommited either way to RAS score. Historically he will take guys all over, but this draft was different. Just for reference, some notables: Josh Allen: 9.67 Singletary: 1.72 Knox: 9.25 VoSean: 0.22 Zach Moss: 2.88 Zay Jones: 9.71 (not Beane I realize, just thought it was funny) Ed Oliver: 9.87 Ford: 6.33 Taron Johnson: 6.29 Epenesa: 4.07 This draft though, everyone was over 7 I believe except for our 7th rd WR. https://relativeathleticscores.com/2020/12/31/buffalo-bills-ras-history/
  9. I really hope this is a show of commitment and they negotiate a deal that *drastically* lowers the $13 million next year. I am all for a longish term deal that is fair based on production with some level of projection in the form of incentives.
  10. Interesting Oweh doesnt veen crack the top 5 edge rushers, Ive seen him mocked to us a few times. He is a very polarizing player it seems.
  11. Well this thread is about a player getting drafted after a major injury...so forgive me for assuming they were referencing McGahee's knee injury since they also mentioned another player we drafted that had injury history. But perhaps they meant something else.
  12. Is this a joke? McGahee played for 10 season, multiple 1000 yard seasons and multiple pro bowls.
  13. I think about this as well. Because Allen wasnt given much of an opportunity, Buffalo was the first time he ever had *real* coaching. No disrespect to Wyoming but theyre not Oklahoma, USC, Alabama, OSU, etc. And before that was JuCo for him. In that respect it does make sense that he hadnt even began to scratch his potential in college. But of course that doesnt then mean that every QB from a less prominent school will magically flourish in the NFL. I do think Allen is an outlier there.
  14. https://www.theringer.com/2021/4/28/22406266/quarterback-development-nfl-draft-josh-allen-buffalo-bills Lots of GMs and coaches have the "I can develop him" ego and it only takes one to convince themself about a certain player to draft them. We will likely see a few swings and misses while teams search for "their Josh Allen" until its figured out how rare Josh exactly is. Also, if you click on the video linked at the top of the article it highlights a really bad throw on an easy target but if you backup 5 seconds you see a laser thrown on the run perfectly placed, and m
  15. I hope it doesnt come to it, but I could see it happening. You could maintain the salary cap and have some structured allotment of money, that increases for the worse teams, that each team has to spend on incoming players and then every player coming out of college is a FA. That way the worst teams would have the most money to sign guys. It would be different though for sure.
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