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  1. We are thin for a team with SB aspirations and the 1 seed in sight. We are a Diggs injury away from having a very mediocre WR corp. Can Davis be a #1 for a few weeks if Diggs goes down? Replacing Cole and Sanders with Crowder and McK feels like a drop off. My only hope is that the addition of Howard makes up some of the difference. But I would hate for WR depth to hurt our chances at a 1-seed.
  2. Maybe its in the study but what were the odds most of these guys were out of the league in 3 years anyway? To me youd have to compare All-Pro level CBs to get a good study. You cant loop all NFLers into it.
  3. if we put him on the wall would he even show up?
  4. Soldier and Lambeau also have ***** fields in the winter. Go back and look at this years NFC Div game against SF. The field was in rough shape by the end of the year and that is WITH under-field heaters which I doubt we would get. The modern turf isnt the same as the old days astroturf. I think turf is the way to go in Buffalo
  5. Maybe we can try to replicate the Rams metrics instead, seemed to work out for them.
  6. I havent read all 10 pages but I think OP is discounting how impressive it is that Knox was able to increase his snap count significantly (increased confidence in his ability by the coaches) while also improving receiving stats. Its like the difference between being an off-the-bench spot up shooter and a ball handler volume shooter but having a better 3 point %. The fact that hes on the field more means they trust him blocking, instead of having to bring in Lee Smith. Leaving him on the field more means uncertainty by the defense if hes out there for runs and passes. This is all stuff that wont show up in his personal stats. Knox absolutely earns his contract if he repeats in 2022
  7. Allens specialty is curls/comeback routes to the outside and deep crossers that almost always go out of bounds after being caught. Our screen game has been mediocre lately and Josh has never been much of a true go-ball thrower. So quick slant routes would be the best way to get YAC for us. Maybe Dorsey will unlock it, but with Josh being so good at other things Im not gonna get too upset about it. The 9 yards comeback route to Diggs is unguarable sometimes.
  8. Kurt is allowed to grade on whatever scale he wants. But one thing I didnt understand with this specific criticism is that he admits he makes up for "missing layups" with his tremendous physical talent. Which implies that he is getting the job done, just not in the way Kurt wants. It almost comes of that he would give him more praise Josh made the layups but wasnt able to impose his will physically. If youre getting the job done then youre getting the job done. I guess isnt the point (or at least a point) of getting a physically gifted QB that they dont have to be perfectly cerebral. The margin for error increases. Otherwise youre Baker Mayfield. I guess if youre grading Josh as a pure passer its fair. But if youre grading him as a QB capable of moving the ball down the field then it seems incorrect.
  9. Im 33 now, and watched Thurman but not in the way that I could appreciate his true ability. Last season in the week leading up to the AFC Champ game I watched all 4 of our AFC champ games in the SB run on youtube, full games (sans commercials which is awesome). I couldnt believe how good Thurman was. After I while I was thinking why dont they just hand it to him every single play. He was an absolute beast every time he got the ball. My perception of him and the offense changed after that. No wonder Kelly was efficient, they were terrified of Thurman and for good reason.
  10. The track record of the Shanahan-McVay coaching style is undeniable at this point with McVay, Shanahan, Taylor, LeFleur (jury is out on Brandon Staley who is on the defensive side of things). They have made multiple conference championships and 4 SB appearances between them. McVay and Shanahan have done it with mediocre talent at QB as well in Jimmy G and Goff. I would be excited to get him if I were a Dolphins fan because of that. Even if you dont become world beaters, the teams are competitive.
  11. If we get to 2 SB, win 1 and Allen has several MVPs under his belt I am perfectly fine being the "Manning Colts" to Mahomes and the Chiefs
  12. Yea mentions changes in the run game after wards, but I agree the biggest change was the run game. I actually dont remember too many go-routes. I think getting the O-line sorted and getting them continuity helps a ton. But theyve also brought in an extra blocker along with the blocking prowess of Davis. All of that led to them committing fully to Singletary and also letting Allen run loose more. Its been a big combining of factors wrt the run game, but its no deep balls over the middle winning these games.
  13. Go to his page and click "media" to see all of his gif's. Here is the one to Davis. Josh thinks its a go, Davis stops.
  14. Here is the one to Knox. I think Allen was correct, Dawson should have broken down the seam.
  15. meanwhile: https://larrybrownsports.com/football/mason-crosby-laces-in-holder-corey-borjorquez/586773
  16. Of these choices I would prefer a domed stadium downtown, ideally without PSLs. But my number one criteria in general is that they stay in Buffalo, so if an open air stadium in OP with PSLs is what keeps the Bills in Buffalo Im happy with it.
  17. No metric is perfect, especially on a week-to-week basis. But for the total season so far this is the leaderboard in QBR: Which seems mostly fair. You can argue about the order, but overall thats not a bad list of top 11
  18. It wasnt his best day by any stretch but anyone who watched knows we won because of Josh and not despite. When a QB posts a rating of 17 and 3 ints thats not usually the case. btw, while his QB Rating was 17, his QBR (the ESPN stat, which encompasses running and situation) was 11th overall for the week amongst all QBs. Which feels more correct.
  19. Sure it wasnt his best day compared to what weve become used to. But it was you that said a few times that it was his worst performance ever and I just dont think thats true.
  20. But the rushes were very useful. Many went for long gains, and he had two TDs off of them. How can you overrate rushes, especially ones that turn into scores? Are they any worse than passes? If you turned every JA running play into a pass with the same result in yards and scores he had a pretty good game. I dont think a 61 QBR is ridiculous but maybe its a bit high.He was dominant, it just wasnt through the air.
  21. I think that QBR is more fair. Obvi Josh didnt play great but I really didnt think he played the worst game of his career. For the first three drives he was on point throwing until it was goal to go. He racked up so many incompletes at the goal line before he just ran it in. Many balls went right off of players hands. Sure than can be on him but also he was putting the ball where it needed to be at least. Then two tipped pass ints and we basically abandoned the pass all together. After that he was dominant as a rusher. Usually a 17 rating with 3 ints means you won despite your QB play. But I dont think we win that game without JA.
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