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  1. Jackson went to IR. I think Armstead will be back this week.
  2. I really believe many of our problems from the GB game through the Detoit game were injury related, even spreading to the offense with complementary football stuff. When we have Edmunds, Milano, Greg, Von, Poyer out there I think we are almost unbeatable on defense. Our issue is depth, and the talent level falls off a cliff when any one of them is out let alone two of them.
  3. Probably will but good to get someone in as a competent backup and get a look at for next season. Given that nobody knows how Tre will heal up and Jimmy might be gone next year.
  4. if youre in the local Buffalo market its on normal TV. But otherwise, its Amazon Prime or stream it illegally.
  5. We have certainly had bad fumble luck, with key fumbles in Miami, KC, LA, Baltimore. But since this number tracks total WP, it is also heavily influenced by the fumble in the EZ against Minnesota. Our WP went from very high to very low.
  6. There is no season ending IR anymore (at last not not right away). 4 game minimum, and then after that the player can return if healthy.
  7. This is interesting: The new field is going to be heated to prevent snow accumulation and the whole stadium will be designed with snow removal in mind. https://theathletic.com/3921584/2022/11/22/bills-snow-stadium-detroit/
  8. Can Edmunds, Kaiir and/or Greg come back on a short week? I defense has really struggled without Greg and Edmunds especially.
  9. I trimmed my beard after not doing so since the bye week.
  10. Just shut down Tre until he tells the team hes ready. I love Tre but we cant waste a roster spot on this anymore.
  11. The Jets and Vikings are 14-4 combined. The Jags were the literal worst team in the league at the end of the season. Losing these last two weeks is not the same as losing to the Jags.
  12. I havent trimmed my beard since the by week. I trim my beard every week but was growing it out for winter, for the first time in 5 years or so. Big mistake. I will be trimming my beard.
  13. I dont remember the Mike White experience being all that tight or inspired.
  14. Bills need to learn how to dominate...apparently. Only a few short weeks after needing to learn how to win close. Next we need to learn how to tie?
  15. that for total game which also tells the tale of their woeful offense. On a per drive basis they are very good:
  16. Also were usually putting in Case Keenum by then and not trying to run it up.
  17. In the stadium me and my buddies were so confused. It made ZERO sense to run it as much as they did in the third quarter only to then throw it on the last few drives when they had absolutely no chance. They used like ~8 mins of game clock down 3 scores and walked away with no points. It had to be deliberate but I cant figure out why. I cant see any justification.
  18. I think you should have held off even longer...like forever. Almost all have confidence in the team but were also allowed to be nervous at times.
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