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  1. False. They want this game. Badly. This is a team who thinks they shoulda won week 1. It's also a team that beat a good team fighting for the playoffs in the Steelers.
  2. I'd add Baltimore to the elite category. I also don't think Houston is very good (FO+Coach). Bill O'brien is NOT a good coach. He doesn't elevate his team on game day and the fact that he's also the GM (look at how bad their off season was in the draft and free agency) is also pretty damning. Zero people skills. His handling of the Clowney situation was a joke. He and the team have been "successful" because of how good their defense has been historically and also because the roster had key superstar talent at important positions when he came on board (Watt, Hopkins) and drafting an obvious stud in Watson. O'brien has underwhelmed in the playoffs too.
  3. This is the key point. It would be interesting to plot this against opponents win loss record
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