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  1. Our defense is seriously underachieving right now. I get we lost some players that opted out- but there is no excuse from turning into one of the worst defenses in the league. Something stinks and I think it goes beyond just our players. Our defense plays with zero confidence and that is on coaching and preparation. As for Dabol, sometimes I think he gets too clever for himself. Josh is a very emotional player and seems to be nervous in bigger games. I think Dabol should have called more runs to start the game (especially b/c of the weather), some easy roll out passes and maybe a few designed QB scampers to get Josh warmed up. Imagine if we would have actually done something early on in the game. It could have help the defense get a breather.
  2. Terribly unprepared! We are a better than what we showed tonight, injuries aside. The sloppiness and lack of enthusiasm were damning. This should have been a 3 point game
  3. As the OP, let me say I get where you are coming from!
  4. Nailed it. It WAS one of those nights... And we need to tighten up on D. The injuries didnt help too.
  5. This game just felt like a loss going into it. Maybe that's because I'm a beaten down fan, but I just knew in my bones we wouldn't win this game. Every time we start out hot, we have one of these types of games. McDermott did not have our team prepared to play today, but the good news is that I expect that he'll fix what's wrong from a sloppiness standpoint. He has to because we looked totally unprepared and unmotivated. Then again, it was a weird week. I'm sure that factored into the situation Josh reverted back, but again that is correctable and I think his new norm is closer to what he played like in the other 4 games. He got no help early (drops) and the injuries didnt help. He ends as a top 7 qb this year. Our defense is a problem. After 5 games we still look like Pop Warner. Part of that I think is injuries. Part is scheme, but I think Frazer and McD will right the shop- we have the talent and the the time to be a top 10 unit. Bottom line, some days nothing goes right and I think this was one of those games. Not surprising considering what happened leading up to this game
  6. We just looked completely out of sync from the very first drive
  7. Lets put this to bed. If that play happened in today's NFL, it likely still stands.
  8. So frustrating that we are injured after having an extra two days off. I figured Spain would play at least
  9. So what is the general consensus on White- now that we know he's inactive- Is he not playing because he doesn't want to catch Covid (so they are listing him as injured) or is he really hurt?
  10. Hopefully Trey plays.... Having him in the back field will definitely help us commit a little more to stopping the run.
  11. Maybe I'm wrong on this, but I think you can watch it on CBS as normal... I live in Houston and this wasn't a game that we were normally going to get during the original broadcast (Houston played early). However, I checked the AT&T Uverse schedule and sure enough, it shows that it's on tonight. The reason might be that there is local rooting interests in Houston (AFC South)- so maybe this game might be broadcast in other AFC South and AFC East cities? I'm hoping the digital guide is telling the truth, otherwise I'm going to have to get to the bar quickly!
  12. what am I missing? NFL.com still has the game showing on Sunday....
  13. To be completely honest, for me it will be to see how he does against the hoodie. If he has a respectable game against the great, evil one, then I will be fully on board with the believe that he's a top QB in this league- that the biggest, most important moments won't be too big for him. I suspect Josh will prove me right With that said, I think his floor, right now, is higher than anybody else we've had since Kelly, so at worst, I think we have a better Andy Dalton on our hands.
  14. I didn't read through the whole thread (2 pages, what- I'm lazy today) and while I think we all agree that as a coach, Gase is a runny pile of clown sh1t, the Jets lost this game because of a defensive meltdown. Not only was Greggggggggg's dirty, unsportsmanlike character on full display, but his unit utterly failed when the chips were down. Yes, they collected turnovers, but they also let Rypien march down the field at well, after the Jets took the lead in a game where Darnold needed something to hang his hat on. If anybody needs to be fired this week, it's Williams. Gase has got to go too, but there is no way they can fire Gase and still claim to have Darnold's best interest in mind- even though we all know that Gase is probably more of a hurdle to Sam's ultimate development at this point. That, plus Johnson's public support of Gase make the optics of firing him now, impossible. The NY media would erupt. With all that said, I'm glad they are dysfunctional, but I want them to have some success this year. Not only for Darnold (whom I really like) but also to keep them out of the Trevor sweepstakes.
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