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  1. https://forums.jetnation.com/topic/152094-jets-open-season-in-buffalo-per-manish/ I'm also so sick of hearing them say how they woulda won if Darnold wasn't dying of mono and how Mosley getting inured allowed Buffalo to come back in the 4th. The Jet offense did nothing that game. They only scored because of flukey turnover. We at least moved the ball on their defense pretty well, all game long.
  2. Curious to know what they said about SF and especially Houston (where I live). BoB is the most hated man in the city.
  3. Very sharp looking. The Chargers always have one of the best uniform sets, I think.
  4. I live in Houston and I think Watson wants out. Just my gut feeling. DW's no dummy and I think he, just like anybody, sees the long term harm that BoB is doing to that franchise. So, if BoB is there, I don't think there is any amount of money that Houston can offer DW to convince him to stay, especially if he has his pick of potential suitors. Now, if BoB is let go because (a) BoB ruined the franchise or (b) ownership senses that DW won't stay with HOU if BoB is still around, then all bets are off and DW might stick around. Of course, if the Texans turn into the burning dumpster filled with baby diarrhea diapers that I expect them to, getting rid of BoB might not be enough to keep DW around. He' be entering his prime and again; could have his pick of teams and still make a lot of $$$. Maybe even Buffalo!
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