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  1. Hi Mods- can we update the schedule, it's still showing 2019. Thanks! *Edited to correct my obvious typo....
  2. I want so badly to be on the Allen train, but I just don't think he's ever going to be the guy if he can't limit the hero ball. I listened to his presser today. He keeps saying the right things, week after week, how he needs to be smarter with the ball, but week after week he is carless with the ball. That being said, I wanted him on the field in the 4th so he had a chance to "will us to victory", but... if he was smarter with the ball and only threw one or two INTs this is a different game and one we probably win. Josh Allen was a liability on the field and the coaches need an intervention with him
  3. This is a complete evisceration. We are not a good team right now. Very bad game planning.
  4. McD better settle this team down during halftime...
  5. We are going to lose. There is no offensive balance
  6. Just think, we had all year to come up with this game plan
  7. I will do that, thanks! PS, I was in Denver a few years back during a preseason game and I was surprised at how many Buffalo fans I saw wearing their Bills gear that day. We are a terrific fan base!
  8. 1. Correct, I edited my post to clarify that I'd be looking for the International version of Gamepass 2. I've just never had any luck with the illegal streaming site. They either don't work, have poor quality, or get shut down. Plus, I'd be using my company computer so there's that....
  9. Yeah that's what I'm talking about- but it's still a full season commitment - or so I understand. I wish I could buy games a la carte
  10. I'm going to be out of the country on business and unfortunately will miss the first 2 and possibly first 3 games of our Superbowl season (one can dream, right). Would any of you who have International Gamepass (or are thinking about getting it) be interested in sharing access to your account in exchange for some money? That way neither party has to pay the cost of the entire package? I'm happy to pay via Venmo, PaypPal, etc for each game I watch... I just don't want to buy a whole season of Gamepass and end up only needing it for 2 games. Please PM me if interested- Mod's feel free to move this thread if you want to. ALSO, I'm not interested in trying torrents or illegal streams so please don't suggest either as an alternative. However, if there are other legal alternatives that I don't know about, then please do chime in! Thanks! EDIT: Clarified International Gamepass
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