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  1. I haven't decided yet. At this point, I kinda feel like another SB- even if it's with a different team, doesn't really impact Brady's status as the undisputed GOAT. As much as I don't like him and look forward to the day he rides off into the sunset, I like Bruce Arians and would like to see him get a SB. He seems like a classy, and talented head coach. I also like Mahomes and Reid, but they got a SB last year- so I might root for a different Bruuuuuuuuuce!
  2. Can't be that deranged of an idea if others noticed it too! I'm not saying that we lost because of Josh's performance, but if he wasn't 100%, then he wouldn't be able to be at his best.
  3. Or tried to be like the 1990's Bills and partied it up the night before. Glad I'm not the only one that thought that.
  4. Was it just me, or did Josh's skin color look "off" yesterday? I watched it at a bar with multiple TV's and he seemed to have a yellowish complexion. Regardless of which TV I looked at, his skin coloring just seemed off, at least compared to the other white guys on the team- he just didn't look right. I mentioned it to the person next to me and said that he looked jaundiced and they agreed too. Just wondering if anybody else saw that. Maybe he wasn't 100% healthy?
  5. Great read to share with all your non-Bills fan friends and acquaintances, or anybody else that doesn't have skin in the game from a fan or gambling perspective! https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/five-reasons-to-root-for-bills-to-reach-2021-super-bowl-bills-mafia-ode-to-90s-teams-top-the-list/
  6. I'm usually debbie downer, but I said that if we got past our our worst matchup (the Ravens) that we would go (and probably win) the SB. Even if Mahomes plays, he won't be 100% and so I think we win something like 28-21.
  7. Hate to say it- but this seems right to me. I think last week we were a bit overconfident and stumbled through and ultimately beat an inferior, but a well rounded team playing out of their mind. It was a wakeup call. The Ravens, like our Bills, ended the season on a high note (5 or 6 quality wins). They are not well rounded like the colts, but their strengths match up well to our weaknesses. I think we will limit Lamar Jackson's arm for the most part, and we will even manage to limit their rushing attack (Lamar's too). But the Ravens will stick with the run, control the clock
  8. Well, look like we are playing Baltimore. Oh well. Playing a real team will be good prep for KC hopefully.
  9. Not that it means anything.... https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30669364/buffalo-bills-stefon-diggs-cole-beasley-questionable-playoff-game
  10. Personally, I think Josh's Nuts Stadium would be great (Per Wikipedia, josh invested in his family farm and plans to plant and eventually sell pistachio's. One brand name that Josh joked about would be calling it Josh's Nuts). In all seriousness, I really like the sound of Mighty Stadium. Wegman Stadium would also be great.
  11. I'd add to that list Herbert. I think he's going to be a stud- even if he's only played one season. Also, I remember how midway through out the 2018 seasons, I looked back and was horrified about the number of times we go blown out by good teams- The Ravens, Chargers, Packers, Colts, Patriots (x2), Bears in 2018 and the Jets, Saints, Chargers, Pats (x2) in 2017. Now, were the ones blowing out good teams consistently! I remember how pissed off I got hearing McDermott talk about the process as if he was an organizational turn-around expert, who had a strong track record of turnin
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