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  1. Billsfanatic8989

    Are the Lions sort of the Bills of the NFC?

    From 89-96 (Including 4 straight SB trips) the Bills were a powerhouse in the AFC. They had a top three or four QB in the league. Lions haven't had a stretch even close to that.
  2. Billsfanatic8989

    1993 Houston Wildcard Comeback- Where were you guys

    This game or the Patriots comeback two years ago in the SB. Which one will be most remembered in NFL lure do you think? I choose this game because the Bills had to earn every point they got. Atlanta gave that game away in some ways.
  3. Billsfanatic8989

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    If New England tried their hardest? 110-0 Pats. Bama wouldn't get one first down (Unless it was a bogus PI call). Once a Bama receiver goes over the middle and gets rocked, he wouldn't get up. Seriously, this discussion is crazy. Raiders are the worst team this year. They'd kill them. Last year's Browns would pummel them too.
  4. Billsfanatic8989

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    There needs to be a " Pros vs Colleges" Bowl game the week after the NFL regular season ends. Best college team (Bama) vs the worst NFL team (Would be us, Oakland, or Arizona this season). The worst NFL team would embarrass Bama. Half their team would get injured. I doubt Bama gets more than five first downs in the game.
  5. Billsfanatic8989

    Bills alltime record vs. Dolphins

    Starting next season, we are going to win the division 16 out of 18 seasons, advance to 8 SB's (Including winning 5), and have zero losing seasons in said 18 seasons. Is this what you are hinting at? Patriots are the exception, and not the rule. And even at that, they have a history of being shady.
  6. Billsfanatic8989

    So we beat the Jets. Our Team still sucks

    Except they can wake up knowing they saw their team win a SB 9 months ago.
  7. Billsfanatic8989

    Four Different Starting QBs in One Season

    I'm shocked the Browns haven't started at least 4 different QB's in one season.
  8. Billsfanatic8989

    DeShAuN wAtSoN iS sTrUgGlInG nOw WiTh TaPe

    I just googled " Watson struggling with tape". What I expected to see was something about tape worms. Dumb me lol.
  9. Billsfanatic8989

    Question about 2003 Bills Opener

    How the hell did they beat the Patriots 31-0? Was it a fluke? Great gameplan? I guess it goes to show that you can never take opening day results too seriously. We all know how the season ended for each team.
  10. Billsfanatic8989

    Top 5 HC in the NFL who do you have?

  11. Belichick deserved to be fired in Cleveland. 4 out of 5 years were losing seasons. He was about to be fired in 2001(Started 0-2) when Brady fell into his lap. Marty S was fired in San Diego because him and the GM hated one another. In hindsight, they should've fired the GM. What about LA Raiders firing Mike Shanahan?
  12. He will be 28 by the 2019 opener. Entering his prime years. He has a great arm and can run a bit too. Thoughts?
  13. Sign a would be 42 year old Brady to mentor Allen for 2019. Brady can start, but the expectation will be for Allen to learn from him.
  14. Billsfanatic8989

    Did you ever call out from work after a Bills game?

    I can't imagine what it would've been like going to work after SB losses (Giants one in particular).These days, I'd imagine fans are so use to losing that it doesn't hurt as much.