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  1. We shall see. I definitely like him over Tua.
  2. We weren't going to be undefeated. Everyone knew it would be a tough game. 16 games to go.
  3. Yes because the results of week 1 in the NFL are never misleading. Anybody old enough to remember the Bills curbstomping New England 30-0 in week 1? Yeah..
  4. Per me: Nick Wright is an idiot and looks like he was born in a dumpster.
  5. Josh Allen needs to outduel Mahomes in the AFC Championship. Then, we can talk.
  6. The Bucs could've had Haskins as their starter in that SB and won. They weren't losing that game. Especially with KC's injuries.
  7. Admittedly I'm a huge Bills fan. My happiness is dependent upon them winning or losing a game. I will get that out of the way. And no...Kelly isn't close to Brady's accomplishments. But it's a team game. But...I have Kelly ahead of him all time. Why? Kelly faced fierce defenders and wasn't bailed out by refs. Kelly was innovative. The K gun offense changed football. And lastly, Kelly didn't cheat. No spygate or deflategate. I know I am going to be laughed at by some. But are there any of you that put Kelly>Brady all time? My top 5 QB's ever: Montana Manning Kelly Elway Marino
  8. I agree. Btw, I hate the Sunday night games because of getting up early for work the next day. Sabres are pretty bad. Unfortunately they are bad and play in a tough division. Maybe they'll get Wright. Hopefully.
  9. I said Mahomes is their biggest obstacle. But yes the Chiefs as a whole are better than we are. On paper. But being better on paper only counts in the NBA. Not so much in football.
  10. I'm not going to get into the Covid political talk. Everyone has a choice to make. I respect that. Football wise, there's one major reason we wouldn't get to a SB: Patrick Mahomes. That's obvious.
  11. My buddy asked me that question Saturday. And I had to think about it. I'd say I watch maybe 12 or 13 non Bills games per year. Many of them are Sunday and Monday night. Thing is, if the Bills lose a 1 p.m. game, I feel in the dumps. I'm not interested in watching other teams. Sometimes I do. But I'm going through the motions. What about yourself. How often are you watching non Bills NFL games?
  12. Why is Brady ahead of Allen? Makes no sense. Allen was clearly better. Sorry but you don't get credit for being on the most stacked team in the league. That team (Bucs) is absolutely loaded at every position. If Allen, Mahomes, Rodgers, Baker, Jackson, Ryan, Stafford, or Herbert were the starter of the Bucs last year it ends the same. Bucs win the SB!! The list is a crock of BS is what it is.
  13. Don't re-sign Allen. Cool. Then, he wins MVP next year. And we are paying him at least 43 million per season. Sign him now.
  14. This is an interesting question that will get different answers. The last truly heartbreaking loss was the Music City Miracle. Should've won. But even if they did win, they had zero shot of getting to the SB. If your a fan, would you rather get blown out like Denver against Seattle? Or be Seattle. Going for the dynasty. And throwing a pick with 20 seconds left in a SB? In otherwords, is it better to lose knowing you had no chance at all? Or lose knowing you were two feet away from winning? I knew we had little to no chance at winning this game. And TB has no chance either. The Chiefs are a machine. They won't win the next 10 SB's. But they'll win four or five.
  15. Eh. That was alot of blown coverages on the part of NO. Mahomes is just better.
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