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  1. Billsfanatic8989

    Antonio Brown officially requests trade; calls out Big Ben

    He didn't fall off after leaving Pittsburgh. He was a pro bowl level player with the Giants. SB winning TD. His career was virtually over when he decided to be a dumbass and shoot himself in the leg.
  2. Billsfanatic8989

    Greatest Game in Bills History

    Bills were a big fish in a small pond. The NFC was a different beast back then. Had the Bills played in the NFC, there's very little chance they go to four straight SB's.
  3. Billsfanatic8989

    Most Boring Super Bowl Ever?

    That Colts/Bears SB in the rain was pretty horrific. 49ers against anyone but Bengals & Ravens was bad. Broncos/Seattle.
  4. Billsfanatic8989

    How Does a Bills Loss Affect Your Life?

    Soccer fans commited suicide because their team lost. Happens in Europe alot. I'd have to think there were deeper issues involved. If my team loses, I have to go to work the next day and pay the bills. If my team wins, I have to go to work the next day and pay the bills. I will say this: As a fan (Red Wings, Bills, Cubs & Lakers) losses hurt more than winning feels good. When the Wings won the cup in 08, I was on cloud nine for a day. But the feeling went away as time went on. Yet when they lost in 09, I was heartbroken for a few weeks. Almost like you can't win.
  5. Billsfanatic8989

    Turns out it was Bellichick not Brady!

    Brady gets too much credit for the win in KC. Chiefs defense was atrocious. So it's not some miracle that he converted three 3rd and 10's in OT. Brady threw three picks in that game. One of which was offset by a player being dumb (Ford). He missed open receivers plenty of times. There has clearly been a huge decline. He can't throw it deep. He also takes unnecessary sacks.
  6. Does it take a few days to recover? Week? Have you ever missed work due to a crushing loss? https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/25300429
  7. Billsfanatic8989

    WSJ studies announcer Romo’s play prediction %

    Obviously it wouldn't make sense from a financial standpoint. But he would be an excellent defensive coordinator. Don't understand how this guy only won two postseason games in a decade.
  8. Billsfanatic8989

    Would The Bills Have Won Super Bowl 27 w/ Frank Reich as Starter?

    Zero chance. The Bills were a big fish in a small pond (AFC). Dallas was a shark in a pond with other sharks (NFC). Look at the recent SB winners (NE, Denver, & Philly). Dallas would anihalate all of them. I mean dismember them. They were an unstoppable juggernaut. Joe Montana could've been the starter that day for the Bills. It wouldn't of mattered. The Super Bowl was decided in the NFCCG.
  9. Billsfanatic8989

    Sean Payton the legend

    Saints should stop effing whining. Take your loss and move on.
  10. Billsfanatic8989

    staying one step ahead with Bill Belichick

    Bingo. Belichick is the most accomplished coach in the SB era. Better than Halas, Lombardi, or Shula? No. Belichick has been able to consistently fail at drafting without consequences. Why? A once in a generation QB masks his coaching mistakes. Please see SB 52 where NE is blown out without Brady. Or see the AFCCG where Belichick's defense gave up 31 points iwithin 15 minutes. All the credit goes to Belichick for keeping KC scoreless by half. Yet, he gets no blame for that pittiful D in the second half. Oh, he also cheats. See SB 52 and the AFCCG in KC.
  11. Billsfanatic8989

    How the Super Bowl Isn't Quite as Super as it Use to Be !!

    Would be more hyped for us fans if the Bills made it back. What's interesting is that the Bills only lost by 13 to one of the greatest teams ever (91 Redskins). Yet, they got blown out by teams that were not considered the "Best" ever (92 & 93 Cowboys). Is the 13 point loss to the Skins misleading? Did they basically go "prevent" after getting out to a big lead?
  12. Billsfanatic8989

    Is Tom Brady A Cheater?

    Wouldn't shock me if he (Or his wife) paid off the Falcons to choke away that SB. He's a disgusting human being who should've been banned for life.
  13. Who do people think will win? I got the Rams by 14. They've got the type of defense that has historically given Brady fits. Their offense can take apart that young corner on NE too. This won't be close.
  14. Billsfanatic8989

    Solution to bad calls?

    I'm on board. But this is such an egregious missed call that they should be fired. The NFL hasn't said a word yet. I have a feeling something big (Firing) will happen.
  15. Correct me if I am wrong. But I thought the ref who wasn't in the atea cannot throw a flag?