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  1. Billsfanatic8989

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    He may be the worst player in sports history. My remote went flying out the window after that pick six.
  2. Billsfanatic8989

    Pregame thread: Wk 6 Bills at Texans, 1 pm on CBS

    There are games this season in which the Bills shouldn't be given a chance to win. This is not one of those games.
  3. Patriots are going to get smoked. I can't see this being anything except a Chiefs blowout win.
  4. Machine like offense that was entertaining to say the least. They deserve a ton of credit for making 4 straight SB'S. Simply astonishing. Sure, they might've lost. But its damm impressive. I should point out that I only watch YouTube videos of the glory years. I never became a fan until 2003 (Huge Bledsoe fan).
  5. Billsfanatic8989

    Bruce Smith Safety in SB 25

    SB 25 we were favorites. But it seems as though we had no shot against those Cowboys & Skins teams. Is it fair to say we lose 9 times out of 10 vs said teams in the SB?
  6. Billsfanatic8989

    Bruce Smith Safety in SB 25

    Thanks for defending me. 89 is my favorite number. I was born in 93. I kind of feared bringing this up may get a bad reaction. However, going to 4 straight SB's is still impressive.
  7. Billsfanatic8989

    Bruce Smith Safety in SB 25

    I wasn't born yet lol...
  8. Billsfanatic8989

    Bruce Smith Safety in SB 25

    I just re watched the game on YouTube. Then, I googled the play itself. Players on both teams say it was a key moment.
  9. Billsfanatic8989

    Bruce Smith Safety in SB 25

    How big of a moment was Hostetler not fumbling the ball, and the Bills only getting a safety? Do you think they win that game if its a TD recovery? Whenever I watch the replay, I am in disbelief that he held on to that ball. It would've been 17-3 if Buffalo recovered it for a TD. It was 12-3, then Bills go three and out, before the Giants score a TD by Ingram. The Giants would've had to go to a passing game down two touchdowns. Their bread and butter was milking the clock and rushing the ball. I don't see them faring well going toe to toe with Buffalo ( Passing wise). Your thoughts?
  10. Billsfanatic8989

    After week 6 AFC East could have a 4-way tie

    The fact this team is 2-3 shows just how great of a coach McD is.
  11. Billsfanatic8989

    Philadelphia Eagles problems: Too much sex

    Have you been to Philadelphia? There is absolutely nothing better to do.
  12. Billsfanatic8989

    Bills Will Retire Thurman Thomas' #34 Jersey on October 29th

    Is there a reason this wasn't done already? Seems like a true great should've had his # retired immediately after retirement.
  13. Yeah don't buy it. She's a gold digging no good piece of you know what.
  14. Billsfanatic8989

    Drew Bledsoe Era

    First off, were you surprised New England would trade a great QB to a division rival? It's not as if Brady was Brady yet either. Secondly, why didn't it work out the way many anticipated it would?
  15. Billsfanatic8989

    Would Buffalo Support an NBA Team?

    Not asking how realistic it would be to see Buffalo get awarded an NBA team. Just more curious if the city would support (IE Attendance, Merchanside, & TV numbers) an NBA team?