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  1. You are correct. My bad on that. Only way a team does not get the ball second is if a defender intercepts it and fumbles it back to the offense. If the offense then scores a TD, game over.
  2. I should rephrase. If it was obvious the defense committed three blatant offside penalties where they get free, and clear shots at the QB, receivers etc, they could utilize the palpable unfair act. It's rarely used. Example: Eagles are at the goalline and try the tush push. Before the snap, a defensive player runs straight to Hurts and knocks him back about five yards. Once that happens the second time, and it's clear the defense is doing it on purpose (doesn't have dumb players who just have a history off not saying onside), the ref could theoretically award a TD to the offense. Because the defense is clearly delaying the game and trying to intentionally injur the opposition. If a returner was thirty yards from a clear kickoff return TD, and a player from the opposition ran from the bench to tackle him short, the rule would be enforced. The returning team gets a TD.
  3. Refs can call a TD after the second or third time I believe. But at least you get big hits in. Maybe one of their stars get hurt (no pun intended) and they think twice about it in future.
  4. In the regular season, the team that wins the toss will win with a TD. In the postseason, barring a 2 pt conversion, team B gets a chance at scoring a TD.
  5. Win next two weeks...I am 100% back in. They did what they were supposed to do in this game. That's it.
  6. Might be the best thing to ever happen to.this franchise. IF...an offensive HC is brought in.
  7. Yeah...I'm not even sure about this anymore. Belichick has definitely been exposed without Brady. But he is more than capable of outcoaching McDermott.
  8. So he was worried about scoring too fast against....Denver? That offense? Tells me everything I need to know about the state of this franchise. Everyone deserves blame. But why does this defense consistently fail to close out games? Giants should have been a loss. Ref luck on our side. Jags, Jets, Patriots, and Denver were losses. You can blame the offense for not having a larger margin. But you need a defensive stop once in awhile. We let Tyrod Taylor, Mac Jones, and the corpse of Russell Wilson go down for game winning scores (let's be honest. Refs missed PI on the Giants).
  9. Yeah, you are what your record says you are. But red flags were everywhere even at 4-2. The Giants game made me realize this was a very flawed team. The Patriots loss made me realize this team was most definitely not doing anything substantial this season. The Bengals loss just reconfirmed that feeling. Even if we won this game, there were still.more issues than good things about this team. BTW, the Patriots/Giants? They will be playing in the tank bowl in week 12. We should have lost to both. Did lose to NE.
  10. After that we only have...checks notes....Cowboys, Chargers, and later on the Dolphins.
  11. If I'm the Jets, don't let Wilson do anything put short passes. Dink and dunk. That defense will maul our offense.
  12. Massive offensive drop off from Daboll to Dorsey. At this point, the OC needs to go. As in tomorrow. See how the team is performing by January before firing/keeping McDermott.
  13. Must win for multiple reasons tonight: 1. Win a huge game against an elite team that has caused us fits in the past 2. 1st in AFC East. Would still be a battle to the end. But losing would cause huge sales. 3. A loss virtually guarantees we don't get HFA throughout. Even if we came back and won the division. Would need to basically win out and hope KC dropped at least two more games. With Dallas, Miami, Jets, Philly, & KC left, well, that's unlikely to happen. 4. Team game. Not the most important. But hoping Allen shows he is better than Burrow going forward. Idk if one game determines that. But I can't say with certainty I would take Allen before Burrow moving forward.
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