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  1. Oh there's definitely a chance the Jets win. Darnold is a darn good QB. Patriots offense sucks right now. Jets have a chance.
  2. By having a QB that deflats Footballs, owner who is a perv, and head coach who steals signals? Not to mention the countless criminals they've employed over the years. I'd rather the Bills not model themselves after that organization. No the Bills shouldn't go "All in" this season. At some point you need a difference maker at QB. Allen may outduel the Jets 3rd string QB, a thrash Bengals team, and Mariotta. But he isn't going into KC or NE and competing with those QB's. Not yet at least. Yes we did give Brady trouble at home. But when have we ever given him trouble in Foxboro? The chance to get him was last Sunday.
  3. Pats road games: Baltimore, Houston, Philly. Home games: KC, Dallas, Cleveland. They aren't going 6-2 or better against that gauntlet. Plus they have no OL right now. Sure we beat two terrible teams. But so did the Pats.
  4. Patriots play the Chiefs & Texans. We don't. We are both 2-0. And yes I'm serious. This has the chance to be a Cinderella story.
  5. Besides Pacman Jones, has there ever been a player who has gotten as many chances as Gordon has? The NFL has zero integrity.
  6. Your first point is spot on. I feel like pubdits are putting the Patriots as odds on favorites to repeat as SB Champions because of history. All the while ignoring how the fact that the 2019 squad is inferior on paper to the other "contenders".
  7. Brady wasn't that great last season. He made a few big plays against a jet lagged Chargers team. And made plays against the worst defense in the Chiefs. The Rams held his offense to 13 points. They were bad. Fortunate for him that the Rams offense was horrific. I think Belichick is the main reason they won last season. Regardless, last year Brady went down at the first sign of contract in the pocket. He was a big reason his team got blown out in a bunch of road games too. If the Patriots are going to win the division this season it's going to be because of their defense and coaching. The Bills have a very good chance to win this division.
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