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  1. Fair or not, we essentially handed the Chiefs the driving force behind a dynasty.
  2. I am high on Allen's chances. The D in these games causes me concern though
  3. I will always watch and be a Bills fan. My patience with McDermott will be gone entirely if they are healthy and defense is bad in the postseason again. D is supposed to be his specialty. This. He was great when he had an elite QB. He would have one here.
  4. I think it's Love. I don't see him as a guy who will need talent at most positions to succeed IE Purdy or Dak. I think he will be the best QB in the conference. I think their HC, very underrated, is one of the best in the league as well. Most importantly, the organization seems well run and fixes issues when they arise. SF might be the best team in the NFC right now. However, they are getting older. And GB is very young. The NFC is easier to get through as well. That plays a huge part. Stroud-My second pick to get it done. I think they will own the division for the foreseeable future. And he looks like the real deal. I can see him in that Allen tier of QB's before long. Burrow's injury history concerns me. Two out of four years his season ended early. If I was assured he I'd healthy, this would be a different answer. Herbert might have a great HC now. But being in the same division as KC gives me pause. And I don’t like what I've seen from Herbert in the clutch. Maybe that was Staley & it'll get fixed now. Most of us don't particularly see winning this division as a huge accomplishment anymore. I think Pegula does though. Especially since McD did this after the organization was in a rut for so many years. So...I have doubts they will move away from McD. Otherwise, I'd pick Allen. Jackson-Just not a believer until it happens. He's not a guy I have any faith in whatsoever. This. I don't trust their ownership most of all.
  5. St. Louis is bad too. Ditto Memphis. Is it a small city problem with nothing else to do? Who knows
  6. Here's a question: If Belichick is coaching the past two playoff games against KC, do they lose them both? I'm guessing absolutely not. So it's definitely coaching first and foremost. This organization needs an experienced offensive HC. Can include college too. Other teams get injured too. I'm not going with that excuse.
  7. Then I don't think Shanahan/Allen would work. Maybe that's why he didn't go after Brady in 2020 either Elite QB's aren't going to continously go with meh playcalls.
  8. They need to come out of this draft/FA with pass rushers, receivers, DL, and CB or two. This is the biggest draft to date in the Beane/McD era
  9. Bingo. I was fine with them changing it to where team can't win with a fg on the opening possession. I don't care that this rule cost the Bills a few years ago. But I like the rule where a TD on possession one ends it. A FG gives the other team a chance. This new rule came about, ironically enough, because of 13 seconds game.
  10. Bingo. 49ers would be in tough with this division. I feel like Shanahan would probably win a SB here because Allen has the authority to change at the line. And Allen can probably overcome more coaching mistakes than a Purdy. If the team were going all in for one year, I'd want Belichick. But he will be 73 by 2025.
  11. Allen needs to do nothing differently against KC. He is the reason we beat them during the year. And have a chance in the postseason. It's every other player and coach that needs to step up. Especially coaches. I feel like McDermott won't be coach when/IF we beat KC in January. It'll be someone like Belichick or Ben Johnson. And I don’t think McDermott will be the HC when/if we win the SB.
  12. It's our Lombardi or else McDermott is done imo. I don't even think an AFC title game appearance saves him. To win the title, we need legit weapons sans Diggs. We need a huge upgrade on D. And a special assistant coach to help McD with time management etc.
  13. NE because they were in the division and you felt hopeless. They also beat us on a consistent basis. KC doesn't beat us consistently. Well...regular season at least. I like Reid alot more than Bill too. It's annoying how similar Mahomes and Brady actually are. No lead, whether 25 points or what not, is ever safe against them. Both had GOAT TE's. Both had GOAT HC's. When everything looked lost, they rise from the ashes.
  14. Yeah I think Allen would change things. Because he has the authority to audible etc.
  15. Yup. KC having 4 downs is an automatic TD for them. If you kick it away, they will likely use three downs. Either way, you know what needs to be done on your drive. The fact he barely knew any of this tells me his team would have ran onto the field to celebrate a go ahead, not GW, TD. It also tells me one team was clearly better prepared for all situations.
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