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  1. Jim is still healing up. Kelly Strong Jimbo!!! I'd take Frank Reich and send our AFC competitor the Indianapolis Colts into total disarray scrambling to replace their head coach with only three weeks until the season opener.
  2. After graduating college and playing in the USFL for a couple of seasons Jim Kelly finally joined the Bills. He didn't have a winning season with the Bills until his third season. Let's give Allen a little more time to see where he ends up. I think Josh might end up being special in his own right. Not too many Jim Kelly's out there.
  3. We have the deepest, most talented roster since the Marv Levy / Jim Kelly Super Bowl Era. I just wish we had a Frank Reich.
  4. I think back up QB is the one glaring hole on our roster heading into the 2020 season. Not only do we have to worry about a regular injury to Josh Allen this year, we also have to worry about him coming down with COVID19 and missing several games while he recuperates. We don't have another QB on this roster that I have confidence in to step into the lineup for three weeks and win us 1 or 2 games. I was really hoping we would make a run at Andy Dalton when he was released. How valuable was having Foles, Bridgewater, and Tanneyhill for the Eagles, Saints, and Titans over the last few season
  5. It could also be that he was still playing because he liked the culture, locker room, and coaches in Buffalo. Maybe when he got to San Fran and got a sense of the team he realized that he wasn't going to enjoy it as much as he had in Buffalo. He probably already has more than enough money to retire comfortably (the Jets gave him a big contract when he left the Washington Football Team) and simply decided to call it a day. Either way, he is a part of the Bills' family now and I wish him all the best in retirement.
  6. Agree 100% Logic. Nice thread bye the way... MacCagnan was a terrible GM and knew the writing was on the wall for him and tried what a lot of GMs do to try and save their job when things start to circle the drain, bring in the big, flashy free agent signing to try and turn things around quickly. As usual, it didn't work. What good is a RB without a line to run behind? Joe Douglas is an Ozzie Newsome disciple and seems to know what he is doing and I expect him to bring the Jets back to a competitive level in just a couple of seasons. We have a two year head start on t
  7. Yep, that’s why they brought in Lamar Miller. Not sure if Michel will be ready for Week 1, but he shouldn’t miss much time.
  8. I've seen several reports that Cam Newton looks like he is fully recovered from his injury / surgery and is throwing and moving well in the Pat's camp. With Cam Newton being the QB Josh Allen is most often compared to, it will be interesting to watch those guys play each other two times this year. Of course they don't really play each other with both being on offense, but the match up will be fun regardless. How do the two teams QBs and teams match up head to head? I put 8 categories down in no particular order and my opinion on which team/QB has the advantage. 1.) QB Rushing:
  9. I’m not going to pretend to have an informed opinion about how much Milano should receive. There are three things though that I feel pretty confident about; 1. Milano should not be the highest paid LB in the League 2. Milano is not even the best LB on the team 3. Milano is a stud and a vital part of the D and he needs to be resigned I’ll leave the rest to Beane who I trust to thread the needle again.
  10. Dear Victory Formation, I've always enjoyed innuendos but didn't use the word much before the advent of spell check because I could never remember how to spell it correctly. As for your impassioned plea to Sherlock to abstain from "posting inappropriate sexual innuendos" on the message board, it clearly states on the TBD membership contract that innuendos, hints, allusions, and suggestions as well as phrases such as, "wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean?" are perfectly acceptable for this message board. However, your use of the phrase "rub one off" does clearly
  11. Lol! I’d love to see Gase stick around too. The problem is their new GM Joe Douglas seems to know what he’s doing. He learned from Ozzie Newsome who was a top 3 GM in football before he retired. We have a two year head start on the Jets. Let’s hope we can take advantage of it.
  12. Roster depth will be more important than ever this season for teams that are looking to make a playoff run. This is another solid move by the Bills to add O-Line depth. Cutting Winters was a good move by Douglas to free up cap space for next year. I think Douglas and reasonable Jets fans know that the Jets are a long shot to make the playoffs this season. Douglas is marshalling cap space and draft picks to build a real foundation for the future. Bring in a new head coach next year and have the resources to put together a winning program.Ultimately this was a good move for both teams.
  13. I don't know what you feel I'm being a skeptic about. I actually do follow the science because it's my job. I admitted a COVID19 patient with pneumonia three hours ago. You say that I am "slanted away from science" which is completely off base. The science as it currently stands supports my position. If the science changes, then my position will change with it. I don't have a dog in this fight one way of the other. I have taken this pandemic very seriously from the start. I lived in my garage for the entire month of April sleeping in my backpacking tent and had zero personal contact wi
  14. As of this weekend there have been 4.7 million confirmed cases of COVID19 infection in the US. Many epidemiologists suspect that undiagnosed cases are probably ten times that number, but even if we use a very conservative five times that number for undiagnosed cases, that means that 25 million people, or 1 in 12 Americans have already had COVID19. I don't think that any of those people contracted the virus playing football. They were simply going to work and the grocery store and doing their regular activities. I would imagine many NFL player will contract the virus even if we
  15. Thanks for posting the link. Context is everything. Inflammation of the heart is called myocarditis. Any systemic infection, including regular seasonal influenza can cause it. The fact that people with COVID19 infections have a higher incidence of myocarditis than people who are not sick is not surprising at all. Just so you don't have to take the word of a random internet poster (the irascible Inigo Montoya ?) claiming to have a medical background, here is a quick link to an information piece that talks about myocarditis. It clearly states that common viral infections are a v
  16. There have not been "many studies" that demonstrate that COVID19 causes lasting cardiac issues or any other long term consequences. The virus hasn't even been around for a year yet. How can there be any solid studies that look at the long term health consequences of this virus when it hasn't even been a year since the very first person on the planet contracted it? Any severe respiratory infection, COVID or otherwise, can damage the lungs permanently, especially if you end up on a vent. COVID is not unique in that respect at all.
  17. If you are an older person or someone with commodities it is smart to try and limit your exposure to others until there is herd immunity or a viable vaccine for COVID19. If they choose to self-quarantine that is probably a good idea. Asking the rest of society to go bankrupt or stop living their lives to lessen their personal risk is a bit of an ask. To put it another way, If I contracted cancer and started chemo and had no immune system to fight off infections, I would stay inside and limit my exposure to others to protect myself. It would never cross my mind to ask everyone e
  18. I work in an ER taking direct care of COVID patients. We have had a handful of deaths in our community from COVID since February. Our medical region encompasses about 200,000 people. The youngest person to die from COVID19 here was 71 years old. NFL players are young and healthy individuals and statistically have a greater chance of dying from the regular seasonal flu or pneumonia than dying from a COVID19 infection. When was the last time you heard of a professional athlete dying from influenza or pneumonia? I know this pandemic has somehow, inexplicably, become a political footb
  19. Congrats to Gang Green. It was a bad situation and seemed like another self inflicted wound by the Jets, but it turned out the best it possibly could for them. A decent safety replacement and two first round picks is a great haul for Adams and much more than I though they could get . Douglas learned from Ozzie Newsome and looks like a legit GM. I think this move also works against Gase's security. The Jets roster takes a hit this season but could be stronger down the line. Gase needs to win this year to keep his job.
  20. I have worked in the ER for 24 years and the job is a meat grinder. I follow politics closely because I think it's my duty to be an informed citizen and voter. Over the last several years the political world has become so vicious and personal and nasty that watching the news is now almost as bad as being at work for me. The Buffalo Bills and my fantasy football league have been a needed escape for me and I have looked forward to every new season like a five year old waiting for Christmas . Now that has changed. Despite the Bills looking better than they have in twent
  21. It’s clear that Dareus had the talent and the potential to be a force on the D-line, he just didn’t have the discipline to self motivate. If he goes to New England he may play like trash 14 games this season, but the two times he’ll bring his “A Game” to play will be the two games he lines up against the Bills. I’d rather he doesn’t end up in New England.
  22. My suggestions for a non-offensive name for the former Buffalo Bills during these times of heightened cultural sensitivity; 1. The Buffalo Non-GMO Kale Chips They can be called the "Buffalo Chips" for short. Not the CHiPs that stands for the California Highway Patrol though. That would be terrifying invoking a mental image of the police. We would definitely have to specify that these are not the police CHiPs, but a tongue in cheek reference to buffalo scat. Maybe we could include a warning label or something making clear the distinction. 2. The Buffalo Snow Flak
  23. My suggestions; 1. The Capital Hill Swindlers 2. The D.C. Disaster 3. The Washington Monuments
  24. Members of the Patriot's organization were caught videotaping the Cincinnati Bengals sidelines while the Bengals were playing the Browns on December 8th. The Pats were scheduled to play the Bengals the next week. This was the first year for new Bengals head coach Zac Taylor who brought in new offensive and defensive coordinators with him. I'm sure the Pats already had reams of film on Marvin Lewis's sidelines, but now there was a new coach and systems in Cincy and the Pats needed updated film on the Bengals. On February 26th an article in Bleacher Report (see link below) said th
  25. My take on that game was that the Bills and the Texans were teams with that were pretty evenly matched talent wise. The game was going to be a coin toss from the start. Looking at the game there were multiple factors that swung the game to the Texans. Every bad call in the game went against the Bills. Change a single one of those bad calls and the Bills win. Here are the refs "Greatest Hits" of the game. There wasn't a single bad call against the Texans. I'm not claiming there was a conspiracy by the refs, just horrendous officiating. Before everyone starts the what about Al
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