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  1. You all know Josh will see this today. Someone will send it to him. After he watches it he will take two deep breaths and immediately put on film of the Dolphins / Patriots game on Sunday and spend twice as much time as he ordinarily would breaking down the Phin's defense so he is ready for next Sunday. It's the politically correct answer for Allen to come out and say that he doesn't listen to the relentless media bashing, that it doesn't matter what people say about him outside of One Bills Drive, but the guy's only human. You know it has to piss him off and it fuels him to prove everyone of them wrong. Keep talking your trash Le Batard and Bomani. Josh is going to make you make you eat those words one day.
  2. It's especially sweet for Roberts to play so well against the Jets who let him walk after giving them a Pro Bowl season as a returner.
  3. It's hard to understate how important it is for a QB to go to an organization that will put him in a position to succeed. Josh obviously is in a great situation here in Buffalo, and Darnold is clearly not. Josh is looking better in every aspect of his game right now and Darnold is playing without any help or confidence. The tough thing for Darnold is that I think the guy could be a successful NFL quarterback. I think that if the fates had intervened and Darnold had been drafted by Beane and the Bills, he would be successful on this Bills team. As it stands now, Allen is looking at a big payday if he can keep playing at this level, and Darnold might very well be holding a clipboard on another team next year. If the Jets suck all year they could be sitting there with a top three draft pick staring at a blue chip college QB. If they bring in a new head coach next year he may want his own QB under center to start his regime. Lastly, if Darnold continues to get hammered and struggles all season, he might not have the ability to recover his confidence and play good football again. The NY media and Jets' fans are brutal once they turn on you. It might end up being a very long year for Darnold. Believe me, I'm not crying any tears here for Darnold or the Jets. I hope they continue to be a dysfunctional franchise and that Darnold never evolves into a QB who can beat the Bills. I'd love to have him holding a clipboard behind Josh next year in Buffalo if he gets released. It just goes to show that for all the debate and speculation about college QB's coming out in the draft, the franchise they go to and the leadership there is just as important as the QB himself.
  4. As dominant as our defense was last year, the defense did not score a single touchdown all season. We had one special teams TD on Micah Hyde's, jumping, pirouetting fielding of that onside kick versus Miami that he returned for a touchdown Week 14. That's it, just one defensive or special teams TD all season long for the Bills. It's crazy to think that a top five defense in the league did not have a single INT or fumble return for a TD. I think that scoreless defense last year was an anomaly and I expect our defense to score some points this season. I think there is a great opportunity for the Bills to score a defensive TD this Sunday against the Jets. The Bills' defense is going to be able to stunt and confuse the Jets' new and untested O-line and get after Darnold all game long. I think we will see Darnold frequently under pressure and make some bad decisions with the ball and see him getting hit in the pocket. A ball is going to get knocked out or tipped at some point. I think this is the week where our defense finally gets off the scoring schnide. [EDIT] For reference, by my count there were 36 INT TDs and 34 fumble recovery TDs for a total of 70 defensive TDs in the NFL during the 2019 season.
  5. I post on both of the big Jets message boards under the same name as here and I always post a disclaimer that I’m a Bills fan. Some good posters there and some knuckleheads just like anywhere else. Seems to be about a 60/40 split about how this Sunday is going to go for the Jets. 60% think the Jets are going to get nuked by the Bills. 40% think Allen has genital herpes and got hit in the head with a lawn dart when he was a kid and shouldn’t even be in the NFL. They are quite vocal in their belief that the Jets are going to destroy the Bills. Their posts may not be very enlightening, but they are entertaining.
  6. I know that completion % is one of the key metrics to measure QB play, but I really don’t care if Josh finishes with 58.8% or 61.3%. The metric that matters is wins and loses. Why do they never point out how clutch he is late in games bringing his team back to win? Do they watch the Bills enough to know that Allen never takes the easy 5 yard completion on 3rd and 10 to pad his stats, but will instead try to complete a harder pass that will actually keep the drive alive? Do they mention he was eighth in the League in rushing TDs last season? How valuable is that ability? Do they talk about his intense desire to win typified by him jumping into a scrum and picking up a fumbled snap in Dallas and out muscling the entire Dallas D-line to convert a critical 4th down? At the end of the day, does Allen do more to win games for this team than he does to lose them? I think the answer is clearly yes. Pointing out completion % is just more lazy reporting from national sports writers who don’t watch Allen play enough to have an informed opinion and just fall back on the widely accepted narrative on Allen.
  7. 12 team PPR; 1.) Josh Allen was my second QB, Kyler Murray was my first. (Starting Allen vs Jets Week 1 instead of Murray at 49s). 2.) Bills defense. I was "that guy", the first to draft a defense... 🤦‍♂️
  8. New York State was hammered by an indefensible state-wide policy that forced COVID19 patients into nursing homes and decimated the most vulnerable populations there. I have worked in an ER in Kentucky for 24 years. We had to have a negative COVID19 test to return or place any patient into a nursing home from our hospital. Common sense. I'm not going to say anyone did a great job of handling this once in a century pandemic, but to say Coumo did a great job managing this pandemic when his policy is the major factor in almost 20,000 nursing home deaths in New York State is simply Orwellian.
  9. Hey Promo! I would take this bet too if I were a betting kinda guy. I don't think it will be close. The Jets have a good D line but Moseley opted out and I think their LB corps and secondary is suspect. Five new starters on the O-Line with no preseason to gel. No real WR except for Crowder who is a slot guy. Herndon, Bell and Crowder are the offense and I think the Bills D can handle them. With this crazy preseason the Bills continuity across the board has to be worth at least a score in this match up. One place I might disagree with you is that I think McDermott will tell Daboll to blow the doors off any defense he can. Josh and this offense need confidence and I don't see McDermott putting the breaks on this offense if they get rolling. Hanging 40+ points on an NFL defense will build confidence quickly. I hope this game is the coming out party for the Bills' offense.
  10. Haven't read the whole thread so forgive if this has already been stated, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Jets snap up Foster. Their WR corps is in shambles and Foster could provide some intel on the Bills' offense as well.
  11. Didn't know it was Murphy's last year. Thanks for the info.
  12. I think Murphy is a solid NFL DE and if we have the cap space to keep him this year we should. If we release Murphy he is on another team's roster in less that 24 hours. Beane can always move him later for picks or a player or release him next year to free up space for a Milano deal. I didn't expect Tre, Dawkins, and Milano to all get extended this year.
  13. This is what solid GM work looks like. What a difference Beane has made for this franchise. He needs to be the next extension announced.
  14. After letting Hopkins go they had to lock down Watson or the city of Houston would have burned to the ground and Bill O’Brien’s body would have been the kindling.
  15. I’m calling 911 for Bill Belichick and the Pat’s obnoxious fans. It will be so much fun listening to them cry after getting crushed in their first post Brady Era game. 😃
  16. I’m making the call. The Phins go into Foxborough Week 1 and crush the Pats. Fitz’s teammates will rally around him and they will dominate the Pats to help Fitz honor his mother. It won’t even be close. Book it.
  17. One of my favorite former Bills. Hope he and his family are OK.
  18. The Josh Allen hate on the Jets' message board is crazy. They definitely have a high opinion of Darnold as well. I tend to agree with them, on the Darnold part at least. I think Darnold can be an above average QB in this League and if Darnold had come to the Bills instead of Allen, Darnold would be ascendant. As it is, I think Darnold has had about as much success on that dysfunctional team as he possibly could have. You just can't overstate how important it is for a rookie QB's success to go to a franchise that has the ability and patience to support their development.
  19. Lol Yeah, definitely not my finest TBD moment...
  20. Live shot of Brandon Beane working on the Ngakoue trade Offering a conditional 2023 5th round pick and a pair of old gym socks
  21. Yeah, you're probably right R.N. My bad... @BruceVilanch ?
  22. No you weren't. You were told a solid back up QB is insurance to protect a team's chances during a championship run. I would take issue with you for deliberately misrepresenting my position but I think it was probably just an honest mistake on your part, more of a reading comprehension issue.
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