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  1. There's only 18 weeks of NFL Football. I like them all!! With each game having meaning, it's like a 4 month soap opera. I think we need to keep an eye on the Pats/Jets/Dolphins/Chiefs games. ANY of those teams lose, it provides an extra buffer level for the Bills. As good as the Bills look, you can be certain that they will have an unexpected stinker over the next 3 months. Bills would do good to have a 2 game edge over the above mentioned teams by December. Things can go south in a hurry in the NFL...
  2. Miler earning his money... How about a make up call for the missed trip?? Go deep, any contact might get a call..
  3. Man against boys... Knox isn't 1/4 of Kelce... But he makes almost as much??
  4. Fade routes!! That's how you beat the blitz!!! God job D-coaches..
  5. Andy Reid is owning the Bills..... Again.... Need major adjustments at halftime, or their going to be in 2nd place...... Behind the JETS (better conference record)...
  6. Bills need to figure out these blitz's at halftime. Josh is getting rattled...
  7. Blitz's are getting to Josh.... Keep running Motor!! It's working..
  8. Chiefs are dead last in Red Zone defense (31st)... Bills need TD's!!
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