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  1. LOL - Wide right comes to mind! See comments above. Either the Bills stay with a cost effective outdoor stadium, or the team is gone. Buffalo will not economically support a much more expensive Dome stadium, the state won't pay for it, and the Pegula's and the commoner understands that a city and region that simply cannot fill enough corporate luxury suits to make a $1.8B+ stadium viable, won't work. Luxury suites are now the lifeblood of building an expensive stadium (See SoFi). The Bills barely got by with the Ralph. It's easy to understand economics. Just selling season tickets won't cut it anymore. Buffalo is extremely lucky they still have a team. The commoner has stated numerous times that - "Buffalo needs a Buffalo type stadium to stay". Which is a new but low cost stadium. If the Pegula's believe they need a dome to survive in Buffalo, they are gone Period. Not sure why no one gets the economic unviability of a dame stadium in Buffalo.
  2. Were just going to agree on this. That's fine. My biggest concern is that for the Bills to remain in Buffalo, an outdoor stadium is the only way the team stays. The most unique thing about the Bills isn't the weather. It's the size of the city region they play in. Buffalo would never get a franchise awarded today. Green Bay is a unique historical franchise, and most fans come up from Milwaukee anyway which has MLB and NBA already. And the team is owned by the City. The commoner has stated numerous times that "Buffalo needs a Buffalo type of stadium". which means a new but not extravagant stadium. Something just above $1B. Buffalo simply can't afford a Dome stadium and be a viable franchise. The Bills CAN'T sell a significant amount of Corporate luxury seats which is the lifeblood of the cost for an expensive stadium. That market just does not exist in this market. The math doesn't work in Buffalo. Therefore a much more expensive Dome stadium simply would not allow the Pegula's to leverage the extra costs by standard seating alone. they would be in a distinct disadvantage Vs. EVERY other owner. Even Jerry Jones has stated - "He'd like to see the Bills stay, but they need a cost effective stadium". A Dome just won't work. If the Pegula's believe that the team needs a Dome, trust me, he would pack up and go to ANY number of city's that would build a stadium, that will easily sell and likely guarantee all of their corporate luxury seats would be sold. Pushing for a Dome stadium, in the Buffalo market will NEVER make economic sense. And if that is the decision, the team WILL move. I'd rather buy a coat, and continue to watch my beloved Bills outside. It's the ONLY viable answer. This is a FACT!
  3. Vikings went to 4 SB's. I stand corrected. And haven't gone to one since. Patriots have won more SB's than anyone, The Steelers are a close second, The Packers the same. All play in weather at least as bad as Buffalo, and in Green Bay the weather is certifiably worse. You have no argument. Your not getting your soft comfy dome. The NFL's true lasting legacy is playing in ALL conditions. I suggest you petition for the Arena Football League to come back. Sounds like that's your kinda game.... Beane built the wrong team. Blame him.
  4. I am manly, thanks for the complement. You? Not likely. NFL films has a series you can watch on Youtube. They list the top 20 games played in inclement weather. It's one of their most watched series. They didn't show one Bills game. You state no "Facts" whatsoever. Last nights game was a total one-off. Bills had never played in a game like that. And to state that other teams on great lakes like Cleveland, Chicago, Green Bay, don't play in similar weather is absurd. Soldier Field is basically built ON the lake. NFL teams in the northeast play in Noreasters. Frequently. Watched Good Morning Football today. ALL The hosts were trolling Bills fans like YOU for now calling for a Dome because they built the wrong team for Buffalo. I hate the the Patriots but they the were TOUGHER than the Bills last night, by a lot! That's our problem. Your silly answer is to build a dome stadium the Bills and the State of New York can't and won't pay for.. It ain't going to happen. And it shouldn't. Once again. Man up!
  5. Bunch of pansy's who have probably NEVER attended a Bills game here now calling for a Dome because the team is soft. Cold weather cities with much more wealth, larger corporations for luxury boxes, and much larger average salaries had chances and the monies to build a dome in the last 15 years, but because they know the NFL's legacy and history is tied to playing in the elements. I didn't hear Browns fans - Packer fans - Bronco fans - Bears fans - Patriot fans - Steelers fans - Bengal fans - Eagles fans - Jets/Giants fans - Seahawk fans - Ravens fans - clamoring for a nice comfy dome for Chardonnay sippers. I now live in Philly and the owner said he would rather sell the team than play indoors, and wouldn't pay the extra. Buffalo should be the LAST place for an expensive dome. One of the only reason fans from around the country and indeed world cheer for the Bills is because of the weather we are known for, and being an underdog hard scrabble town. And to state the city of Buffalo would get year round use is a pathetic joke. For what? When the Trans Siberian Orchestra comes to town? Buffalo has less hotels than Toledo. If New York/New Jersey stayed outdoors, why should the state pay an extra $400M for a Dome for Buffalo? Were lucky their paying anything at all. Plus indoor football sucks. It's arena football. Only one DOME team has EVER won a Super Bowl! Vikings went to 5 SB's outdoors, none since. Give it up. If Buffalo goes indoors, they might as well move to Toronto. You people sound silly. Man up, put on a coat, go to a game. Or stay home in your comfy beds. Lastly last night was a total anomaly. The team has never played in weather like last night in it's 60 year history. So lets build a dome for a once in a century occurrence.
  6. Bills can't run the ball period. Bills can't stop the run. Period. The Bills have gotten away with this ONLY because the schedule was maybe the easiest in league history. And after awhile even the bad teams start catching up (Jags) and you lose to them too. Think the Bills would beat Miami twice now? Bills at best go 3-2 the rest of the way, and finish 10-7. Even if they squeak in, does it really matter. All the other good AFC teams have running games. Just a monumentally wasted Bills season. Worse they have limited cap space to go out and sign quality RB's and offensive lineman.
  7. Bills need to go 4-1 the rest of the way (At worst), just to crawl into the playoffs. Most teams will just run down our throats. Such a shame, one of the easiest schedule in league history, wasted. Bills fans are the greatest, Freeze our asses off, for just another disheartening lose. Can't wait for that week 18 Jets game.
  8. Bills have had plenty of time to work up a play. This is the game. Let's go!!!!
  9. I see Beane in the booth currently scouring the Carolina practice squad for players.
  10. What?? They totally dominated, and kept the ball so long, that now the Bills have to go into the wind. You watching the Bills game?
  11. Big men beating up small men. Bills have quarter Billion dollar investment in Allen, that is basically wasted because of bad D drafting. And to think, the Bills spent the top 2 picks last year addressing the D which is getting humiliated. Forget the Pats, the Bills better watch out for the Dolphins. Totally disheartening.
  12. Pats 220 yards rushing (12 passing which is an indictment on the Bills D), the Bills 40 yards. Pats with 4 to 1 advantage. Total domination. Just sad.
  13. This is quickly becoming the Colts game part 2 Even when we are 100% sure they are running, we still can't stop them. So disheartening.
  14. OK 11-10. Missed opportunity, but at least points, but the game is right there for the Bills. Turnover time!
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