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  1. Exactly right. Instead of enjoying a great win. This thread cherry picks a stat to make the coaches and Josh Allen look bad. What's the point? Just go back less then 2 years with the almost same exact offense and their were plenty of tight game wins. Some people just like to be miserable.
  2. C'mon folks. Neither Crowder nor Kumrow were making any significant impact whatsoever. Both barely made the 53 man roster cut. Now we need to replace them with an all pro? Ridiculous. Hodgins and Shakir already know the playbook. Shakir is already making an impact. Hodgins almost made the final cut and has good size and speed. If the Bills sign an unsigned free agent to fill a spot on the practice squad that's fine. The rest of this conversation is pure fantasy.
  3. That's OK... You have PLENTY of company. The most Bipolar posters in the NFL...
  4. POYER GAME BALL..... Too bad 90% of posters had this game as over 2 hours ago... Go Bills
  5. Good thing Josh didn't quit, like 90%of the pathetic "Bills Fans" did on this thread.
  6. If the Bills are as good as we "Think" they are, they start the comeback now.... Sad and pathetic that many posters here have already given up... Not surprising..
  7. He can have Florida. Look at this week. All those lives torn up for years. Hurricanes are only getting worse. Can't beat the spring, summers, falls, and Xmas time in WNY. Weather gets old after January, but we usually head to the Bahamas for two weeks in February, come back, and springs around the corner. Politically, Florida's not everyone's cup of tea. Could care less about Kirk.
  8. What's wrong with you? That's some sick hate you have. Hopefully you live nowhere near my family.
  9. To risky. He's never played a full season. Maybe a 4th round pick tops.... Unfortunately, this just shows that the current Bills RB's aren't cutting it. Cook and Singletary need to start stepping up. This Sunday in the wind and rain would be a good start!!
  10. Would have been helpful to at least until the Wednesday afternoon initial injury report, but I'll play along. Until the Bills can prove they can run the ball with their RB's, I don't see them winning a likely rainy wind-swept game. Ravens 31 - 20. if the Bills don't get healthy and prove they can run by the Jets game, they could easily be 3-4 and no longer the NFL's glamour team. Schedule gets much easier then. But remember, last year the Bills didn't get going until Motor started running effectively in week 14.
  11. Who starts these topics? Some one looking to aggravate after a tough loss. The Bills running game (Without Allen's numbers) is next to last in the NFL. Look at NFL Savant stats. It couldn't be worse. And it's killing the Bills. It's nice that Singletary catches some passes, but that does nothing to help the Bills when they need to give the O-Line a break once and a while (Like today). Or use the clock, or keep opposing D-Lines from just teeing off on Josh. Bills don't get a running game soon, they are in trouble. Jut listen to McDermott after today's game. I'll believe the coach over posters. Motor's back to where he was this time last year running the ball.. Only he's worse.
  12. Loss to a division opponent is "Meaningless". Are you normally a Golf watcher? Maybe collecting stamps is your thing? This game could haunt the Bills all season. Even if the Bills beat the Ravens next week (Tough game), and Miami loses this Thursday against the Bengals. Miami is STILL in first! This was a game the Bills SHOULD have won. Miami gave them the game, the Bills didn't take it... Meaningless, you couldn't be more wrong.
  13. Bottom line... Bills had PLENTY of chances.. Missed FG, Dolphins gave them the game... They didn't take it. Bills still can't win close games.. It's a problem.
  14. Bottom line... Bills had PLENTY of chances.. Missed FG, Dolphins gave them the game... They didn't take it. Bills still can't win close games.. It's a problem.
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