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  1. Lived in an apartment below George Wilson at a complex near the stadium that many players live at during the season. George was super nice, always said hi in passing. Would hold the door open when we were carrying in groceries, etc... Ran into Jason Peters coming down the stairs, this was around the time he was still relatively unknown outside of Bills fans. Said "Hi" in passing and didn't even acknowledge me. My wife worked in the apartments office. When he first got there he stopped in asking for the owner. Owner wasn't there so she asked him if he wanted to leave a message. He said to let him know Jason came by. She asked Jason who? and he replies, "Just Jason." He was a prick even when he was a fresh undrafted tight end on special teams.
  2. The worse part is he just hit his head in the same manner and his brain suffered a second injury on top of a pre-existing brain contusion. Its going to be a long time until he is able to clear protocol.
  3. Thats what I'm getting at. Because everyone knows the back excuse was BS and I dont see an unbiased neurologist clearing him if he actually went into the protocol
  4. Do we even know if he was evaluated by the NFL doc? I dont remember him ever going to the sideline tent. Maybe the Dolphins docs quickly intervened and developed the back injury excuse and told that to the NFL docs so they wouldn't look at him.
  5. I'm sure they've established who they use. Its not like neurologists are a dime a dozen
  6. Its supposedly an independent doctor, but truly where do you think the doctor comes from? I'm sure its a doctor from the home team area. I highly doubt the NFL is flying in doctors from different areas, for every game. These "independent" doctors may not be so independent in each situation. The whole argument about him coming back and still being able to play fine is ridiculous. In the era before concussions were a big deal players routinely kept playing and did good.
  7. Thats absurd. We need to stop being cry babies blaming losses on rules that have been in existence forever.
  8. Humans are creatures of habit. Not only that, but think about people with ritualistic OCD as well. While I dont think upsetting the routine as a huge role, I do believe it can throw a player off for a game from time to time. If this wasn't the case, teams wouldn't go to extreme lengths to normalize players schedules on the road.
  9. Jalen Ramsey had no problem trash talking and Hill is a big time trash talker as well. I cant guarantee he did say this, but I wouldn't put it past him.
  10. Didn't see if it was posted, but f Tyreek Hill and F the Dolphins! https://www.instagram.com/p/Cixz8zXOKi7/?igshid=NDRkN2NkYzU=
  11. They did have good O-lines. But IMO the reason Brady was so successful with those conversions wasn't necessary the line. Brady was always on top of that situation and they would get to the line immediately and quick snap while the defense was still scrambling to set up. He rarely allowed the defense enough time to get set correctly. He's only physical because he will lower his shoulder to try and run a defender over before trying to juke them. As I said before, this worked in college with smaller defenders. I can't recall a single run he has made in the NFL where he has run anyone over.
  12. They should stop with this nonsense that Moss is a power back. He might of been in college where guys are smaller, but in the NFL he isn't big or powerful enough to be utilized that way.
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