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  1. I get that, but AB is a special kind of waste of oxygen. He has treated others without an ounce of decency or respect for years. He deserves the same in return. Screw helping him. I dont care if the guy has CTE or whatever other excuse he or others try to give him for his disgusting behavior. His apology tour is not a result of him changing or becoming a better person. You don't change that who you are that drastically over the course of a month or two. He's just come to realize that money wont be there forever and is only out for #1 like he has always been.
  2. Interesting that he didnt have Jordan Phillips mentioned at all in the domino's of the defensive tackles.
  3. I hate watch games on Fox. All their commentators are dry and boring.
  4. Good lord this message board sounds like a bunch of old ass men screaming get off my lawn right now 🤣
  5. 🤣🤣 You seriously think I'm going to bow down to someone cause they have more posts than me? You take this message board crap way too seriously.
  6. My post really wasnt even about being all homer about the stars like some have portrayed. It was more about the slight the Baker got because I think he's such douche. Barstool actually made a FB post about it as well that was pretty funny and it was blowing up with people clowning on Baker. I guess some people here just feel like they are above the humor I saw.
  7. Now this is trolling that I can appreciate because at least you shared some visual excellence
  8. Connor needed a fight like this to regain his mojo and Dana knew it. Cowboy got a hell of a pay day to get his ass rocked.
  9. Typical response for someone from a town called Horseheads. We'll let you get back to your goat big guy.
  10. I, for one, thought it was pretty funny.
  11. UFC 246 on tonight and they start showing stars in the crowd. They highlight Christian Mcaffery then go to Myles Garret, who they introduce as a former 1st round pick. Funny thing is, next to him is Baker Mayfield, but they totally skip over mentioning him and then move on to Tom Brady. Baker even leans in when he sees the camera on Myles, but crickets.
  12. Correct, and those victories were sweet. Certainly not as sweet as it being for the AFC East Championship.
  13. I just dont want it to be that we could only beat them after he left. I know the narrative will still be that he's washed up now, but at least it would still be him. I also want him to feel defeat handed to him from the Bills.
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