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  1. Regardless of the crazy arguing over the interpretation of immediately and simultaneously advancing the ball. There's really on two question to ask to determine if the play was ruled correctly. 1) Did the player go to the ground and/or kneel the ball? NO If you answered yes to question 1, then proceed to question 2. 2) Did the player immediately attempt to advance the ball? Doesn't even matter because he didn't go to the ground and/or kneel. I'm actually surprised by how many people think the best move here was to let the refs interpret the intention of the player. Regardless of how obvious his intentions were. Refs are not mind readers and that is a VERY slippery slope to allow them to judge intention.
  2. ARTICLE 1. DEAD BALL DECLARED An official shall declare the ball dead and the down ended: ... (d) when a runner declares himself down by: (1) falling to the ground, or kneeling, AND clearly making no immediate effort to advance. ... (i) when a forward pass (legal or illegal) is incomplete. ARTICLE 2. BALL TOUCHES OFFICIAL The ball is not dead because it touches an official who is inbounds, or because of a signal by an official other than a whistle. Here are the rules straight from the rule book on what constitutes a player being down regarding this situation. Article 1, section (d) (1).... Clearly making no effort and "giving yourself up" is not in itself enough to rule a play down. The player must take a knee or go to the ground as well. I also included a few other tidbits. The second he made a forward pass and it hit the ground the play was dead. This should of resulted in a penalty in the endzone which is a safety. Also, merely tossing the ball to the ref does NOT end the play as well.
  3. Where do you get that either endzone is not the field of play?
  4. It's exactly like running the ball anywhere else on the field during a LIVE play.
  5. Did you even see the play? Where in the rule book does it state you can down a play by tossing it to the ref?
  6. Another Josh Allen, Michael Pittman Jr. connection... I'm assuming Pittman Jr. is the son of previous NFL running back Michael Pittman. Well Pittman is Fresno State Alumni so Josh may already know Pittman Jr. from the valley connection.
  7. The players need to re-think this. Basically as the fines increase they end up playing games for free. How is that a win for the players in any aspect?
  8. Does this also help protect from a team hiring him away as a DC/Assistant HC? I know a team can't take him laterally unless approved by the Bills, but if they were to offer a DC/Assistant HC job would that no longer of been a lateral move if he was still only officially a DC?
  9. I stand corrected, I was thinking it was a long holdout. He actually sustained a hamstring injury that kept him out the first four games. I now remember people were blaming the holdout and signing at the end of August for the hammy injury. My memory was off, I stand corrected.
  10. Wanting a bigger contract isn't. The fact that he held out, for what half the season or more? Before signing his rookie deal and now might be ready to hold out again before that rookie deal isn't even up is what I'm talking about. We don't know if he's we willing to hold out again, but if he is, he is gonna be a pain in the ass his entire career.
  11. This dude is good but damn the head aches... Does he want this payday enough to have his second holdout before his rookie contract is even up???
  12. I get that, but AB is a special kind of waste of oxygen. He has treated others without an ounce of decency or respect for years. He deserves the same in return. Screw helping him. I dont care if the guy has CTE or whatever other excuse he or others try to give him for his disgusting behavior. His apology tour is not a result of him changing or becoming a better person. You don't change that who you are that drastically over the course of a month or two. He's just come to realize that money wont be there forever and is only out for #1 like he has always been.
  13. Interesting that he didnt have Jordan Phillips mentioned at all in the domino's of the defensive tackles.
  14. I hate watch games on Fox. All their commentators are dry and boring.
  15. Good lord this message board sounds like a bunch of old ass men screaming get off my lawn right now 🤣
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