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  1. We just tried one on 2nd down. It was the one Josh threw away into the dirt cuz it was covered.
  2. This is Josh's quarter. Time to turn it on.
  3. Good example of the Bills not getting out of their own way
  4. Why the hell do you call a pass we haven't completed all year when we only need 3
  5. Josh should of just ran that with everyone running deep
  6. Oliver was in on the goalline stand when we ran the subs in late
  7. GREAT GOALLINE!! including the heads up intentional PI by Poyer
  8. Throw was off but both those have to be caught
  9. Ask Marshawn Lynch about passing on the goal line. Bottom line is, if he was passing at the goslline and didnt convert, people will b@tch and moan. Just like you are that he ran three times and didnt convert. If he scored on 3rd, would you be complaining? No. Daboll called a play on 4th and scored, so really, who gives a rat's ass about 1-3.
  10. Very convenient for the Patriots. They'll use him the rest of the season, then cut the 32 year old safety they no longer want once he gets his suspension the first four games next year.
  11. Agree! Allen also had two big drops from Knox and Beasley that would of kept drives going had they been caught.
  12. Today proved how much that Fox Sports "Best fans" poll was a load of BS. Bills Mafia absolutely took over Nashville and the Titans stadium this weekend. If I knew how to do it I'd make a GIF of Lewan shaking his head in defeat as he looked around at Bills Mafia taking over his house.
  13. LOVE that shot of Lewan shaking his head as looked around at Bills Mafia taking over the stadium
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