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  1. I got the vibe he was more worried about his own image and this is why he is so controlling of the situation. Your son is a man now and about to be a millionaire. It's time to let him go and hope the values you raised him with carry forward.
  2. Gov't paying means lowest bidder wins. Anyone that has spent time in the military or Gov't work knows how that goes.
  3. Just be glad it's not a camel spider. Those things are terrifying, very aggressive, and get quite large. I was on a deployment to Saudi Arabia, where they are everywhere. I worked nights and me and a buddy got back from a fuel run. A camel spider came out from underneath our fuel truck and my buddy goes and throws the wheel chock at it. The thing was peacefully going a different direction, until that chock almost hit him. I sh!t you not, that camel spider stopped dead in its tracks and turned and bolted after my buddy. Thank god I never ran across another one in my deployments.
  4. Sure, cause you surely weren't insinuating that he was wrong with your snide remark. 🙄
  5. So we've not only learned you were wrong, but you also dont know how to be humble and admit that you were wrong. Great qualities right there.
  6. He has been that way his entire career. If he was doing as Kirby suggested he should do, he would of been the highest paid QB many times over. If you are out to maximaize your income, you don't take a contract well below your potential just because you have endorsements and a highly paid spouse.
  7. There certainly are teams that can't keep some of the star players that they would like to keep. Look at how much that Seattle D fell apart as their players started demanding star contracts. Yes, you can afford to keep 2-3 players at top contracts, but that's about it. Like I said before.... Tom Brady. Take a look at his contract throughout the years. Never once has he been the top paid QB or had the highest contract. He has on many occasions restructured in order to pay other players. Yes, I know restructuring isn't essentially losing money, just changing the way it's dolled out. In fact, in 2016, 17, and 18 Joe fricken Flacco's cap hits were $22.5, $24.5, and $24.7 M... Brady? His was $13.7, $14, and $22 M. I do agree with you however about the QB position. That is the one position where you have to pay your franchise guy. We all know what its like not to have that guy. And again, I never said it's bad that someone wants to get what they are worth.
  8. You know one thing that really doesn't matter? Your opinion. If you don't care then why the f are you even in the thread?
  9. Point to where I said they shouldn't. Let me help you, you won't find it because I never said it. What I was saying was that I think its a positive when you have a top rated player that knows the importance of keeping more than just him on the roster. Earning window of 10 years, huh? I can care less about that. Most starters in the NFL make more money in 1 year playing a game than I will in my lifetime. They only go bankrupt because they don't know how to not spend that money. So you don't think a QB that is getting $30 M per isn't limiting the team? Or a WR make $20 M per isn't? You got save somewhere on the team after having those kinds of contracts. There's a reason why the draft is so valuable now... Rookie contracts that can keep star players and fill the team out for cheap for 4-5 years. This is exactly McBeane's strategy if you haven't noticed.
  10. huh? You're embarrassed by me because I pointed out what happened? I think its stupid that Titans fans cheated to win and I think its even more lame that Fox let it happen. Beyond that, I have two exams to study for so...
  11. My apologies, I didn't see you ask it the first time. In a world with players that are only out for themselves such as OBJ, its nice to see someone that thinks about the team as well. I don't doubt that.
  12. No, its the fact that he knows that its important to be able to sign more than just him. This is exactly the benefit that Brady has given the Patriots throughout his career. While QBs are getting $100 million contracts, he isn't close. Being able to have top-rated talent at team friendly deals is a major plus in my book.
  13. We were on the same page with that one... https://twitter.com
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