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  1. I said nothing about punishing Pat. My comment was about Jackson. He assaulted someone in the stadium and should be treated as anyone else that committed the same act. You really don't understand how Pat could make him apologize? You don't think Pat can tell him that was messed up and you need to apologize or else your not coming to any of my games under my ticket anymore. Its thay easy. If Pat was to control his image, he needs to control who he surrounds himself with.
  2. The rules are different when you are a celebrity. Who you have around you and how they act definitely reflects on the celebrity that they allow that behavior. Ban them from the stadium for the year. Fans get banned all the time for this type of behvior.
  3. Hopefully the NFL punishes him as they would every other fan that does this sort of thing. I'm 100% certain he was talking all kinds of crap to those fans when he thought the Chiefs were going to win. Tables turned and he was is too immature to take it. It absolutely does if Pat doesn't make him publicly apologize
  4. And they are already on ebay going for 3 times the store cost
  5. Steelers are teeing off on the pass rush cause they know we aren't running
  6. Well this thread continues to go off topic. So, back to the main point. If one of you are kind of to help out another Bills fan, PM me. Like I said ill throw $20 your way for your troubles. Thanks.
  7. Out of, what 60k or so? I'd say there's more.
  8. Again, its about having a collectors item for my bar. I can careless if its diet coke, ranch, or bud light.
  9. Me too, I just found out about it when I came across an article about the cans that the Buffalo News put out. Evidently a fan made a Twitter Buffalo Brother or something like that and has been pushing that slogan.
  10. Blah blah blah... If I wanted to drink it I would go to the store here in Fresno and buy some
  11. Did a quick search and didn't see this mentioned. Ya. I know people are up in arms that Bud Light stole the slogan, but I still want this set for my Bills bar. Only being released in Buffalo. Anyone in Buffalo willing to pick me up one? I'll throw you $20 on top of expenses for you effort.
  12. Honestly, I'd rather have shady starting over Singletary. Shady averaged 4.6 yards per carry two seasons ago and just wasn't used last year. I think he could, at the very least, match Singletary's ceiling is at this point. He could also bring intel on the both the Bucs and the Chiefs offenses. I know its not gonna happen though.
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