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  1. Herc11

    Cuts to add an additional 6 Million

    I stopped reading when I saw you suggest cutting Ivory...
  2. Herc11

    Most Boring Super Bowl Ever?

    What an awful game, lacking any type of offense and ends 13-3 in the modern era's, sterile superbowl conditions. It's sad to think we'll never see another SB played in the elements. The NFL loves to celebrate games like the "Ice Bowl" etc... but because of corporate greed, we won't even get to see a SB even in rainy conditions again.
  3. You have made the point several times (and even in the post you claim you didn't, HINT: it's bolded above) that Palmer's poor play as a QB is evidence that he can not coach. You also stated that his lack of coaching on a team is evidence, but I have yet to see you argue against the point I made twice, that maybe he doesn't WANT to coach on a team. You insinuated that Palmer is unsuccessful in his coaching career because he doesn't coach on a team, but you have NO idea why he doesn't. Not everyone dreams of making less money, working crazy long hours, and having a boss to report to. He owns his OWN business, do you? Would you turn down the opportunity to have your own business that makes more money doing what you do AND you have more free time? I sure wouldn't. I'm sure he has his reasons for not coaching on a team, because his reputation for what he does would certainly grant him the opportunity starting at some level on one of the 32. NFL rules state you can not work with an NFL coach of any team, at any level of coaching, during the off-season except for very few select dates. Palmer's coaching company fills that void. I don't care about garbage QB's he's coached before, you can only do so much with someone. Being a good coach doesn't mean you can turn anyone into a franchise QB. If this was the case there would be 32 franchise QB's in the league.
  4. and here comes the ad hominem
  5. YOUR rookie QB... Maybe Terry, Beane, and coach forgot to run it by you first, whoops! IT's not like Josh is the only player to use Palmer's company for off-season work. Josh made good strides last year in the off-season leading up to the draft in his mechanics. That is directly attributable to Palmer. How do you think he found Palmer in the first place? My guess is he was recommended by people that actually know, not some fan on a message board who has no clue about Palmer's coaching ability. Like I said before, maybe Palmer wants nothing to do with coaching on a team. I myself would enjoy the autonomy of running my own company, having free-time, and probably making more than a QB coach would in the NFL.
  6. Maybe you should look at who posts what, because you only quoted me once, but then said, "you clearly picked up when you said:" Umm... that wasn't my post you attributed me to. Anyways, ok whatever, don't use Belicheck then. Shall we begin naming the COUNTLESS NFL coaches that were not good players or perhaps that ones that never played a single down of football outside of college: Jeff Garrett Gary Kubiak Doug Pederson Sean Payton Mike McCoy Jay Gruden Jim Caldwell Pete Carroll Mike Tomlin Marvin Lewis Bruce Arians John Fox Andy Reid Mike McCarthy Dan Quinn John Harbaugh Chip Kelly These are just a list of people that made it to the head coach position. Some were good HC's some weren't, but were great positional coaches and got the chance. They all have the same thing in common, they were not good players at the NFL level, some didn't even play in the NFL.
  7. HINT: You helped make my point. You don't have to be a good player to be a good coach, ie: Belichek. I never argued PAlmer is a good coach. I myself, like everyone on this board, have no clue what type of coach he is. Just because he is not coaching on a team at any level doesn't prove a damn thing. Maybe he enjoys running his own company, not spending 20 hrs a day coaching/preparing, etc... Hell, he probably makes more money coaching players in the off-season than he would as a QB coach for an NFL team.
  8. My guess is this won't happen right away, if it ever does. He's retiring to be able to spend time with his family. I would think that coaching is much more demanding of time than playing.
  9. So how was Belicheks pro football career as a player? Oh that's right he never played pro football cause he wasn't any good in college. Being a good player has nothing to do with coaching ability.
  10. Herc11

    Pacific Pro Football is coming

    That's exactly my point... or even Joe blow coach at UNLV, etc...
  11. Herc11

    Pacific Pro Football is coming

    The problem here is that the NCAA will most likely revoke these players eligibility. So it comes down to a major decision, college or this league that is brand new. More than likely the blue chips will continue to go to college and those that aren't picked up by colleges will try their luck in this league.
  12. Herc11

    First half thread: Wk 17 Dolphins at Bills (CBS)

    If I was the guy who played the sounds at the stadium, I'd honk that damn thing all the time for people like you that complain about a damn sound effect.
  13. Herc11

    Brady playing hurt? Partially torn MCL?

    Pat's are infamous for screwing with the injury reports
  14. Herc11

    Brady playing hurt? Partially torn MCL?

    The patella is the knee cap, it has nothing to do with the LCL, MCL, or ACL. Although it can be dislocated, the more serious dislocation that I think you are referencing is the femur being dislocated from the tibia. This dislocation does involve those ligaments as they are what connect and stabilize these bones.
  15. I'm not saying the guy is outstanding, but overall he has been a solid receiver this season. He doesn't always have tons of yards, but has made some nice catches when we needed a play.