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  1. And opposition kickers actually made 95% of kicks in Orchard Park, and all of them from 55-65 yards.
  2. Josh and his new no. 1 receiver building on field chemistry.
  3. I agree. I like Kincaid and Shakir, but I'm not bullish on this group. But...you can only do so much when you're in cap hell. Beane at least attempted to address the boundary wide receiver issue with the drafting of Coleman and signing of MVS and Claypool. These guys might all end up sucking, but he didn't ignore it completely. And I'm guessing Beane is sort of rolling the dice this year with plans to address it in 2025 when we have both draft capital and cap room to work with.
  4. JuJu was coming off his age 26 season when the Chiefs let him walk. Chase Claypool is entering his age 26 season. You're right that JuJu wasn't anything special with the Chiefs, and they were smart not to re-sign him. Even then, I'd be ecstatic if we got similar production from Claypool this season (950 yards, 3 TDs). And if Claypool does that, given his past issues, you let him walk as well. One (or both) of two things need to occur for me to consider re-signing Claypool in 2025 (assuming he even makes the team): He puts up legitimate top-10 receiving numbers and shows elite, difference-making talent on the field, OR he puts up solid numbers and he really proves to the staff that his attitude is a thing of the past and he emerges as a beloved teammate and team leader in the receiving room.
  5. His smoothness as a route runner and receiver is his elite skill. When he's locked in, it's a beautiful thing to watch. It made his lapses last year all the more frustrating, because we know how elite he can be in this department. Last season was in no way average. 1500+ yards (4.7 ypc, 10+ ypr) is elite in this day and age for an NFL running back.
  6. My initial reaction was, "Shaw, my man, you are insane", but I somehow overlooked that he racked up 1500 yards and was third among running backs in YFS in 2023. Those are some very impressive numbers. I'll still say no, for now. He needs to put together at least one more season in the 1300-1500 range and prove his durability. I think he's a nice player. Smooth catcher of the ball (when he isn't dropping gimmes). Nice speed at the second level. But nothing about him particularly stands out to me as special compared to guys like OJ, Thurman, Cribbs, Henry, Lynch, etc. Cook's about on Spiller's level at this point.
  7. Just gonna get worse as more people use speech-to-text ai.
  8. I thought DMT only lasts like 15 minutes? Couldn't he just fit that into mandatory minicamp or do you have to ingest it in a sweat lodge?
  9. That was absolutely the case this past year. The defense we put on the field for that game didn't stand a chance of slowing down Mahomes and Kelce. We were forced to play guys who had just come off the couch and others who could barely run due to injuries. Who were we missing in 2021? All I can remember is Tre.
  10. I don't think it ever clicks for him. Regardless of his measurables, he looks like a lost stiff out there. Biggest swing and miss of the Beane era. Fortunately, they unearthed Benford in the same draft.
  11. I disapprove because I hate gambling. I've seen far too many friends and family ruin their lives (and their spouse's lives) due to gambling addiction.
  12. Stef is what he is, and the Texans know what they are getting. Great competitor, great receiver, but very questionable teammate and locker room presence. I'm sure Houston is just hoping to squeeze two years out of him and that he helps aid in Stroud's development the way he did with Josh before "Sour Stef" showed up.
  13. I mean I could come off an NBA bench and play 6-7 minutes. My coach, teammates and fans just wouldn't like what they see.
  14. I see it like this. Obviously, top three of Coleman, Samuels, Shakir. Then: WR4: X role/field stretcher: MVS vs Claypool WR5/ST gunner: Hollins vs. Shorter/Shavers/Cephus/Claypool WR6?: Speed/Gadget/Return guy (we always seem to keep one of these): Hamler vs. Isabella (Could forego this and keep Claypool instead if he really shows something on special teams and we find a returner among our other players) In the end, like most others, I think we end up with a room of Coleman, Samuels, Shakir, MVS and Hollins. If we keep a 6th (instead of just utilizing the PS), I think it's an upside guy like Hamler or Claypool.
  15. Love that we were able to snag a guy with this type of potential in the 5th round. Looks like a mini-Von to me.
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