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  1. The loss was demoralizing for sure, but part of me is still convinced we wore the wrong cleats and, combined with the wrong game plan for the weather, were essentially playing on skates all day. I don't believe we are two touchdowns worse than the Bengals.
  2. It will be funny when our two big free agent signings turn out to be Poyer and Singletary.
  3. I thought Hamlin was pretty good last year. Not great, but showed some promise. Definitely happy to have him back as depth.
  4. With a healthy Tre and Dane likely back, it might make sense to begin the Benford-to-safety transition during camp.
  5. Good. Now he's got extra incentive to stick it to the Phins next year.
  6. Is he even a Bills fan? I just assumed he was a visiting Chiefs fan based on the content of his posting.
  7. I like it. Given all that happened last year with the injuries and other distractions, I'm glad these guys get a chance to actually run it back and give it a go - hopefully, with a healthy roster this time!
  8. I haven't been this excited for a signing since Tavon Austin. I keed, i keed...
  9. I like Tremaine. Good guy. Good player. I'm never going to knock a guy for getting his pay day.
  10. Yep. Doesn't hurt that he's smart, handsome and charismatic either.
  11. He comes off as very immature. Like a little brother who never grows up. It can be cute and endearing when times are good, but lends itself to petulance when things get tough. I don't believe he's going anywhere, but I worry that he could quickly turn on Josh if the team (or Josh) struggle next season for an extended period of time.
  12. That's what Mixon gets for inviting Ja Morant over to play hoops with his kids.
  13. Diggs is the type that would do this just to troll us dweebs at TBD. Then again, he didn't show much emotional maturity at the end of the playoff game. And at the risk of besmirching the man, I have to admit that he's always come across a bit "childlike", for better or worse.
  14. I am SOOOOO OUTRAGED right now!!! Why isn't he on a yacht with hookers and blow and enjoying his offseason like a normal professional athlete???!!!! Argh!!!!
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