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  1. I don't think we are drafting a running back after the Breida signing. I could see us moving Singletary during training camp if Williams flashes during camp.
  2. This is so so so sad. Prayers to the victims' families. Outside of a true extreme psychotic break, it's hard to summon much sympathy for the murderer.
  3. I don't think Singletary sees the start of the season in a Bills uniform
  4. I've heard a rumor that the Bills are signing Watkins to a 1 game contract with incentives if he's healthy enough to dress for 2 games.
  5. Great signing. An upgrade over Brown. We are set at WR for this season. Probably the best group of WRs in the league.
  6. I'm in the same boat. It was a ridiculously overblown reaction to a moment of drunken buffoonery (on the part of everyone involved). This isn't Ray Rice cold cocking his fiancee or Tyreek Hill trying to murder his wife. I hate abusive guys and want nothing to do with them on my team, but I just don't view Hunt as one based on what we saw on that hotel video.
  7. You don't get much value with pass rush at pick 30. The value will be there at CB and RB. I prefer that we focus on CB.
  8. Walking through the concourse tunnel and seeing the green turf glistening in the Monday night lights. It was 83 or 84 against the Jets. My Dad was supposed to babysit me (I was 4 at the time) while my Mom worked. Uncle scored some tickets and my Dad just left a note for my Mom that we were going to the game (she was pissed...lol). I fell asleep by halftime, which was probably a good thing since the game apparently broke a record for arrests during an NFL game. Don't remember the score (I know we got destroyed) or much of the game, just that first image of seeing the field for the very fir
  9. Best of luck, Mr. Brown. Thanks for your contribution to the turnaround!
  10. He deserves all the ridicule dished at him for wearing those Crocs.
  11. Bummer. Would have been nice to have a future HOF'er to bolster the defense, but that does seem like a lot of money for a guy at his age and recent production. Wouldn't be surprised if the weather wasn't a factor in his decision as well. The warm weather and domed stadiums of the NFC West is a lot easier on an aging dude like Watt.
  12. This Singletary kid looks great. Also, need to get more touches for Yeldon and Kroft. They are showing well today.
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