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  1. We clearly need to trade for Justin Jefferson. I've done the maths and they tell me he'd routinely post 2000 yards with Josh Allen.
  2. I believe Bass will bounce back this year. I suspect he had some sort of lingering injury that was affecting him.
  3. No thanks. Keep the picks and ride or die with Mack Hollins. On second thought...
  4. Shakir, more than any Bills receiver in the last 24 years, reminds me of my childhood favorite, Andre Reed. I think he's going to emerge as Josh's favorite WR target and have a huge year. Assuming we find a solid X receiver via the draft who can grow into a contributor over the course of the season, I think our receiving room could actually go from a perceived weakness to a strength.
  5. Seems like a camp body/future PS kind of signing. Appears completely washed up, but if he could get back into shape, could be a nice reserve lineman given his flexibility at the OG/OT positions.
  6. I think this is going to end up somewhere between an "A" grade and Ditka trading an entire draft for Ricky Williams, Minnesota trading an entire draft for Herschel Walker, and the Browns trading away all of their draft capital for Deshaun Watson.
  7. Diggs was amazing in 2020 and 2021. But he's 30 years old and his play has shown signs of dropping off, especially in the second half of each of the last two seasons. Add in all of the personality issues, however legitimate they may be, and I believe this was the right time to move on.
  8. Fudge. There goes my $5k. Hide me from the wife.
  9. Yep. Good hands, great feet, great size. It's a long road, but he'd be an interesting PS guy for sure.
  10. I agree completely. I was terrified of Tyreek Hill touching the ball again, which is why I was actually relieved to see them kick it deep through the endzone (also, we have some very deep special teams scar tissue as Bills fans). The staff was justifiably terrified of Hill's speed and playmaking ability, opted for the safest approach possible to avoid losing the game in regulation, and Mahomes/Kelce/Hill/Butker/Reid made them pay. Can you imagine if we had squibbed it and it gets lateralled to Hill and he takes it to the house, or we played tight man and Hill catches a crosser and goes 70 yards to end it in regulation? At the end of the day, it is what it is. The Chiefs were a great team with great coaching, and they were just better than us in the big moment.
  11. I'm all for viable third party candidates, but I don't understand how anyone ever took RFK Jr. seriously. The guy has been a loon for years. Regarding the VP pick - she's a cutie. I'll give her that.
  12. Seems like a generous deal given his injury history. Hope he does well. I'll always be a fan of his.
  13. We all knew this was coming, but ouch. Not sure how these prices are going to fly in the Buffalo market. It also really highlights the stupidity of not spending more and getting yourself a domed stadium. You're asking people to spend $20,00 to $50,000 for the right to sit and freeze in terrible weather for potentially three out of eight games on the schedule.
  14. My wife apparently prefers a husband with a strong right arm. I'll be here the whole week. Tip your waitress. Try the veal.
  15. This is probably the correct answer. But in my imagination, Josh trucks him and then kind of trips up and goes down shortly after the hit. Both guys get up, share a laugh and hug, and neither takes a shot to their ego.
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