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  1. I love Duffs, but you can get similarly GREAT wings (compared to the rest of the country) at every other local bar in Buffalo. I no longer live in Buffalo, but my parents live right by UB and their local wing spot is a little place in a strip mall called Elmo's and they have unbelievably good wings too. And as much as Buffalonians love to crap on the Anchor Bar, their wings are still dang good and will also blow the minds of out-of-towners who haven't been exposed to much beyond Buffalo Wild Wings.
  2. It's Phoenix in July. I would probably be in flip flops and a thong if I had to step outside there.
  3. Sam Mills was a hell of a linebacker at 5'9". Might have been more like 5'7"-5'8", given how sports players/teams like to inflate guys' heights. Then again, the OP admitted to being 5'8" on the Internet, so he's probably closer to 5'4"
  4. One of my best friends from HS went on to play sprint football at the Naval Academy. Maybe he was referring to that.
  5. Great thread. Lol. Kudos to Dennison for sticking by his guns and choosing to retire from NFL coaching. No problem with the guys who make this decision, unlike dudes like Beas who just whine and create a distraction for their teammates.
  6. Beas ain't a racist. He's just an idiot. Maybe CTE set in during the offseason. But he needs to quit his whining and either get the damn vaccine or form an anti-vax football league with Hopkins and his other buddies.
  7. Based on Josh's career progression to this point, I expect something in the neighborhood of 75% completion, 55 TDs and 6000 yards.
  8. Thanks. I can now put "NFL Quarterback Physique" in my dating profile.
  9. I do quite a bit of road cycling (logged 4500 miles in the past year) and love it, but it is dangerous as hell, even here in Southern California where there's tons of bike lanes and cyclists out and about. If you let your guard down for a minute, you can find yourself dead. I've had multiple instances where I've nearly been killed because of idiot drivers (and sometimes other cyclists blowing through stop signs/lights, passing/cutting me off without a heads up, etc.). Two weeks ago I'm sitting on my bike in the right of two left hand turn lanes at a busy intersection waiting for a light. I
  10. Reading about the ERPO now. First I've heard of it. Poor guy must really be messed up. Clearly, this isn't one bad night. Can't help but think CTE is playing a major role in this.
  11. If we didn't already have Breida locked up, I'd consider it. Maybe if there's an injury in the training camp?
  12. Interesting that Sherman just recently began working with a mental/brain health company. Doesn't acknowledge any personal issues, but there's been other interviews he's given in the past where he expressed concern about the mental wellbeing of players. Maybe he knew it was coming for him? https://www.forbes.com/sites/yolarobert1/2021/06/09/nfls-richard-sherman-teams-up-with-healthtech-company-nurosene-to-shed-light-on-mental-and-brain-health/?sh=30ad17d2295a https://finance.yahoo.com/video/richard-sherman-investing-mental-health-212341981.html His last tweet was
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