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  1. Bills are on in San Diego for the next three weeks! Loving it! Just got a new tv this week too.
  2. I would absolutely take the Bills with 6 points. I think we win straight up. We're at home, with 10 days to prepare, and are peaking coming off our best three performances of the season. Ravens are due for a letdown and this game is it.
  3. I agree. Especially if McDermott made it known he'd prefer to be back in NC. I know we hate to think about these things, but if Carolina was dead set on acquiring him and Beane and offering to open up the Brinks truck to them and Pegula, who knows?
  4. Thought about this yesterday, but I'm guessing he is pretty content. He did get to play in a playoff game before retiring, and he knew he was leaving the franchise in good hands with McBeane and Allen. Plus, he's a millionaire and a great golfer. 😁
  5. what a naughty boy. should have been home with mom and dad, studying film and in his jammies by 8pm.
  6. I'm a crow eater. Lamar is very very good.
  7. What's odd is that if you listen to the national guys on the radio discuss the Bills and Allen, they still talk about him like he sucks and that he's the weak link holding us back. We'd be nothing without Josh's playmaking abilities with his legs AND arm. I really hope he plays well on Thursday, so he can start getting the respect that he deserves.
  8. Big measuring stick game for both teams. Cowboys boast second-best point differential in NFC. Bills third best in AFC. Who is for real? We'll find out on Thursday.
  9. Agree with the OP. Denver is not a good matchup for us. Our weaknesses play into their biggest strengths. I expect a low scoring dogfight.
  10. Pouncey was so mad at Rudolph for using racist language he decided to repeatedly punch Myles Garrett in the head!!!
  11. Sorry. It was a joke. I thought he was awesome yesterday. Definitely his best game as a pro.
  12. Last 6 games for Josh Allen: 14 TDs, 1 Int. Also, he's super clutch during crunch time. Dude is a stud. We are lucky to have him.
  13. Nope. I don't really see any way we dominate this game unless Miami just shoots itself in the foot with turnovers. This is an absolute must win game if we hope to make the playoffs, so we better be ready from the opening kickoff.
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