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  1. It's really interesting to see how a poster becomes emboldened over time into thinking they need to create a new thread every day regardless of whether it adds anything to the board. Not directing this at the OP or anything. Just a thought that popped into my head.
  2. Almost certain this was it. He thought his guy was down by contact since he was on the ground, and then he thought his defensive teammates were celebrating and running toward the sideline, so he just ran out in excitement to greet them. You can see him hesitate for a split second when he's on the field, like, "oh F*#!", before continuing to block, lol.
  3. Uh oh, are we talking about the return of our pale, ever so controversial former receiving option.... Lee Smith?
  4. I love that a wide open 52 yard touchdown is labeled "incredible 75 yard touchdown catch!"
  5. Thanks for that info, Big Turk. Even if it doesn't come to fruition, it's nice to be given a nugget of hope on a Monday morning.
  6. I think he's referring to our current injury luck. Like when we signed Rhodes and he pulled his hamstring trying on his practice jersey.
  7. I generally agree, but it could also be somewhere in the middle. Hard to say. But I definitely agree with what you said earlier, if it appears that it could be a medical emergency, the flight crew definitely needs to actively deal with it. It sounds like that was what they were trying to do initially. Now, once he was awake and cogent, it becomes an issue of how could they have dealt with the situation to ensure his safety and the safety of the other passengers, while also trying to preserve the dignity of the guy in that moment. Maybe they did everything by the book? Maybe he was a complete ass once he was awake? Who knows. Overall though, this is much ado about nothing, imo.
  8. As someone who has been there in the past, my guess is he was hungover/exhausted and then took something extra to sleep through the flight like a benzo or some THC gummies (I'm in California) or something. I had a pretty intense fear of flying for many years (no longer, thankfully) and I would often take something when boarding the plane for a cross-country flight that I knew would flat out knock me out for 3-4 hours. If the plane were sitting on the runway for 2 hours, decent chance I'd be out cold or disoriented if a flight attendant tried to get my attention 2 hours later.
  9. Yes, but ignoring all that, how do these guys make you "feel?"
  10. Here here!!! A round of applause and pink slips for Leslie and the boys! (JK)
  11. Yeah, that's my thought. I tore my meniscus in my early 30s and had a ton of swelling and pain in the first 7-10 days. Didn't opt for surgery - just rest and PT and I was back to doing all of my normal sporting activities within a few weeks. Granted, that was just golfing, running and pickup basketball and not NFL football...lol.
  12. The GDT, especially, is a place to vent our most basic, unfiltered, often irrational, certainly frequently idiotic, and typically anxiety induced human emotions in real time. Its a "get it off your chest" space - at least for me. I'm not ashamed to say I've posted some really embarrassing things in there over the years in hindsight. Bottom line - we all love the Bills and love Josh and want them to succeed. Outsiders began telling us early in the year that this team and Josh Allen were essentially perfect and going to stroll to a championship, and some of us started to buy into that. Last few weeks we've discovered that this team is actually a collection of human beings and not T100's. This realization has been a blow to our fanbase's collective psyche. The increase in "moronic take" and "hate posting" is a byproduct of that.
  13. Detroit offense averages 405 yards/game at home. We held them to 325 without Edmunds, White, Miller or Groot. But let's fire Frazier.
  14. On the flip, we just won 2 straight road games with half of our backups playing.
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