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  1. I can't believe Barkley was just sitting on his couch for us to poach. He's a guy who can legitimately start and win games in this league.
  2. He is the primary backup to Philip Rivers in Los Angeles.
  3. I was shooting the breeze with a random Latino dude at a bar in San Diego on Friday and night and when I mentioned I was from Buffalo, he immediately said "Your boy Josh Allen is sick! Bills are gonna tear it up this year!" I was honestly shocked that anyone in San Diego knew who Allen was.
  4. Do you guys think Big Ben is a HOFer? I think he and McNabb had basically the same level of impact on a game.
  5. Yep. Drove me nuts. He'd throw some ghastly interceptions at times.
  6. Nope. Good solid player, but not a hall-of-famer. He could never dominate a game the way a true HOFer can. Eric Moulds was a far superior receiver than a guy like Clayton.
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