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  1. He's been really good. So far, seems like he's a significant upgrade from Haack (who would scare the S out of me every time he took the field).
  2. After seeing that, I'm less inclined to give Knox grief about his effort. He was clearly going into jump and body catch (protect the ball) mode right as Campbell tipped that ball. After that, it was like trying to hit a knuckleball. Think the ball just fluttered away from him. That was just a good play by Campbell and Humphrey. It happens.
  3. Okay, maybe not "all", but many were citing it as a major need (along w/an outside WR, true).
  4. Well, we did get one and his name is Khalil Shakir. I think we were fine at wideout until the injury bug hit us. The Cook pick looks baffling now, but we were all calling for a hybrid/3rd down back leading up to the draft. It's early, but we might have just drafted the wrong guy. And I'm okay with the Bernard pick. He flashed in preseason and I suspect he's going to be a fan favorite down the road. He's just buried behind Edmunds and Milano at the moment. As we've seen this year, injuries occur pretty frequently in this league and we know Milano has been nicked up and missed plenty of time in prior seasons. As much as I hate to say it, it's likely just a matter of time before Bernard is seeing a couple of starts at LB.
  5. Speaking of dropped "gimme" interceptions, if Patrick Queen makes that easy pick with 1:03 left in the first half, we most likely don't walk out of Baltimore with the win. That was a huge break for the Bills that no one seemed to mention post game.
  6. Bit of an overreaction there. Not saying they might not be the best team in the league, but you act like they didn't just "piss all over themselves" a week before against the Colts, when they turned it over twice and ran for 58 yards at a 2.5 ypc clip. It's a week to week league, and we'll find out where we stand vis-a-vis the Chiefs this year soon enough.
  7. I expect that McDermott is focused on winning the larger war, not a single longshot battle in enemy territory. I can't imagine any scenario where they trot White out in Arrowhead for his first game action. I'm hoping we start to see him sprinkled in for some reps starting with the Green Bay game and then slowly ramp him up from there.
  8. I don't understand this thinking at all. Hamlin and Johnson have been in the Bills system for years and have filled in admirably when called upon. I don't see any situation where Benford unseats them, especially this season. Now, if you want to start converting Benford to serve as a backup to these guys in case of further injury, then I get that.
  9. Would love to see all 5 of those dudes healthy and on the field for the Bills come January.
  10. Agree. WR depth is now a VERY SERIOUS concern. I do feel fairly confident in Austin and Hodgins' ability to step in for a few games if needed, but injuries to them or any of our other rostered WRs and we are in a code red situation. IMO, we need to be auditioning vet WRs starting today.
  11. We were sloppy to start yesterday - probably a bit of a hangover effect from the Miami game. We scored 20 points, in the rain, on the road, against a likely playoff team in the final 32 minutes of the game. I think we're okay barring further injury decimation.
  12. Maybe they feel bad about Super Bowl XXV and stealing our assistant gm
  13. We are the number one D in the league and we are doing this against the good teams on our schedule. This isn't like last year. We are truly elite now.
  14. Cook's been a collosal disappointment so far. Starting to agree with the folks who have criticized his demeanor/body language. Doesn't seem to fit with our company culture.
  15. Agree. The D was huge. Only gave up 296 yards today. Still haven't allowed 300+ this season, which is pretty crazy with today's high powered offenses. And it's not like we've been playing a bunch of bums. These are all veteran quarterbacks.
  16. My concern is collarbone with the way they collided in the end zone.
  17. Poyer and Milano!!! What games by those two!!! A nod to Devin who got it together after his fumble. And Josh, as always, is the friggin man!
  18. Don't forget they have the GOAT FG kicker. Get the damn TD.
  19. Murphy and Wood thought it was a terrible call too. It wasn't roughing. Sorry.
  20. Playcalling is garbage. You have to pass there with the two minute warning sure to stop the clock. Disgusted.
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