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  1. I see it like this. Obviously, top three of Coleman, Samuels, Shakir. Then: WR4: X role/field stretcher: MVS vs Claypool WR5/ST gunner: Hollins vs. Shorter/Shavers/Cephus/Claypool WR6?: Speed/Gadget/Return guy (we always seem to keep one of these): Hamler vs. Isabella (Could forego this and keep Claypool instead if he really shows something on special teams and we find a returner among our other players) In the end, like most others, I think we end up with a room of Coleman, Samuels, Shakir, MVS and Hollins. If we keep a 6th (instead of just utilizing the PS), I think it's an upside guy like Hamler or Claypool.
  2. Love that we were able to snag a guy with this type of potential in the 5th round. Looks like a mini-Von to me.
  3. Awesome! Congrats to the local kid. My Mom's college alma mater and my high school alma mater.
  4. I like your thinking and I'm starting to come around to the idea that Coleman might eventually turn into a stud. I don't think it will be right away, but I like his ceiling. He's fluid and you can just see he's a naturally gifted athlete.
  5. The only reason anyone should mention Shorter is because he's a mid-round pick in his second season. The comparisons end there. Watching Shorter's college tape, I just don't see "it" and I can't really understand what the Bills were thinking when they drafted him. Big, slow, can't separate, didn't really produce at the college level, etc. I got to watch Shavers quite a bit here in San Diego, and I think he's a superior prospect to Shorter and likely snags that spot at the bottom of the WR depth chart.
  6. I'm referring to the photographer punching, not the attempted vehicular manslaughter.
  7. "Investigated." The dude hasn't been charged and who hasn't wanted to punch a photographer in the face now and then. 😁
  8. Honestly, my initial reaction to this thread was that it was completely pathetic and sad on many levels.
  9. Choosing TO feels like a cheat given his end of career sole season in Buffalo, but it has to be him and Mario Williams if talking players in their primes
  10. I agree. I'm thinking of starting another thread titled "If They Did Enough: Discussions of the Bills WR Room.". It's kind of a semi-fictitious thread about the threads that have been posted regarding our WR group.
  11. Hamler looks skinnier to me than Lil Dirty. He's more like Deonte Harty or Roscoe Parrish. If he makes the team, he'll make a handful of eye popping plays and spend half the season on IR.
  12. I don't mind the approach at all. But we still need a number 1 receiver. Maybe Coleman becomes that guy, but it is a major question mark at the moment.
  13. I mean, we know he can play when motivated. He's 25 and doesn't have an injury history. He should just be hitting his prime now. The question is whether his attitude is right. If he's suddenly transformed into a hardworking, team first guy, then this is a great signing. I don't have much hope, since you don't really see guys just flip their personalities in their mid-20s. I guess Cris Carter is a guy that turned it around. Just have to wait and see.
  14. I don't like the player at all. A tiger doesn't change its stripes, so I fully expect him to show his true self in camp and get kicked to the curb before final cuts. But, we are in desperation mode at wide receiver, so this is what you get I guess. We absolutely need one of Hamler, Claypool, Isabella, Shorter or Cephus to pan out and contribute. I assume Hollins sticks as a special teamer and bottom of the depth chart receiver. I like Shakir a lot as a potential no. 2/3 and Samuel as a no. 3, and I'm hoping Coleman can slot into the Gabe Davis role, but damn, that is a really weak receiver room. We are going to really need to utilize Kincaid, Cook and Knox in the passing game.
  15. Correct. And there's got to be something there beyond just a mediocre combine that is concerning teams. He's got great advanced stats and proves his skills on the field over multiple seasons.
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