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  1. QBorBust2018

    93.7 the fan in Pgh bashes the bills some more

    Sal Cappacio was actually throwing some heaters on WGR one day for the comments made by Colin Dunlap from 93.7 Dunlap made some comments about how could you blame Antonio Brown “buffalo is one of the last places anyone would want to live”
  2. QBorBust2018

    93.7 the fan in Pgh bashes the bills some more

    They are probably right. Chances of winning a super bowl after losing 4 straight are not good. lol
  3. QBorBust2018

    93.7 the fan in Pgh bashes the bills some more

    Gotcha, if you ever travel to Pitt for any reason, do not wear your bills gear. You will get destroyed.
  4. QBorBust2018

    93.7 the fan in Pgh bashes the bills some more

    No, that’s what they say about buffalo actually. They describe it as a place “nobody would ever want to be” according to Colin Dunlap from 93.7 the fan
  5. Has been an ongoing thing since the AB trade, today they mentioned the NFL draft being a month away and how exciting it is for fans and how it starts the new league year, ”a time for everyone to have hope before the start of a new season, unless you’re the buffalo bills..” Ever since that AB trade they continue to bash the city / team. Colin Dunlap and Ron Cook. Pittsburgh likes to ***** all over buffalo ALL the time
  6. Link to tweet has a bleacher report link. Might be the most egregious quote ever said about anyone did anyone catch this ?
  7. QBorBust2018

    How did you become a Bills fan?

    I ate my flutie flakes
  8. Nice pieces added in free agency. Could still use another piece on offense whether that’s OL, TE, RB but if Allen is going to be a franchise QBs, this team makes playoffs. Good QBs can carry a team to playoffs almost every year If they dont make it and the team isn’t decimated by injuries, I will hit the panic button on qb
  9. QBorBust2018

    Report: Bills interested in UFA TE Jesse James

    Nope. Steeler fans are happy to see him go. They weren’t even happy with James as their back up. Then we have bills fans clamoring from him. Not an upgrade over Clay. Not an upgrade over Croom. Guy is an average back up. Not an average starter ! wake up people This is why the bills suck every year. We have fans applauding the potential interest in James. Let’s settle for some more mediocrity.
  10. QBorBust2018

    Report: Bills interested in UFA TE Jesse James

    I feel bad for many of you on this board trying to rationalize Jesse James being a capable or even a capable stopgap starter. Guy is awful! glad I came back here for some entertainment Watching this awful team over the years really wearing some of you down mentally. You’ve accepted mediocrity. That’s great let’s all buckle up and enjoy Jesse James and another 6-10 season. Major failure if this guy is more than a backup. Same old incompetent bills bringing losers from Pittsburgh in. Let’s bring back Doug Whaley while we are at it
  11. QBorBust2018

    Report: Bills interested in UFA TE Jesse James

    Jesse James is clearly a back up tight end. The guy looks like he has the 40 time of an offensive lineman. I live in Pittsburgh and watch the Steelers games every week while streaming the bills. Jesse James was given every opportunity to beat out Vance Mcdonald and couldn’t even do that. Guy is not athletic whatsoever. He is a poor mans scott chandler. I would rather have Max Williams from Baltimore as a back up. Jesse James is awful
  12. Would be huge for Allen’s development to have that type of security blanket. Guy who can roll out and make plays. I’m all for BPA at need in round 2. Hope it’s tight end Which tight end would you upset about the bills passing on if still available in round 2
  13. QBorBust2018

    The future of the AFC is KC, Cleveland... and Buffalo!

    This is so far from the truth lol. Bills still have one of the worst offenses in football. No true #1 or #2 WR, No RB, No TE, 1 quality starting offensive lineman, and a lessen McCoy that’s seen better days. Robert Foster has shown promise but has yet to play a full season. Could fall flat on his face in year 2. Zay Jones is just mehhh. We passed on juju. 0 chance this team makes playoffs next year. Im expecting them to draft defense and ruin Allen at this point. Bills made playoffs 1 time in twenty years. They have no idea what they’re doing i will change my mind if rounds 1-4 are all offensive selections to help Allen. Otherwise this regime is as clueless as the last.