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  1. QBorBust2018

    Why Josh Allen is Fit for Success and a Fit for Buffalo

    Already see this as a failure. Allen is being set up to fall on his face. Could not be more of a disaster with the the current state of the offensive roster. On to the next one...
  2. QBorBust2018

    3-13 this year, 6-10 next year

    I will be happy if they have a perfect season. 0-16 looks good to me. Worked out for the browns well. Got baker mayfield and their roster is set up for him to succeed. Allen is going to be ruined by the bills. Awesome
  3. QBorBust2018

    Who has better hands ?

    Thoughts ? Jason Pierre Paul is an honorable mention
  4. Benjamin. Guy is awful. He won’t be back next year. Guy has a big mouth, bad attitude, and no hands i think the shauim griffin kid from Seattle would honestly be better than Benjamin
  5. QBorBust2018

    Another concerning thing to me McCoy

    McCoy is getting old for a RB, only a bills homer would be delusional to envision McCoy in the bills’ plans going forward. The guy is OLD. See ya
  6. QBorBust2018

    3-13 this year, 6-10 next year

    Actually it’s not. This is a **** show. Simple as looking at the roster. It’s trash. Heyyyyy heyyyyyyyy, bills always wanna lose! Throw your hands up and lose ! Cmon now the losers making it happen now ! Get out the paper bags for the next decade. Fitzpatrick dropping dimes today lmao! Ryan Tannehill dropping dimes. Nathan peterman working at enterprise next week. He’ll pick you up B word
  7. QBorBust2018

    3-13 this year, 6-10 next year

    The roster is so bad it’s as simple as picking anything sub .500 there is nothing they can do over one offseason that can fix this disaster of a mess roster. Browns vs bills on paper is laughable ! How did they get so many good players and a competent offensive line. Sickening. Ryan groy ? Wtf is that ****. Ducasse? Mills? Zay Jones ? Lmao. Glad McDermott thinks because these guys work hard they’ll be ok. Incompetent coach at its finest. Brandon beans SUCKS
  8. QBorBust2018

    3-13 this year, 6-10 next year

    This team is awful. There are so many holes it’s almost irreparable. Mccoy is old. Potential last year as bill Clay is old. Last year as bill benjamin is gone. He sucks entire offensive line is a joke jerry Hughes is old trent Murphy sucks star sucks the whole defense sucks after 30 years it’s almost time to hang em up. I had more fun streaming browns/steelers. Turned the game off when bills were down 17. Losers save the anguish and jump on the browns/mayfield bandwagon with me. Time to convert The bills will always suck. Time to accept it.
  9. QBorBust2018

    You gotta trade McCoy now... right?

    3-4 pro bowl years. Keep deluding yourself. McCoy’s best years are behind him. This guy will have nothing left in the tank after this season.
  10. QBorBust2018

    Draft UB QB 2019?

    After the bengals game, looking like Allen has major bust potential. If we have a top pick again I think you fire away on another QB
  11. QBorBust2018

    What do we draft with a top 5 pick next year ?

    I actually love this concept !
  12. Secondary and nothing else. Everything else got worse. McCoy going to look like he aged 5 years behind this line.
  13. QBorBust2018

    What do we draft with a top 5 pick next year ?

    My fear is being in position to take bosa. Sure I would love it. But this is one of the worst WR/OL combinations in the league. Need to get Allen some help
  14. Offensive line or WR ? Hopefully we go all offense. WR, OL, OL, WR,