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  1. Lol. Really might have to. Basically disgusted over these teams. As well as WGR already talking like 9-7 is unattainable. Very very frustrated. Big Allen and McDermott fan. I just cant do another ***** rebuild. Won’t be sticking around for that
  2. If Allen is any good he will find a way to get this team to a winning record. I could care less about the statistics. He doesn’t need to be Mahomes. They don’t even need to make playoffs for that matter.. If this team does not reach 9-7 this year with a favorable schedule and very solid offseason, I have a feeling they will be looking for a new “process” & quarterback. Quite frankly I don’t think the bills will ever be good and small markets just can’t compete if they don’t turn things around. This year is huge. They need to take a big step forward or never will. Anything less than a winning record is unacceptable. Tired of all these pussys around here making excuses and settling for mediocrity.
  3. I wouldn’t rule out Barkley starting at some point. Josh Allen hasn’t learned a thing from last year after watching that horrible pick in the last preseason game 9-7 or bust for me. They don’t even need to make playoffs. Need a winning record. If they don’t get there I don’t believe this team or Allen will ever be good.
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