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  1. QBorBust2018

    Josh Allen. Let's get real people!

    Looks good to me. Can’t remember the last time the bills drafted a QB that was projected to go 1st overall in plenty of mocks. I just wanted one of the big 4 guys. I’m happy.
  2. QBorBust2018

    Tremaine Edmunds: what’s his nickname?

    This thread SMH. Embarrassing. Who’s playing world of Warcraft ?
  3. QBorBust2018

    Am I the only one who has confidence in our WR's?

    Worst WR corps in the league. This is the most homer thread of all time. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid
  4. I would love for AJ to put up some numbers. Although I’m expecting this to be a bottom 5 offense from a talent standpoint. Receivers are bad. Offensive line questionable.
  5. QBorBust2018

    What jerseys do you own?

    None since spikes. Have been waiting for the bills to get good players. None worth the money yet. Although we may be on to something.
  6. QBorBust2018

    Zay Jones - 2018

  7. Big Ben has always been an overrated piece of trash
  8. QBorBust2018

    Are you a fan of Josh Allen?

    wentz 2.0
  9. QBorBust2018

    Anybody else have faith in AJ Mccarron?

    Not in this offense. Still have the worst Wideouts in the league with an unproven offensive line. I’m worried In foresight, I see a top 10 defense, I also see a bottom 5 offense.
  10. QBorBust2018

    Now let’s get Decker/Maclin

    My favorite is Decker. Did not see him play at all last year. Not a good 2017 campaign in 16 Games 54 YDS 563 AVG 10.4 TDS 1
  11. QBorBust2018

    Now let’s get Decker/Maclin

    Speculating who the bills may realistically target. Think the offensive line will be formidable with the bodies they brought in (Bodine, Wyatt). There will be some good competition. What’s going on with John miller ? Does Decker or Maclin have anything left in the tank the bills could utilize for 1 more season? any other names ?
  12. QBorBust2018

    Josh Allen Picks Blue Cheese Over Ranch on his Wings!

    Allen can throw a chicken wing 70 mph
  13. QBorBust2018

    Successful Rookie QBs

    Roethlisberger did not succeed right away. The guy was a game manager that was coddled by a top 3 defense. Could have easily been a bust going to another team. He had time to refine his skills while handing the ball off and not being asked to do a ton early on in his career
  14. QBorBust2018

    Allen Over Rosen Reminds Me of

    Yeah but Allen was actually projected by a ton of people to go 1st overall, maybin and Whitner were not