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  1. I would say it’s worth a try. Plant based diets have pretty much cured heart disease and other miracle like outcomes for those with health related issues. On the other hand, Not going to help you if a guy like Tre Edmunds lights you up over the middle
  2. Still can’t believe we passed on JuJu for this bum. Makes no sense.
  3. QBorBust2018

    Josh Allen. Let's get real people!

    Looks good to me. Can’t remember the last time the bills drafted a QB that was projected to go 1st overall in plenty of mocks. I just wanted one of the big 4 guys. I’m happy.
  4. QBorBust2018

    Tremaine Edmunds: what’s his nickname?

    This thread SMH. Embarrassing. Who’s playing world of Warcraft ?
  5. QBorBust2018

    Am I the only one who has confidence in our WR's?

    Worst WR corps in the league. This is the most homer thread of all time. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid
  6. Ben is a 1st balllot Punk
  7. I would love for AJ to put up some numbers. Although I’m expecting this to be a bottom 5 offense from a talent standpoint. Receivers are bad. Offensive line questionable.
  8. QBorBust2018

    What jerseys do you own?

    None since spikes. Have been waiting for the bills to get good players. None worth the money yet. Although we may be on to something.