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  1. 100% man. The next addition to the Bills has to be Steven Nelson as long as he's still out there. More than anyone else available, that's the guy who could bump our defense up a level.
  2. With the make up of our current team and our offense being so reliant on WRs, I'd really like to see us find a way to keep 7 WRs (the four locks plus McKenzie, Hodgins, and Stevenson) and only 3 TEs. We need McKenzie and Stevenson's speed in my opinion and I'm interested by the different skill set Hodgins brings to the table. Plus Spencer Brown and/or Tommy Doyle can possibly get some snaps at TE in certain packages with their athleticism.
  3. Just remembering all of the plays was too easy apparently...the man's a genius
  4. Watched this b/c I'll watch any Bills video at this point in the offseason, but didn't expect much...whoa Hollister has quick feet, twinkle toes alert!
  5. Having good instincts and anticipation play a big role, but it's been really noticeable to me over the past couple years how many gimme INTs Xavien Howard and Minkah Fitzpatrick have gotten. Every batted pass or tipped ball seems to find them. They're both great players, but I bet the analytics would show they've been on the right side of an unusual amount of luck as well.
  6. The way Cam Newton is throwing the ball these days just looks so weird to me. It really jumped off the screen when we played the Pats this past season and he's still doing it on that video, think his motion has changed since his Panthers days. It just looks like he's snapping his wrist and holding onto the ball a half second too long in my very non-expert opinion. Not related, but #50 is a super weird number for a QB even if it's just for practice...was that Mac Jones?
  7. Looking forward to getting Star back and improving the run defense. Important to manage expectations and remember that 2019 Star was an average to slightly above average 1-Tech in the league, but it's his knock on effect on the play of Ed Oliver, Tremaine Edmunds, and Matt Milano that's got me amped up. Oliver matched up one-on-one against a guard and Edmunds and Milano running free all day.
  8. Remember this making the rounds when we drafted Tre...love that dude. Also wonder who #2 on LSU is and whether or not he's in the NFL...he's the lead blocker out in front of Tre once he's headed downfield with only the punter to beat and #2 doesn't even get a hand on him/punter nearly makes the tackle. Yikes!
  9. Agree with everything you said especially the last part...I don't think EJ's ceiling was particularly high and he wasn't a franchise QB, but he seemed like a good kid who was willing to work hard and had most of the physical tools you would want. In a parallel universe, I think he could have been one of the more reasonable back up QBs in the league and it's hard to believe that guys like Nate Peterman have a job over him.
  10. My initial reaction is that I'm glad he's not in our division or on KC/Baltimore. Tennessee needed playmakers after losing Jonnu Smith and Corey Davis among others so this makes sense for them. Just wish he would have gone to the NFC (maybe Green Bay with the Rodgers situation??), but alas dealing him to the AFC is better for Atlanta.
  11. Still hoping that we can sign Steven Nelson...really solid player who fits what we want to do on defense, would solidify our CB room, and still has his best football in front of him at 28. I like Levi too, but you can't have too many talented CBs.
  12. Next man up just like on the field! Like that Beane promotes from within and will continue to develop more front office talent. We'll likely lose a lot more of these guys in the coming years if we continue to be a contender and we'll need the depth.
  13. 100%. Our secondary caught most of the blame for the Hail Murray play last season, but Addison dove and missed Kyler which gave him the time to set and launch the ball downfield. Substitute Rousseau's length, long strides, and ability to keep contain on that play and maybe we win that game. ...Reading the rest of the thread, can see you and @Boxcar beat me to this point already. Great minds think alike!
  14. I'm likely higher on the addition of Matt Breida than most, but his elite speed should force defenses to respect the possibility of off-tackle runs unlike last season where they could cheat inside. Hoping he can stay healthy and get a handful of snaps each game.
  15. Being really excited when the Bills traded up for Sammy Watkins. Thought he was going to put our offense over the top and give Manuel a chance to grow/improve. Gross... Outstanding topic btw!
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