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  1. Some thoughts on some of the ideas presented in this thread: 1) Adams is an excellent player. I coveted him when he was at LSU and was disappointed he fell to the Jets in the draft, not wanting him in our division. He makes a lot of splash plays, often near the line of scrimmage, and he's a guy that OCs need to gameplan for. He's a ferocious hitter and a big trash talker, two things I won't miss if he left the Jets. 2) All that being said, I do agree that his pass coverage is average at times and he can be overaggressive (just my opinion but I don't see him as a 1/11th guy who always plays his specific part on defense). I don't think the Adams vs Hyde comparisons or discussions are as laughably one-sided as some made it out to be. Adams is the unquestionably better athlete and stuffs the box score, but Hyde is arguably the more well-rounded, fundamentally sound player and comes with a lower price tag and all the leadership/intangibles you want on your team (filling a part of the leadership void left by Lorax and Kyle). Both players excel in the scheme-specific roles given to them and it would be interesting to see what would happen if the roles were reversed. Put another way, I would pick Adams every time for my Madden team, but if I was tasked with building a real team, Hyde seems like the better asset when looking at all aspects. 3) As JetsFan20 suggested, Adams and Perriman for Chris Godwin is a super interesting proposal to me. I agree that TB would be loath to part with any of Brady's weapons, but to be fair, there's only one football to go around and the TB offense is stacked. Plus Tampa's secondary has been stuck in one of the longest stretches of futility of any NFL position group I can think of and Adams would be able to make a big impact there, reuniting with Bowles who knew how to use him best. If Tampa is serious about any Super Bowl aspirations, they need that defense to take the next step and be able to slow down the likes of New Orleans/Atlanta etc. Also, Perriman had his career best season in Tampa and now gets a better QB than he had in 2019. On the flip side, the Jets would get Godwin on his rookie deal and give Darnold a true weapon in the passing game in this pivotal year. Seems like a win-win to me. 4) Who replaces Adams in the Jets defense if he is in fact traded? Is Ashtyn Davis ready to start from Day 1? I got the impression that his draft stock was based more on potential and athleticism than production/football IQ at this point and that he needs some time to develop. They also seem like very different players; Davis seems like your classic centerfielding FS type. @JetsFan20, are there any other secondary players on the current roster or unsigned in the FA market you'd target to replace him? In the short term, I think the Jets defense would take a decent step back as Adams' role and skillset would be tough to replicate and that scheme/pass rush would miss his unpredictability and nose for the ball. 5) As a Bills fan, definitely hoping Adams goes to the NFC. I've seen three AFC teams linked to him (KC, Baltimore, and Houston) and the Chiefs/Ravens are more than good enough without adding Adams. Those are the teams we are going to have to overcome if the Bills want to be genuine contenders in the next couple years. Go Bills!
  2. Rest easy my friend. Almost no one drafted in the 3rd round has signed yet, it's the only round left where there is still some real price negotiation. Plus his agent has said that talks are going well and he is not concerned at all. Can't wait to see Moss in a Bills jersey, he will make a lot of defenders look silly this year.
  3. He doesn't have league-wide name recognition by any means, but a smart team would trade a pick for Darryl Johnson if he isn't able to make our roster. He's a solid four-phase special teamer already and I thought he played well in limited opportunities at DE in 2019. He has some plus physical traits you can't teach and is still pretty raw with untapped potential. I'm hoping he sticks on our roster, but with our depth at D-line, he could be the odd man out potentially and he's worth a late round draft pick IMO.
  4. The first quarter of the season stands out to me as the easier part of the schedule. The match-ups against the Jets, Dolphins, Rams, and Raiders are all winnable games and if this team is serious about becoming a genuine AFC title contender, 4-0 should be the expectation to start the season. In addition, that would mean a 2-0 division record to that point and a confidence boost heading into the tougher games.
  5. I absolutely love our new one-two punch in the RB room. Both Singletary and Moss have excellent vision and contact balance and are reliable in the passing game as blockers/receivers. Singletary gives you that 'make you miss in a phone booth' ability and Moss brings the hammer we lacked last year. As a bonus, both guys are young and will be on cheap rookie contracts for the next few years which is huge considering the players we need to extend soon. There are obviously better RBs out there like McCaffery, Kamara, and Chubb and some of this is based on the potential I see in Moss (given that he's an unproven rookie), but I legitimately don't know if I would trade our backfield for any other in the NFL from a talent+youth+cap space perspective.
  6. Having watched Stidham's preseason tape from last season, he could wind up surprising me, but his arm strength and lack of mobility don't scare me at all. He might as well be throwing the ball underhanded compared to the way the ball rockets out of Josh's hand. I think his upcoming performance against our defense this season could look a lot like Duck Hodges' fall-back-to-earth game from 2019. Stidham's ceiling is probably Andy Dalton which isn't bad, but his floor is much worse, possibly Nate Peterman-esque.
  7. Hodgins will never be a fast or flashy player, but his 40 time might not be representative of his true game speed. Josh ran a 4.75 at the combine and yet we've seen him run circles around LBs and safeties on many occasions. I do think Hodgins has some quickness and good footwork to set up and trick DBs to get open. Hodgins' strengths are his height, route running, and top of the class shuttle and 3 cone times. He's shown that he catches everything thrown his way and I think he can be coached up to improve his separation (having Diggs, Brown, and Beasley to learn from doesn't hurt either!). I'm really hoping that he has a strong preseason in whatever form that takes and earns a roster spot, proving to be an upgrade over Duke.
  8. Marshawn was kind of awesome in the newest season of Westworld though...
  9. Agreed (think 6 wins at worst and 9 wins at most) and I love that. Here's to two decades of 6-10, 7-9, and 8-8 records for the Pats, stuck in QB purgatory. 😄
  10. This. We always knew it was going to be a tough schedule based on our opponents, but given that, we really couldn't have expected a better schedule timing and rest-wise. The fact that we have the third-most net rest days in the NFL with +8 is a huge deal and feels like the type of thing we didn't benefit from in the past (only KC and Tennessee have more while Miami has -7 and Denver has -13). Love that we get the Jets and Miami in the first two weeks before all of their personnel changes (especially on the O-line) can gel. Love that we play KC at home on Thursday night; I still doubt we beat them, but I think the shortened week evens the playing field a bit. Love that we get the extra rest and a longer week to prepare for and hopefully sweep the Jets after KC. Love that the Rams, Seahawks, and Chargers have to play 10 AM PST games at our place. And love that Miami will have to weather the Buffalo snow in January. The NFL did us a solid this year. Now it's up to the Bills to prove that they are a contender on gamedays. I'm optimistic...
  11. BR is weird like that. I actually like Matt Miller and Connor Rogers who do the draft show each year and write most of the draft content. They clearly do a ton of research and know what they are talking about and they both loved the Bills picks in Rounds 1-5 (lowest grade they gave us was an A- for Gabriel Davis I believe). But then Mike Tanier does the grades of each pick and the overall grades. It seems like a lot of patchwork and quick takes to me. I would put more stock into Miller and Rogers (a Jets fan) opinions if you take anything away from BR's reporting. No one really knows how we did yet, but I like our draft and thought we got value in several spots. Go Bills!
  12. 100% man. And who better to learn route running and separation technique from than Diggs, Beasley, and Brown? Love the moves we've made to shore up the offense and score more points.
  13. People who keep quoting the 50 yard career long as a negative clearly haven't watched any of his highlights (many of which other have kindly posted in this thread, cheers guys!). Most of the field goals he made looked to be in the 40-45 yard range and could have easily cleared the bar from 50-55 yards out. Joe Marino also posted his Senior Bowl kick where he hits the left post halfway up from 58 yards out. It's also noticeable how much of a rainbow effect his kicks have, I'd say they'll be very difficult to block. Sky isn't falling is my point, looks like we got a good one.
  14. Any chance Bryce Hall could slide to our 4th round pick or close to it given his injury status? Fingers crossed Then give me Quintez Cephus in the 5th and Dalton Keene/Braden Mann in the 6th!
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