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  1. Love the guys you mentioned there. Parsons will be gone in the top ten unless a freak injury or arrest happens I think, but the other guys are great fits too. I've seen Surratt play more often than Moses or Bolton and been impressed by his speed and tackling (I think his ceiling is really high too since he was UNC's former QB and only switched to LB in 2019). Another guy I'll add who I may be even more excited about though is Zaven Collins from Tulsa. He's 6'4" and 260 lbs who has the speed and athleticism of a much smaller guy. He won the Bronko Nagurski Trophy, which is awarded
  2. Agreed. Not scared of Watkins as an individual, but he adds another dimension to that offense when he's healthy and motivated. His size and speed combo would have been a tough cover for Norman or Wallace. Another guy that's out for them is RT Mitchell Schwartz who actually got hurt in our Week 6 match up in the first quarter I believe. He's probably their best O-lineman when healthy. This is a huge redemption game for our defensive line, we need to dominate the LoS.
  3. The Bills-Ravens game was a game of flipping the narratives. After a week of hype for Lamar Jackson/the vaunted Baltimore defense and being doubted by most of the national experts, the Bills defense was the star of the show, shaking off a shaky start to really shut down the Ravens offense and expose some of the weaknesses in Lamar's game. While the weather played a factor and affected the offenses and special teams of both sides, Josh Allen managed the game well, moved the ball effectively/helped us win the field position battle, and played virtually mistake-free football. Taron Johnson made a
  4. If she's not cool with it, major red flag and you deserve better dude! If she is, propose and we'll expect a full day invite to the wedding. 😁
  5. Yeah agreed, I think Beasley's knee was feeling better, not 100% but better than the Indy game. The problem was Marlon Humphrey is one of the best corners in the NFL and has been playing mostly in the slot since Tavon Young went down injured. It was funny that a lot of the national guys were hyping a Diggs vs Humphrey match up, but that rarely happened. Humphrey (with some occasional help) took Beasley away and I think a big part of Baltimore's strategy was shutting him down and forcing us to go elsewhere on third downs. The Bills did an ok job adapting, but that's as good of a gam
  6. Haven't seen it mentioned here yet, but Harrison Phillips has really re-emerged as a strong contributor again especially vs the run game. ACL injuries are usually a one year recovery, but can take up to two years to get back to 100% for the more physical positions like DT. Thought he held up well and played a strong game against the Ravens. Josh's health and the defense are night and day compared to when we played KC earlier this season.
  7. Ok fair enough man, agree about there being too much drama in the world, it's been a crazy year. Just a bad attempt at a joke on my part...just thought the Cleveland defense is terrible and therefore we'd be able to score a ton of points on them. Not scared of KC either even if Mahomes plays...the Bills are a great team and if we don't beat ourselves, most other teams don't stand a chance. All the best, Go Bills!
  8. That was a physical football game, some big injuries on both sides. Having the one day of extra rest could be huge for the Bills next week.
  9. @stosh64 if you're going to eye roll, at least explain. You'd rather play KC on the road then? I still think we can beat KC but I'm expecting Mahomes to be back and I just think they have too many weapons plus Andy Reid. Thought Cleveland would be a better match up because as we just saw, their defense is a dumpster fire.
  10. No sorry...was making a bad joke saying that Cleveland can't even stop Chad Henne so surely our offense could put up a ton of points against them. I'd rather face Cleveland next week.
  11. For anyone still thinking they'd rather play KC next week, just watch Chad Henne moving the ball on this Cleveland defense and reconsider all your life's choices.
  12. The fact that he and Flores were the expected favorites for Coach of the Year over McDermott is such a joke. We already exposed Flores in Week 17, I'd love to do the same to Stefanski next week. Just like the Ravens, Cleveland beat up on a weak schedule.
  13. I think we have a good shot against either team but going on record saying that I want Cleveland. I'd expect Mahomes and Clyde Edwards-Helaire to return next week and the combination of Mahomes, Kelce (best TE in the league), and the elite speed of Hill, Hardman, etc. is a bigger threat to us. Plus they have enough studs on defense in Chris Jones and Tyrann Mathieu plus great coaching. Cleveland has a tough running game and good TEs+Landry, but I think they lack speed and our defense matches up better with them. And their defense isn't very good normally and their best
  14. Their #1 CB Breeland just went into the blue medical tent...physical game, seems to be taking its toll
  15. Am I crazy or were our 6,700 fans louder than KC's 17,000 fans? And they are also often mentioned as being one of the more rabid fanbases in the league. Just super impressive from our fans who have really brought it the past two games.
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