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  1. Earlier today, the NFL tweeted out Diggs' highlights from Week 6 last year where he torched the Eagles for 167 yards and 3 TDs. Admittedly, Philly's secondary was a very easy match up, but he made some incredible catches/adjustments to the ball and showcased some good YAC and end-around ability. Yet the thing that stood out to me most about the highlight video was that after every TD, Cousins never made a move towards Diggs, literally running in the opposite direction to celebrate at times. Sounds silly and their relationship was notoriously bad, but I just love that JA is a guy that everyone loves to play with and is everyone's biggest cheerleader. I think Diggs is going to love it in Buffalo, can't wait for next season.
  2. Three years removed from being an All-Pro RT in 2017 and another year removed from his big injury in 2018...I'd argue that he was criminally misused and not allowed to get comfortable at one position last season on a bad Carolina team blocking for below average QBs. For all those reasons, it's not unreasonable to expect an improved season from DW. The risk vs reward on this move is significantly in our favor and despite the fact that it feels like WIlliams has been around for forever, I was happily surprised to learn he's only 27. Love the signing.
  3. This is significant. A lot of hype for Baltimore's vaunted D-line additions in the past couple weeks and now they've essentially lost Pierce and only gained Campbell which I would view as a wash. They should still have a great defense and are probably the AFC favorites along with the Chiefs, but something to watch. They have a lot of draft capital, but I think their roster has gotten worse as a result of free agency.
  4. Is anyone else on board with spending one of our sixths on a punter? Bojo exceeded expectations last year but was still very inconsistent and meh overall. We haven’t had an above average punter since Moorman. Time to invest in that position and make sure it doesn’t cost us wins. IMO go get the kid from Texas A&M and then set it and forget it.
  5. Didn’t see it mentioned specifically yet but Harmon was an underrated piece of their secondary and a significant loss for the Pats as well as the more obvious big names. Think he had 7-8 picks over the past two seasons.
  6. My Picks on the DraftNetwork Simulator: 54 J.K. Dobbins, RB Ohio State 86 Chase Claypool, WR Notre Dame 128 Alton Robinson EDGE Syracuse 167 Khalil Davis, IDL Nebraska 188 Dalton Keene, TE Virginia Tech 207 Alex Taylor, OT South Carolina State 239 Joe Reed, WR Virginia Wanted to get a CB, but the draft never fell that way and the value wasn't there. Dobbins, Claypool, and Reed (who I view as an upgrade over McKenzie in the gadget/jet sweep role) add new dimensions to our offense. Robinson and Davis bring speed and athleticism to the defensive line. Keene (imagine the marketing potential of two Dalton's/DK's at tight end) and Taylor (6'9"!!!!!) are players with a lot of potential to develop into quality starters. Go Bills!
  7. Jets are in a really tough situation in the first round now...they desperately need an OT (I don't rate Fant at all) and a WR. Either way, Bell can plan on seeing a lot of 8 man boxes this year. On the plus side, PFF and others will use Darnold's lack of weapons to continue to rank him ahead of Allen. 😝
  8. Dobbins or Taylor in the 2nd would be reasonably good value and at an area of need. I think we should ideally target CB and RB in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Now that RB is one of our biggest remaining needs, it's too bad that Etienne Jr. wound up going back to Clemson. He would have been another possible option on Day 2.
  9. I like Dillon, Perine, Moss, and Akers probably in that order. Started a thread about AJ Dillon a few weeks back, think he can be a game changer for us. Hoping we can trade up into the third round as we did last year. Would allow us to get our WR4, RB2, and CB2 on Day 2. Bring me Claypool, Bryce Hall, and Dillon and I’ll be ecstatic.
  10. JMO, I wouldn't be in favor of trading up as high as you're proposing necessarily. My ideal scenario would be to keep picks #54 and #86 and then trade back into the third round as we did last year (to pick Knox). Imagine getting Chase Claypool, Bryce Hall, and AJ Dillon on Day 2. Think that's a realistic possibility with an extra 3rd rounder and that would be our WR4, CB2, and RB2 sorted.
  11. Thought i heard pick #18 on a podcast but I trust your math. Even better, cheers buddy. You happy with the trade then?
  12. Keeping in mind the needed extensions for Dawkins/Tre/Milano and the fact that we’d pay to pay Ngakoue $20-22 million per season and will cost at least a second round pick, trading for him seems prohibitive. However, the Diggs trade and our other moves combined with Brady leaving the AFC has sped up our timeline. And in my opinion, Ngakoue is about as sure of a bet as you’d ever find in free agency. He’s young, productive, and is a good guy on and off the field. His salary could be offset to a decent extent by cutting Murphy this year and Star next year (since we signed Butler). What are your thoughts guys? Would Ngakoue put us over the top and make us a top 3 AFC team (Chiefs and Ravens) or is the cost in draft capital/cap space too much?
  13. Bottom line is Jeudy/Lamb/Ruggs weren’t going to make it to pick #22. Reports out now saying the Bills hated Tee Higgins’ pro day and Shenault’s injury history is terrifying. Based on the standard draft value chart, we traded the equivalent of pick #18 for Diggs who is just 26, on a team-friendly contract for 4 years, and is a proven star and elite route runner in the league. Absolute win for us and another example of Beane’s wizardry.
  14. If we can manage to get Claypool as our WR4 and AJ Dillon as our RB 2-3 in the second and third rounds in addition to the weapons we already have, this offense should be great.
  15. Remaining targets: Shelby Harris DE (would probably cut Murphy to accomodate this) Des Trufant CB Gordon/Freeman/Breida Depth OL (is Joe Haeg from Indy still available?)
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