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  1. How often does copycatting work? Follow your own path. We have a good one.
  2. I'll also add, what does it say about the process if we sign good character guys, watch them outperform their contracts, and then refuse to pay them when it's time. How will the other players view the team? Will they play as hard? Will they start seeing Buffalo as a bridge to another team who pays them? How will we be any different to how we were during the drought, letting players like Jason Peters and Stephon Gilmore go to greener pastures. I don't think it's a question that you resign Poyer. We have the 3rd most cap in the league. Everyone talks a big game about retaining talent. Here's a dude that gave everything he had for 3 years leading us to the best heights we've seen in 20 years. He misses a couple tackles late in the year and now people want to pretend he's trash so they don't have to pay him? I hope we're not that kind of organization.
  3. You don't mess with chemistry. Would be an epic blunder to let Poyer go.
  4. I love it. The ridiculousness of our accepted reality being exposed by OBJ. Who's the bad guy? The guy handing out cash to a bunch of college kids celebrating a national championship? The kids smoking cigars in the locker room while celebrating? OBJ for slapping a cop on the butt who is on a power trip during the greatest moment of the kids' lives? Everyone needs to loosen up. Including some people in this thread. I thought it was awesome. The cops and the NCAA are the party poopers here.
  5. "He never had a chance with the team around him" is the same thing we would be saying about Josh Allen if he sucked. Except he overcame it. Rosen didn't. Not even a sliver.
  6. Would love to keep the band together but paying Jordan that kind of money is too risky. We might look back and regret letting him go, but I think we're more likely to regret paying him when we're going to have so many more great players to resign in the future. I say keep Shaq and let Phillips get a big contract elsewhere. No hard feelings. Thanks for the amazing year.
  7. It's good. But like with everything else, a bad sports psychologist could screw a player's head up worse than it already is. More art than science IMO. I hope they hire someone good, not just someone with an impressive resume.
  8. Texans were on borrowed time apparently.
  9. Why did you say "Sorry" to me? Why are you so attached to Mahomes being good? Let's get it out of you. The real reason.
  10. I just read what I said. But it's not about what I said. It's about you.
  11. I said "let's see what he's made of". But you seem to have your agenda.
  12. Adversity is a b*tch. Figure it out, Mahomes.
  13. Let's see what Mahomes is made of. He was given a bust in Canton before he proved himself in these types of situations.
  14. This is why I had such a difficult time getting over the Houston loss. What's the wisdom in waiting until next year, if there's a glorious opportunity now? Remember the 05 Sabres vs the 06 Sabres?
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