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  1. Jerry knows the truth about the Pats and the officials.
  2. Some guys just get around more than others. That's how we know. How you wish the world to be is not always how it is. Some people never learn at any age.
  3. He's obviously better than how he performed for us in the regular season. There is some backup QB talent there. Definitely some brains. But he has a severe case of the yips in the regular season. If I was Gruden, I would give Peterman clean-up duty in regular season blow-outs. Take some pressure off him. Get him in slowly. He was thrown into the fire too fast in Buffalo.
  4. What's your argument against what I said?
  5. Why is it apples to oranges? From a pure ethical perspective, why is lying or selfishness (an innate negative quality) not considered equal or worse to a man-made law? Think outside the box. Left field is not a bad thing.
  6. I believe it's important for everybody to be informed on the big picture before casting judgement on anybody. Understanding the common nature of coke use in nightlife is important when looking at this case if you'd like to get past basic duality in your view of things. Just because you consider yourself healthy, does not mean that you are a perfect person in every other aspect of your life. Perhaps there is an area of your life where you are making equally poor decisions, and you look the other way because it is commonplace (lying, selfishness, etc.). Not accusing you of any of these, but giving you a thought experiment since everybody has a vice. Are you really a better person than Chung because you don't do drugs? Is there anything you do that's immature for your age? Socially acceptable is not equal to ethical. Those are two different arguments.
  7. Exactly. It's what weed was 20 years ago. Socially acceptable in the right crowds.
  8. Don't know what you're talking about, Officer.
  9. You're thinking of crack. Which would make you the racist one. Truth doesn't go down well for everyone, but coke isn't a big deal in "baller" circles. Everyone either does it, or is around it. There is a reason my comment got 3 likes and 4 disapprovals. You either know what's up, or you don't (or don't want to). Thank you for seeing the big picture here.
  10. I mean....how much cocaine? It doesn't say. Hate to break it to the squares here, but half the NFL does cocaine. Was Chung in possession for use or was he dealing?
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