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  1. We honestly gave Kelly a little too much attention during the drought. It's time for Allen to shine a bit without Kelly's shadow.
  2. This is what I've been thinking. He hasn't been the same and I think there has been a "void" for a new whipping boy among fans now that Edmunds and Oliver are playing more consistent. I think fans have been unfortunately a little quick to judge Davis, who has been a shining light 4th round pick for us.
  3. Even an OBJ who has lost a little step is a massive upgrade at #2/3 over Crowder/McKenzie/Shakir(at this stage of his career)/Kumerow. He feels like a James Lofton type signing to me.
  4. I think the question here is if his drops (let's be honest, that's why fans are doubting him) the last 4-5 weeks are a sign of who he really is OR if it's temporary issue based on undisclosed injuries/slump + Allen's injury. I'm in the latter camp. We'll see who the real Gabe is over the next 5 weeks and playoffs.
  5. I would rather players be candid like this. I also wouldn't dismiss everything they say.
  6. I remember extremely arrogant Pats fans coming to Buffalo 10 years into their run and punching down on our fans big time. Let them learn how to be losers for 20 years. They were no class act as winners.
  7. They can dish it for 20 years but they can't take it for 2 years.
  8. I don't think it's one or the other. Yes, he can make better decisions. But do you think the TD to Gabe Davis last night was a good decision? There's things he can do that nobody else can. But the run game was working last night. WRs were making plays. Allen didn't have to put the entire team on his back like he did against the Dolphins. The defense was holding it's own. So he only made a few plays like that.
  9. We had less adversity this week. We crush the world at full strength, we struggle when half the team is out.
  10. He simply doesn't have the cast and crew around him that players like Mahomes have had. If Allen stops being aggressive, he becomes a Herbert/Burrow level QB that's a tier below. Maybe that's what the fans and media want?
  11. For sure. Allen to Diggs is an immortal combo. Will be remembered 50 years from now. A Super Bowl will solidify it.
  12. After the recent game he was mic'd up it became obvious to me. He's still depressed. I think the fanbase should show more empathy and understanding to Knox as he struggles through this bittersweet year for him. He's playing hard, but there's a spark missing that he had last year. It'll come back with time.
  13. He's trying but I think he's still depressed. They should mic up someone else.
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