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  1. Anybody noticing that there seems to be something exceedingly wrong about the pundits and fans that still criticize Allen? Like the first response should to their criticism should be...."Hmmm, let's talk about YOU and who hurt you."
  2. Look into OSINT investigation. Large percentages of crimes are beginning to be solved behind a keyboard. Lots of data sets out there to be mined by very talented people that have nothing to do with law enforcement. Google "4chan Shia Labeauf Flag" for an amazing example of how crowdsourced investigation by talented people can outperform law enforcement. "Let the pros do their job" is starting to be outdated as time goes on.
  3. Any new info released about what may have happened?
  4. Or why you think you were hired to police this message board.
  5. A high profile person got hit by a dump truck on a busy freeway on foot. We're supposed to not speculate? Who is making up these rules? You? I don't remember voting you into the moral police.
  6. What's your point? Do you want a thread filled with nothing but condolences? Some of us prefer solving mysteries instead of acting smarter or wiser than others.
  7. To add to this, with his track record, a DUI would've been a career ender.
  8. 6:30am in Fort Lauderdale. I'm starting to think alcohol was involved. Drunk driving? Car breaks down? Get out of there before the cops come. Anyone who has driven on the 95 knows how many abondoned cars there are on the road. Toxicology will tell the story but that makes the most sense to me.
  9. What time of morning was it? Day time? Night time? Early morning he could still be drunk or hungover and make that kind of nonsensical decision.
  10. I know that freeway area by the FLL airport. I have no clue why anybody would be there on foot. Not petty. Totally normal to be wary of that from a supposed leader.
  11. The first variable I would like to look at is age. NFL players don't last long regardless, so I assume there will be a natural drop-off for a 28 year old with or without an ACL injury. I'm curious how it affects a player in the 22-25 age bracket. Also, LB, RB, and DE are high contact positions. Seems to affect those who hit more than those who move fast.
  12. Really? How about the 4th down td conversion in the 1Q against the Chiefs in the playoffs? Or the 4th down TDs agains the Pats in week 16. McDermott has shown tremendous growth. Some people don't want to acknowledge it, for some reason.
  13. Haha. Alright brother. We're all just side characters in your movie.
  14. I think you underestimate how many of these calls Josh probably does every offseason. 90% of which probably lead to nothing. Also, Josh is a top echelon QB. That's higher status in the NFL than even a HOF DE. I think you just heard a typical call between two guys who don't know each other and one guy has a bit more money and status than the other guy.
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