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  1. "Quick not Fast"? sounds to me like "firm but soft"
  2. Tell me more about this "catching" thing you speak of?
  3. Maybe this was already discussed but if the 49ers win this does anyone think that they will be able to put the brakes on Mahomes and company?
  4. Does anyone know if Mr. Coleman has tweeted anything since yesterday's loss? I checked the internet and could not find anything. i would find it entertaining.
  5. I thought that I read somewhere one of the players mentioning that the admin's approach to injuries was more preventative/proactive and that person at least attributed that approach to their overall lack of injuries. I practice acupuncture and in one of the earliest classics it says that treating an illness after it has arisen is like digging a well when you are thirsty (obviously not so good for PR). IMO the approach of treating something proactively/before it becomes a diagnosable problem makes a lot of sense although obviously in some situations like trauma to a joint, etc. this is not an option.
  6. The relatively higher ratings as discussed in the article I linked is what make me think that the JA led Bills could become a "golden goose" to the NFL. If the ratings continue to excel I am thinking out loud what it would be like if the officials protected Allen the way they have protected Brady and other NFL money makers. I did not take into consideration the agendas of the individual owners. Obviously, other than Kraft, I don't think the owners want Brady protected with ridiculous calls, yet it happens. So my question is, if the officiating is largely driven by financial success/ratings success then most likely it will impact the Bills at some point. From my perspective it would be very strange to see calls going for the Bills/JA and to see him protected from head to head hits, etc., ala Brady.
  7. I have not seen anyone address this, it is logical speculation. At some point even the NFL will realize that the success and progression of the JA led Bills is in their financial self interest. At that point the office/s on high would let the Officials know to protect JA and promote the Bills. Or maybe it works some other way? Wouldn't it be strange to see the Zebra calls/flags be in favor of the Bills as they seem to have been for Brady and other NFL money-makers? I don't see this happening overnight but would not be surprised to see it over a several year period. Any thoughts? If my tech skills were better I would add a Rod Serling link, instead all I have is this: https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2020/1/7/21051577/buffalo-bills-once-again-draw-huge-tv-ratings
  8. Exactly, with all of the helmet to helmet hits on JA his likelihood of having CTE at the end of his career if not sooner goes way up! IMO these hits should be aggressively flagged and the hitter should be automatically ejected.
  9. The only explanation I can think of makes me sound like Mel Gibson in "Conspiracy Theory." Only in that movie there were black helicopters.
  10. IMO I think he could have, if he was paying attention/cognizant of the rules.
  11. If yesterday's play "would not have resulted in a TD" what would have been the outcome?
  12. It seems like we always got the 12th or so pick, this will take a while for me to absorb.
  13. I did not see this posted, if I missed it please delete. Another reason to be grumpy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bJ7s40eey8&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR3FGh-OuiC_1abYGuf5ze4VYtrXsgZ3rbdSrC22MLf_YNCJH_LobQSRV6w
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