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  1. He is 78 so I don't think he is running anymore. However to get where he is without having a personality tending towards being "politically expedient"? Highly unlikely, IMO. And in case anyone cares politically I hate both sides of the aisle.
  2. I just checked and according to Google about 72% of NFL players are persons of color. Combine that with the dramatic changes in the NFL in the past week and things are interesting and probably going to get more interesting no matter what side of things you identify with.
  3. Yes, TB is impactful but in my opinion watching him play is about as entertaining as a dental visit. So I think most would agree a % of TB to balance/ground JA would be a good mix. He is a lot of fun to watch as is.
  4. To answer your question, I am happy that our QB said something in a non-PC, non-milquetoast kind of way. At least he is not going to bore anyone to death.
  5. I have been waiting to buy an AFC East sweatshirt/t-shirt for a long long time.
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