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  1. Narrowing in after a bit of roster tweaks in FA... MLB has to be the clear #1 right now. Then IOL I'd be okay with OT IF one of the top 3 slip I'd be okay with the TOP safety but nothing else (unlikely anyways) WR as the "consolation prize" if we can't land a starting MLB or IOL. That's it for me. Personally, I'm hoping to trade out of round 1, and land LB Campbell, plus pick up an extra second or third rounder (depending on how far down we trade). If we went with Campbell, then a few OL picks, that would be ideal this year. But we can't ignore adding the heir apparents to the Hyde/Poyer days. Draft, and groom for the future. Also need a SOLID swing tackle as the primary backup to Dawkins at LT.
  2. Thumbs up if you are annoyed with Aaron Rodgers.......
  3. I feel bad for Goodell. With inflation, the cost of a yacht has gone up soooo much..... poor guy! ....and I think that Von Miller just tweeted that he wants to be the commish.....
  4. So no to Bijan if he's there in the first? Maybe if he actually slipped to 27, it could be bait for a trade down.....
  5. Jordan Addison, Wide Receiver, USC (COM) Adetomiwa Adebawore, Defensive End, Northwestern (COM) Julius Brents, Cornerback, Kansas State (COM) Ji'Ayir Brown, Safety, Penn State (COM) Nathaniel Dell, Wide Receiver, Houston (PRI) Gervon Dexter, Defensive Tackle, Florida (PRI) Josh Downs, Wide Receiver, North Carolina (COM) Zay Flowers, Wide Receiver, Boston College (COM) Michael Mayer, Tight End, Notre Dame (COM) Riley Moss, Cornerback, Iowa (COM) Jayden Reed, Wide Receiver, Michigan State (COM) Bijan Robinson, Running Back, Texas (COM) Jammie Robinson, Cornerback, Florida State (COM) Jaquelin Roy, Defensive Tackle, LSU (PRI) Luke Schoonmaker, Tight End, Michigan (COM) Juice Scruggs, Center, Penn State (VIR): Bills have just hosted a VIRTUAL meeting with Scruggs, a later round OC prospect. Trenton Simpson, Linebacker, Clemson (COM) Nolan Smith, Outside Linebacker, Georgia (COM) O'Cyrus Torrence, Offensive Guard, Florida (PRI) Tuli Tuipulotu, Defensive End, USC (COM) Darnell Washington, Tight End, Georgia (COM) Michael Wilson, Wide Receiver, Stanford (COM) Byron Young, Defensive End, Tennessee (COM)
  6. I hope we draft him just so I can buy the jersey.
  7. I think it will be Kuntz in round 5 or 6.... not round 1.
  8. In this mock, Seattle picked OG O'Cyrus Torrence at 20 and then traded up for OT Anton Harrison.
  9. This year, it's looking plausible that the Bills might trade down if they have a partner. This thread is for single trade down scenarios (no crazy up, down and sideways trades scenarios please. LOL). I'd just like to see your mocks with another rather likely scenario. I'll start.
  10. This is why I've been calling for the Bills to more aggressively address OL in the free agency. I'd have liked Seumalo as our LG, and McGovern at RG.
  11. Outside of the top 3, I'm not too impressed really. Some projects there, but likely better BPA options outside of the first round.
  12. Hello fellow draft geeks. I'm hoping to enlist some help in evaluating MIDDLE linebacker prospects in this upcoming draft. Jack Campbell is the leader of the positional group, but outside of Campbell, the Bills may need to target prospects beyond the #1 guy... What I'm looking for is TRUE middle linebacker prospects only. Please post your players, with some brief explanation as to why they fit (either that was their position in college, or if they could transition in the NFL). It would also help if you could project which round they are graded. Much thanks!
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