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  1. Bad contract. Fairly good player but this is a waste of money where it will be needed elsewhere.
  2. I'll call it right now. On draft day we will be rooting for WR round 1 and we'll pass on "our guy" for the BPA DT... lol Agreed. It's a LOOOOONG list!
  3. With Settle and Ford, I have them as offering the vet minimum as just in case 3rd stringers.... But in actuality, I'm hoping we sign Jones, and also target a quality DT in the draft, so Settle/Ford (or both) wouldn't make the 53 man roster. FA Targets? Maybe Christian Wilkins (Miami)? We'd have a HUGE amount of $$ tied up at the DT position if we sign Jones and Wilkins, but DL is an area of "need" for investment. Hard call.
  4. I get that but you have to be careful what you wish for. Cobbling together a whole brand new unit might be amazing, or it could be a disaster. There's something to be said for continuity. What's the answer? I'm not sure.... I think it's a really tough call. I like Jones as my #1 target on that list. I'd be hesitant of Epenesa $$$, but hopefully he comes back without a stinker contract for the club. My "Walk" players are Leonard Floyd, Jordan Phillips, Shaq Lawson, Linval Joseph, and Von Miller (find him a new home).
  5. Just posting some facts here in hopes of generating some DL offseason discussion. Lots of players UFA, and I think that Von Miller is done as well, being on the wrong side of 30, personal issues, injuries etc. Not the same player. UDFA DT, ED, Edge: Rank the below players as PAYDAY players, WALK players (let 'em move on), Take it or Leave it offers (minimums), and RETAIN if possible players (competitive offer but may lose 'em) DT Daquon Jones DE Leonard Floyd DT Jordan Philips DT Tim Settle DE AJ Epenesa DE Shaq Lawson DT Poona Ford DT Linval Joseph OLD (and other issues) EDGE Von Miller That's a LOT of contracts to consider this offseason. What stands out the most for me is whether we PAYDAY Daquon Jones, and DE AJ Epenesa? I think that we WALK Leonard Floyd or give him a Take it or Leave it offer.
  6. I see OC as a relatively high draft need (not so much FA need).
  7. Nice interview. Fun and informative on the OG's and OL overall (especially on Torrence). Inside track! Thanks for posting. I was wrong about wanting to replace Morse a while back, but I'm hoping Morse is mentoring Bates. Is Bates the future? Yay or nay?
  8. Move on from Diggs when his contract is up. Even a diminished Diggs is better than most in this league. Draft or sign a new #1 WR in the FA to take some pressure off of him. Getting old sucks in this league, but when teams are smart with their 30+ players by adding younger talent to take some reps, guys like Diggs can have a resurgence, and return to form (just less pressure).
  9. Bills have 10 picks in this draft. I totally agree that there will be players outside of round 1 that will be "good or better" than some picked in the first, but with that kind of draft capital, you trust your scouts, and move up on one to three "must have" players for the organization. The Bills are a top team, and I could only see maybe 4 or 5 drafted players at best making the 53 man roster. Bills better be busy retaining their free agents who are playing at a high level to maintain continuity.
  10. WR OC DT DE FS SS Thats my list for now…. Pretty happy with quite a lot, despite the loss.
  11. If the running play is away from him, I have no issue with him getting some wind and burning his route on the next play.
  12. I think its due to lack of WR depth in Detroit. Laporta has got to be second in targets out in Detroit. I'd say Davis is stealing targets from Kincaid and it's a good problem to have. Love Kincaid, but he might just be a secret weapon to be used when defenses least expect it. I'm happy to see him develop while Diggs/Davis get the job done.
  13. Perspective.... Joe Burrow just got paid $3,000,000 to put up a stinker in the season opener. Three Million Dollars ......for that.....
  14. What's going to happen with Knox (I wonder). I see some formations with Knox and and Kincaid on the field at the same time, with Kincaid in the slot.... But with respect to Knox, he's really DINGED with the addition of Kincaid. Knox will see his targets cut in half, as well as his TDs this year. Kincaid is a special player. Can't wait.
  15. Seasons for playoff calibre teams often come down to a handful of plays that fall one way or another. most of it has to do with preparation, conditioning and execution. BUT some of that is luck some of that is a missed call by a ref ……….. also: tuck rule, inflate gate, spying, laces out.
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