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  1. Great post. Would note the Titans have a very weak division perennially which explains some of why they have so many winning seasons.
  2. Disagree. Tyrol was never the runner that Lamar is. Ravens are something else.
  3. 3 games but I am also hopeful. Reason for my hope is they saw him for more than just the 3 games in 2019. They saw him for training camp. If he was balling out for those weeks it would explain why there wasn’t more of an investment in what I still consider the position group that scares me the most.
  4. I have lots of questions with the Titans. They ran nearly half their plays with two or less WR. I get that they have two great ones but they have lost the TE threat that was so critical to running 12. I don’t know if I trust tannehill to win with 3 WR sets. Can they make their offense work after gaining julio but losing their OC a top 10 TE and a slightly above average WR2? Obviously that defense is terrible. They can compete for their division but Im not super worried if we see them in the playoffs. Last years game was a very strange situation.
  5. On Allen I would say there was plenty of evidence even in last years weird offseason that he had managed to change his throwing mechanics. Content creators were pouring over every rep they could to see it. I saw whole write ups to videos from his time with Diggs in Florida where there was focus on his "eating the cheeseburger." So I went into the offseason hopeful that Josh would continue to improve based off previous years and was super excited to see some data to confirm the improvement happened. These are small data sets and maybe not entirely relevant data sets (a huge lesson from Josh
  6. You had this line "I think he is toasted, but I am not concern because i have no idea what is going to happened." That sounded a lot like what Bills fans would say about our teams in the offseason for problems we could/should see coming. I don't think its too early to know what weaknesses could be. Until they play at all we wont necessarily know what the weaknesses will be. I do think about what are the most likely way teams fail. For one example with the Bills, I'm worried Star is not gonna play well and Dirty Harry will not take the step this year (2 ACLs blown out now) which
  7. You don't have any concerns on what your team weaknesses will be? I do think the coin has flipped; yall have some serious Billeive syndrome. I agree coaching staff is your best reason for hope and will likely continue to be a strength. I'm all over on the defense. Secondary is obviously great but is motivation a concern (starting McCourty over Jackson was sorta immature and Gilmore is already holding out). I think MLB will be a weakness, but the 5 that play the line look good. Patricia will help. Offensively its OL and TE and the rest of the skill positions dont concern me.
  8. It was more the comment itself indicated some level of concern (otherwise let it be and comment on the topic) Yeah Cam is not gonna be the answer, and I am very happy yall didnt get Fields. I think you can be worried about your QB position with this being preliminary data to support those fears. If I see dawson knox dropping balls im gonna be worried. Star didnt show up and i was worried. You dont have to be too concerned, but it is early evidence that the concerns are real.
  9. Like i said recent posting history. Seems youre rather defensive about how much we talk about the Pats is all. Are you not concerned about the QB player this year? This seems to be by far your weakest position group.
  10. Your recent posting history (Since May 10) says that you have only participated in Patriots threads. So... are you here to talk football or defend Pats in June?
  11. Those are not nailed throws by Mac. He threw pretty far behind his receiver and they had to slow up a lot.
  12. Love what they are doing on the lines. Its the offensive skill positions that cause my concern. Its a passing league and I'm not sure they have the long term plan there correct. Is Baker truth and how much are you paying him? Do they need Chubb? Will OBJ live up to his contract? Are there any receivers after OBJ and Landry? I think they have made a formidable team for this year, and going forward they have a lot of good pieces. However, I have concerns that they will be able to compete in the passing game long term. We have many times seem "capable QB" play get paid too much
  13. That was the Knox challenge but same game. By the time josh hit diggs for TD #3 on the run in that play, BB didn’t have the will to get upset.
  14. Titans we’re a winner this off season? Their defense is very bad. I think everyone is a bit too high on the browns but they will be good if mayfield doesn’t stink up the joint. For the browns I sorta don’t see the long term plan as well as I do for us. How much are they prepared to pay mayfield when he wins another first round playoff game? Also love that the north and west get to beat up on each other this year.
  15. I was super not sold on that move as much as others in the media were. He was retired and moving to a new position. I wouldve bet allegretti was better let alone Duvarney-Tardiff.
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