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  1. I see it now. Thanks. That diff is almost certainly drop differential between Josh and the average then as I expected before but was thinking of it wrong. Thanks again. Lots of signs pointing to Josh is average which is happily where I have him.
  2. Yes! So doesn’t that mean that Dak was helped by his line and WR And Josh was held back by his. To me based on numbers and eyes it was the drops that really hurt Joshs numbers. Someone might have the drop % relative to average but about 3% seems right. Yeah I couldn’t make sense of what did and don’t go into it exactly. I think average line and separation and bad drop numbers makes sense to me if that’s what they are saying.
  3. Guess I’m confused. It says Josh should’ve had a higher completion percentage based on the other factors. For the QBs with a positive factor it says that their expected completion percentage was lower than actual. Pretty sure I got it correct. Other players with negative +/- (and closer to Allen than the ones you listed) are Mahomes and Jackson. Pretty sure that +/- is how mich your team helped or hindered.
  4. I'm reading this differently. Josh is low on the expected completion percentage (29th of 39), but was one of the most negatively effected by those parameters as demonstrated in +/- (this is where he ranks 35th) which is just completion percentage - expected completion percentage (per glossary). So this means he had below average help with respect to line and separation. This better aligns with my eyes that while our line got better it was still only average and that while better our receivers didnt seem to get a ton of separation (also drops). Someone else let me know if I'm reading the link wrong.
  5. Hahahaha you clearly don’t know how many QBs started every game. I think it’s realistic he jumps to 16-20 because in last place for the category of QBs that started 16 this year he was 13th. Dude is average and considering some we’re saying he would never amount to anything I think that’s proving doubters wrong. As bandit said the game is gonna keep slowing down for him. He wasn’t in JUCO cause he was dumb. Kid is sharp and if he can get his mechanics consistent (particularly on the deep ball) I’m confident he’ll have a great season.
  6. Im just not sure they can replicate the turnovers they created last year. That was a huge reason they were 8-8 and I would bet on a regression to the mean there. As for when we played them, it was classic comedy of errors from our offense. Cover 1 recently did all our offensive plays against them on youtube and it was ugly pretty much across the board. You got a drop from brown that wouldve been a first but becomes 3rd and very long outside FG territory, a drop from Beasley in FG territory that becomes a pick again (his drops had to have huge EPA over the season), Frank Gore trying to bounce plays to the outside, Singeltary having super inopportune fumbles (lost one after a 20 yard run). Think there were probably some costly penalties in there too. Josh made a couple rough plays too but the plays above really hurt as it was 5 explosive play swing to them.
  7. So you are banking on us turning the ball over that many times again. I don't see us doing that again against them.
  8. Yeah but thats not so much them beating us as it us giving it to them.
  9. I underlined the full offseason cause I disagree with this. Its def not a full typical offseason. Stidham will not get to throw to these guys as the starter until TC. Also I am not conviced they run the same system as last year because Stidham is not TB. I just dont see them as being able to have a good passing game at all. we put up a lot of TOs in that game. I think thats what beat us and not that stat line.
  10. Football is not so deceptive with their signs (at least in the NFL) so I suspect if you were able to tape their signs along with all 22 film you could figure out the called formation and play from the signs on the sideline. Lets say you know your opponents CB coach likes to give a sign whenever a CB blitz is coming. You would key in on the CB coach and then know when a CB blitz is coming based on if he signals...
  11. Taping and then stealing signs in football would get you the play in advance. Knowing a play in football is a much bigger advantage than knowing a pitch in baseball. I can appreciate needing to tie it back to the front office, but they are repeat offenders and I believe one of the folks involved in this issue was involved with the previous jets issue (along with another taping issue with another team). If there is that much experience with it then theres not an excuse to me.
  12. The problem is its very clearly understood you can not film the sidelines of other teams. There are still a lot of hand signals on the sidelines and elsewhere so being able to key in on any coach (not just HC, OC, or DC) to understand a play would be very valuable. The Pats know the rule and thats why the Cincinnati incident ended up being confrontational between the film crew and Bengals personnel when it went down. Maybe not more severe than before but def same punishment.
  13. I member. I dont see any weapons that scare me on offense; Ben does not scare me. Last year that game was a comedy of errors on offense (check out the cover 1 break down below). Beasley not only doesnt catch a 3rd and long; it turns into a turnover. Brown alligator armed a pretty important 2nd and long. Singletary fumbles twice (that was more Steeler D, but fumbles do have a slightly random nature). Also that was when Frank Gore running no where was really frustrating (15 yards on 10 attempts). Never said theyll be worse but I do think Cleveland will be better, and really I dont think the 3rd place spot the Jets (Browns and Colts) have will be much worse than our 2nd place spot (Steelers and Titans).
  14. I am not so sure about Steelers. What does Ben have left in the tank....? I think the Browns are gonna be better than them this year. Colts look good although I'll admit that the Titans are better. So I agree with the assertion that there is not much difference between the 2nd and 3rd slots. Hell Pats might have it easier than both with the Texans.
  15. My Stab @RealKayAdams, kept the rookies and had to make some hard cuts QB (2): Allen, Fromm RB (4): Singletary, Moss, Yeldon, Jones FB (1): Dimarco WR (7): Diggs, Brown, Beasley, Davis, Hodgins, Mckenzie, Roberts TE (3): Kroft, Knox, Sweeney OT (4): Dawkins, Ford, Nsheke, Williams IOL (5): Morse, Spain, Feliciano, Long, Bates DT (5): Oliver, Lotulelei, Jefferson, Butler, Phillips DE (4): Hughes, Addison, Epenesa, Johnson OLB (3): Milano, Klein, Joseph ILB (2): Edmunds, Matakevich S (4): Hyde, Poyer, Johnson, Marlowe CB (6): White, Wallace, Norman, Neal, Johnson, Jackson K (1): Bass P (1): Vedvik LS (1): Ferguson Notable cuts/trades: Barkley, Lee Smith, Murphy, Gaines, Duke Williams, Robert Foster, Corey Thompson, Boehm, Boettger
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