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  1. Here was a stat I was interested in. % drives that end in a 3 and out. We’re first with 37.3% and second is the 49ers with 28.3%. I think this a huge number.In the last 5 years I didn’t see a team above 34%. This 3 and out rate could be why we don’t have so many gaudy numbers in sacks and turnovers. We force a lot of incompletions and then 3 and outs. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/drivestatsdef/2019
  2. Yes definitely got the opportunity because Eifert was injured. My point was more about him actually getting open when he got the opportunity. I can definitely appreciate your opinion that he was a good signing that doesnt look as necessary now because of Knox and Sweeney. I suspect he will be an upgrade when he comes back and don't think he should be IR'ed (I'm not sure it was even you who said it).
  3. I would give Kroft Sweeney's snaps and some of Knox's. You're sure Sweeney is a better blocker than Kroft? Also maybe Kroft was earning targets more than Sweeney (also could just be the Cincy offense)? Either way definitely don't IR him thats silly cause it doesnt save you any money and I'm not sure theres an upgrade out there. I think hell be an incremental upgrade over Sweeney and Knox. A two TE set with Kroft and Knox has me super excited. They can both run routes and will put a ton of stress on the defense. I don't think Sweeney is putting that stress on the defense yet (very excited to see him develop though).
  4. I’m actually not convinced the pats offense is that great and they definitely are not balanced re: offense versus defense. That offense has the benefit of playing Miami Jets Skins and Steelers. That’s far from a murders row. I will be very interested to see how that offense performs as the season goes on.
  5. Interesting that they waived Quessenberry. He has been active for them and even caught a TD. Feels like it’s odd that an OL would catch a TD and be released in the same year.
  6. Yeah I forgot the exact language the but the comment about losing it immediately didnt quite jive with me. It felt in the first quarter like it was gonna be a blow out, but at the end of the day we were right there (and thats with the disastrous first quarter).
  7. Yeah I don't get the comments about not being able to hang with either team when we did just hang with the Pats. I get it was at home but we more than demonstrated we should be in the talk. Whatevs well see them come around as the season progresses.
  8. Not to the question of why weren’t getting points (I agree with TOs, sacks, drops, and penalties), but I think with this defense that offensive yards matter more than other teams. More yards mean more first downs which mean more rest for the defense. Feels as if we are way better in the 3 and out stat than last year and it’s helping our defense. Once this offense gels I think the points will come.
  9. If he clears protocol it works pretty well for him to sit. Titans would probably prepare for him and get Barkley which would maximize Barkley’s output probably. Not starting would be good penance for that crap he put up last week. Lastly if Barkley lays an egg he come in and save the day no pressure. All that hat said he’s probably not active for Sunday
  10. 3 that we win 7 that we cover the spread. To much variance in our play and honestly a lot unknown about the patriots. I think our offense is better (again more variance) and not sure where our d is relative to theirs (again unknown) but it’s close.
  11. throwing to Knox could have been intercepted if the defender jumped the route. 🤠 Sheesh what a silly argument. Thanks for coming to my aid. I thought I was crazy.
  12. Yeah josh taking off would be a good way to beat cover 1 with those routes. I also like the idea of running this from 12 personnel because it’s hard to match personnel. I really can’t wait until Kroft can go. This offense might hit another gear with him
  13. @GunnerBill what do you think of running 4 verticals out of 11 personnel? Brown foster jones Knox would be pretty good. I think you might even be able to get Beasley in on it. Would have to adjust when the hoodie goes to quarters but I think it could be pretty good. Now that I think of it 4 verticals could be work out of 12 personnel.
  14. The way I see it happening is if Josh has no turnovers. Both defenses are great and can generate turnovers essentially making it a wash. However I think our offense might have more weapons than theirs. If we cut the costly mistakes I think we get the job done.
  15. Agreed. Cover 1 was discussing how they think Brown can get the comeback against Gilmore too. I think they made a Bet on it during their podcast. Would be very happy to see Smoke get behind Gilmore a couple times.
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