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  1. I think McKenzie should be on this list right? I think that would probably be the best move by Beane prior to this year. I would not have played Yeldon over Gore, but still feel we need an upgrade over both them.
  2. Consider the draft breakdown tape of Bryan Edmunds. @thebandit27 I wonder what your thoughts on him are. Looks like a good route runner and a hell of a competitor. OMFG just remembered there was a cover 1 article on him. https://www.cover1.net/bryan-edwards-most-underrated-receiver-in-the-nation-nfl-draft/
  3. Don’t forget that Barkley lost to McKenzie in a throwing competition.
  4. I’m sold on Allen and I still think QBs can be great assets. Always be drafting them for value and trade them. I’m surprised more organizations with franchise QBs don’t constantly churn the late round QBs to get better draft capital.
  5. Still lots of talk about Watt today. Almost feel we should pass when he’s not out there to minimize his potential impact. That’s 1st and 2nd down passes.
  6. I don’t have his stats in front of me but from what I saw he looked pretty good. Still pleases as punch with Ed though
  7. Other PFF gems. going into last years draft after signing Kevin Johnson and EJ Gaines (with Levi Wallace returning) and Ed Oliver still on their board when we picked, they said we should pick CB Byron Murphy!!!! this year I checked their first mock draft and they Siam we really need to go CB!!!! i dont know if they aren’t paying attention or don’t know what they’re doing.
  8. No one was calling feliciano a top OL going into the season and there were some doubts on Spain as well after he wasn’t resigned by the titans. Dawkins was coming off a bit so good year. I think our line is above average which is a tremendous improvement and a credit to Johnson. I think I’m ok with Dawkins as a franchise LT but I still have some concerns. Either way resign Spain and see if you can improve anywhere.
  9. I agree it’s not Boy Scouts. I think they are looking for competitors. Josh is probably the best example as that dude will do whatever he can to win. I think they want guys that will putting winning over everything. Outside of that I don’t think they care what a guy does.
  10. If you think of the star dead money then it makes it that much more expensive to retain Phillips. I think they give him a good offer but he ends up leaving for someone that will break the bank. I hope they turn that into a comp pick. I would be happy to pay him stars money if he could keep it up and star didn’t cost money to cut.
  11. We’re not releasing star. It doesn’t make sense. I think you have a good question though. I’m gonna say no but I’m not too sure. He’s been so great for us but I think he costs too much.
  12. I agree it would have been tough to hold onto if he made good contact on the way down (he didn’t completely whiff). I’m hoping Allen saw him at the last second and helped prevent the clean hit. Either way the rip back was strong and Allen held onto that. We need all the ball security we can get with this defense.
  13. IMO the difference is that Brown has had good years in other places. Now that he’s here he’s having a career year. Stevie never really did anything elsewhere. Smoke isn’t succeeding in spite of Allen.
  14. Whew caught up on this gem of a thread. @thebandit27my favorite part from jrober was when he was so pumped to be riding the tannehill wave with his fantasy team. Isn’t he having a career year in efficiency metrics now on his second contract but QBs unlike TEs are done developing after 2 years. were 9-4 and he’s still learning. Let the kid keeping winning and growing. Super interested in how he rebounds again? Kid has shown he can get up from a bad play or game and deliver.
  15. DE is gonna be a need. I think we cut Murphy and hopefully Shaq will take his money (maybe 1.5 mil more). Then I think we sign Ngakoue or Judon. Sorta dont think they extend J. Phillips. If you do FA right you should get a ~3rd round comp pick for him. I would give Liuget J Phillips old deal and then we have a healthy rotation of Star (hes not going anywhere next year), Ed, H Phillips, Liuget. Theres a bunch of UFA that I would resign including Spain, K Johnson, Spencer long, and maybe waddle (might be better for comp picks if you let him walk and while is a quality backup swing tackle he seems replaceable). After that extend as many of Milano, White, Poyer, (maybe) Dawkins as you can.
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