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  1. This could definitely happen but I think us getting a lead early is almost as likely. I think we maybe able to do some damage early (particularly if we could get a TO) that will result in a heavy Moss/Singeltary game (though that hasnt happened all year yet). I agree this could definitely be a tough game but I dont think this is the same team as the Seattle game. I also think that game was close because the Hawks spotted them a TD and have a historically bad defense. To your point that they will play us tough the Hawks game was a good example of them getting a lead early on and just trying to hold on. I worry most about us getting behind early because they are playing super tough and Bellicheck confuses Josh early.
  2. That there season is over if they dont win is my only concern about this game. On the flip side I think our guys will know we will be in a difficult spot if we dont win so they should be hungry too. If we get > 7 pt lead in the first half I dont think theyll have enough to come back.
  3. Sorry was poking fun at the evil genius that we always make the hoodie seem. I get that were a little unsure about our team but I think that’s the BBFS. I feel we had a good get right game against the Jets even if it wasn’t a blow out. I am more than hopeful for this game. I am expecting a W and I think we’ve gotten that every time this year we could expect it. We still have things to figure out but Patriots have a lot more.
  4. Isn’t this a lot harder to do with the covid rules. He wouldn’t even get in their building til after the game. Plus you would probably wanna digest the info a little which makes the game planning tough. I know the hoodie has done us wrong for years but it’ll be ok.
  5. Punter didn’t get many reps But that’s another good thing.
  6. K. If you think throwing with a >90% WP is not being conservative then I suggest we start thinking of McD as aggressive this year. Would agree with previous years we would be conservative.
  7. So you want revenge for that? I just want a W so they can sit at 2-5. I found a win probability chart from 2008. Up 2 scores in the 4th and you have a 90% WP. That seems significant to me that youre gonna win. I think your 5 min cut off is arbitrary (unless your willing to include smaller leads, i.e. the Dolphins game). http://archive.advancedfootballanalytics.com/2008/08/win-probability.html
  8. So historically 8 minutes (@ the start of the drive) with a 2 score lead is a run the ball time from what i have seen from conservative coaches. I guess we need some data on play selection < 5 min with a 2 score lead. I dont think any coaches are throwing there cause the game is over if you run the ball (an onsides will be needed there). So your gripe is about play selection <5 min with a 2 score lead. Talk about inconsequential. The outcome of the game is significantly assured if you have the ball with <8 minutes and a 2 score lead btw.
  9. Jets game were up 24-10 with 8 minutes to go and were still throwing. We are throwing with less than 6 minutes to go. Thats not "playing to win" thats going for the jugular when the game is over. Raiders game up 30-16 with 8 minutes to go and were still throwing. I will concede that with 5 minutes to go and the same score we ran three straight times, but that did require timeouts to be burned.
  10. Youre missing the examples. After being up multiple scores in both Rams and Jets games we did not just run the ball and play conservative. We threw the ball a lot still in both those cases. That is the point everyone is trying to make.
  11. So youre evidence is that he started off passing in one game? They had 23 runs to 27 passes; of those 23 runs, 8 were by Josh that may have been dropbacks. On the season they are passing 60% of the time. Thats a passing first team that is having success (could be a bad team thats always behind, but were 4-2).
  12. I don't understand where this take comes from. Were passing the rock a lot. They will pass a lot against seattle. I don't see McD as defense first this year.
  13. This seems the right place for this breakdown on morse. Some of these blocks are special and on really critical plays.
  14. Its a road game was the biggest concern. Agree the cards are looking a lot more down to earth lately. im of hte pump the brakes variety but i think theres a decent argument now for us to be the best team in the NFL....
  15. Im with you that they will get 12-4 (I said it just before Greg and Aaron on their season preview) but @ NE, @ zona, @ SF, steelers, and hawks could all be L's. Do my opinions carry more weight cause I'm eating Pepperidge farms bread now....
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