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  1. If I was the owner, I'd want the headset every weekend. I'd just be so fascinated by the decisions that are being made. I'd just be really cool and interesting to me.
  2. OMG, alls I want to do is play Warzone with Josh Allen.
  3. I think it came today because yesterday a bunch of African American players put out a video about how the NFL needs to stands up, so the NFL couldn’t wait until Monday. They had to do it today.
  4. I don't think he was able to play O-Linemen at the WR position. Now, he may have just selected the WR that had the best blocking stats. What he did do was play a punter at QB, which you can do because generally the kickers are your teams emergency QBs. This allowed him to spend more money on other key positions to benefit the run game.
  5. What do you mean? Like if I took Dion Dawkins and made him a slot receiver without adjusting any of his stats? I just did this in Madden. Dawkins is a 77 overall in my online franchise as a LT. If I change him to WR so I can play him in the slot his rating drops to an overall of 12. So, you can't just take players and move them where ever and not think their rating is going to suffer if you play them out of position. Now, I can go in and change all his ratings so that he could be an amazing receiver without changing his body make-up but I have to do that automatically. Also, if you're in game you can't just move a left tackle to WR, it doesn't give you that option, its something that has to be edited through a menu out of game and you have to officially change his position. Now, that doesn't mean that you can't change where he plays on the offensive line on the fly, as all those are interchangeable. I can move Dawkins to wherever I want on the line without having to edit his official position.
  6. Because Madden uses a much more complicated abilities rating system to come up with how a player performs than a game on the NES. That was probably the only way for them to really make someone better or worse minus so adjustments like shot speed. Madden has 26 different categories that each have a rating that together make up a QBs overall. Madden has people whose sole job is to come up with player ratings, which are adjusted throughout the year by official rosters. They aren't going to build in an algorithm that automatically changes x rating based on x weight increase or decrease. That's why you have to download and use official EA rosters for online competitive play. Also, you can go in and change a players ratings individually if you want. So, if you are going to go and make a player fatter than go one screen over and bring his speed down.
  7. Well, simply adjusting cosmetics in a game isn't going to change anything. Madden doesn't work based off height and weight, you'd have to go in a change a players other ratings like speed and acceleration to see a difference. Spain isn't going to have the same "speed" rating as a lineman who is 50 pounds lighter than him.
  8. Honestly, I don't like it. Why should you get a better chance to come back when you haven't played well enough to have the lead all game.
  9. A lot of people in rural communities drive around while they drink a beer. It always amazes me when they do that.
  10. You clearly have never watched Day 3 of the draft. They are always way behind when it comes to analyzing picks. They'll get to the Bills pick.
  11. My god, just turn it off and walk away bro. I'm so sick of all you people complaining. Like seriously, just go away.
  12. Its the same feed on each channel. So, I don't know what you mean.
  13. They are always this far behind on analyzing picks.
  14. Back to Back receivers by the Raiders? Geez.
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