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  1. I worked at pontillos in Rochester for a short time. We always thawed the wings before they were fried. Always stayed crispy. I work at a bar here in NORTHEAST Iowa, the wings are fried frozen and they have never gotten rubbery after putting sauce on them. The skin, for whatever reason, never stays crispy. So, I have been just getting them naked with sauce on the side for that crispy factor.
  2. I find it comes down to the sauce and what state the wings are in when they are fried. Frozen, no matter how long you keep them down turns rubbery about two minutes after you out the sauce on.
  3. Direct TV contract runs out after 2022. If I'm the NFL, I just let any cable company offer Sunday ticket to their customers, as well as offer it myself through streaming. They would make a killing.
  4. I feel like, if your team is good enough year in and year out people will be willing to pay the price. When your team sucks, like the Jets, it becomes hard to justify spending the money. However, you can always sell seats to games you don't want to go to, to make up some of the cost.
  5. I'm pretty sure they can flex Monday night now. So always a chance to get more.
  6. Diggs is playing out his contract and then he'll be out the door.
  7. Not really. If San Fran doesn't match then he is a Buffalo Bill. He was just willing to play somewhere else, provided the money wasn't any different to make his girlfriend happy. Although, I don't get the hysterics by these guys girlfriends. Most of these guys don't live in Buffalo year-round. They are only there during the season and training camp, otherwise, a majority live other places. It's not like she was going to be stuck there all year with no where to go.
  8. Remember when we were ready to throw him off the boat after week 2, I member.
  9. It's almost impossible to cut Singletary and get more production out of a cheaper player. People above have already noted that you don't get real cap savings from cutting Singletary due to how the cap works.
  10. I don't think you cut all three if them but you could get rid of Robert's and Singletary and replace them with this guy. You do need a backup plan at kick returner, so I'd keep Mckenzie. I also think that McKenzie can play a Hardman role for us and that's valuable. I think our offense didn't use him as much as we should have in the playoffs. We used a lot of jet sweep motion early and it worked great and then we didn't do much of it in the playoffs.
  11. It is, what it is. We made the AFC Championship. Need to go out and do some stuff to strengthen the squad. I truly believe the season might have been different if Star was there.
  12. Double Hill and double Kelce, force one of the scrub WR's for the Chiefs beat you.
  13. Biggest game of the year and he looks shell-shocked and in over his head compared to the guy across the field. We'll see how he answers right here. If we don't score a touchdown, any hopes of a Super Bowl is over.
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