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  1. Draft is fine to go on as is. GMs just need to adjust or die (figuratively). This may be why Beane dealt our first, as well. He got a proven receiver compared to an unknown that can’t be evaluated as well.
  2. That'd be stupid of the Browns with the number of other holes the team has.
  3. He said thank you coach, Les, and Mr. Beane. So, he definitely thanked McD.
  4. Notes from his interview. These aren't direct quotes, but paraphrases. Now that you are a couple months removed form playoff game, how does it feel and where are you headed: It feels great, It feels great to be back on the mat in Buffalo. We have a great staff and a great group of core young players that we count on. It is an exciting time in Buffalo. On pending free agents: It comes down to simply we have a tremendous locker and culture. You come to Buffalo you will become the best version of yourself on and off the field. We have done that and it is a credit to everyone in the building. We saw a lot from Josh Allen, where can his career go in year 3: We are excited about where Josh is and the progress he made from year one to year two and the jump he is going to make this season. The one thing I know about Josh is that he is dedicated to the process in terms of hi improving and because of that he has really earned the respect of his teammates. Can this team get better next season, what will it take this offseason: It takes a humble approach. Our goal is to make sure we approach it the right away mentally. We have to flush last season. it will be a new team in 2020, so it comes back to hungry and humble approach that we take. Whats your response to controversial play in playoffs: League ruled the way they ruled. No other reason as to why we lost that game, expect for ourselves. It comes down to us doing things right. We did things right, we picked up the ball, but it didn't get ruled that way so we have to learn from it as a team and as a league. Tom Brady, Pats, do you feel this is the Bills time: I don't know exactly what si going to happen. I know where we have come from and the work that has been put in. I know we have a passionate fanbase unlike most in the NFL. When you have that it is a great foundation moving forward. Where did you watch the Super Bowl: I wanted to watch it at home because of Andy. I cried a little bit when he won the AFC Championship game. I was happy for him. If you would have told me it would be 20 years between SB appearances for Andy, I would have thought you were crazy. I think it is a great marriage in Buffalo. The way we are building the team, the blue collar approach and our fan base. It is a blue collar approach. We try to do things the right way and I think the fans in Buffalo respect that. We are trying to give them a reason to come watch us every week, whether it is at home or on the road and our fans travel unlike other NFL teams. I am biased, but I think we have the best fans in the NFL.
  5. I don’t have a specific time, but they hinted it will be very soon. That’s on NFL Network!!
  6. My biggest problem is finding a streaming service that offers all the tv channels my wife watches, plus being able to have local tv channels here in rural Iowa, along with decent DVR services. I think Sling TV's most expensive package might just get the job done, I just need to pull the trigger sometime.
  7. What do you get from them. There website is very vague.
  8. Henry Ruggs is a huge reach at 15 with so much talent at WR still and needing to trade to get there.
  9. Mcdermott runs the ball up 10. Being conservative probably would have helped in this game, if the Bills would be having the success running the ball that San Fran had. I mean they get 5 on a first down run with what under six minutes left and then threw the next two plays to take off no time.
  10. You can’t score too quickly and leave Mahomes time. He had the two-minute warning and they have 3 timeouts.
  11. That’s why I hate when they throw from weird arm angles. That was a bad throw by Mahomes.
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