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  1. This can totally be us next year. No doubt, if Allen can play as well as Jimmy G did this year, we can go to the Super Bowl next year. 49ers were pathetic up until this year and its because they drafted well and had each others backs.
  2. That was BS, Clark tripped over a SF lineman's feet and then did his best to actually avoid making contact with Jimmy Gs leg. That's a play on. But no, Al Riveron sucks so much at his job that he has made his officials under him worse than they were.
  3. I never really thought go was that ineffective when used properly. He could pop off 9-yard runs pretty consistently. It's just that he needed to come off the field as soon as he popped one off because going right back to him on the next play was a disaster.
  4. That looked a lot like OPI to me. Guy pushed off just as the ball got there.
  5. I’m having open-heart surgery the day before the game. I doubt my doctor will let me watch the game. So Go Bills!!! Let’s get the W so I can watched their next three games after that!!
  6. Oh god, Gore is going to get 100 yards this game and end up starting the postseason game.
  7. The window has opened. We have three years to get a SB or two before Allen needs a big contract. Need to get it done, and none of this giving him a new contract before we need to.
  8. So your bright idea is a fake field goal attempt? You also better hope that the holder gets the pass off and isn't sacked.
  9. It wouldn't have mattered how tall someone was on that throw they weren't going to steal a catch. The ball was under thrown to the end zone because Allen had to throw off his back foot because the line fell apart. Beasley actually jumped higher than the defender and got a hand on the ball. But no one was making that catch with how good of a position the defender had.
  10. It is what it is. That wasn’t the difference in this game.
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