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  1. I think you offer them all contracts, but if they want more than you are willing to pay, you let them walk. I mean, it isn't like Johnson is blowing up the stat sheet. I would imagine it won't be too costly to resign him or Spain. Phillips and Lawson will command a pretty penny. If I were a team I would worry about Lawson though. He still isn't a get after the QB D-Lineman. If he gets a big contract, I don't think he'll ever be able to live up to it because teams are going to expect double digit sacks and I just don't see him doing that consistently.
  2. With such a big amount of cap space next year, why do we even need to cut Star, unless we can absolutely upgrade the position. You only cut players when you need too. Even average players playing on a bloated contract isn't bad when you this much cap space. It's now on Beane to be a cap wizard and continue to keep us out of cap hell.
  3. Yaahhooooo!! So damn happy. Best Thanksgiving ever!!!
  4. Playaction fake and take a deep shot. Let’s really take it to Dallas.
  5. Jerrah called the network and told them to get the camera off him!!
  6. Even if the score, our defense needs to make it difficult. Needs to make them burn clock.
  7. Still need points on this drive. Can’t get conservative. Points here and the game is over. Dallas still has hope otherwise.
  8. Here comes the conservative play calling. Run, run, pass, punt.
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