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  1. Lol at taking a "flier" on a DE who is in his prime, Everson Griffin.
  2. O-Line can play well into their late 30s. I hope he has four pro-bowl caliber years left in him since he doesn't have as much mileage as other O-Line at this point in his career.
  3. Cooper needs to prove he can be consistent. He was awful two years ago other than the two games I didn’t start him in fantasy.
  4. I could have sworn that the Chiefs would have taken Metcalf.
  5. Can we please stop giving up picks before they happen on TV?
  6. He probably has a spot in the second that if DK falls to he may jump back in. Like he makes it to 50 or something.
  7. That's fine, we can take Taylor or Risner and really shore up that offensive line.
  8. Beane, get off the ***** podium and go wheel and deal for another first round pick.
  9. I shocking news, teams picking the first round got a difference maker.
  10. Wow, Washington is ecstatic right now. I can't believe Miami didn't go QB.
  11. Miami just got their QB of the future. Washington is praying that Miami doesn't take Haskins though.
  12. But this was way too good to not post. Someone just got a promotion.
  13. What they should do is pull the plug on exclusivity and then let every media company offer it to their customers. It won't affect this year. They can pull the plug after the 2019 season.
  14. Are those rules or reasons a team can get a waiver? If the Bills wanted to be on Hard Knocks, I bet they could as long as HBO chose them.
  15. Making the playoffs eight straight years with three NFC Championship game appearances, and a SuperBowl Championship is pretty darn successful. Again, Rodgers deserves blame, but he also got that team wins in spite of everything else. Look at the scores in his playoff losses. The offense put up good enough numbers to win. It was never Rodgers fault they lost games when it mattered most IMO.
  16. Yeah, the common denominator as to why they were so successful with trash rosters on defense.
  17. If the Packer's defense didn't implode every January then they would have won more than one SuperBowl. Dude, look at the results on the field. His arrogance has nothing to do with the defense being utter ***** when it mattered most. Do we not forget the absolute heroics this man has put on display to get his team wins in the Playoffs. If it wasn't for him, after the Packers defense blew a lead against the Seahawks in the 2015 NFC Championship game, it never would have gotten to overtime. He wasn't the one refusing to sign veteran players and letting other guys walk in favor of cheaper rookies like the front office was doing. Does the guy deserve some blame. Absolutely. But, the Packer's wouldn't even have been as successful as they were without Rodgers.
  18. How can it be his fault, when the results on the field tell you it isn't. The guy went 15-1 with the 32nd ranked defense in the NFL. How could them losing that Wild Card be his fault when they scored 45 points in a wild-card game and lost. There is no way it is mostly on Aaron Rodgers. He gets a portion of the blame but without him, the Packers wouldn't have been nearly as successful. You can be considered the greatest QB raw talent wise without being the best player in NFL history. IMO.
  19. I think the blame goes all the way around with the Packers' demise. Some is lopped on Aaron, more is lopped on the ineptitude of McCarthy, but the most blame should go to Ted Thompson. All of this could have continued to be hidden under the rug if the guy would have embraced building a team with balance. What I mean by that is using both free agency and the draft to build the team, not just the draft. Rodgers got a Packers team with the 32nd ranked defense in the league to a 15-1 record. Think about that, a 15-1 record with the worst statistical defense in the league. They lost the wild card that year, I believe, 51-45. If I was a QB, I would be ***** pissed off. I'm not trying to absolve Rodgers of blame, but at the end of the day, the team won because of him.
  20. I donated $17 in honor of my new favorite player, Josh Allen.
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