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  1. You can just buy Sunday Ticket Streaming without being a Direct TV customer with a dish.
  2. Putting it downtown would cause people to tailgate in bars and other businesses, which I think would lead to an increase in revenue for the City.
  3. I nabbed four for Aug. 4, I'll be in Rochester visiting friends and family. Only chance I'll get to see them in person this season.
  4. That same thing happened to a 5-year-old boy over here in northeast Iowa three or four years ago. Really freaking sad.
  5. Releasing all the episodes on July 21. Nice.
  6. Hey Brady, there is a simple solution to this. Just retire bro. You don't need the money and your body probably doesn't need the punishment. You are already teh greatest of all-time. Just call it quits and enjoy the rest of your life.
  7. To make it possible for us to love and enjoy the Buffalo Bills. A Salute to not only the men and women of the current Armed Forces, but a big salute to the men who were brave enough to do the unthinkable.
  8. Meh. I just like to eat so much that I will still buy stuff in the stadium, no matter how much I eat at the tailgate.
  9. The rookie salary slots are kind of a mixed bag. While veterans don't want to see the types of deals Sam Bradford got before he ever played a down in the NFL, the rookie salary structure also leads to more high priced veterans being let go each year because the rookies are much, much cheaper.
  10. I could argue we have had vanilla gameplans because we didn't have the talent to have a different gameplan. I also think McDermott gives his coordinators a lot of rope in how they run their respective groups. McDermott isn't trying to tell Daboll you need to do x,y, and z plays in x, y, and z situations. He has a general philosophy of how he want sot play and has surrounded himself with people who have a like mindset but lets those people do what they do, coordinate. I completely disagree. I think what New England has achieved can totally be achieved to a much lesser degree, maybe only winning two or three Super Bowls in the same time frame, as long as you have a "good" quarterback and have a coach who has a plan and sticks to it. BB is more than willing to get rid of talented players who are headcases because those guys disrupt the culture. At the end of the day, its about 22 guys, 11 on offense and 11 one defense playing as one cohesive unit that is going to lead to success than having a couple of uber talented guys who disturb the culture. Pittsburgh is a perfect example.
  11. Lol at taking a "flier" on a DE who is in his prime, Everson Griffin.
  12. O-Line can play well into their late 30s. I hope he has four pro-bowl caliber years left in him since he doesn't have as much mileage as other O-Line at this point in his career.
  13. Cooper needs to prove he can be consistent. He was awful two years ago other than the two games I didn’t start him in fantasy.
  14. I could have sworn that the Chiefs would have taken Metcalf.
  15. Can we please stop giving up picks before they happen on TV?
  16. He probably has a spot in the second that if DK falls to he may jump back in. Like he makes it to 50 or something.
  17. That's fine, we can take Taylor or Risner and really shore up that offensive line.
  18. Beane, get off the ***** podium and go wheel and deal for another first round pick.
  19. I shocking news, teams picking the first round got a difference maker.
  20. Wow, Washington is ecstatic right now. I can't believe Miami didn't go QB.
  21. Miami just got their QB of the future. Washington is praying that Miami doesn't take Haskins though.
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