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  1. He picked his nose on national tv years ago, but that didn't work.
  2. For some reason when I read the thread title it triggered me to think of Double secret probation from Animal House.
  3. Dang! Nice Montage Collage Chandler...👍 Well done.
  4. I was in my PJ's, in bed I'm sure for this one. Thanks Chandler#81 for posting and God Bless You Tube! Happy Independence Day everyone.
  5. This is Adam Gase's dog in case any of you are wondering. 😃
  6. Stole my thunder. I was scrolling through thread to see if anyone did this kudos.
  7. How many more days until the regular season starts again? 🙄
  8. I love the humility and class after some of these runs & touchdowns. Just doing his job, no need to flaunt and taunt like so many athletes do today. Genuine jubilation after touchdown run, not choreographed BS. Miss those days.
  9. What's scary & sad is no running backs listed. We need a RB to be at least in our top 10 to succeed.
  10. I never had kids. But I am the Best Dog Dad Ever!
  11. You are correct. Wyoming is next to Montana, but not in conference. Like your name, forgot about Utica Club til now.
  12. @flaz What's Josh Allens favorite color? Oooooo! Never mind! I'll start a thread to find out 😂
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