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  1. Having watched this show on Bruce. In todays NFL he would have had only about 50 sacks for his career. He crushed, drilled and pummeled qb's. League would never allow so many of his sacks anymore. Forgot how much the NFL used to be a league for men, qb's included. They didnt whine getting up looking for flags every sack. Show was well done, made me long for the old days, Superbowl losses included.
  2. Boy they sure were thirsty in the Cowboy booth after the td. Kind of like goalies in hockey after a goal.
  3. Awesome! Just checked it out, Thank You! This shows UFC too, Thank you!!
  4. Well, 98 yards, Bills really needed it, fans back in it! YAY!
  5. They actually kind of need it. To get the fans back into at least..
  6. I've watched football 45+ years, have never seen a 2 minute drive so inept as that! WOW!!
  7. Boy, the refs didnt jump in too quickly to see who recovered the fumble did they?
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