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  1. Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls Jingle all the way...😀
  2. Did you all see the Dolphin guy getting dragged off the field on his butt? My dog does that sometimes, maybe he has an anal glands issue 😅
  3. Not to mention it was in Detroit 1st time where they played Cleveland. Close trip for their Dog Pound fans to get to. LA, Seattle, Arizona, Far West teams etc... aren't making that trip. Crowd noise from Browns fans played into "home" game for Bills.
  4. When you have a true franchise QB, with a bunch of injuries you will still be good. With minimal injuries your team will be great. Let's just get healthier, get to the playoffs & let's roll.
  5. 188 YTD for Mahomes when he became starter for full season 2018. He only played 1 game in 2017. 7/10, zero TD's.
  6. How many games did Bills lose like this in past years because we were someone else's stepping stone to get to playoffs. With all the injuries, weather, etc... this feels like a MLB 162 games season so far. A marathon. Remember end of season last year, playoffs included ( yes, I know, 13 seconds). Remember this year & last, 1st 2 games, no punts, stupid % on 3rd downs, 4th.. To almost quote Al Davis, Just get there baby! We have a chance. Oh! Happy Thanksgiving.
  7. Maybe he was "quiet quitting" all this time 😀
  8. I want you all to know, I'm a very good friend of Leslie Frazier. He's very aware of all the mean things said about him on this board, Tremaine Edmunds too. However, they still want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving 😏 Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 😊
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