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  1. does it alternately flash green for Jets then blue for Giants.......just like Met Life week to week...lol
  2. ty.......i do like anime art very much. I have not heard a lot of its own type of music though. i will keep an open mind and give it a listen as i hit on it. This could just be a song i don't like. My music love has always been a work in progress. At one time i only liked rock and i hated all country music, Elvis, folk, bluegrass, electronica, hip hop, rap, etc etc,....now i love all of that except old old country but i appreciate old old country as it is the Genesis of the modern stuff that is pretty good.
  3. nice vid but that song or whatever it is, is sandpaper to my ear canal. lol
  4. well....Bills have about one real home snow game every 30 years or so. Colts was last. Jets and Browns games were moved. sorry your experience is going to be few and far between. Good luck though.
  5. i would not say all of them do, but some are terrible...... the big unit? wtf is that?? Groot on Bills? who the hell thought that up for a guy named Rousseau ??
  6. good point....... and i might add AZ can't pay his contract. New team assumes the contract as is. Hopkins can restructure any time and lessen the cap hit. Or even restructure with Cards first to lessen it for team getting traded to. Which is i assume, is what you meant. And Hopkins said he is open to a restructure, so his movement/trade is available. Interesting though also is speculation that Cards may just release him eventually.
  7. yeah i never said it did not apply to the Bills also...🙄 if it's ok for all of them, why is it not ok for sports teams to do it?
  8. Walmart argues the amounts but not the receiving of the welfare. Walmart benefits from billions in government subsidies- Study.url Wal-Mart's Expansion Aided By Many Taxpayer Subsidies - The New York Times.url
  9. rebuilding would have ended up costing close to a new one and they would still have been left with an old crappy one. Not good money management. moving Bills to another site(Syracuse?) for 3 years during a rare SB window with aQB in his prime would have been the most epic failure in NFL history killing home field advantage making all games like a road game.
  10. Sams Club and Costco do. If your above mentions are in tiff districts, then yes you pay every year in property tax lost that must be made up by raising yours. If tax welfare is funded through bonds then again you keep paying locally. If fed money is given you are paying via income tax. virtually all those locations also charge local and state sales tax. Just 4 states have no sales tax. You are splitting hairs.
  11. get some salt. Head injuries and CTE is prevalent in hockey, UFC, kick boxing, Boxing, Rugby, Soccer too, so that would need to go away along with NFL. I don't see it happening. Too much money at stake. More likely advances in head protection increases and rules change to lessen head trauma.
  12. it was a metaphor. And i was talking about tax on car sales off your comment about buying a car. Document car tax in Delaware. 1500 to over 2 k per car.
  13. not possible for Bills to play Jaguars. Jags play one home game in UK per year. Bills game is a Bills home game moved to London. Bills game to be played in Hotspur stadium 2023. Jags play in Wembly in 2023 BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Buffalo Bills will head across the pond for a game during the 2023 NFL regular season, the team announced Thursday morning. The Bills will play at London's Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The opponent, as well as the date and time have not been determined yet. This will be the team's second trip to London. They traveled there in 2015 to play the Jacksonville Jaguars. "We are proud to be selected to participate in our league's international games in 2023 and continue to help grow our sport globally," Buffalo Bills EVP and Chief Operating Officer Ron Raccuia said in a statement posted to the Buffalo Bills website on Thursday. "The NFL has done an incredible job with this initiative. We're excited for Bills Mafia to experience Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, one of the primary design inspirations for our new stadium scheduled to open in 2026." The game in London will replace one of the nine designated home games next season. The Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, and New England Patriots are among the other teams selected to play internationally next season, according to the Bills. The team and NFL say the Titans will also have a "home game" in London but won't face the Bills. The Jaguars are set to play at Wembley Stadium in the UK.
  14. was that the game the Bills TE ran straight to the sideline stepped out of bounds and then turned and caught a catch a pass from EJ? For a loss. or was that a Tyrod throw? I think it was EJ
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