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  1. this is a perfect example why the rookie salary cap slotting was such an ingenious idea by whoever came up with it and whoever approved it. Owners Players Union etc etc..... If a minute small variable negotiation position that these 3rd rounders apparently have, can lead to protracted negotiations like some 3rd rounders have now.....imagine if it was the old way with all draftees with no rookie salary cap. No one would sign before camp, and many would hold out into season. FO man hours by teams wasted chasing this ***** would be epic in today's negotiation climate and they can now have those FO staffers doing something more needed.
  2. you have this a little backward. It is the Whaley haters that keep bringing him up.
  3. As a Bills fan I would be hoping Fins had a bad QB if they had Allen. However, if I was a Fin fan last year not following all the plays of Allen on Bills, I would be pretty worried he is going to pan out as a Cam Newton type or better as I am watching hilite after hilite of plays many QB's can not do. Allen had a lot of hilites for only playing a partial year. On a side note. I have worries Darnold is the real deal for Jets even as he has few eye poping hilite plays.
  4. good point. And McD is the leader in wasting TO's "just to calm everybody down" at times when on D. This has train wreck written all over it for Bills.
  5. I will too. However Bills still easily could have traded other assets and kept Glenn and drafted Allen. Probably would have taken a 5th rounder or a swapping of positions in 2nd or 3rd round round to make up for the Glenn asset involved moving up for Allen. I would take Glenn as a guard right now for a 5th rounder or the swap.
  6. agreed KD one of the most stupid ***** play in NFL football is Aaron Rogers ***** play rushing the hike to get too many defenders on field as subs run to sideline and do not get off in time. Resulting in Aaron getting a free play. Bush league play. This in turn has caused others to try the same thing to negate Aaron's ***** play advantage. That should be handled like players changing in hockey. If the guys leaving are not impeding the play and are running off at full speed and don't quite make it before the snap WHO GIVES A RATS ASS. Play on.
  7. Although it sounds very interesting. I don't know if I agree on full speed reviews. If the foot was inbounds or not would be hard to tell on full speed. Or if player fumbled. Why limit that look? Fulls speed may work for PI looks but not sure how this helps other calls.
  8. Bills should have done that with Glenn.
  9. ok. bat ***** crazy then. No Bills fans want to hear from Cheats fans. Sorry to bust your bubble.
  10. yes. A bunch of kickers and many DB's in season every year. Teams tryout street FA players almost every week in NFL.
  11. one site says his 2018 catch rate is 90+% and true catch rate is actually 100%. But he only had 11 targets all year. my point is if he was a TE who could catch he would be targeted more. Coaches must know his numbers would be ***** if he was made an option in the pass game so that is why I say "he can't catch" as in they know he really can't and give him no chance to do it so he really can't.
  12. well you better get a good nights sleep then...................😃
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