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  1. cba fan

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    never a fan of teams winning on gimmick plays. on-sides kicks suck. hail mary's suck. lateral plays on end of game kickoffs/punt returns suck. (and the massaging of the rules allowing multiple fumble recoveries advancement not allowed in real play) any team that clearly outplayed/dominated an opponent should not be subject to losing by some super low % gimmick play. I know many like the chance to see that, and the drama/entertainment value it provides, but it rewards luck over skill IMO. Not a fan at all. It is the equivalent to those trivia games where each successive round is worth so many more points then the previous round that in almost all cases the last question answered correctly determines the winner. Stupid as *****.
  2. cba fan

    Cj Anderson is available beano get ur done

    weed. Then skittles. That is how Marshawn Lynch did it. Allegedly.
  3. 100% agree no one should tell him to kill himself. But Rodak and his media supporters needs to toughen up. This is normal when a fan of your biggest rival(NE Cheatriots) gets assigned to be your beat writer. WTH did they all expect.
  4. lol...looks like he did not run for a reason and looks like he is running nowhere fast. Pass. NFL needs speed. If Bills want a slow RB, trade for Howard from Bears. They have seen enough of his non-breakaway speed.
  5. Not true. Not true at all. experience channeled the right way certainly helps no doubt but the world is filled with experts who know more, and are able to teach more, than many who have actually played or experienced any task we are talking about. Good coaches see things players can not see as they have a completely different angle, and mental point of view, to the plays and see the big picture. Players are involved in heated close in one on one battles and can not always see the finer points of playing until they watch film and have it pointed out by coaches. other EX: EX: military, martial arts, hand to hand fighters, etc etc teachers, there are many who can train you to effectively subdue and kill when appropriate human threats and yet they themselves have never killed anyone ever. EX: Hall of Fame coaches Vince Lombardi, Paul Brown, Bill Walsh & Bill Belicheck never played any NFL or significant football. EX: Manhatten project nuclear bomb scientists never built or detonated a nuclear bomb in battle. How could they possibly have known everything needed to build one? my point: Everything ever accomplished in this world was done by someone who had never done it before. I totally discount the argument people throw out in a fit of rage "well you never did it(or went through it) before so how would you know" card. That is pure BS. JMO
  6. cba fan

    Carolina Panthers Lineman KO’d in Street Fight, Video

    Yes agreed. He should be in concussion protocol. He went dark for a few seconds.
  7. this is prime moneyball moves. Upgrade incrementally for less cash then big splashes. As others posted the line went from having 1 above avg player to 3 now. That is a very big upgrade and they are not done yet. Draft or even an unexpected trade could up the ante on talent more yet.
  8. cba fan

    Jets wanted Mitch Morse

    starting RT or swing Tackle/Guard if Bills draft high for RT and rookie RT grabs the job in preseason.
  9. cba fan

    Panthers have released Matt Kalil

    what does this mean? Howe does OBD knowing or not knowing Kalil was to be cut have anything to do with the decision to sign Ty Nsekhe? So you think they would have not signed TN if they knew Kalil was going to be cut and then sign Kalil instead??
  10. cba fan

    Tyrell to Oak

    lol......those Davis family reunion/vacations home movies are probably gold for internet viewing.
  11. no one has to give permission either way. it is just a verbal commitment. Just like verbal NCAA scholarship commits before signing day. Reportedly: Perriman seen the handwriting on the wall after Browns acquired OBJ and he/agent in a courtesy move talked to Browns GM and requested release from their verbal non binding commitment. GM agreed and granted release. It was a good PR move by Perriman/agent to do this when they could have just called Browns and said we are backing out.
  12. agreed. Although I don't think it is a slam dunk as in that scenario AB must do option 1 and AB then must repay, it has been reported, about 11 mill of earlier paid sign bonus. I think he would have a real problem with that. But yes it would be problematic for option 2 and that is why I go with option 1. Just because I am a hard-ass GM.
  13. If I was Pitt i would have played hardball. They already did it to Bell so whatever was lost is lost in player/agent perception relations. Option1: Tell AB he is playing for Pitt next year or he can retire and pay back apporx 11 mill in signing bonus.(that 30 mill he claims to have banked would be down to 19 mill just like that) I doubt he would do that. If he did this it would lessen considerably all the dead cap Pitt will not acquire due to the trade. depending what Brown/Drew do with Option 1 option: Option 2: Alternately would offer this: tell his camp AB/Drew they must gag ALL comments until after Pitt trades AB for best deal possible.(hint: it was not the Raiders deal by far) This would allow Pitt to try starting a rebuild keeping in mind by the time they start winning again it will be post Big Ben retirement. I would also look into off loading Big Ben before his toxic personality ruins whats left of the team concept in Pitt.
  14. I am not going to believe a word of this Gore corpse idea until the walruss AKA: Antonio Brown, tweets some info on it.
  15. cba fan

    One Bills Live was hilarious today.

    then you must not have listened very hard. It was clear PR control most likely ordered from Bills PR staff. It could not have been any more obvious. This show was the only one on any media platform trying to spin this story into something it was not.