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  1. we already know what Evans was with a NFL caliber QB. Losman was it for long ball only, as good as any in that part, and that's all Evans could do.
  2. but the personal guarantee must be reasonable and not lead to personal financial ruin if the business fails, as that happens often.
  3. Broncs will demand a 3rd rounder from Bills then trade him to KC for a 6th or 7th round swap.
  4. Boldin bolted after Beane shipped out Watkins and Darby. He said that had nothing to do with it. lol That he wanted to pursue his human rights work. That it is more than football. Sure Boldin sure. Then weeks later tried to unretire to join a contender. Beane roadblocked that as he was mad he left Bills low on WR. Bills then broke the drought and made playoffs lol.
  5. yes i get you lol, but high profile players do get significant cash when in demand.
  6. i disagree w no revenue with throwback or alternate helmets. Collectors and fans buy them. Players sign many different types of helmets and are then sold too at high prices. I have seen Chrome, Black, Silver, and others not a team helmet color that players sign then NFL or collector sites sell. This is probably why Allen absolutely refuses to sign full size helmets. Might be contractedly not allowed to.
  7. the red jersey Bill us is not at all a good color. Does not even look like Bills scarlet. It has an orange hue to it.
  8. out of the blue, Howard Cosell went off about him singing his praises of never giving up and giving it his all during a MNF game Bills lost handedly. Funny stuff.....he was hard nosed undersized tough player. TE Rober Royal "can't get two feet down wide open in end zone vs Chargers at home". he was quoted in an interview same year his goal was HOF........ lol
  9. looks like he restructured and added voidable years so it required agent/player and team renegotiation. That was the time to address his perceived salary underpaid issue. Or he should have not agreed to the restructure. His agent blew it. He gets paid plenty for his output. Not NFL fault as players become FA and reset market higher.
  10. TE's are notorious slow developers and high bust on NFL stage. So don't bet your fantasy football play choices on that guy just yet.
  11. yeah that would have been big. Up to 16 mill in some countries. Likely several hundred grand though in this case. maybe that's a NASCAR drivers safety helmet??. lol
  12. 2 games actually. They wore them in Houston when Oilers wore their throwbacks that year. Each team was allowed a home game for throwbacks and wore them if playing at any road throwback game hosted by the home team.
  13. if the red helmets are coming back as throwbacks, then the logo needs to be resized up the 15% they reduced it when rolling out the current white helmets. If they designate the Red helmet and uni as an alternate, then they can do anything they want.
  14. omg have you not been paying attention!! 🤣🤣 Diggs constant cryptic tweets is what fueled "all" the media speculation run he got on whatever the hell was bothering him. And the more he tweeted the less we knew as he was speaking cryptic tweet.
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