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  1. No. But his crimes in US if convicted would possibly cause Canada to turn him away at the border. They do this fairly often.
  2. true. we need good bacteria. Take probiotics to get more when needed. we dont need the bad bacteria.
  3. operate and surgery are sometimes interpreted a little more serious than they imply. ex: I had a small non cancerous tumor the size of a pee on my wrist protruding up and causing pain on movement. I had it surgically removed. They gave me a few shots of Novocain at the site, draped it, took a scalpel and excised it from the surface. Technically I had surgery. Most of Alex's followup surgeries where very likely just opening him up, scrapping off the infection, then washing it all with antibiotic fluid. Not making light of it. It is serious non the less and precautions had to be taken. Not a procedure to do in office as his risk for infection is/was off the charts.
  4. I think you in the wrong threads......................lol
  5. not a fan of the reds which kinda look orangish/red............but hell yeah to your idea you use on Madden! Would like to see that on the field live. Go Red, All Red, or go home. better than the red leotards with white helmet for sure. But would like to see all red with red helmet for reference as I stated above, since this color rush seems to not be going away anytime soon.
  6. never in favor of the college OT. Way too artificial scoring. My solution for NFL OT involves a radical rule.2 choices 1. eliminate OT altogether and give both teams a loss if any game ends in tie. (it is all about player safety right?) 2. still use current NFL OT rules except if still ending in a tie both teams get a loss.
  7. that game completely turned when the Int, that Zay let the CB jump over him as he watched, was incorrectly ruled a completion even after review. Zay was standing out of bounds while contacting the player and ball as the Patriot was still in the air and had not touched down at all yet. This should have been an in-completion. This led to 3 pts for Pats and changed strategy immensely going forward. Bills could have kicked a few field goals when getting close and facing 4th down instead of going for it. Bills well could have won the way Bills D was playing that day.
  8. yes. even if he hit 3 fg's. that makes it 16-14 Titans before Bills last drive is in winning field goal range. Housmoney then becomes Housemoney (FYI: I know it does not work this way because if you go back and change one thing, everything after changes too, but fun to speculate)
  9. and I just Worcestershire it was not that way.
  10. Zay actually contacted the Patriot and the ball as Zay was standing out of bounds. Before both feet of Patriot came down inbounds. Patriot player actually had no feet down yet when Zay contacted him. This by rule makes the Patriot player out of bounds and the call should have been an incompletion. Zay failed by not jumping for the ball and just watching the guy jump up and catch it. Zay failed by not throwing the guy out of bounds to make it clear he was out. Refs failed by not seeing this was an out of bounds player. Bills coaches failed by not knowing this. Bills coaches failed by not pointing out to refs what they wanted challenged. Replay officials failed by not overturning an obvious incompletion. Former ref Gene Steratore came on air 10 min after and discussed how refs missed this call and replay missed it also. there was enough fail in this play alone to make me wonder if a Dick Jauron game management spell has been cast on this org.
  11. there is only one The Patriots. Mainly for cheating.
  12. is there a number less than zero we can use every time this comes up......lol
  13. If Team A wins the coin toss and elects to defer. Team A gives the choice to Team B to decide if they want to receive or kickoff. Team A then gets same choice in second half to kick or receive. ea team can do what they want with their choice.
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