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  1. agreed unless you are being sarcastic. Saints never recovered after Brees signed his big 100 mill deal in 2012. No Super Bowl wins and no Super Bowl appearances since. Just like Rogers in GB. Wilson in SEA. Rivers in SD/LA. Tannehill in MIA Stafford in Detroit. Cousins in WAS Cousins in MN Kap in SF Favre in GB Favre in MN Favre in NYJ Carr OAK Dalton CIN Bortles JAGS Palmer CIN Palmer in OAK Palmer in AZ Alex Smith KC Alex Smith in WASH Ben Rothleisberger. No Super Bowl wins since his big deal.(1 SB appearance though) Ryan ATL(1 appearance though) Cam CAR(1 appearance though) That is the norm not the exception in modern FA period. Once teams give the QB the big *market rate deal the SB winning window is slammed shut. Exception the manning factor Eli 1x. and Peyton 2x. There are many reasons why the Cheats win Super Bowls. Some good some cheating. Big factor is *Brady takes under market deals. If you want to argue they are Super Bowl contenders that is a diff argument but History shows the Super Bowl winning window is virtually slammed shut unless you are Mannings brothers.
  2. that was the game for me also. A Giants WR caught what looked like a long pass but on replay it clearly showed the ball hit the ground. Clear, plain, and obvious, to everyone except Bills in booth and/or Rex. No challenge by Rex. Then virtually same thing happened in Bengals game on long pass play at home later and then to triple dumb it down further the almost exact same thing happened on the road against the Chiefs later in season. A trifecta if you will. Then in another situation in Chiefs game to quadruple dumb it down Rex did not to challenge a clear short of first down run by Alex Smith that was not even close yet ref mistakenly marked it a first down. No challenge. Then Bills chaplain advise Rex not to challenge a Hogan catch that would have been allowed had he challenged. https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/index.ssf/2015/11/bills_rex_ryan_vows_to_change_system_for_challenging_plays_after_embarrassment_i.html There were other challenge mistakes also.
  3. cba fan

    Gronk likely headed for retirement per Rapoport

    Yes. Agreed. Game situation was of no consequence. Game was long over and Pats were going to win. Tee off on the cheap shot artist. Any Bill who would have decked Gronk would have gone down in Bills history as "The Man". I sure as hell would have done it for a little 26 k fine and maybe a game suspension. ***** it. Adam could not believe his eyes.
  4. cba fan

    Lorenzo’s contract details

    He got market value. He is not worth twice that.
  5. Simple solution. Move election day to Veterans day. Only about a week difference.
  6. He should not be. Bills never scored TD with him on field. He should be QB coach if anything and Bills should get a 3rd QB that could actually play if they think they need a third. No guarantee Anderson makes the final 53 next year either. With his head HX he could be concussed by end of preseason and spend the year on IR acting as a QB coach. Win Win.
  7. not in a player coach situation. Players need to lead by example on the field. If you can no longer play well then transition to coach and mentor that way. That would be the old teacher ruse you state. How do I critic a RB when me as the starting RB can not be even avg.?
  8. cba fan

    What Magic Doth Nick Foles Possess?

    He is like a Flacco, which means "flaccid in season" in Greek.
  9. You can't mentor if you play like *****.
  10. cba fan

    Caption This

    I can't kiss you long on the lips. If you were my son, I could.
  11. If I was Pitt i would send Brown to the worst team in the league so the draft pick compensation has more value. Don't do stupid like Bills did stupid. IE: trading with Super Bowl champs and contenders. F him. He ***** on the Steelers. Let him sit out with new team after the trade for all I care.(my short list for trade to, for mostly original team picks only, are: Raiders/Cards/Giants/Fins in that order)
  12. hockey fans. ? don't studies show individual season tix holder fans of NHL earn a lot more than avg individual NFL fans. ?? I mean seasons for NHL are a lot more than NFL. I guess you have never been to NC or Atlanta during a snow dusting "event" then.
  13. Let me see if I have this straight. Instead of having a few million call in sick or just not show up on Monday after Super Bowl and big cost to employers, we should make it a paid holiday and then EVERYONE does not show up and still gets paid for a much much higher staggering cost to employers.(you know this will be a mandated paid holiday if it ever comes to pass) These threads are funny as ***** sometimes.
  14. cba fan

    Andre Reed Criticizes Personnel Decisions

    lol... I don't know about that. Irvin liked to keep it all I heard.
  15. cba fan

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option on the table

    Now way I pick up his 5th year option as he is not a 10 mill per year value. He is a nice OK player but if you give him 10 mill a year it is a hole you will not be able to climb out of, as the next contract will be expected to be at least 10 mill per year, or Shaqs agent is *****.