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  1. he is not a "free RB option." When designated for the program, he can not be activated to the 53 or play in any regular season games.
  2. this is pic. The vid did not have faces blacked out and you seen same angle as pic. Really could not see much except her go down on him. Her pic also w jersey on did not have her face blacked out. https://blacksportsonline.com/2013/11/bills-fan-paid-for-jersey-with-blow-job/ vid is removed. Can't find it anywhere. lol
  3. ??? Stadium experience sucks in Buffalo? Why? I always loved it. you don't hear all the "screaming morons announcers, analysts, and "personalities"' at the stadium. Good place to get away from them.
  4. Agreed thank you. This has been proven by pschy professionals with testing. The human brain workings are testable and pretty consistent once all factors are known and results of tests concludes. The results say what you say. Somehow that phone call becomes more important mentally than convo in car.
  5. i agree mostly. One thing though. Seatbelts keeps driver in seat to control car after impact and that can be of great benefit too to reduce lethality of an accident..
  6. Hardees are very good too. But Wendy's new fresh cut w sea salt are the best ever. For major chain fast food ff only. The Chicago area Chicago style hot dog joints FF's are better than any.
  7. his "cash to cap" spending philosophy took Bills out of running for FA's and exiled them to mediocrity for approx. two decades. It was a good plan "IF" he could have gotten the other teams to follow it. But only a couple did. Bengals for one. Not a winning model to follow.
  8. Agreed and all this revisionist history that Ralph put in place for Bills to remain in Buffalo after his death is very wrong. He set in place the team going to highest bidder regardless of bidder. He was against the 400 million penalty for moving that the county insisted on for last lease he signed with them. He knew that would turn bidders away and he wanted it to go for max price. Even that had a loophole to get out. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/buffalo-bills-stadium-site-owner-sale-of-team-design-firm-aecom-new-york-area-ralph-wilson-toronto/wfd8lkhc
  9. that was old Wendy's they have new fresh cut with skin on awesome awesome awesome.
  10. no way!!! the Wendy's fresh cut with sea salt are the bomb.......
  11. you really think he wants WFT permanent? I have not heard any utterance from Synder to that fact. Interesting. PS: if he so chooses to stay with WFT many in Cleveland can breath a sigh of relief as they will be off the hook after decades of the lamest name/logo/colors. Browns: named after a white guy who high-tailed it out of town to start the Bengals, in AFL no less...lol....leaving "Browns" with "orange" helmets and no logo in the dust. 🤣🤣
  12. it is bland like all those non-names the pro soccor "fuuutball" clubs use. Technically none have a nickname. Just the city name and an explanation in two letters it is a football club. Just like Washington FT does. It does not get any more generic or lame as that. like EX: Angel City FC Austin FC Charlotte FC Chattanooga FC Cincinnati FC FC Dallas Fort Lauderdale CF Fort Wayne FC Los Angeles FC Miami FC Monterey Bay FC CF Montréal New Amsterdam FC New York City FC North Carolina FC Northern Colorado FC No
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