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  1. cba fan

    Dont look now but word is Josh Allen is already there

    Yeah my bad. I will stop being a dick now. I get caught up in minutia sometimes. Peace out.
  2. cba fan

    Dont look now but word is Josh Allen is already there

    Yeah I got it, Dick.
  3. cba fan

    Dont look now but word is Josh Allen is already there

    don't be a Dick, Jauronimo. If he said "here" as a Bills fan, posting on a Bills board, with training camp fast approaching, any reasonably aware individual would interpret that as him being in Buffalo. If not they would interpret him as being physically in some other location., most likely the OP location of which we do not know his location. Being "there" implies as I stated and others have noted "there" in a football NFL ready starting QB location of mentally and athletically. CA? WTH. Why would anyone think the OP meant CA? If he was specifying location it would be location the OP is in not location Josh lived with parents. Nobody knows where OP lives so again it points to Josh being in Buffalo. Hell we do not even know where Josh lives right now. He likely has an apartment or house in Buffalo area already. Maybe you hate the OP but that should not make you post stupid **** to get under his skin.
  4. cba fan

    Dont look now but word is Josh Allen is already there

    you are not stupid...…....many probably thought the same thing as that has been a long debate on the boards. Use of the word "there" implies that. Using the word "here" in headline would have been more accurate.
  5. cba fan

    Dont look now but word is Josh Allen is already there

    lol.....sweet corn for all...…..
  6. cba fan

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    It is satire. Not able to press any charges for someone doing satire. When jauronimo said "I'm 100% serious all the time". That was sarcasm.
  7. I agree the draft is the answer. RB's traded do not have a good recent history as a difference maker. Let McDermott and Beane groom our next drafted RB. I wouldn't let Shady groom my dog.
  8. No no no and no. He is on a crusade to fight for higher RB wages that he thinks NFL unjustly stifles. The Steelers tried to make him the highest pd RB in NFL history and he would not accept. Why would he accept a Bills offer? Bills could never afford a 15 mill per yr approaching 30 yr old RB. And his dancing and hesitating MO behind o-line blockers at line of scrimmage waiting for an opening would put him 6 ft under with Bills line skills.
  9. cba fan

    CJ Spiller

    If you want to get Spiller in space...…….you would need to call Elon Musk.
  10. cba fan

    Would you take this bet on Buffalo sports?

    I would do the bet for this upcoming season only if I was the other guy who gets the $200
  11. cba fan

    Mets fans?

    Swan was awesome. Still remember him. And Skip Lockwood a close second fav.
  12. cba fan

    ESPN says we overpaid for Star

    I agree with your well thought out post. I was mainly attacking the thought of those who say 'its not my money why worry" and why that is an error in thinking in a salary cap context. I kind of hijacked the OP a little sideways. The Star signing fills a need and I like him on Bills. Did they overpay? Not sure, but likely, as many day one FA signings are an overpay.
  13. cba fan

    ESPN says we overpaid for Star

    My point is: Bills fans want the team to spend the salary cap money wisely so fans get better value at a better price for the product they purchase. We all get it is not our money in a salary cap context. on your point above: EX: If WalMart tricks out their semi's with color change paint, glow lights under the chassis, bouncing shocks, mega expensive sound system, oversized polyester mannequin of Mr Walton on top of trailers, etc etc...….and because of that spending they must raise the cost of milk by 3 dollars a gallon, I have every right to complain that is stupid. Of course I could just stop buying milk but they are the only store in area selling it as they have a monopoly. Seriously this is a salary cap issue. If team spends salary cap unwisely then team will not be as good as they have less money to acquire and keep good players, product will be poor, and I am less likely to buy it. Assuming you are a Bills fan: would you say "I don't care" if Bills spent 99% of the salary cap on Aaron Maybin. ?
  14. cba fan

    ESPN says we overpaid for Star

    So many fans state this and they are completely wrong every time. It is your money if you do any of the following: pay taxes in WNY, buy any Bills merchandise/collectibles, Bills tickets, food in stadium, support outlets that show Bills content like Sunday Ticket, any tv showing Bills games, CBS, ESPN, radio stations etc etc...…...
  15. cba fan

    Jordan Poyer family drama

    Yeah.....I guess.......if you call getting herpes smart. And giving a basket of gifts in the hired car when girls leave in the morning after a one-nighter, including a signed baseball and a pic. Creepy man. Jeter of course does not deny it just says it is a dumb story. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2015/11/derek-jeter-gift-baskets-rumor