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  1. cba fan

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    Bell is in Pittsburgh. Ben is in Pittsburgh. He should have just driven over and said hello and...……….what's up. and when one of them is an off duty police office.
  2. getting called up the a MLB club roster is gold in this day and age. One day on a MLB roster and you get a lifetime of free healthcare. https://benefitsbclp.com/major-league-baseball-pension-and-healthcare-benefits/ 41 days and you q for a pension.
  3. cba fan

    Three Holding Penalties on One Play?

    By rule can only enforce and mark yards off for one so the other two by rule must be declined. Refs let the team choose which penalty they wish to accept so they can decide which one helps them the most. Like decline off sides and accept the long PI. Weird part is by declining them it is like they never happened. They are wiped off the stat sheet. They should all count as a penalty even if they are not accepted.
  4. cba fan

    Ronald Darby Tore ACL. Done for the Season

    lol...……...Thanks Teddy Bruschi…….. I'll take the #1 rated NFL D with a guy like T Edmunds as the weakest link...………....….all day.
  5. you have this analogy backwards. No one is kissing the dream girl. The friend you know is kicking the ass of a guy you hate. That would make most happy. another ex: happy to see your dream girl snub a neighborhood guy you hate and despise for being a serial cheater.
  6. He went to a workout in season with the Browns. You don't go workout for a team if you have no interest signing with them...……. easy. Mahomes.
  7. cba fan

    Le'Veon Bell Will Sit Out for the Entire 2018 Season

    This is getting more screwed up than a Stormy Daniels presser pre and after party. Everyone seems to think this new loophole is money for Bell. And he and his agents are geniuses for figuring this all out at the 11th hour. I have not heard anything conclusive on this new interpretation of the cba. IE: that this year counts if he does not show up and receive the salary and next year would be 3rd tag. And that third tag is top five in NFL vs top RB and salary from this year is no factor. DOES ANYONE REALLY KNOW? Also no conclusive proof his 3rd tag would be calculated from the money he made this year (which would be zero if he does not report) or the contract available(which he did not sign and refused forfeited) Or that he could be transition tagged for salary of 20% bump from this year(which again is not clear if it is money actually earned or money he was offered if he had accepted the tender) This is all going to arbitration and then courts and Bell could be held up playing next year waiting for it to all play out. Maybe, but likely it is fast tracked to prevent NFL liability if Bell is delayed earning an income next year.
  8. well...…..we finally found the genesis and origin of "the process"...…...interesting it started as "criteria and process" and nicely evolved into just "the process". this is like when early man found the monolith. nice find.
  9. he plays well in practice according to multiple reports and has played very well in preseason.
  10. no you could not. You would have to show a live arm and grasp of football many times in practice and pre season games to earn the right to make a 53 man roster. Every year you will be tested by many younger QB's coming out of college. It is not easy.
  11. no of course not....however, if that is how your career fell then so be it. Make millions holding a clip board. Still play NFL QB in practice and occasional starts at the same time reducing head injuries drastically etc etc......could be worse things than that. Players do not have total control over their careers.
  12. Peterman says: I'll have a bloody hail mary.
  13. double shot of Johnny Manziel end zone brand embalming fluid
  14. cba fan

    Who has the best stadium in the NFL?

    What passes as a retractable roof these days is crap. That hole in Atlanta stadium is about the size of a manhole giant sized sphincter muscle look to it to top it all off. FWIW: Miller Park never makes you feel like you are outside when the fan shaped roof is open. The side walls are so high you feel like you are in a prison exercise yard. KC had the right idea with a few mocks where a large half moon roof on rails would have moved from on top of Kauffman Stadium to then rail over to be on top of Arrowhead as needed. That would have preserved the being outside feel as intended. KC tax payers turned it down a couple times. https://www.thepitchkc.com/news/article/20568115/a-look-back-at-the-original-truman-sports-complex-plans-roof-and-all 1st pic was original to roll on rails between the two stadiums. 2nd pic was referendum that voters rejected in 2008 that would have brought the 2015 Super Bolw to KC. They approved the refurbishment of Arrowhead jut rejected the dome which would have been stationary over Arrowhead only.
  15. I base my 100% opinion on a very visible set of events I believe to be more likely than not. IE: Because he did a decent job considering all the restraints and handicap working for a dysfunctional FO/ownership structure. If he had real GM power he would have been allowed to hire(and fire if needed) his coachs(Hue) and others and would not have been forced to draft completely different players for the every two year scheme changes going on. He would have also drafted his QB(Watson likely and maybe Mahomes as Pegula wanted him and he may have swayed Whaley as in my scenario they are even closer friends then they were reported to be in the bad scenario, so Pegula would have had Whaley's ear in that discussion) This is just speculation and extrapolation. A guess based on the knowledge we have and the track record of other GM's around the league who normally have full control over these things. Would it have worked out in the end? Who knows 100%, but he would have had a much better chance at success, again based on how well he did in the dysfunctional setup he was in. He brought in enough good players to make Bills a playoff contender. We will never know if he could have taken that up a step to Super Bowl contender.