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  1. Bills pull away in 2nd half so close games don't occur all that much when they win.
  2. would have been enough. Diggs caught the contested ball, landed, turned up field, started running, then inexplicably, instead of sprinting for sideline, he slows and stutter high stepped, for who knows why, before finally running out of bounds. Diggs should have batted it to the ground. It was a possible pic 6. He should have played defense. yes, i wanted to set a record, for commas.....lol
  3. i don't agree. Half of first rounder's bust or are barely avg.. If they become good in 2 to 3 it is great. Much better than being in the bust category.
  4. Chicago just got renderings of stadium with no renderings of stadium. Just a mindcrafty bubble. This is also us now, this is our life, Bills fans.
  5. peacock network. Sign up for trial. oops i just mean for Thurs night Bills game. no it is NBC and Peacock network also.
  6. ok. If they do it right like that. OK. ty but a little perspective. The football stadium Seahawks use was completely engineered and designed and ready to go for football only. Until the soccer guys got involved and smartly, with promise of MSL team they worked the soccer fans and worked together w Seahawks Allen team to get referendum barley passed. 51 to 49% Won with soccer fan votes. Very smart move or we would have had LA Seahawks. So they tweaked the designs slightly to fit the soccer field in. It is basically configured for football. Not sure i trust the architects if they do dual-use engineering from the start.
  7. "While sauce almost never refers to salad dressings (such as salad cream), dressing for its part sometimes refers to oil, vinegar, etc. as a sauce or marinade for meats. Show activity on this post. Dressing is only used in the context of salad.Mar 11, 2012" used in sandwich "ranch" is clearly a sauce. It is only a dressing if used in a salad.
  8. Noooo. Then the sidelines will be half a mile from the FIELD like Dolphins stadium was before renovations.
  9. Never root for Brady, as a Bills fan it is in our DNA.😂 Unless of course the Bucs win gives Bills home field in playoffs or playoffs in general. Or knocks out Chiefs or other nemesis out of playoffs.
  10. great then he can party with McKenzie on the IL. Or PUP
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