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  1. To be fair, I think the Cowboys and the Eagles are probably significantly better overall than the Jets and Dolphins, although you could argue that the Eagles and Dolphins are roughly equivalent. Cowboys definitely > Jets, though.
  2. McD is holding on Milano and Edmunds so McVay doesn't know how to prepare. Makes a huge difference. I bet they both play.
  3. These kinds of comments baffle me. It's only slightly less important in the event of a tiebreaker, which rarely actually comes into play. Otherwise, it's a W/L just like any other game.
  4. I feel like this is either going to be like the Eagles game from last year, or the Bills will come out with a good defensive plan and really take it to the Rams.
  5. He'll never be Gesicki... Not as tall and big. Grant, their McKenzie, is also noticeably faster than McKenzie. And we don't have a tough possession receiver like Parker.
  6. Trump's master strategy is to get a large segment of the population to falsely believe that any result that doesn't show him winning is illegitimate. After he loses the election, he will falsely claim that his loss is because of ballot fraud. He will then mount legal challenges in tightly contested states and drag them out with the goal of the Supreme Court, with its conservative majority, ultimately overriding the election results and keeping him in power despite his losing the election. This is the plan, and the best way to stop it is for him to be so soundly defeated that he has no ground to stand on. To be clear, here are the facts: Trump is losing and has been losing all year in all of the polls (yes, even Republican-leaning ones). Trump's campaign has admitted that they are looking for ways to get around the election results and keep him in power. (!) Trump has said publicly that any result that doesn't show him winning is illegitimate, a totally false claim. Trump has said publicly that he won't commit to accepting the election results or peacefully transferring power if he loses. These facts should scare you. They should spur you to action. What kind of country does this sound like? Republicans and Democrats alike must come together to preserve the United States and the promise of its future. We must stop this slide into unprecedented corruption. Our constitutional republic is teetering on the brink. On what basis do YOU measure public opinion? Why do you think the left's only chance is cheating? Do you just believe every conspiracy your liar-in-chief feeds you? Is that what you follow instead of polls?
  7. So ALL of the polls are wrong (by the way, they're way more consistent and Biden-leaning than they were in 2016), it's all a conspiracy, and the only hope the left has is cheating. Give me a break.
  8. How can you possibly say this? Trump has been losing in all of the polls, even the Republican-leaning ones, ALL YEAR. This is intellectually absurd.
  9. Everyone's laughing about this for some reason. If you don't think debuting a new uniform won't fire that team up, you're kidding yourselves. Psychology matters.
  10. This is stupid. We are going to let the Rams debut their sharp all-blue look for the first time, which will definitely give that team an emotional boost.
  11. He looks much too thin for the position, even thinner than he was in college. That is strange. He needs to add strength.
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