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  1. Watch Tre White sprint ahead of Johnson to shield him from Jackson on the INT return. Beautiful team play.
  2. At least the thread still exists. I have the power to delete it whenever I want to and haven't exercised that option yet. Lol
  3. After tomorrow, there will be only three games left in the NFL season. At least one of them will be a Bills game. Incredible.
  4. Bills vs. Ravens in Sean McDermott/Josh Allen era: 2018: L, 47-3 2019: L, 24-17 2020: W, 17-3 (playoffs) #growthmindset
  5. People are overlooking the significance of losing that lead before half. A halftime lead is absolutely critical under McDermott and translates to a >91% chance of winning. Now it's anyone's game. Brown should have stayed in bounds.
  6. This is the Bills' first-ever primetime home playoff game.
  7. Again, not going to call anyone out, but I have five posters in mind right off the top of my head. They've been all over the board putting the Ravens down and saying we shouldn't be worried about them for weeks, going back to before the playoffs. And Twitter. Yikes. No one would have to say they told me so, because I've never said we're going to lose this game. I just think it's a coin-flip game that could go either way and we absolutely should recognize the Ravens as a formidable opponent. That is not the reverse of being overconfident and saying we're obviously better
  8. Picking the Ravens is completely reasonable. There are perfectly valid reasons to give them the edge. Anyone who's mad about someone picking the Ravens is just kind of uncool. You pick the team you think will win the game, not the team you WANT to win. Picks shouldn't be influenced by which team you're a fan of. All you overconfident and "I don't get it" folks have me very worried that a massive attitude correction is going to slap you across the face in 14 hours. If it happens, I'll try very hard not to name names and say I told you so, but you know who you are. Stop messing with
  9. No matter what happens tomorrow, I know it's a day I'll remember for the rest of my life. And that makes me extremely nervous.
  10. Just beat me to it. Dang you! Dang you to heck! 😀
  11. Great thread. I'll hang out with my budding 4-year-old Bills fan daughter. We'll play some Bills cornhole and make some cookies and Buffalo chicken dip.
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