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  1. Heavy implications that KC, TB, NO, and NE will be primetime games. I love the Bills on the road in primetime.
  2. This could end up being a terrible take, but I see bust written all over Lawrence. His passion for the game is questionable; plus, I don't think his game is as good as his reputation would suggest. When I saw him interviewed and he indicated that he doesn't really follow the NFL, that was a huge red flag for me. It seems like he's a guy who does football because he's good at it, not because it burns inside him.
  3. Chris Simms said this morning Etienne is a good pass protector, and he pretty much said Harris is just good at everything but not great at anything (Zack Moss?). Actually compared him to Fred Jackson. Has Etienne #1 and Harris #4 on RB rankings.
  4. There is literally no better food than smoky chunked Texas brisket.
  5. I have literally zero sympathy for anyone who hasn't gotten the vaccine within the next month or two. We should be able to go back to completely normal, not forced to limit activities and wear masks to protect those who don't want to protect themselves by getting a vaccine. It makes no sense.
  6. Seems to be a classic Beane signing. If this guy can become the best version of himself, he should be a key depth piece at least.
  7. I was joking. His name is Tremble, so I said it would *scare* me. :D
  8. Remember when I totally took ownership of it, admitted I was wrong, made self-deprecating comments, and changed the thread title and the original post? I do, but I'll still never live it down. I might have to change my username.
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