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  1. I don't get it. Whenever out of towners I know try wings in Buffalo, they're just...wings. Maybe the wings in the mountains of western Maryland are good for some reason...
  2. Sounds like trying to find a good beef on weck in Buffalo, because I've tried them from all the "top" places and it's pretty much just a less flavorful, less moist, colder Arby's roast beef sandwich. There's a reason it's only a thing in Buffalo... it's not good.
  3. I've done this 2 years in a row and, although I haven't gotten a Sunday Ticket discount, I've received $90 off my bill for 12 months.
  4. With only three games now, I wonder which game will be the audition for the starters now. Do we think it will still be the third game, which would be the home game against the Packers? I hope so. I'll be there. If they do the second game, that would give the starters an unprecedentedly long break from game action before the season.
  5. Why are they still doing the show from home?
  6. It boggles my mind that it wasn't picked up by the coaches and corrected. Was no one in the building exposed to the Manning thing? It made me question the attention to detail of the coaching staff when the issue was discussed publicly, and it's something that's so easily correctable but nothing was done about it. I tried my best... Twitter and calling into One Bills Live
  7. Ted's? You can do better hot dogs at home, and the "cheese fries" are fries with a cup of orange "cheese" sauce like you'd get at a high school football game...
  8. If anyone thinks this is going to be available on the regular $4.99 Apple TV subscription, you're kidding yourselves. It'll be an additional charge on top of it, like Disney+ does for premium events.
  9. Yep. Of course, for some people, they look at food money and TV money differently, even though it burns the same. I've never understood that. $ is $
  10. "It's something unfavorable about the Bills, so it must be clickbait. I'm too fragile to handle anything but glowing praise about my team and every one of its players."
  11. I feel like people have unrealistic expectations for what Ertz is at this point. He's a catch-and-get-tackled player. He offers next to nothing after the catch, and he's not a very good blocker. If you feel that Knox is about to break out, adding Ertz and taking reps away from Knox might not be the best thing.
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