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  1. A top-10 pick and we're probably not going to pick up his option? That definitely sounds like a bust to me.
  2. Well, that's not fair. Week 1: LAR Week 2: CLE Week 3: DEN Week 4: BUF Week 5: NE Week 6, 1: KC Week 6, 2: IND Week 7: ARI
  3. If Josh had converted the sneak, would you have posted the same thread saying it was a bad win?
  4. You again. What a troll. The Titans are not the better team. Give me a break.
  5. I don't think anyone is concerned about making the playoffs. Most are concerned about getting the #1 seed, for good reason. With this schedule, we'll never have a better opportunity to get to the Super Bowl. What the hell? They would have literally had four pass plays from inside the 2 yard line. I kind of like their chances.
  6. Josh was 13 of 14 on sneaks before this game...
  7. What a terrible loss. I had dreams all night about the game. Alternate endings, replaying the last two plays over and over, seeing the stupid Titans celebrating, etc. One of the all-time heartbreakers. Feels like thinking back over what happened after your girlfriend leaves you or something. Hurts like that
  8. Obviously, clearly the better team. I don't think that's up for debate. But we needed the win.
  9. What? How was it an off game for Josh? My god... he was not the problem.
  10. It did. Something felt wrong all night. It felt like a loss. 3 hours of torture with a brutal finale.
  11. I feel so bad for this team. You know they wanted this one not just because of last year but also for Daboll. This is such a hard loss.
  12. "At least it was a great game" is pretty much the worst thing to say. This was literally the worst kind of game. A great game to a Bills fan is a blowout win, not a heartbreaking loss. "At least it was a great game" is the kind of thing girlfriends and spouses who don't get it say.
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