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  1. I went ahead and made a blog post about this (first time I've posted anything for 3 years, but...): https://billsblogbeta.wordpress.com/2020/07/13/its-time-for-the-nfl-team-from-buffalo-to-change-its-name/ The name of “my” team, the Buffalo Bills, should be changed, for many reasons: 1. Buffalo Bill slaughtered Native Americans. Other reasons: 2a. Many people reading this probably didn’t even know that the Buffalo Bills are named after Buffalo Bill (heck, you might not even know who Buffalo Bill was), because there’s literally nothing in the team’s branding that reflects the nickname. Not since the ’60s (pictured) has Buffalo Bill actually been used; instead, the team exclusively uses the city name in all of its branding. The nickname is not only confusing, it’s completely pointless and is arguably the weakest team name in all of sports. Can you think of another team that completely ignores its name? I would be willing to bet there are players on the team who don’t even know why their team is called the Bills. 2b. Because of the branding problem, many “football fans” have actually referred to the Bills as “the Buffalos” or “the Bulls” (and in the process revealed that they’re not actually football fans at all, but I digress). A change would eliminate this problem. 3. Buffalo Bill is called “Buffalo” Bill because he slaughtered buffalo! How is that a positive omen for the football team from Buffalo? Isn’t that kind of like beating ourselves? (Coincidentally or not, this *has* been the story of the Bills…) Lastly: 4. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. (Not really a reason, but I like to use this grammatically correct and complete sentence whenever I get the chance.) So, I propose that the NFL team from Buffalo change its name to: Buffalo Bison Buffalo Buffalo (a brilliant nod to the grammatically correct sentence above) or, simply: Buffalo. Using simply “Buffalo” is possible because the city is in the unique position of having its animal mascot in the name of the city itself, so no further nickname is needed. In fact, they’re already essentially doing this — the “Bills” part is completely superfluous and only confuses people. Or, they could keep the name and just change the entire brand to money. $$ Advertisements
  2. No, I'm saying there's no indication anywhere of what "Bills" means -- except old game programs from the '60s Did he really think that? Might as well be the Buffalo Bobs
  3. We need to bring Bill back in some capacity, as an alternate logo or something, so people understand the name.
  4. It won't happen. Most people don't even know what "Buffalo Bills" means, especially since the "Bill" part is so weirdly left out of absolutely every aspect of the branding. It's the only sports nickname I can think of that is not represented in any team branding or merchandise. Very strange
  5. I'm surprised how quick this was. I thought they would wait to announce until they had a logo and jerseys and everything. Who knows, maybe they got that done extremely fast as well.
  6. What happened to Josh? Article from June says he was going to participate.
  7. At least Jim's was before the game. Josh has to suck for a while in the game before he calms down.
  8. Ugh. He really needs to work on not being so worked up to start games.
  9. All lives do matter, and absolutely nothing about Black Lives Matter challenges that.
  10. You demonstrate that you don't understand at all by comparing "Redskins" to Chiefs and Braves. Get a clue...
  11. I haven't read this thread yet, but if anyone has a problem with this, that is completely unacceptable, sad, and wrong. Proceeding to read thread now...... Edit: unreal. Just unreal.
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