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  1. He hasn't faced a good defense yet. He will on Sunday.
  2. Says only way we have 100% chance of playoffs is by beating PIT. Other single wins give us 98% chance.
  3. Not to burst your bubble, but that is totally false. The Bills have a very remote chance of hosting. They'd need to overtake NE.
  4. Don't know the specifics. Just going by the NYT machine.
  5. Yeah. The Patriots are pulling out trick plays and relying on special teams to try to claw out wins. Our reign begins next year fully. Incorrect. Bills only clinch with win over Steelers. Single win over NE or NYJ does not clinch.
  6. For playoffs, of course. For division, no; they had to win today for that. Everything was perfect today, except the Bills losing.
  7. Individual tiebreakers go out the window when there's a 3-way
  8. Are you sure? Even if the Bills win next week, it could still end up: Texans: 10-6 Titans: 10-6 Bills: 10-6 Steelers: 10-6 Either Texans or Titans win the South, leaving a three-way tie for the Wild Cards. Do we make it in that scenario?
  9. Time will tell, I suppose, but the eye test is pretty clear to me.
  10. It's more about how we've performed at home overall. Think about how nervy some of those wins were. Cincinnati and Miami come to mind. Others seem to agree and have noticed that we haven't looked our best at home. Do you disagree/think there's nothing to this?
  11. What bad or missed calls went our way? This argument only works if there were equally egregious errors on both sides.
  12. The Bills seem to have a problem playing at home. ALL of their weakest performances this year have been at home. In fact, the biggest blowouts throughout the McD era have been at home. The Bills have even looked nervy during most of their home WINS this season. I'm beginning to think the Bills have a homefield disadvantage, but why? Too comfortable? Too much pressure to play for the fans? 2019: Home: 4-3 Away: 5-1 Also, the Bills have yet to show that they can handle the adversity of success, as they seem to lay eggs at home after big road wins. Similar to their inability to step on throats during a game, they have not shown an ability to do so over the course of a season either. Young team? Growing pains?
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