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  1. He actually did play in the divisional round but did not record any statistics. He was sick last week. I'd be shocked if he doesn't get at least a touch or two in the Super Bowl for sentimental reasons. I can just see him asking Reid to let him play in the big game.
  2. Oh Demi... 🔥 Demi more so. NSFW: https://binged.it/2TCwKmB
  3. On the related subject of the cash, I'm very confused. Why are the players not allowed to accept cash from OBJ? Is he employed by LSU or the NCAA? Who exactly could a player accept cash from, and where? If OBJ randomly approached a player on the street and gave them cash, are they not allowed to accept it? Could I go give cash to a player and they wouldn't be allowed to accept it in any context, but any other person would? Are their families and friends not allowed to give them cash gifts?
  4. I strongly dislike the name of that disorder. Those unfamiliar think it means the person "borderline" has a disorder but perhaps not a real disorder. That's not what it means.
  5. I was reacting to the idiot who posted the link to the Peter Pan costumes, not the retirement.
  6. What in the hell? Why do this?
  7. Why is there not a shocked reaction option?
  8. I'm not holding my breath regarding any of these guys, but it will be a crime if Senorise Perry is taking up a roster spot next year.
  9. Bills colors were his best colors for sure.
  10. I fear the OL is at the "good enough" point and they will let it go, falling short of dominant. It seems so simple, but all you need is a dominant line and a good back and you can control football games. It should be top priority. I don't think Dawkins, Feliciano, or Ford (as a tackle) can be starting pieces on a dominant line.
  11. Did you read the article? I don't think that has anything to do with brain cells. That's just an education issue. People aren't born knowing where Buffalo is in relation to NYC...
  12. I don't understand why Sammy Watkins is paid like he is.
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