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  1. I'm slightly concerned that Steve Belichick will take over and be just as brilliant as his father.
  2. You say that, but the Patriots are starting Newhouse at LT and have no TEs. Every team has holes and needs picks.
  3. I trust Beane will be pulling similar moves to bolster the Bills' roster for the run this year.
  4. I mean, Boogeyman kind of makes sense, but I'm not sure what Boggieman means.
  5. What the hell is Tessitore talking about? "I don't like the way he (Gase) just spoke to him. As a 22-year-old quarterback, I don't know if that's appropriate."
  6. And of course it's not about Darnold being bad, like it would be for Allen.
  7. Why would you take the time to put (sp) in the thread title instead of just looking up the spelling? πŸ˜‚
  8. All the players (those who spoke) except Hyde seemed to think it was deserved. McD also said it lit a fire under them. So I was okay with it. I felt righteously angry in my living room and booed too.
  9. Best announcing team ever. Absolutely classic. Can't believe Mike Patrick isn't calling games anymore.
  10. I know where they currently stand. I'm saying I expect them to be competing with the Colts or Texans for #6 when all is said and done.
  11. I think the Browns will be competing with the lesser of Colts/Texans for that 6th seed. The Bills will be either #1 or #5, depending on how things go with the Patriots. The two teams with a shot at the #1 seed appear to be the Patriots and Bills... Kansas City is going to take more lumps with Mahomes out Houston and Indianapolis will continue to grind in that division with the winner being 9-7 or 10-6 Baltimore will win the division but probably finish 10-6 or so The #2 seed could really be 10-6 this year. It's crazy. The Bills could be 12-4 and be stuck with the 5 seed despite a better record than the 4, 3, and 2 seeds. But here's the interesting thing... We are one New England injury away from being the favorite for the #1 seed, folks, and we have a fighting chance for it even without that. Beane needs to go all in to put the pieces in place to secure that #1 seed! It's ALL about New England. Jets beat them tonight and the race for #1 is officially ON...
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