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  1. Say, I think I saw this exact same comment on Twitter
  2. I think I've picked the Bills every week this year. Not sure if I did at KC or not.
  3. I think it's true that their record is way worse in this uniform than any other uniform. I have to admit... I was thinking of you when I posted this 😂
  4. They're 9-11 now. That was written prior to the Jacksonville game. Is look good, play good a total fallacy? Is there nothing psychological about big losses in those uniforms?
  5. You can say it's silly, but how do you respond to the facts? Do you think it's just a coincidence that their record in these uniforms is way worse?
  6. ??? I have watched this video repeatedly and Crowder is never shown
  7. Under McDermott, the Bills are 9-11 when wearing white on blue, with the combo not being used at all ever since the Jacksonville debacle last year. This is a huge gamble by the Bills. The Bills' winning percentage in every other uniform combo is WAY over .500, not even close to this at all.
  8. I seriously question why a Chiefs fan's top priority is to post on a Bills board after a huge win.
  9. They have a killer instinct each and every week. There is no mid-season lull. This makes the difference ever year.
  10. I'm salty because all I care about is winning one ***** Super Bowl before I die, and the Bills winning today doesn't change that long-term perspective. KC losing was just as important as the Bills winning and it didn't happen, in gut-wrenching fashion. KC already won a Super Bowl but seems to be even hungrier and just slightly better than the Bills where it matters most: coaching and QB. It's unspeakably frustrating that they have thus far and will likely continue to single-handedly deny the Bills in what may prove to be the best era of Bills football and the last real chance they get before I'm gone.
  11. @WyoAZBillfan let's see if you're still laughing after week 18
  12. They are going to win all of these games. The Broncos and Raiders are a joke. KC will be starving for revenge over the Bengals and will blow them out. The Rams? LOL And the Texans, and Seahawks at home. 7-0 and I don't think any of the games will be close. The Bills blew it, 2 years in a row, same story.
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