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  1. Eventually: Diggs Davis McKenzie Beckham Jr. Shakir Kumerow PS: Hodgins, Stevenson There is 0% chance Crowder sticks if he is that far down the depth chart. No special teams
  2. This isn't true. Lots of people are in stagnant roles, and happily so.
  3. I've missed this place. I'm really enjoying myself at the stadium today, although them only serving pizza and dogs is very annoying
  4. The fact that this entire thread through 4 pages of discussion didn't realize this is fake is unsettling to me
  5. This is a nice sentiment, but I have to work in that area once a week or so, and recently it's seemed like there is a shooting every single week, some in broad daylight
  6. Wilson is likely a bust and Flacco has outplayed him in camp, so this might actually help the Jets short term
  7. Fooled this girl. Embarrassing I'm sure this has been revealed somewhere in the thread, but it is 100% fake. AB just shared it for fun. It's fake! It's fake. It started as a meme that some other entity made. AB liked it and shared it. If you look closely, you can see the original meme maker @ on the AB picture
  8. It's terrible. Any time there is anything else on the phone that makes noise, it shuts down completely
  9. Agreed. It was ridiculous to tune in to WGR and hear fantasy talk at that time.
  10. I agree, but they'd have to drop either the AFL throwbacks or the color rush if they do that. They can't have all three. Have to pick two.
  11. Why do people always call Burrow "Burrows"? What am I missing here?
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