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  1. Folks who don't appreciate the Pats greatness (a team I of course, despise) over the past 1.5 decades and instead attribute it to a "fix" are on par with flat Earthers.
  2. Except most of those runs are stopped within 2 yards of the line of scrimmage if it's another back...Gore's tackle breaking abilities haven't diminished at all. Even if he can't break a 20 yarder to an 80 yarder anymore, I don't think Singletary nor McCoy (anymore) have that kind of speed either. The home run threat RB is not on the roster this year. That's OK.
  3. So the next trade is Shaq Lawson for ? Then Yarborough is promoted and Ray is behind him on the PS. (Just spitballin')
  4. It's funny that this is even a viable metric by which to measure Bills fan's status.
  5. In my mind, I totally agreed with this comment. I can picture him running and getting into the endzone against Miami to win a game like it was yesterday. Then I just checked the stats....he had zero running TD's in his first three seasons, 2 in his 4th, and none in his 5th. Then 5 TD's over the last 6 years of his career in Buffalo (11 years total). So early on he actually didn't have too many. Weird right? Of course Kelly on this team would make them Super Bowl favorites in the AFC right there with Pats and Chiefs for sure.
  6. Double reading comprehension challenge here. Not in McBeane era and never left to play elsewhere. If we're going Kelly as an option then screw it I say Johnny Unitas...
  7. Employee in China. Everyone chooses an English name for use at work with the Americans. Actually, he was sort of a di*k so maybe they felt it appropriate. We have a Rainbow, Water, Focus, BigRain, and any other number of wonderful first names. I do know some Albert Wangs!
  8. We used to have a guy named Johnson Wang, which I thought was redundant.
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