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  1. I think I just blocked all that from my mind. Selective amnesia. But now that you bring it up...😡
  2. This is the kind of analysis I pay for here on TBD!
  3. Josh Norman can attest to Henry's upper body strength and balance.
  4. Weather in Buffalo is the only reason I think 5k likely doesn't happen. Usually 2-3 games per year with whipping winds and/or rain or icy snow. To average ~315 yards per game you can't put up more than 1 or 2 sub 200 yard games. Add in road games in NE and NY every year plus the usual rotation to places like PIT or GB or Chicago or Denver, etc and that's 3-4 games where big passing numbers are extremely unlikely.
  5. They traded for Welker, a 2nd rounder I believe.
  6. Aside from the ridiculous discussion about why a REAL MAN would watch the Super Bowl or not, the real interesting thing here is the emergence of a link from the current Bills team to the illustrious career of Lonnie Johnson. Lonnie was such a fun guy to watch. Great athlete with zero football sense whatsoever. For those not old enough to have seen him play, think Dawson Knox with worse hands and a propensity for highlight real mistakes. Oh man, good times.
  7. People seem to be missing the most important point here...those are two very good dogs. I mean, just look at them...
  8. I take it you've never heard of PETCA. People for the Ethical Treatment of Cartoon Animals. Don't mess with them.
  9. Not so terrible? Come on man. We all know that cartoon pig suicides by hand gun are on the rise in this country and something needs to be done about it.
  10. Agree with this. The counter for management is to have a good working relationship with such a franchise QB that they don't go public with requests (as Wilson may or may not be doing here) or go all the way to total trust meltdown (i.e. Watson-Houston). An alternative approach is build a championship caliber team based on defense and the run game with an offense constructed such that a mid-tier (and hence, replaceable) QB can be effective, hence the QB doesn't fit the description of an employee with high leverage. This is a lot more work than the "build around a franchise QB" approach bu
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