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  1. It's best to put that guy on ignore, as I did. His comments range from wildly incorrect to downright dumb.
  2. People can travel freely within the US.
  3. My favorite was: "The Dolphins have 53 players. 52 without Cox."
  4. Dude...that was $ per liter! (jk)
  5. Gas prices at the pump rose slowly over many years until the 1970's when they really started to rise. But in 1980/81 they had an unprecedented spike. There was a lot of unrest in the Middle East, OPEC actions, etc. There were even US citizens held as hostages in Iran, if you ever heard of that event. Anyway, gas prices were a huge topic then. So this sign was topical albeit corny.
  6. I thought the new thing, but maybe I wasn't paying enough attention, was the reference to Oliver taking Adderall. Not illegal but is a no-no with the NFL without permission for medical reasons.
  7. Wow. Do you text while speeding with an open beer too?
  8. So you are part of the morality police. Got it. And I wasn't commenting on Cam Newton, I was commenting on Big Ben vs. Kelly. Roethlisberger had at least three legal actions taken against him by woman. But you know about plenty of stories. OK. I heard he shot Kennedy too.
  9. Please identify the allegations made against Kelly that are anywhere near those of Big Ben, who actually went to court? You're making stuff up.
  10. Back in the early 90's the Dolphins had 53 players, 52 without Cox.
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