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  1. I don't question it. But I also DGAF about it. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.
  2. They didn't move to Fredonia until '81. You must have been at Niagara University. Edit: Just looked up the training camp history to confirm my memory on the NU to Fredonia move. I did not remember that the training camp site before Niagara was the Sheraton Camelot Motor Inn in Blasdell! Oh how things have changed...
  3. I mean, Johnson City is a good 140 miles from Albany, but OK.
  4. Your understanding of finance and legal entities and how corporations work is astoundingly incorrect, yet it doesn't stop you from continuing to double down on it. Impressive.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/JBWSportsPavillion/ You could check out the location of War Memorial Stadium, the first Bills stadium.
  6. I think it's less that the game is rougher, more so that the money is larger. More at risk for a meaningless game.
  7. Thanks. I guess it makes sense. If you price it as desired on TM TE and get your price because StubHub's marketing reach is able to get someone else to buy at an even higher price, so be it. But as a buyer don't look to StubHub first...
  8. Does this mean that StubHub will basically buy your tickets on TM TE simultaneously (with a bot doing it) with selling them on StubHub at a higher price?
  9. First off, great GIF. But no, I came to this thread to read his opinion and got told he was apologizing in case he didn't represent my opinion accurately. But I don't recall asking him to represent my opinion on anything, so why is he apologizing?
  10. Why not just share your opinions as an individual? Do you really feel it necessary to take on the mantle of representing what you think 30 or 40 thousand other people think? And you feel the need to apologize to the people who may not agree with you and never asked you to represent them in the first place? Some people might agree with you, some might not. Who cares, just state your case as you see it, and maybe the validity of your argument will influence others. No, he actually stated he presented the opinion he thinks other potential PSL holders will hold, and then apologized to all the people he decided to try to represent without their consent to the extent that they don't agree with him. My bagel may have been urinated upon.
  11. True. But by the end of 2022 he'll have over $160M in career earnings, so perhaps he doesn't care if his career is prolonged.
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