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  1. He's under contract with Buffalo. If they want to trade a couple first rounders for him...
  2. I enjoyed watching Kyle Williams play and think he seems like a pretty decent guy so I am not going to let him influencing Lee 'Yellow Flag' Smith come to Buffalo ruin that for me.
  3. Excellent comparison. Singletary is like Sanders in the same way that a single engine Cessna is like an F-16. Yes, they both fly and can carry a passenger. Don't get me wrong I like Singletary but let's not get carried away here.
  4. Ravens look dynamite but there's a saying about "any given Sunday" which is the reason they don't play the games on paper but actually strap 'em on and man up to find out who will win. Lots of things can happen with special teams plays, injuries, defensive scores...let's see how it goes.
  5. Henderson? You must be smoking something. (We know Seantrel is...)
  6. The jet lag will create significant challenges to visiting teams and for the London team on the road. West Coast-London in particular will be noticeable. Flying in Business Class and managing sleep and so forth makes it tolerable, but the brain and body can't be fooled. It takes close to a day per hour time zone change to adapt to the local timezone. 6 to 9 hours of time zone differences can only be overcome...maybe...if the visiting team departs for London on Monday for a game the following Sunday. I'm not an expert on this by any means but I have flown to Asia and Europe well over 100 times, read plenty of books and articles on it, spoken at length with co-workers doing the same thing, etc. Playing a sport at the highest level will expose even small gaps in physical and mental preparedness and energy levels IMO. Not sure if the NFL will care about this. The NFLPA might but probably can't (or won't) stop it from happening. Maybe it will be a bargaining chip to eliminate the Thursday night games which seem inhuman to subject players to that abuse a mere 4 days after the prior game.
  7. Not sure, but for reference the Buffalo and Rochester MSA's combined are 2.1M people whereas Portland-Hillsboro-Vancouver, WA MSA is 2.5M alone. It's surprisingly big. Only one NBA team for major league sports competition. I looked up median household income and it's roughly 40% higher in Portland vs. Buffalo (just for comparison purposes). Mo' money...
  8. Agree with this except Portland is probably large enough (25th largest Metro area in the US)
  9. His substance abuse was domestic beer you're saying? Or do you mean as compared to substance abusers in foreign countries?
  10. For me, the Browns always evoke Harmon dropping the game winner in the end zone. That was the height of the Bickering Bills prior to the super bowl run.
  11. McDermott did this to Milano earlier in his career too. It seems to have worked out.
  12. Yes, I'm wildly in love with the word wild.
  13. And yet, heading into this week he was the MOST accurate passer inside 20 yards. So he's wildly accurate too. That's just wild...
  14. Josh Allen's parents did something right when they raised that kid.
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