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  1. So basically if you have a 7 foot sail attached to one person, you'll flip over with 20mph winds. In that case, someone will need to tie down Spencer Brown when he opens his arms on Monday night or he's likely to capsize.
  2. Pats have won 6 straight and Bills have lost to Jacksonville and got blown out at home vs. Indy during that timeframe. I don't think it's unreasonable for the national talking heads to pick the Pats to win. That said, regardless of the media narrative on Mac Jones, Bills have the best player on the field in Josh Allen and if he performs, I think Bills win.
  3. Sure, but you have made it abundantly clear through the years you think Ralph was the anti-Christ, so your opinion can be safely ignored.
  4. Ralph owned the team during the championship 60's, the loser 70's, the up, down, up 80's, the glory year 90's, and most of the drought. Now Ralph's been gone for more than 7 years. Stop blaming Ralph for things.
  5. Or Saleh could watch the film of the game. Either way.
  6. I wasn't alive in 1950, but I didn't think I'd ever see a thing so grand as when Todd Collins faced Todd Collins back in '97. And to see it again, twice in the same lifetime. I feel blessed.
  7. At least he's racked up about $3M in career earnings at by age 27.
  8. I prefer quality over quantity. If I wanted 4000 posts I would indeed go to threads and post "Who cares". Hey, way to rack 'em up!
  9. Good teams put a team down. There are no "class" points in the NFL, it's about W's and L's. 1% chance you can come back and win? OK then I am putting my boot on your throat until it's 0%.
  10. Those who click on the thread and choose to comment. In other words, apparently you do.
  11. Seems like he was a good guy. Hopefully the Great Replay Judge in the sky upholds the call on the field.
  12. Saw this earlier but wasn't able to post at the time. How about Mike Smrek? Played in the NBA for 7 years including two on NBA champions. Late 80's..
  13. So glad all the Bills fans scared of bad weather won't have to worry this week. Because the weather apparently affects Buffalo more than other teams and really hindered them in the Washington, Houston, and KC games.
  14. I like the Moss and Singletary duo, glad they are on the team. But they are not 4th best in the NFL. Derrick Henry + almost anyone is better, as is Jones and Dillon in GB, and neither of them are in the Top 5.
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