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  1. Why did they draft Fromm in the 5th round? I think it's reasonable to expect him to be the backup in year 2, unless you drafted him for no reason.
  2. 1. Wawrow most have missed Beane's press conference. This is literally not news at all. And he even teased it as if he had news. Worse than Glazer. Bizarre. 2. If Milano cares more about money than winning, I say good riddance. And for anyone who says he doesn't, keep in mind you'd have to make about $150K/yr for 30 yrs to make what he's made already. His next contract will be on top of that. I guess a couple extra million is key to him. 🙄
  3. Are we not already top 3??? We finished top 3-4...
  4. Why are you predicting fewer primetime games this year after closing as a top-4 team rather than a top-16 team?
  5. The Bills have no more claim than any other team on Stills. He's a free agent.
  6. Why in the hell would we cut him when we can trade him instead? There's no way some team wouldn't give at least a late-round pick for him.
  7. Look at our cap allocation compared to KC's. They pay several stars a ton of money and pretty much everyone else less than $2M. The Bills, on the other hand, are paying TONS of average players up to $10M. Beane is heavily praised, but his drafting outside of Allen hasn't been good. And last year's FA was terrible, although he did structure the contracts in such a way that they can be cut for the most part.
  8. Ed Oliver was supposed to be that d-lineman. Instead, he's a role player. This is extremely frustrating.
  9. Josh Allen's extension will not hit the books this year. If it does, it's gross mismanagement. If it's similar to the Mahomes deal, really big money wouldn't start until 2023.
  10. With a ~$180M cap, even if the Bills cut/trade Morse, Brown, Singletary, Smith, Hyde, Addison, Jefferson, and Gaines, they still only have around $38M in cap space which is not even enough to re-sign their own (Milano, Williams, Feliciano, and four or five others). It might be barely enough with creative structuring.
  11. Of course it's a stretch (because it didn't happen!), of course it's make believe, of course it's a "What if" scenario. The thread title does begin with "What if..." But those three scenarios could've easily played out differently, obviously -- they were a lot closer to happening than Hill being struck by lightning or the Queen growing balls. Looking at the drive chart, it's easy to see a lot closer of a game.
  12. This game could have played out differently. Looking back on it 48 hours later, a different decision before halftime could have changed the game. None of this "what if" scenario even factors in the Singletary drop or the idea of the defense just getting one stop on one of KC's scoring drives. 0:11 - 2nd. 4th & Goal at KC 2. Bills go for it and score, kick XP. 5:49 - 3rd. 4th & 3 at KC 8. Bills go for it and score, kick XP. 13:20 - 4th. 2nd & 10 at KC 20. John Brown catches the ball at KC 12. Bills go on to score and convert two-point
  13. I feel like players with long necks tend not to do great. I think they tend to be very lanky players. Hodgins is another one. We'll see what becomes of him.
  14. Unsure what PCs you're watching, because this still happens in every conference with coaches or players and it's 100% cringe
  15. I agree with @Process that it is BS. It didn't sit well at all with me when he said it. What's next -- they're in year 9, we're in year 5? They're in year 14, we're in year 10? I mean, come on. I think by the time you get to year 4, you don't get to say things like this anymore.
  16. After taking in the postgame and season-ending press conferences from McD, it seems like the focus is going to be on improving the running game, pass rush, and speed. Can't wait to hear Beane tomorrow.
  17. Jaquan Johnson is a good player who may play out his contract without ever really seeing the field. Is CAP an acronym for something?
  18. ALERT: Giuseppe Tognarelli, the realist who many accuse of being wildly negative, thinks you're way off base with this take. The Bills were clearly the #2 team in the AFC (and probably the league). They're just not as good as the Chiefs.
  19. I think the way to answer this question is to look at the draft status of Edmunds, Oliver, and to a lesser extent Epenesa and think about what you would typically expect to get from those draft slots. Unfortunately, objectively, they appear to be busts (still early with Epenesa, but I don't see much to suggest otherwise). Imagine the defense if they were all stars like they should have been.
  20. Ahh, yes -- the good old, "You said something I thought was stupid once, so now I can discredit everything you say in the future" approach... Your comments are confusing because you actually acknowledge that he was jittery and will continue to improve, so we seem to actually agree. I don't think I made any "dramatic" comments. I certainly didn't say it was a disaster or that he can't improve. Maybe simply pointing out the problem is seen as dramatic by fans who don't want anything but lollipops and sprinkled vanilla cupcakes. Or maybe we're not allowed to bring up one thing that ne
  21. He's certainly flashed. Beane wasn't in love with him in the draft and admitted that they took him because they needed a CB and he was next up. But they do seem to have a knack for acquiring secondary talent.
  22. I'm definitely not trying to denigrate you. Your comment seemed aggressive. Maybe I read it wrong.
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