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  1. What are you talking about? A draw to the 44 is a 62-yard field goal. The field goal distance is always the line of scrimmage + 18 yards.
  2. I remember Poyer going out of his way to talk about Ingram during camp.
  3. The contrast of Ken Dorsey self-contentedly grinning and neatly stacking his papers as he leaves the booth one week vs. the colossal meltdown the next week needs to be experienced in gif form. Does anyone have a gif of the former?
  4. This game, man... *Bad snap at end of Q2 negates field goal *Davis can't secure TD catch *Milano drops game-breaking pick six *Missed FG *Allen misses wide open McKenzie on 4th & Goal *Bills one second too late for game-winning field goal
  5. It was really great to see that Micah is still flying out with the team. Hopefully he'll stick around.
  6. Is there a difference between thinking and low-key thinking?
  7. Speculation, yes, but why do players typically get second opinions? I can recall zero times when it was reported that a player got a good report from team doctors and then wanted to get a second opinion. It's always the reverse. The level of denial from Bills fans in this thread is both cute and embarrassing. I'll delete my account if Hyde is getting a second opinion because he got a good report and just wants to double check it, lol
  8. Speculation yes, but based on history of players getting second opinions, it's usually major injury.
  9. Why do people in this thread keep suggesting that this is a precaution? Much more likely IMO that Bills' doctors told him it's major and he's trying to get a second opinion because he doesn't want to be out for the year.
  10. The playoff calculations were definitely fun.
  11. I find it stressful. I prefer to flip between all games myself.
  12. The Bills could not "easily" lose tomorrow. It would be a huge upset.
  13. Mahomes makes some eye-popping plays, but I think Allen is better overall Allen is definitely still better overall than Herbert I think Allen is the best QB in the NFL
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