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  1. Your first sentence above insinuates that JA never makes an inaccurate throw, which of course is nonsense. As for the other sentence, people can also tell me the sky is green, even though I can plainly see that it is blue. So I normally go with what my eyes actually see. 😉 Edit to Add: just went and rewatched the 2nd & 9 play AGAIN. The throw lands about 2-3 yards in front of Shakir, in the end zone, NOT TEN YARDS.
  2. I have watched the replay of that 2nd down play numerous times, and my opinion is that the bump from Jones/Dawkins was not that strong, and didn’t affect the throw as much as many people think it did. ALSO, could JA have sensed the pressure coming there (it was the ONLY pressure getting close to him) and stepped up a bit, or stepped to the right a bit, to give himself more room, and time, to throw? Of course the answer is YES.
  3. Against the Chiefs, in the final drive, he DID need to do more. On 2nd and 3rd downs, he threw incompletions. If Mahomes was our QB in that situation, he would have thrown a completion (or ran for a 1st down like he did in the SB multiple times), kept the drive moving downfield, and either got close enough for a chip shot FG or got the go ahead TD. If you don’t agree with the latter, you’re lying to yourself. Btw, I’m not a moron, and have been closely watching NFL football for 50+ years, so I have an “educated” opinion. OTOH, regardless of what all these stats say, people who think JA has no faults are blinded by homerism. I understand the latter, but it doesn’t make it right.
  4. You must have missed my earlier post, so I'm putting it here for you. There really should be NO NEED for any "regular Joe/Jane" to have to donate money for this matter.
  5. If he had a prescription for this, then I'm quite certain that he thought he was doing nothing wrong. Sounds like maybe a miscommunication between him and team doctors/trainers?
  6. They want to be sure to leave enough room for a running track in there, then if the Bills ever leave they can have track & field events! 😉
  7. You must have missed my post upthread here. His QB rating for that year WAS OVER 100, so yeah, he had a terrible year, and he had nothing to do with them winning the SB. 🙄😂
  8. Why on earth would I donate when the 60 or so multimillionaires on the Chiefs (and/or their billionaire owner) could, and should, easily handle it?
  9. Not being harsh on her. She probably should have waited, as I'm guessing somebody will establish some sort of charity fund that will benefit ALL of the victims, and then she could have given to that, instead of immediately jumping to give $$$ to this one family. She'll *probably* donate to that new fund too.
  10. The Bucs season we're talking about was in 2020. From Wiki: The Buccaneers defense, somewhat maligned over the previous several seasons, improved in several categories. In total yards allowed, they improved from 15th in the league the previous season to 6th. In 2017 they had ranked last. In passing yards allowed, they improved from 30th in 2019 to 21st. In total points allowed, they improved from 29th in 2019 to 8th. They also flipped the turnover margin from –13 in 2019 to +8 in 2020.[10] Several franchise records were set during the regular season. Tom Brady threw a Buccaneers record 40 touchdown passes, while Mike Evans had a record 13 receiving touchdowns. Evans became the first wide receiver in NFL history with 1,000+ yards receiving in each of his first seven seasons. Brady posted the best season passer rating (102.2) in team history, and also tallied the most games with four or more touchdown passes (4). The team set a new high for most points scored (492) and most total touchdowns (59). Their success was mostly due to Brady and the offense. Without Brady being an absolute clutch QB, they don’t win that Lombardi trophy.
  11. Maybe the 60 or so multimillionaires in the Chiefs organization should take care of ALL of their needs, not random strangers?
  12. But in the NFL, QB is BY FAR the most important position, and that one player can make WORLDS of difference. See Tom Brady with the Bucaneers, for example.
  13. Just stop. Did not even make it to the AFCCG. Stats like this mean squat. Just win, baby.
  14. The shooting happened on Wednesday. Yesterday, the "authorities" went in front of the microphones and stated that they had 24 hours to charge the perps or by law, they'd have to let them go. We're now past the 24 hours and I see no "new" news, ssssoooo did they let them go?! Edit to Add: Just saw that Taylor Swift donated $100k to the family of the woman who was killed. That was very nice of her, although what about the other victims? Many of them will probably have medical bills, lost wages, physical/mental therapy bills, etc. which will amount to way more than the cost of a funeral.
  15. After seeing the X post of Tiger somebody put up (page 3 in this thread), it sounds like JA was more concerned about getting golf technique tips rather than any "mental pointers." And just thinking about the latter, I'm not sure that topic would ever come up, nor would Tiger be able to impart anything to JA which would help, nor would JA even ask for help in that area. I mean, what could he possibly say to JA?....."You got to be more focused!" LOL It's like that Seinfeld episode where Jerry asks George for advice on how to beat a lie detector test, and George replies, "It's like saying to Pavarotti, teach me to sing like you." LMAO
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