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  1. I don’t think what we hear is what’s playing in the stadium
  2. What’s everyone’s thoughts on the fake crowds noises?
  3. I believe the NFLPA negotiated for guaranteed money rollover in the case of a suspended season. I’ve seen it mentioned a few times on Twitter. The bit where it gets tricky is when it’s that last year of a contract and a player hasn’t earned all that guaranteed money because of a suspended season. The money can’t be rolled over. Who pays that money out then? Is the NFLPA going to fork over guaranteed money that wasn’t earned?
  4. Oh I’m not doubting they are better now, they are. I’m just not sure how much better and therefore not sure how much it really effects this Bills team. Here’s an interesting thought experiment, which FA QB do you think would have had the most success with the Pats: Dalton, Winston or Newton?
  5. I mean, yea Cam makes the Pats better but they literally had the worst QB room in the NFL, so that wasn’t hard to do. How much better they are depends on what version of Cam they are getting. I’m still not seeing how Cams personality and way he works, fits with BB. It’ll interesting to say the least. Maybe it works, I guess we will find out.
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