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  1. I’ve had Pfizer so there’s no problem there but it seems like AZ should be approved as well.
  2. I’ve got physical card and I can get vaccine certification through NHS app, which is accepted for entry to multiple countries. I would assume that does the trick but yea calling and asking would make most sense.
  3. Question. It says and other apps? Anyone have any idea which those are. I was vaccinated abroad but want to try to make it back to Buffalo for a game.
  4. I think it's at any point of the game. Funnily enough the other win in that 2-11 stat comes from the Jets as well. It was opening game in 2019, Bills were down 16-3 and came back and won 17-16.
  5. I mean all around it was a horrible play call but why would you motion McKenzie across and bring his defender to the side you are trying to run to? And unsurprisingly the defender that was covering McKenzie made the stop on the play. Just burn it.
  6. It was 5 OL vs 4 DL. Our OL should be able to block that up, it’s concerning that they couldn’t. the Josh Allen runs won’t stop, it’s a threat especially in the red zone. The Stillers just did a really good job reading and stopping it.
  7. It may be that the majority of players were ok with the protocols. The NFLPA does represent all players, not just the ones that scream the loudest. And as Haps pointed out it might be that this is roughly 160 players that are upset, which represents a small percentage of overall players.
  8. Is it today that all the vaccinated players get tested? Could be some surprises.
  9. Odd that the Bills will add 2 QBs to the Practice Squad
  10. Not sure about having 2 QBs take up Practice Squad spots but hey, it's happening.
  11. That argument always makes me chuckle. There aren't college football programs year after year producing NFL ready QBs. Look at the best QBs in the league now, Mahomes is from Texas Tech, when have they ever turned out a QB. Josh Allen, we know that story. You've covered Russell Wilson. Deshaun Watson from Clemson, again when have they turned out a QB of note. It's a funny one and I think it has to do with how rare really good QBs are. It's more than just the schools they go to.
  12. There's just no bases to believe that. There have been a few players vocally against it. Beasely being one. He does not represent the majority of players opinions. If there was a majority of opinions about this policy, more players would just come out and say it. But they aren't. And why would they be against it? For unvaxxed, its the same exact policy they had the previous season. For vaxxed it's less restrictions. This was all based on current data available. Which made sense at the time. You could argue it needs updating with the Delta variant, I would agree with that but there was nothing crazy about the policy at that time. It was incentivizing getting vaccinated and players/teams saw the benefit in it.
  13. Why wouldn't I think that? You think a policy was passed between the NFL and the NFLPA without consent from the players? So the NFLPA signed off on a policy without consulting its own clients?
  14. Oh no, talking about current policy. Not changing it. It was in response to the comment about the NFLPA leadership being under fire, which I don't think they are. I think the vast majority of players were more than happy to sign off on the current policy. The mandate of the vaccine would be an entirely different topic. It's possible it could have gotten signed off early on but not at this point, I don't think.
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