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  1. That would knock down Jackson a bit too. While he has preformed well at the position, using his legs, since the start of the season his passer rating is on a steady decline. When defenses adjust to his run and take away his outlet TEs, we will see what happens. The Seattle win is nice but he did have the help of 2 pick 6's and I think his real challenges will come with BB/Pats after the bye. He has some tough defenses in the second half of the season: Patriots, Texans, Rams, Bills and 49ers. So while he may be the media darling at this point, the second half of the season will tell the tale.
  2. I'm just here for the recipes, what's everyone cooking these days?
  3. Agreed. His route running leaves a lot to be desired as well. I watched a lot of the Seattle/Baltimore game and his change in direction is very telegraphed. It makes it easy for CBs to cover him.
  4. For me, it's not so much Allen having "that game", although I'd like to see that too, as it is the offense as a whole having "that game". To my eyes the offensive execution, at various points in each game, has been awful. Whether it's the presnap penalties or the drops or players just not doing their jobs, they seem to struggle to get going. Sometimes it's at the start of the game and sometimes it's in the 3rd quarter. The playing calling has actually been pretty good outside a couple of drives. Can the offense as a whole, take over a game and put the team on it's back? We know they can come back but it would be nice to seem them dominate from the get go.
  5. Oh I agree, just meant that’s part of taking over a game, finishing. Anyways, BILLS WIN! And I thought Allen had a very good second half.
  6. Meh. Drives stalling and not executing on offense is not taking over a game. It’s not a good looking drive if they are settling for FGs. And even after the 98 yard drive, they had a 4 and out next possession. It took a Tre White strip fumble to seal it. They needed to come out and smack the shiz out of the Dolphins and put the game out of reach. They never really did that and until they do it will be up to the defense.
  7. B- A tale of two half’s. I know people will point to the defense rolling over but that’s going to happen. The offense and Josh need to, they still haven’t, show they can take over a game.
  8. DK Metcalf doing great things WHERES JOE?!?
  9. Says the guy making an excuse. Pot meet kettle. You are so off your game today.
  10. It’s funny, because he’s admitting that the Bills offense NEED the defense to win games. Meaning it’s not a good offensive unit... but yea it’s Oliver’s fault.
  11. Yea but it’s Oliver’s fault the Bills are losing... don’t ya know. Why should we expect the offense to go out and actually dominate a team?
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