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  1. 1. Trubitzky 2. Trubixy Haha impressive. Ground up and in the freezer eh?
  2. I think that Henry and Smith are nice signings for the Pats** but it all depends on who's throwing them the ball. These two TE's aren't vintage Gronk and Hernandez either. These aren't your Tom Brady New England Patriot weapons on offense. I think it makes their offense better but it only moves them from dumpster fire to respectable with their QB situation. Obviously that can change, so we shall see. EDIT: Also this highlights how bad the Pats drafting has been recently. They just used 2 3rd round picks on TEs. They used a 1st round pick on Harry.
  3. Not really La’al Collins, a consensus 1st round OT, played 2 seasons at LG for Dallas before moving to RT when Free retired. It’s forward thinking and you get a 5th year. We don’t even know the details of the Williams contract it may essentially be a 2 year deal. I guess I just wouldn’t rule it out if it’s BPA and it means keeping Josh upright.
  4. I think OT is the better value in this draft... and I’d rather have the 5th year option on an OT.
  5. I’m still thinking OT is in play at 30. This draft is deep for OT. They can plug the rookie in at OG, then he takes over for Williams.
  6. I started in Pop Warner but was a bit late to the game as there were kids that had been playing together for a couple years already. I kept at it all the way through High School but my Senior year I just didn't want to do it anymore. Couldn't stand the politics and the favoritism that happened. Unless you kissed the Varsity coaches @$$ you couldn't get any sort of playing time. Didn't matter if you were a better athlete if one of the coaches sons or nephews or cousin was on the team. And initially he didn't like players that came up through Pop Warner, cause it wasn't "his system" and would go
  7. I wouldn’t be massively upset if Harris was the pick at 30. As you say though, I’d rather they take a higher value position, even if it was more risk. That 5th year option is huge on those high value positions once Josh gets paid.
  8. Brees, Manning and Farve have beaten all 32 teams. Tarkenton and Montana beat all the teams that existed during their careers.
  9. Big difference? I wouldn't say it was THE big difference in the game. In the first 2 series TB didn't really do anything on the ground and the Chiefs inability to score meant they could stay with the running game. Seems to me the big difference in the games was the Bucs defense.
  10. Agree with a lot of this. To the bold, I almost think that' one task. If they Bills improve the interior OL the running game will be more efficient/effective. I don't want the Bills running more because I'd prefer the ball stayed in Joshs hand but if they ran more effectively when they did, it would help. Only thing I would add beyond the pass rush is I think they need another weapon in the pass game for Josh. And I'm thinking it needs to be TE.
  11. Here's a question, does running the ball more "balanced" beat the Chiefs? Or does getting Josh another weapon in the passing game do that? No doubt the Bills need to run the ball more effectively when they do run. Is that up front with the OL? Or is it the scheme?
  12. This is exactly it. Teams and fans need to stop thinking this Chiefs offense can be stopped. The fact is you can't and no one has, so stop expecting your defense to do it.
  13. This article says it all https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/01/25/buffalo-bills-not-aggressive-in-loss-to-kansas-city-chiefs
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