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  1. Wouldn't it technically be called the outer exposed crust? I like to dip my outer exposed crust in the leftover sauce from the wings and then dip it in the bleu cheese.
  2. Saying surgery, wonder if that means rod put in the foot... which could mean longer(?)
  3. I think the better question to ask is, having seen what Grey Worm was doing to the Lannister soldiers and the look he gave Jon, are we to believe he just let Jon live for 2 weeks while he waited for these Lords, that he had no allegiance to, to decide Jon’s ultimate fate? And that he also let Tyrion live for those 2 weeks considering he was most surely told to execute by his Queen, and then direct who would be the next ruler? Was Bran actually the correct choice? If we are to believe Tyrion that stories are what unite people was Brans really the best story? One could argue Sansa had the better story. She survived Joffrey, won the Battle of the Bastards, saved Jon snow, avenged herself of Bolton Ramsey and outwit Littlefinger.
  4. Meh, it was ok. Felt a bit predictable and very much a feel good ending. They still needed longer to set it up and develop what was going on with the characters. I think that would have helped but as they didn't have back story I'm sure they felt like the couldn't do it? So they rushed to get to the points they needed to. That's my only complaint really. If it could have been built out more and not rushed so much the last 2 seasons I would have been ok with them getting to the point they got to.
  5. These all could be accomplished with a chat room. You could also achieve chats but I'm not really sure that's needed. I'd say for the most part, a day or so after those threads probably aren't really visited. They end up locked anyways and this would free up space server side. It would also be easier for a MOD sitting in the chat room to monitor and boot people if necessary. I suppose it would require a MOD to be available tho. I'm just thinking in terms of topics tend to be more in depth discussions, whereas game day threads are a lot of reactionary/general chit chat.
  6. That’s a tough one. I think the people who come on here Sundays for the games do it just to casually talk about the game. They aren’t looking for in depth conversations or discussions. I wonder if those types of conversations belong in a chat room/box type format. That way if people do get diarrhoea of the fingers it’s limited to that space and doesn’t increase the thread counts and the more in-depth conversations can still take place in the threads that currently exist. Also, chats allow for more real time updates for fans who can’t watch. But then chat boxes get easily flooded and it can be hard to follow conversations.
  7. Is this like when EJ and Tyrod would be on the field together? Imagine the possibilities!
  8. I don't think anyone is saying that the burning of King's Landing wasn't likely. It wasn't a surprise as such. It was that they chose to get Dany to that point that she would do something like that. Yes, events happened that one would think would drive someone to possibly do what she did. The problem, for me, is they only showed the events, they haven't shown Dany's reaction and how's she's had to deal with these loses. One shot of her without makeup, isn't enough. And that's the problem, in previous seasons with the time to develop, you would see these emotions from these characters you understood their actions. Take for example Theon Greyjoy and the amount of time and effort the show put into establishing his psychological break down. The entirety of Season 2/3/4 was just that and getting you the viewer to understood his decent into this person called Reek. And from there on out you understood why he made the decisions he did and had turned into the person he was. Yes, there were signs that Dany could do something like what she did but she had always fought those thoughts, hints of it. For me, I just wanted this decent into the Mad Queen and her struggle with deciding to do what she did to be a bigger part of the show. Those kind of character developments have always been what's made Game of Thrones great. I'd honestly rather have had less of the battle scenes and more of the character developments these past 2 seasons.
  9. Overall the look and cinematography of this season I think has been top notch. Some of the best shots of the series. For me, I just can't get past what they've done with some of the characters: - How dumb has Tyrion become? Has he suggested or made the right decision in the past 2 seasons? - Arya has gone from confident revenge seeking assassin to scared/frightened fighter to courageous/sneaky killer of the Night King back to confident revenge seeking assassin to giving up on revenge - For how clever Varys is, I found it odd that he was so quickly found out and that he didn't see it coming because he has all these birds - Jon Snow has become a shell of his former self, his character has done very little this season except say "You are my Queen" and look blankly at whats happening in front of him - Cersei's story arc has been an odd one as well, can't put my finger on why though. I think there have been some nice character arcs and I don't mind that Dany has gone all Mad Queen, although think they could have used an episode or 2 to drive that home a bit more.
  10. Yeaaaaa... I’ll be glad when this is done. It’s been a rough past 2 seasons and the writing just hasn’t been great. It’s all a bit messy and rushed. It’s not where the plot lines have gone it’s how they’ve got there. Dany can go crazy, Arya can give up her revenge, Jamie’s moral compass can break and Tyrion can become an idiot but man these needed time to develop and breathe. Oh and nothing like the baddest, most evil women dying by some poor infrastructure! She dies just like extra #23!
  11. Whys that? How did her army contribute to ending the NK? Arya could have still killed NK without Dany and her Dragons... in fact the NK wouldn’t have had a dragon himself so it would have taken him longer to get through the wall and Castle Black. She could have first taken Kings Landing then turned her attention to the north.
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