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  1. Absolutely a mess. No direction at moment. Not that I'm feeling sorry for Chelsea scum.
  2. Was going to say, not the best representation of English football. Chelsea are nicknamed 'The Pensioners' and their fans have always been more well off. Definitely not blue colour. Newcastle fans, on the other hand would have been more representative.
  3. I'm interested in seeing what Brady's playbook actually looks like. He wasn't running his playbook in those 9 games, that's something you install in the preseason and in season you aren't changing that. There's just no time to do that. What he did do a better job than Dorsey, was gameplaning/playcalling. As was mentioned upthread, he did have the advantage of having Josh run, which Dorsey didn't. The Bills can't run Josh as much as they did with Brady in the 9 games, all season. So what does Brady's offense look like? What did he pitch to McD he would run? Can playcall receivers open?
  4. I didn't think there was too much to gripe about. I don't know if anyone else caught it but thought the RT definitely jumped early on Pitts first TD... either that or the entire rest of line was very slow to get off. Interestingly, they called Pitt on 2 false starts on the next drive, which I thought was there way of saying to them, you are going early.
  5. It's crazy to think where streaming has gone. I was an eary adaptor of cord cutting because I just hated paying for a TV package with channels I never watched. There were only a few streaming services to begin with, so it was easy enough to find content. This has now splintered into what seems like every brand wanting to host their own services, to monitize. It's odd the NFL hasn't chosen to do this but based on how long Disney and Apple tested before they launched maybe they feel like the knowledge isn't there or they don't want to invest in a product they don't think they can deliver on. Funny enough with all these various streaming services now its seems like a service is needed to organise them all, and provide them under one umbrella.... a TV package if you will haha.
  6. I was at that Browns game... it was awful haha. The draught era is litered with these type of games. I think we remember the McD ones because they are happening to a team that has/is suppose to be very good. The ones that spring to mind in the McD era for me are the Minnesota game, the Tennessee game and Hail Murray game... just brutal endings.
  7. Noticed this as well. The Ref on the far side was running in and aligning with the ref on the opposite side, as they do for determining the spot. They are basically taking an average of what the two Line refs saw. The one on the far side got bumped by a player, back towards the Bills side and never re adjusted his spot from where he got bumped. It was a bad spot.
  8. I think the offense did look better in 11 personnel but as you said the coaches are still going it make some odd decision. And Dorsey calling that shotgun handoff to Murray on the the 1/2 yard line, is criminal. That took 7 off the board. And McDermott, the 4 punts on the last 4 drives. He could have been more aggressive.
  9. This. People want there to be 1 problem going on, it's easier to fix 1 issue than it is multiple. The problems aren't so black/white. Is Josh having some bad plays? Course he is, just like any other player on the field. For me it's the equivilant of when fans are watching a 'shut down corner'. When they see that CB allow a completed pass or a couple, you get 'see he's not a shut down corner'. For some reason people/fans think elite = no mistakes ever. So yes, Josh has some bad plays. He misses some reads. He is not THE reason the offense is not performing. Also this, And really Bass missed a FG and Murrays OPI, they would have had 10 more points. The defense absolutely crapped the bed. The offense was still slow to get going and when those are the scripted plays, I think that says a lot.
  10. Are people really that unhappy with our 4-3 Bills?!?
  11. I think how the offense was run in 2020 and 2021 supports this. Beasley was that guy. And they even admitted to the mistake last year and brought a haggered Beasley back. Six games in this season and they have once again, not found that WR3 or someone Allen trusts as a WR3.
  12. Overall I thought that stadium was impressive, I could have stood in concourse and watched the game the view was that good. I enjoyed the 'stacked' seating as I thought it got you closer to the action. I didn't find getting away from the stadium that difficult at all, so transport wasn't a problem for me. Got back to Kings Cross in plenty of time for my train back north. Couple of minor negatives for me, which probably won't affect the Bills new stadium, were the food. I had heard from a friend who's a season ticket holder at Tottenham, that the game day food was very good. Was pretty disappointing to me, as I was banking on that and didn't eat before, I'm not sure if they changed it for the NFL game? Rookie error. And then the concession lines and prices were a bit frustrating. Also from same friend, sounds like they raised the prices as a pint at a Spurs match is £5.
  13. Watching in person… the drops from people not named Diggs, are bad. The offensive game plan was just bad. The Jags literally did nothing special, were helped by the refs, but the Bills coaches called an awful game.
  14. We’ve talked to the Antwerp Arms and they are now opening at 10, for pre game, if anyone is looking for anywhere to go
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