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  1. ...can't criticize JA now? I was responding to a post that said he had 1 bad throw.... jebus. The thing that separates elite QBs from good QBs is ball placement. JA will tell you himself that he needs to improve in that area. You can get away with those throws against a team like the Jets and still win. You can't get away those throws in a barn-burner against the Chiefs and expect to win. Do better.
  2. No, I'm creating jobs for folks to install the sensors and maintain the system. You still need refs for other stuff.
  3. put laser sensors on top of the posts.. add LEDs on the goalposts themselves that light up green or red for a miss/make... WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY!
  4. special teams will decide this game
  5. Brown end-zone Beasley down the seam, an underthrown completion would be a TD if he leads him Out route to Brown in the 3rd quarter, threw it right into the ground 10ft short with a clean pocket Knox He forced a couple in the end-zone that should've been picked
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