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  1. And threw for 59.8%. Isn't it 60% or bust? You'll never see the 2015 Cam Newton again because his rushing helped him tremendously.
  2. The empty seats were left unoccupied for those that wanted to social distance. Few took advantage of those sections.
  3. Sorrento cheese isn't just a local company anymore. Get over it.
  4. Just ignore state income tax, lack of night clubs and we're on the ugly side of the falls?
  5. There's no way Kamara would report. No one wants to play in Buffalo.
  6. I'll watch because it's always interesting to me to view anything NFL behind the scenes. However - they couldn't pick two more boring teams to cover.
  7. So you'd take the 3rd or 4th rated TE for example with a lower grade just so it's not sloppy 7ths, 9ths or 11ths? Widely talked about as a deep WR class - so yeah you're going to get deeper into the amount taken naturally. However with that deep of a class there could be someone they rated higher than others at the position there. What if Beane and company have a WR rated as the 4th best WR coming out and he's there and 8 were picked prior. You wouldn't want Beane to take him because he's the 9th WR taken?
  8. If there's a wide receiver with the highest grade on their board available at our pick - they will take him.
  9. I think that's a personal choice that you should decide for on your own.
  10. Wow - some of those personal experiences with Beane would be pretty cool for any Bills fan. Lunch with Beane? - that would be crazy cool.
  11. Beane just trying to drive his price down.
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