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  1. I hate the NFL the way it is now. It used to be something I enjoyed so much. I hate the coverage I hate Kaepernick I hate Goodell I hate how much it costs to go to a game and subsequently how much these players make I hate that situations like Kaep turn otherwise good people on each other over it I hate that an NFL team hoodie is $99 I hate how dangerous the game is I hate how the game is officiated I hate that I want the Bills to win a super bowl so bad I can't stop watching
  2. Oh boy - once that negative stuff starts occupying your mind, it's not good.
  3. Seattle was playing a legit defense. We can't find flow offensively against the lower tier defenses. That's the issue and the reason at 6-2 and certainly now at 6-3 - we're not taken seriously nationally. It's also the reason for our own fans to be skeptical. We know the way we're playing offense isn't leading us anywhere substantial beyond possibly getting a WC. I see Allen's mistakes but I don't see him as the reason for the dreadful play. We look completely unprepared to combat what the defenses are doing and personally I put that on Daboll.
  4. One thing for sure I put on Daboll is designed plays. We have very little and those we have aren't used timely. Designed plays have beat us consistently the past few weeks. That's coaching.
  5. You don't think Kitchens called the better game?
  6. Ok, then no I don't want them doing that.
  7. Players are hardly mouth pieces. In today's NFL they are free to say whatever they want - even if it's to the detriment of the team and/or themselves. The fact the Bills players rally around the FO, Coaches, system, city and each other - isn't because they're controlled mouth pieces - it's because change has come. Oh snap, did I not figure out you were being sarcastic?
  8. One thing I know for sure is watching the NFL as it is now - is not near as enjoyable as it once was for me.
  9. Is this an example of him doing so much we don't know about? This must be him taking on multiple offensive lineman so everyone else can make the play and get the glory.
  10. Good post but I'd like to see the how be better.
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