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  1. I know it hasn't worked yet and maybe because the suggestion that there's a tell is the reason why, however when they do these hard counts, I've had the thought each time that it's a great time to do it. So I've been impressed with that much. Now if he can work on it and make it more believable, it will be a weapon, The kid is smart and is working on all angles of his game.
  2. Haha, sent the athletes from the secondary.
  3. See, just bring the athletes at Russ.
  4. Whoever said "Cam Cakes" a few pages back - pure gold.
  5. "They have a funny way of scoring in these situations." No they don't.
  6. That's the BS call the Patriots get
  7. It's difficult imagining the surprise she must have felt last night as she met the actual judge.
  8. He's played in 7 straight games before. What do you mean?
  9. Not really because there's a 14 game stretch with 3 sacks and 15 if you include the game lost to injury. Again, playing healthy seems to be the problem with Trent and I hope he's finally there.
  10. My only point is you can't stop at 7 games and 7 sacks to tell the whole story of what Murphy has been. Hes clearly talented but his issues are staying healthy and contributing for more than short stretches. I think it goes without saying we all hope he's finally going to be what they saw in him and stay on the field.
  11. However he has 8 sacks in his last 18 games.
  12. I don't like it because we have two young RB's. I'd prefer they know they're getting the ball and have that extra second to make their read.
  13. No AT&T is and has ruined Directv.
  14. 12 - 23 points lost on 2 turnovers within FG range and 2 missed FG.
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