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  1. He should be on the WOF at the new stadium, without question.
  2. Because his salary is 1 million, the 6 games will only cost him 350K of lost pay.
  3. Hope he recommends AMC stock. I have over 600 shares.
  4. I'll do a list when Orton is on the wall, where he belongs.
  5. If Davis emerges as a top end #2, then they definitely can't sign all of them if he's included.
  6. I met him at a BBQ place in Shelby NC and he couldn't have been more friendly.
  7. I'm impressed with his approach to this opportunity. Maybe he can contribute. I love speed and he likely still has that.
  8. Maybe Knox will say no and wait for his price to go up.
  9. This is absolutely false. Hill is an outstanding route runner. I will never understand why people here keep saying this.
  10. I guess that's part of being enslaved that CK was talking about.
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