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  1. And draft well where the FA's you decide not to re-sign play.
  2. How could NE afford Brady if he wanted to come back and not Cam?
  3. Somethings wrong with these numbers. There's only 4 RB's that make more than 9 mil per year - the rest make less. How can the average be 9 - 9.5 mil per year?
  4. How could you not get his point? I guess you answered, you're not even sure if he was trying to make one.
  5. They still have a good roster. We've had really good rosters during the drought. The QB is the difference and their roster won't be enough even with BB, IMO. That offensive line isn't going to get away with all those penalties that don't get called and the ridiculous calls made on the teams they've played.
  6. I get that but it's certainly an unknown as the players that left played well. I think we upgraded in a couple areas too but I definitely don't get the feeling that the defense needs to be shelved as that's taken care of - let's talk about other factors for a succesful season........
  7. How is our defense coming back essentially intact when 4 players that had significant playing time are not coming back? There's more changes there than on offense.
  8. Bridgewater and Anderson isn't tanking. I think they should, but they're not.
  9. The Dolphins draft after us. They were better? So you go by how many teams are after us vs our 2019 finish? The conversation is already over. We were a top 10 team last year.
  10. With seemingly every and any of the best designers available to them - this is what they roll out? Yikes!
  11. Or just play like a B like Gilmore did his final contract year.
  12. I want us to be like the Steelers. By my count they have drafted 23 WR's in the 2000's. They consistently produce productive WR's - even though they seemingly always have a strong starting group. Then the next guys come right in and typically play well. We have a really good group now, let's start the replenishment process like them. They do it especially well and I'd study and emulate it.
  13. That's not what was said. He said if we get to x point offensively it'll firmly put us in the conversation as a top 10 team. We already are.
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