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  1. No you're right, that one catch would mean Dorsey has involved Knox and Diggs enough.
  2. We need Dorsey away from Allen and this offense and I'd do it in season.
  3. Knox and Diggs not involved - congrats Dorsey you really are coming into your own.
  4. A 4-6 team is more prepared than we are. Coaching is a major problem now.
  5. I'm pretty sure one of the best quarterbacks in the world can throw a screen pass if it's practiced. It's clearly not and that's on Dorsey.
  6. Dorsey have you ever heard of a screen pass to counter a pass rush?
  7. For me it's simple. When you can't run and can't stop the run, it demoralizes a team. Then when answers need to come from coaches and they don't have them .... Boom goes the team.
  8. We're getting worse and KC is trending way up. KC would destroy Cleveland right now.
  9. Cleveland is definitely as bad as their record. They beat themselves as you've seen them try to do thus far. Yet they are still handling us. We are getting worse by the week, with clearly no answers.
  10. Super bowl contenders do not get dominated by such teams. KC would crush this team.
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