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  1. White Linen

    Burfict to Raiders

    This is getting hilarious.
  2. White Linen

    Bills: NFL's Biggest Under-the-Radar F-A Winner 2019

    Why post before December?
  3. Tim is someone I refuse to partake in anything he puts out.
  4. White Linen

    Found on youtube. Best plays of 2018

    A few thoughts I had: Daboll had a lot of creative play calls Shady still has plenty of burst Foster is legit Zay could work on catching the ball with his hands more Milano must really understand the game, because he's in great position a lot of times Dawkins is good Allen keeps his eyes down field as good as any NFL QB White does not get tested, he's that good Star is average
  5. White Linen

    [Vague Title] An top OL just became available. Wow

    They upgraded in FA, then let him go. Happens all the time.
  6. "Barely scouting him" - yeah ok.
  7. White Linen

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    Unless there's an Oliver we can sign in free agency, I'm not interested in drafting him.
  8. White Linen

    Think Shady is not smiling ear to ear right now?

    You don't think the WR's make his life easier? Enough to maybe earn a quick smile.
  9. White Linen

    Adrian Clayborn a Bill

    @AJaClay - "I hate chicken wings."
  10. White Linen

    Roster Concerns Prior to Draft

    It's the same exact list most have been saying.
  11. White Linen

    Tyreek Hill under investigation for Battery

    But it's cool that an arm gets pulled out by a sopher clamp.
  12. White Linen

    Why are the Browns the sexy pick?

    Because the Bills and Jets didn't bring in near the type of talent they did. We brought in good pieces for sure and at all the right positions. We know that because we know our team intimately - the national media doesn't study what we need. They have recognized that we've done well but the Browns brought in stars. Do I think that automatically means they'll put it all together, no, but it's good enough for the national media to beat to death.