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  1. Totally agree. There's a good mix too of vet and young talent. Of course several will be tagged or signed by their existing team. They have to know the pass rush wasn't good enough and keeping Murphy and re-signing Shaq won't change that. I think they also realize adding a pass rusher allows them to value sign at other defensive positions.
  2. One of the biggest trades in NFL history in terms of an iconic seemingly un-tradeable player.
  3. I'm confused why you asked if we would let him go for a promotion? When you seem to fully understand we would.
  4. The message for me is, Jerry still doesn't understand why he lost his job.
  5. Most forgot Ray Ray is still on the practice squad.
  6. Milano may not be a thumper but he plays the run well.
  7. The niners FB really makes an impact. Ours as the 2nd highest paid sucks.
  8. Can we start with learning how to run a screen pass?
  9. ... when the team can't figure out the simple screen pass to easily get him over 60%. Finished the thought for you.
  10. We do have these answers. It's our free will that won't allow for the understanding to manifest.
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