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  1. Did you miss the part I said they were really nice people?
  2. I disagree. His game is about quickness and leverage.
  3. They all seem like nice people but this show is pretty hard to take seriously.
  4. I think he'll play under 285 if the team wants him to. In todays sports, whatever weight desired is easily acheived.
  5. I know I don't. Some of the best DT's in the league were not from the big schools. Some were from a big school but drafted in later rounds. The point is good football players can come from a lot of different places.
  6. I don't think he has the numbers even close to getting into the hall.
  7. I think he's limited physically. There's times when he just can't thrown the ball hard enough and the defense closes in on him or the receiver. That's why he looks good when there's no real pass rush - he throws the ball with good timing when there's time for it to get there.
  8. I don't think we owe OJ anything in terms of the team honoring his legacy. I just think the #32 should be off limits because it's just too weird of a situation. I would have kept it unofficially retired for that reason only.
  9. Must be the 12 not paying him to be on their local radio.
  10. I like the chargers lightning one.
  11. I mean why wouldn't a team that just traded for Jordan Howard, trade for McCoy?
  12. At some point you have to stop with the "idiots" comments and all of that. Just make your argument on substance. The offensive line does take time to come together. However with all the player and coach movement - teams, coaches and players have gotten better at tightening things up in less time. Offensive lines staying together and gelling in time is a thing of the past. The same goes for the defenses - so it does even itself out. There will be some communication penalties and missed assignments - it's naive to think that won't happen. I hate the excuses argument. Allen is heading into his second year with likely 4 new lineman. It won't be an excuse if that all doesn't come together - it's expected. It won't come all together. Allen is building a career and most believe he'll take another leap this year. To say he and the offensive line are without excuse is just following the same vein of what you detest.
  13. So do you think the government should lead the way by reducing their gun ownership?
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