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  1. Head scratching for those fans too. The potential loss of life changing money for such an act is incredibly dumb. Dumb in general - so your point is taken. When you add in the massive opportunity you're risking, for me, it adds another level of stupidity.
  2. For you peanut butter fans - do yourself a favor and try Lotus Biscoff cookie butter. You'll never go back.
  3. Not interested in trading for Gordon and then have to pay him 10-12 mil per.
  4. This is why your Mom should be your agent/manager.
  5. Yeah but, shouldn't it be called the game where neither team punted game?
  6. This is maybe my favorite media thing the Bills have done in my lifetime.
  7. No, I read it. It said "Could Shady be done in Buffalo"?
  8. Didn't they predict we would go to the playoffs in 2017?
  9. As we've seen in other threads obviously Shady is in danger of getting cut. He's saying nice things about Allen so that doesn't happen.
  10. Ticketmaster had extremely inexpensive tickets for the game. I think I only paid $18 for mine. https://www.visitspartanburg.com/things-to-do/carolina-panthers-training-camp/
  11. The Bills don't want him. What did they say? Tell me the exact words. We don't want him.
  12. 5,369 yards and 52 TD's - I mean c'mon. No one else is even in the conversation.
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