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  1. Dorsey has to know Daboll is likely gone next year and he's in line for our OC. If he's willing to go to Detroit and leave Allen and what we have here, just to be an OC one year earlier, then he might not be too bright.
  2. Likely can't stop but must contain Kelce and Hill.
  3. The irony being, the reason they have to focus on who to fire, is because they continue to work their political and social views into the shows.
  4. The Bills are like security, even when it's just ok, it's still pretty damn good.
  5. When he lost his mar mar, he had nothing else. Mocking Buffalo for missing the FG to get to 20 pts too, ridiculous.
  6. Defense can't play better offense can't play worse. Which changes will decide the game
  7. Reich had a really nice game plan. Match ups matter and we were in a tightly fought gMe. It's the playoffs and these teams are good. Our defense was good enough and Allen played nearly perfect.
  8. They lost twice to the Steelers and once to the Patriots, Chiefs and Titans. Their only quality wins are the Browns twice and Colts. IMO, the Bengals twice, Texans, Washington, Giants, Eagles, Jags and Cowboys are low quality wins. We are the much better team with much tougher wins. We are not an easy match up for them and they will have a tough time handling our offense.
  9. Or we got the TO back because they reviewed it after McD called the TO and complained. Good, both theories are clearly out there.... again.
  10. But Simon said the buzzer for booth review came "simultaneously" as McD was calling the timeout.
  11. I agree that the game plans in all 3 phases were incorrect for this game. I felt we got out coached today but in the end had the better QB.
  12. What I like most about him is he plays confident all game long. The only real criticism I have is he needs to work on tucking that ball when he's running and on sacks.
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