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  1. White Linen

    John Harbaugh & Ravens to part ways?

    This is a firing. No head coach agrees to leave Lamar Jackson.
  2. White Linen

    Happy 47th birthday to Mrs. SDS

    Have a happy birthday.
  3. If he plays it comes down to: is he ready to go with limited practice time and two more days of rest - or are they playing him hurt because they're idiots.
  4. White Linen

    Josh allen is mcbeans cam newton

    Are we not supposed to be rooting for the kid to become really good? Bunch of psychos.
  5. White Linen

    Remember when we had an offense .......

    I like where our offense is now.
  6. White Linen

    looks like torn achilles for Dez

    Usually not to this degree but this happens all time. When you don't get the proper "football" work in - this sport will chew you up and spit you out. It's brutal.
  7. GM's everywhere make incorrect decisions on players, coaches, draft picks, trades, etc. Doug Whaley is very smart and there's no reason to think he's not capable. Regardless of how you think the XFL will do.
  8. White Linen

    Silver Lining: Pryor is a Bill

    I don't think you get pissed - when you know you're not good enough. We saw a lot of that from the Sabres. They just weren't as talented as the other team most nights and when they didn't show emotion - most thought it was because they didn't care about winning. However when Eichel got pissed - he got maligned for being an immature hot head. There's a particular dejection when you are certain you can't win. Would you feel better if Zay Jones, Vlad Ducasse or Clay showed being upset on the field/sidelines or in an interview? What if Shady showed or started talking about being "pissed"? Would it do something positive? I think most people would either call him out or say he's doing that because he wants out. We just aren't talented enough on offense to compete. I find it ridiculous for anyone to get upset and that includes fans.
  9. White Linen

    Silver Lining: Pryor is a Bill

    With all due respect he's not a #3. Now if you're talking about a back up to the two starting wide outs - then ok.
  10. White Linen

    Is Bruce Arians Interested in the Browns' HC Job?

    I know I'd like to have him.
  11. Anderson did throw for 290 yds last week something I don't see Peterson doing.
  12. Yet Allen had pretty good games against the Chargers and Vikings. It's pretty clear he was asked to stop doing that. On an absolutely putrid talented offensive team he made things go for a couple of games - which shows me we've got a real chance at a good QB.
  13. Yikes. Watching Anderson just confirms how incredibly hard it is to play QB and that Allen can handle the job.
  14. White Linen

    Would You Give Up Our 1st in 2019 & 2020 for Derek Carr?

    Da'Rick is the proper spelling.