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  1. If Davis emerges as a top end #2, then they definitely can't sign all of them if he's included.
  2. I met him at a BBQ place in Shelby NC and he couldn't have been more friendly.
  3. I'm impressed with his approach to this opportunity. Maybe he can contribute. I love speed and he likely still has that.
  4. Maybe Knox will say no and wait for his price to go up.
  5. This is absolutely false. Hill is an outstanding route runner. I will never understand why people here keep saying this.
  6. I guess that's part of being enslaved that CK was talking about.
  7. The interview he did with Howard and Jeremy on GR was impressive. What a seemingly fantastic young man with an incredibly focused attitude. I have a feeling we found a real gem in this kid.
  8. He's sick for saying something like that. To pretend she's crying for an unknown reason.
  9. What makes you say that? I don't know a lot about him.
  10. Good to see you posting again man. Hope you're well.
  11. Tampa's two LB's are among my favorite. 6 ft 237 and 6'1" 233.. Let this young man add 10-13 lbs and he'll at their size. It's the new norm soon for combating NFL offenses.
  12. I agree with a lot of this but I just think there's more blame to go around than just DS. We have not blocked well in the run game and Singletary isn't the type of back to create when there's nothing in the hole of the play call. The lineman, Daboll and o line coach are responsible for that too. Kromer is a welcome addition along with some changes on the line. For me it's a bad RB class and a bad spot for the Bills to be in. We'll try to have an adequate running game again, I suppose.
  13. Then perhaps we should wait until that happens before we say it's a fact no CB was taken after Elam.
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