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  1. It was obvious the team was emotionally spent. We can blame coaching but at some point the players need take responsibility. It is vital to have leadership from a couple of players on the field and on that day we just didn’t have it.
  2. I’m happy for him. He got his pay day and there is nothing wrong with it. I wish we could have resigned him but we knew we couldn’t afford him. I hope he does well in Chicago.
  3. Don’t need another TE and Mayer won’t last to 27. I will say if the Bills did go TE I would be happy with Georgia TE Darnell Washington. He can block like an OL and he can catch. Best blocking TE in the draft.
  4. 1st Mock of many so it will be someone else by his 3rd mock.
  5. The OC couldn’t figure out how to use Hines. He is in over his head and needs to go.
  6. Yep! Everyone’s fault but McD’s. People can’t blame the coaches and not McD.
  7. I’m not blaming the shooting, but things build up. Did the Sabres witness their teammate’s heart stop? Ultimately, the Hamlin situation is the biggest thing that may have broke the camel’s back for the team. That’s not being soft it’s being a human. Yes, the OL, the DL and the coaches sucked and my other posts note that. I was saying we can’t take the other things for granted especially the Hamlin situation.
  8. Shooting in Buffalo before the season, yes the two snowstorms and not making it home for Christmas. Regardless of all that the biggest thing was Hamlin. So it’s not other than Hamlin as that was pretty big seeing your teammate and friend have to have CPR performed on him. That one event is a lot to handle. I get fan is short for fanatic but some of you need to get a grip on what the team actually went through emotionally.
  9. That doesn’t explain the defense. The offense and defense both sucked which falls on the head coach as much as the coordinators. The only reason I would give McD a pass this game is this team has been through a lot emotionally and may have been drained.
  10. Hats off to Bill Cowher on his statement. The team have been through a lot this year and it’s possible they are just emotionally drained.
  11. That happens often in the NFL and it’s no big deal. I Remember Jim Kelly going off on Andre Reed on a televised game.
  12. McD is a good coach but he’s not on Taylor or Reid’s level. I’m not his biggest fan and want a new staff but I already know he will be back.
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