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  1. This is a great pick. I was hoping the Bills would draft him.
  2. It will be interesting to see how Coleman, Worthy, Legette, and McConkey compare in a few years. Beane better hope he pans out because Coleman will always be compared to those receivers and AD Mitchell.
  3. I mainly have issue with the trade with the Chiefs more than anything.
  4. I’m okay with this trade Beane made. First pick of round two.
  5. I was thinking that’s probably what Beane would do in order to pick up more picks. Just means I stayed up for nothing.
  6. If that’s the case then good riddance. There has to be more since Beane and Josh have been giving him votes of confidence in the media. Diggs will have a good year with Houston but then fall off the map. I don’t think he will pull that with Ryan as his coach but who knows because once a diva always a diva.
  7. Unless Houston decides to eat his whole contract. That’s the only way this makes sense if possible but if not it just says Diggs was a huge problem for the team.
  8. He would be the one player who played under Addae who I think the Bills would target. He did have a good year for Georgia this past season.
  9. I will say Stevenson was getting drafted regardless of who the coach was. He was a talented player.
  10. Maybe but that can be an outlier as he was good at WVU before Georgia so I wouldn’t put too much stock in his stint at Miami. We will see as he has been more good than bad at the college level.
  11. Overall, he was known to be a good DB Coach at the college level. I didn’t follow him at Miami so I don’t know about his stint there, but prior to that he was known as a good DB Coach and recruiter. When he was at Georgia he was good however, with Kirby as the HC DB’s will be good more times than not. I do know Kirby didn’t try too hard to keep him when he left Georgia and went to Miami. Time will tell how he does at the NFL level.
  12. Praying for strength for you and your family on this day Scott.
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