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  1. My dog currently has a red rocket. 🚀
  2. Mentally QB. Nothing compares. Physically? I'd much rather be a CB busting my ankles trying to figure out which way a spindly WR is going to turn, versus being a RB getting smashed by players 50 to 100 lbs heavier than me every single play. I'll take trying to stay with Diggs vs. getting blasted by Ray Lewis every play. Give me broke ankles over CTE any day.
  3. Kinda makes you look like "that guy." I love your posts and insight but I am also in the camp that doesn't mind "more specific" threads. I don't always feel like reading through 50 pages when I just want to read about one player in particular. One of the most annoying things about this board is everyone striving to be the fastest and the most quoted and and largest threads. I could care less. I wish they'd remove the thread count and the infighting about redundant threads. It's beyond childish. Who cares if someone wants to start a new thread. For me it's easier to do a thread search than read through 100 pages of nonsense.
  4. Do we know for certain Allen is vaccinated? I may have missed it... I like Beasley. I really don't want him cut or traded. A vaccinated Beasley would definitely make our team stronger. But we don't need distraction, divisiveness, or players to be missing either.
  5. Actually probably not cheaper. Especially after the NFL finds out and suspends you. Flynn: Possessing fake COVID-19 vaccine cards is a felony offense Erie County District Attorney John J. Flynn says anyone who is in possession of a forged vaccine card could be charged with a felony offense.
  6. I would bet it has some to do with the 15k fine, but more to do with the possibility of losing game checks. Some players could lose a million dollars per game. Some a couple hundred thousand.
  7. He went to ECMC. I'm surprised. I wonder if the Bills make them go there vs Walgreens or CVS or something.
  8. I'm in Akron with Dish Network. Why is the game not listed on channel 4 and NFL Network says "Broadcast unavailable in your area."? Says BIG3 basketball on channel 4 at 1. Is it just a mistake? Anyone know? I'm recording BIG3 with the hope it's the Bills game.
  9. I think I got it after the first 5 times. Who cares? I like and appreciate the evaluations but don't need endless explanations on how you justify them.
  10. Did anyone see what happened to Sal Capaccio late in the 4th quarter? He was laid out in the tunnel for about 5 minutes being attended to by medical. He eventually walked off but I'm not sure if he was hurt somehow or could possibly have been a heat casualty.
  11. Does anyone have 2 extra tickets that they're not using for practice on the 7th?
  12. Did you even bother to read the title of this post?
  13. Hmmmmmm..... Lotsa crow to be eaten... Bills’ Josh Allen willing to structure extension to help team stay competitive (report) https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2021/06/bills-josh-allen-willing-to-structure-extension-to-help-team-stay-competitive-report.html Report: Josh Allen Willing to Help Bills 'a Little Bit' in New Contract; 'Loves' BUF | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10006247-report-josh-allen-willing-to-help-bills-a-little-bit-in-new-contract-loves-buf
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