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  1. Buffalo Boy is 100% correct and JoshAllenHasBigHands not so much. You are beyond clueless
  2. Maybe the real reason for the team switch.
  3. I think he was draining them years before "deflategate" and hasn't stopped since
  4. https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/rob-gronkowski-says-tom-brady-called-him-crying-about-trade/amp/ Gronkowski and Brady are also good pals outside of the gridiron. Brady praised his friend’s penis as “amazing” while talking with Howard Stern in April. Later that month, the University of Arizona alum told Andy Cohen that it did “kind of surprise” him to hear Brady talk about his manhood, but he was ultimately flattered. “Oh man,” Gronkowski said. “Well, he did describe [mine] as looking ‘amazing,’ which I think is the biggest compliment in my career, along with playing with Tom.”
  5. Actually dogs are smarter and more loyal. According to scientists, dogs have twice as many neurons as cats and are smarter.
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