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  1. I have Beasley, Brown and Allen in two leagues. Brown and Allen were in the last 3 rounds and Beasley was a free agent.
  2. I wish he wasn’t so old. He’s already 28 but that’s young I guess for McBeane RBs
  3. Tyrees spot is practice squad if he’s lucky. Wade has his own spot there that no one can take
  4. Jordan Reed and Evan Engram are both 6’2”- 6’3” both have about 10- 15 lbs on Duke tho. 10 lbs isn’t very difficult to gain. With the way TEs are used out wide now size isn’t as much of an issue as it was when they were blocking DEs all day. If Duke can handle the responsibilities the TEs have then he could play TE. Size doesn’t mean much, it’s either you can do it or not. I dont know if duke can can and I think we have good enough TEs now so I wouldn’t move him there but just saying he’s too small is weak
  5. We haven’t faced a starting QB yet. Colts sat their TEs, a few WRs and starting C. Panthers sat their Elite RB and MLB. It’s a lot easier to out execute your opponent when they have backups in for elite players. Calm down it’s only preseason
  6. Don’t think there’s a chance shaq gets cut. Yeldon maybe. I think singletary is the receiving back after two strong showings in the passing game.
  7. My friends mom would intend to buy him a couple Bills jerseys every year for his birthday. He has a bunch of giants and colts jerseys.
  8. I think if there’s offense and defense in the drill it’s both teams. Like 7 on 7 passing it would be one team offense one team defense but with individual drills like rbs running through cones or qbs working on footwork it’s with your team only. So Josh Allen wouldn’t practice handoffs to McCaffery
  9. BMW isn’t much better. I’d sell the bmw and get a Mercedes.
  10. 7th for Coleman. I still wouldn’t call being down one very late pick not having many.
  11. Checked a couple sites and we are only missing our 7th rd pick. I wouldn’t say that’s not many
  12. The guy is nuts. The newer helmets are easier to see out of vs the older ones.
  13. They used to use another station to sync up with the tv or for people at the stadium. I think it was on 1520. No idea if they still do it
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