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  1. Memory is a little fuzzy but I think every drink I’ve ever bought in Vegas was $40. Walgreens comes in handy for alcohol. We make the trip for the Sabres/knights games so definitely will make trip for Bills
  2. Going through his tweets and I’m surprised he knows how to use a phone. The guy is pretty dumb
  3. How did Boston make the list? They sound like 3 year olds with a mouth full of marbles.
  4. Our TV in living room is 20 seconds ahead of the tv in family room both on direcTV. So annoying at parties.
  5. They had a shell of Tom Brady and gronk. They needed to run what you call an outdated offense to win. They Planned on running that outdated offense before the season started and look where it got them. If it won a Super Bowl last year is it really outdated? Lee smith is going to be a sub package guy. He’s not going to be the starter or used anything like gronk. Trying to compare him to gronk is a weak argument. He’s here to help the run game. Our blocking was atrocious last year and needed upgrades. A good run game helps young QBs.
  6. Did you miss the pats running an outdated offense to a super bowl championship? Defenses are getting smaller. Why not run them over?
  7. Yes. My family almost always fly in or out of Toronto when coming to or flying out of Buffalo. Few hundred at least
  8. He gave one of the best speeches I have ever heard in my life at the Jim Kelly camp two years ago. I really hope this kid succeeds. Sucks that he had some setbacks. Talking to him a couple years ago he seemed like he changed his life around. Wish him the best in life even if it’s not in football
  9. Pats* just ran their way to a Super Bowl last year.
  10. I don’t know much about Sweeney but the little bit I have watched of him I really liked. Seemed to be a good blocker, good hands and physical after the catch. His wasnt very fast tho. I could see the TEs being Kroft, Knox, Sweeney. Jason Pegula goes somewhere to be a spy lol
  11. I lived in a sketchy neighborhood for a bit came home from vacation and was missing a full tote bin. It was odd they didn’t take them all. They missed out on a decent amount of valuables that would have been really easy to carry out. The TV was unhooked and moved. The police and I figured something scared them off. Yeah the 90s bills stuff has been harder and harder to find at a reasonable price. Like you said the supply and demand has definitely changed. I really like our current jerseys I hope they stay for a long time. They look really good on a sunny day on TV. I wish they would stop with the tweaks to the collar. It seems every year we have something different. But as long as it isn’t the toilet seat I’ll be alright.
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