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  1. Moved to a split level house. I treated the house like football practice. Stairs were hurdles. Going down stairs the ceiling was kind of low and I'd get clothes lined by it if I went down them too fast. I'd hit front of head on the ceiling and back of head on ground. Knocked myself out cold a couple times. Would have crazy bad headaches for a while. My pupils would be huge. Throw up all over. Still get dizzy to this day from them.
  2. I definitely would agree that they're much much better than they used to be and not many roads in NYS meet the demands that this car needs.
  3. They don't like to stay on the road. My friend has many supercars. His all-time favorite is the 911. I asked why he hasn't bought one yet his reply is "I don't want to die yet."
  4. That's what I thought for the home opener and it didn't. They do have screens at both ends but for some reason people refuse to look at the ones near tunnel. People around me were complaining they had to turn around to look at the scoreboard. I was like what about those two screens showing replays over there. They looked up at them showing replays, said they only show stats and turned back around complaining about missing the replay. Every time I go to a game someone complains about there only being 1 screen. I can't understand why they ignore the other two.
  5. I sat in 200s under scoreboard for home opener. Views weren't bad, but when play is on the opposite side of field it gets tough to see how many yards were gained. Only complaints I had were people from wrong section kept trying to force their way into our seats and had to sit and stand sideways because there wasn't any personal space. Explains why I got covid from the game.
  6. Lawson wasn't here for the playoff game. Maybe you're thinking of Murphy.
  7. Running backwards keeps the clock running so good thing he didn't try that Yep. Similar to the Seahawks game under rex when the referee was standing over the ball with 0 time on play clock and they penalized us for it. The first time out used was the refs fault. They didn't set the ball until there was a couple seconds left on play clock and the other two were used at the correct time.
  8. Didn't the NFL make them put the cover on or they wouldn't get anymore Superbowls? They know the sun and heat is an issue
  9. For what? Tua needing to learn to not let back your head hit the ground when falling?
  10. There's a lot of different coverages between playing 15 yards off and playing man. They just kept throwing to the space underneath and marched down the field
  11. One thing I don't like about Dorsey is he uses moss. Moss should not be on the field
  12. My cousin just said she went in gate 5 at six and there was nobody. Crazy how fast things change
  13. We were there at that time and the line was almost to the store and 40 people wide. There was a lot of people that skipped the line.
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