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  1. I guess it was safe a couple days ago because they’re already back
  2. Same. We had no answers for him. I Have ptsd when we play the jets because I think he’s gonna destroy us.
  3. Second he was cut I messaged my friend there’s our feliciano replacement
  4. This. I wasn’t very happy with the pick but the talent is undeniable. Thought a defensive HC, former WR coach as QBC and TE coach as OC was a recipe for disaster. Boy was I wrong. Josh still has work to do but I am glad he’s our QB.
  5. I love the group we have. Beane and McDermott have done an amazing job.
  6. It definitely helps my nerve pain more than the pills they try to give me. The pills don’t touch it at all. Smoking will help me fall asleep but doesn’t keep me there. I’ll wake up an hour later and be up all night. I haven’t had any full spectrum oil I’ll have to check that out. Thanks!
  7. Tried some the other day to see if it can help me with chronic pain and sleeping. It kind of relaxed me and took the edge off for maybe an hour. But I still sat up until 6am
  8. Both but if I had to pick, flats. The little crispy flap is amazing, better skin, better meat. Flats are like a bone in ribeye and drums are like a sirloin.
  9. Thanks Dion! Now if the non essentials that forgot how to drive would just stay home we would all be safer. I’ve witnessed so many accidents in last couple weeks it’s not even funny
  10. I figured there would be video of him walking into the building like Some of the other players.
  11. Beasley has Beasley on his ribs. You can see it in one of the workout pics joe croom took a few couple weeks ago. could be new
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