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  1. It's happened a lot over the years. Announcers catch it from time to time and make a comment about it. It's usually a player or two not the whole team. Our field is very slippery when wet. If you don't have the correct cleats on you'll slip and slide all over. The fake blades of grass are all smooth plastic. Little league team was practicing on the field after a light rain and the Bills told us no cleats. It was like practicing on ice. We decided to just take pictures on the field of the team and left. If you tried to slow down your feet came out from under you
  2. I was talking about Reid. No our coaches are stubborn AF and refuse to learn and grow.
  3. People can evolve, learn things and get better as they get older and gain more knowledge. Do you think Andy Reid is exactly the same as he was in Philly? Yes he may have better players in KC but he's definitely improved as a coach since Philly.
  4. Miller is a LB in name only in this defense because of his number. He's a DE here. We run so many 2 LB sets because we run nickel pretty much as our base. Not because Von went down. We've ran nickel pretty much since McDermott got here.
  5. Why? He struggles to get off blocks and playing with power. Not really a good combination when fighting lineman every play.
  6. Why do people single out one person on a team of 53 like psshh this one guy isn't so that must mean everyone isn't. Having to dig through the entire roster to get maybe 5 players that play with passion is pretty bad.
  7. I think I've saw one pic since where his full face is showing. I was wondering if they had to give him a tracheotomy or something. It's also winter.
  8. The more I think about it the more I get on board with cleaning house. Changing coordinators still has the head coach that's made questionable decisions 4 years running in playoffs.
  9. Well that explains why everyone was shocked when I made it to Cincy in just about 5 hours.
  10. They refuse to adapt. They've pretty much said as much in interviews at times. They live and die by their scheme.
  11. I'd argue Josh ignoring open receivers to force balls into coverage is a little to do with him. He's been doing it all year. It's definitely concerning.
  12. I wanted to believe this year. The rankings and stats look nice and all but watching the team you could see there was a lot of flaws. I didn’t really think we were going to make it to the super bowl with the issues. I was happy to go along with the ride and maybe I was wrong and they would surprise me but I guess not. I hope we can plug our holes, Josh gets healthy and cleans up his issues and Dorsey improves as OC. I’m not a huge fan of the defense. Outside of Von we have struggled with pass rush since McDermott got here. Spent a lot of resources on it with poor results. I’d it coaching, the players or both? Also we struggle against above average qbs or balanced offenses and is a big reason why we haven’t been to a super bowl. They seem to live and die by the scheme. They don’t like to adjust to what other teams have figured out. Idk what to do there.
  13. Not a fan of his defense. Yes the offense sucked today but the defense is a huge reason why we haven't made super bowl yet
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