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  1. Massivetwosh**s is the state I hate the most. Spent some time working there. Hated every min of it. The people were terrible. There’s a reason they’re called massholes
  2. He bought it a while ago to avoid traffic. twitter is all over the place reporting who was on helicopter with him. Started with his kids and now saying rick fox.
  3. The early reports I saw only said his wife wasn’t on board
  4. I heard the same thing. Booger said during pro bowl prayers to his wife and kids but he might not have info. God I hope they weren’t on board
  5. I feel like they know we will be there soon and they want to get ahead of it
  6. As long as they’re on at 1pm on Sunday they can do whatever they want. Any other time sucks.
  7. I believe there’s a song about this by nwa.
  8. Did any reasons why he was doing this come out?
  9. So they had 2 pts scored as a defense. Lol. Can’t say they didn’t score any points then say other than the points they scored
  10. Need to see a slower replay. Looked like he was there at the same time which is legal
  11. The defender didn’t really make any contact until the ball hit him. That’s legal
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