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  1. The fumble everyone is talking about happened early in the 49ers game near the goal line. He didnt get injured on the play. Shoot he might not have been touched. He was looking to make a move before securing the handoff. Pretty sure it was incorrectly credited to Josh.
  2. Did you read the article or just the headline? You say the article is nice and all then ask questions that were answered in the article McCaffery was drafted 8th. The Panthers pick 8th Lol
  3. Pretty much every jersey change in the last 2-3 years has been beyond terrible. Can’t believe someone got paid to make them.
  4. A former customer does that with Bitcoin and I’m sure others now. Watched him make $100-$200 in an hour a couple times.
  5. I cashed out early as well. Smh Four co-workers all cashed out over $70k on friday. One was close to $250,000.
  6. I developed an egg intolerance in the last week or so. No more eggs for me for a while. Sucks because I just bought 3 dozen and would eat a breakfast sandwich everyday. Normally some Honey Wheat bread, 2 eggs, bacon, slice of jalapeño cayenne ny cheddar, maybe some green and red peppers.
  7. Moss got benched during games, put up worse stats than singletary and is also slow. Is he on a short leash too? I don’t get the Moss love and Singletary hate. They both were meh last year. The run scheme fit Moss better and Singletary put up slightly better numbers.
  8. Not looking good for him. Family has some extremely tough decisions to make. Gonna miss seeing him from time to time around Buffalo. He was always very cool and would talk for a while. Prayers up...
  9. I was in upper deck so different type of crowd. But also had issues the last time the raiders came with their fans in 100 level. Yeah jets fans are the worst for the most part
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