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  1. Yeah but his hands have shown to be better than what we had on the field today.
  2. Not saying Duke is gonna be the next Randy Moss or anything and there’s a reason he’s been inactive but his hands and size would have helped today
  3. We are legit. The offense was a mess early and Allen needed to calm down a bit but we were right in it. The receivers work on their hands and we get some more talent we’re gonna be a top team for a while.
  4. You said he vetoed it, meaning he turned down the decision to go for it. We went for it.
  5. When did he veto a 2pt conversion? We went for two and got it.
  6. That’s why I said if it gets reversed. Just the field position alone would have changed the game.
  7. What’s funny? Completely changes field position when Allen was heating up. Ravens scored on next drive. We get points instead of them we win.
  8. McDermott challenges that PI and it’s overturned it’s a completely different game
  9. Clark hit Allen in same spot as Trent hit Lamar. No call not that it would have mattered. Dumb
  10. Hmm one guy that is seeing impaired and temporarily unable to speak vs a bunch of people that saw the same thing
  11. Just guessing but it seems like the NFL told the Networks not to show penalties to calm down the outrage over them being incompetent
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