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  1. $5.52 for a gallon of gas in city of Buffalo(my car takes 93 though)
  2. There's a decent amount that are from here. Theres just not a lot that stay and party at local bars or clubs frequently.
  3. I thought that too before my current issues. It's crazy how often I have to correct medical professionals.
  4. Just saw his plan. Had every step planned out. The store mapped out. Where security usually is. Where the most people would be. Looked at reviews online and saw store is slow. Where they would flee and what neighborhood he was gonna go to next with what weapons. My god this is the most heartbreaking thing I've ever read.
  5. I'm disagreeing that it's as simple as here's the contract, sign it as you said.
  6. So why hasn't every team signed their entire class a couple weeks after the draft since the wage scale started?
  7. Well damn. BBB showing the league how it's done
  8. He just changed a few words from a Bears fight song. IIRC he passed out the lyrics and got mad when people didn't want to sing it
  9. I couldn't find the trade for McCargo but wow yeah that's pretty dumb. I thought we only had one pick in 2nd and 3rd. Ko Simpson was worth millions so maybe it wasnt that bad. /
  10. What premium pick was traded away for secondary help? During Marv's years the only premium pick that was traded was to move up for John McCargo who was a DT.
  11. That's pretty much all of the city of Buffalo. You can leave a million dollar home walk 200 feet and be in middle of a poor neighborhood or projects. It's crazy how fast the neighborhoods change. There's a guy in wheatfield that built a mansion over looking a run down trailer park. I don't get it.
  12. Was watching Josh Allen season highlights. Was so pumped coming out of the *pats game. Getting even more excited seeing Josh throw his third TD to Gabe then it hit me what was coming and God did it hurt.
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