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  1. Wegmans passed DiBellas a long time ago. It’s not even close anymore.
  2. Is this the place on transit? If so, very good. Huge menu.
  3. Broncos beat the patriots with only FGs a couple weeks ago. I do agree the team needs to wake up. We should be destroying teams
  4. I could be wrong but I saw Butler at 3T in the second half and he impressed a couple times from that spot
  5. I don’t have the stats in front of me. Just going by what I saw. One of the reporters said zimmer at 1 and butler at 3 was solid against the chefs so I tried to see if that continued. From the plays I watched, when Butler was at 3T he seemed to play much better. Butler is kind of like Jordan Phillips where his size suggests 1T but he’s better at 3T One play stood out later in the game where Butler was at 3 and had the guard go one way then he hit him with a spin move that would make Dwight Freeney proud. Was impressive watching someone that size move like that
  6. He’s been struggling at 1 tech. Has played much better at 3
  7. 15 receptions for 201 yards and 3 tds if this site is to be believed https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/tredavious-white/ so about 2 catches and 28 yards a game. A TD just under every other game( that was for 7 games forgot he missed titans)
  8. I’ve never been more proud of a kicker than I was when I saw that.
  9. Watch every pass be to the right this week. I could see belichick doing that.
  10. Is that on Daboll or Allen? I’d say good job by Daboll getting players open, bad job by Allen finding the open man.
  11. Did he have the back injury in camp? He was getting roasted left and right.
  12. To be fair there’s a lot more Mighty’s in the area than Taco Bell and TB you could be the only person in line and you would have to wait 20 mins for one taco, so the line gets very long because they’re so slow. I’ve also worked at both in high school. No idea how people eat Taco Bell. The odd things we would find in the food from the company was disturbing. It was like one in four bags of “beef” would have some foreign object in it. We got a surprise inspection from corporate and the inspector pulled a clump out of the beef. It had metal and hair in it. She threw it out and said it was fine to serve. I’m very surprised nobody has sued them yet.
  13. Get the RBs going and it’ll make Diggs, Beasley and Davis job that much easier the rest of the year.
  14. I think it was in practice after the raiders game. There was a video of him covering I think Diggs successfully then next day he’s on injury report with back. I could be wrong tho.
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