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  1. I read something a while back that Daboll wanted tua to play all year because he had to scale back the playbook for hurts. Saban finally let the change happen in championship game and Daboll opened it up.
  2. Here's the thread. Wasn't after his rookie year was after Houston playoff loss. https://www.twobillsdrive.com/community/topic/222508-bills-are-hiring-a-“mental-performance-consultant”-aka-sports-psychologist/
  3. Anyone remember when the Bills were looking for a sports psychologist after his rookie year? I think there was a thread here on it.
  4. I've been trying to tell people this for years. Usually get stupid looks and they wait until they get to the line and start yelling
  5. People keep saying we didn't run any slants but I can recall diggs catching one for a first and a couple more that were well defended or incomplete for whatever reason (cough inaccurate throw cough) I swear people either don't know what they're watching or don't watch and just make stuff up.
  6. Panthers tried Williams at guard and he was pretty bad.
  7. Entire offense is a mess. Not a fan of play calling, or the play from any position group.
  8. You can look at his eyes before the game and tell how he's gonna play. He usually comes out of it in second half sometime.
  9. They used to stay next to galleria mall. Up until a couple years ago I would follow the busses and their police escort to work(next exit on 219) I would get next to them and beep "let's go Buffalo" as they were getting off. Was either them or away team. 90s team definitely stayed there I'm not 100% on recent teams
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