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  1. They were terrible at run blocking and Josh masked a lot of pass blocking issues with his movement skills. Tremendous is a terrible way to describe their season.
  2. They gave the ride. He was decent. Think he signed with bears as a udfa after draft. Think he got cut This is a 4 year old thread😂
  3. Not prioritizing a QB is what brought us to the drought
  4. Reid lost me being ok with players that have terrible character and his kids that make extremely poor decisions. Seems like he’s not that good of a person if the common denominator in all this is him. Not to mention pretty much every fan of theirs that I’ve met was a women beating pos. I don’t care about Brady any more now that he’s out of the division. I hope both teams lose but if I had to pick one I want tampa to blow them out by 60.
  5. Have one but haven’t used it in about 2 years. Get about 75 calls a day from scammers
  6. He’s a great guy. Had the pleasure of meeting him last summer with my uncle that has Down syndrome. The world needs more people like him.
  7. One of his biggest weaknesses is shedding blockers.
  8. Nyheim Hines said luck will “absolutely not” unretire
  9. But never got to. How many does he have in last 2 years? 3? Vet minimum maybe
  10. Pro bowls are a joke and shouldn’t be used to judge how good a player is. Tyrod was invited to 2 pro bowls.
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